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How to behave in Smeet!

Just like in real life, the 3D World has rules!

Don't risk having your account deleted, make sure you under

Social Stream

You can’t have too many friends!

Smeet @ Facebook

eep your friends up-to-date with what you’ve been up to and be able to keep up with the latest news! The best part is: when you invite your friends to Smeet, you earn Coins!


Smeet connects people!


Gifts that keep on giving…

...because they help you make new contacts! After all, everyone likes to receive gifts!


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Come on over!

Your Stream

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The battle for the top of the Leaderboards is on! Here, you’ll get all the details about our Daily, Weekly, and All Time Leaderboards, and how to climb your way to the top!

Get Married in 3D

I do!

Block & Unblock

You can’t come in!

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