Smeet connects people!

We help really nice people to find each other! There are different interactions that allow you to draw attention to yourself or come into contact with other Smeeters!

Waving and Dancing
Would you like to dance? How about a friendly wave? No problem! Just click on your Avatar and select “wave” or “dance” from the menu on the left and start turning heads!

Tip: When styles 4, 6 and 7 are unlocked, you receive a new dance move for your Avatar!!

In order to catch a certain Smeeter’s attention, simply click on his or her Avatar and select “Interaction” from the menu on the left side. Throw a pillow or shower your crush with roses to show your affection.

Interactive Games
A little game is a great opportunity to break the ice and make contact with other Smeeters. Click on the Avatar of your opponent of choice and choose between Rock-Paper-Scissors, Connect 4, the Flirt Game, Memory or Soccer from the “Games” symbol found on the menu on the left. Let the games begin!