How to behave in Smeet!

Just like in real life, the 3D World has rules!

Don't risk having your account deleted, make sure you understand what is and isn't allowed. 

Treat others as you would want to be treated!  Yes, we realize this was something you probably heard from your parents, but you know what?  Maybe they were right!  Harassing or being abusive towards another user is not only not cool, it’s not allowed.

Do not post anything that exploits minors.  We take this very seriously, and it is absolutely not allowed!

Do not play inappropriate videos.  It may be the coolest video, but if it’s something that wouldn’t be acceptable on mainstream TV, then it probably isn’t acceptable here!

Do not post any pictures that are explicit.  Would your mother cringe if she saw the picture?  Would co-workers raise both eyebrows if they saw the picture?  Think about these questions, and remember that not all pictures may be appropriate.  If a picture shows extreme violence, or explicit nudity, it’s not allowed and should not be posted.

Do not impersonate Smeet Admins/Employees.  Yes, the Admins here at Smeet are way cool, but please do not impersonate one.  You can tell someone is an Admin by the “S” above their head!

Typing in all capital letters is considered yelling online, so please keep CAPS toned down.  After all, in the real world would someone be YELLING ALL THE TIME?  No way!  Besides, if they did, everyone else would run the other way!

Use common sense!  This is a big one!

Be respectful to each other, stay safe and have fun!

Follow the Smeet Code of Conduct.