Time to get out of the house!

Although your 3D Home offers loads of possibilities, you should go outside now and then into the fresh air to explore the Smeet World! There’s so much to discover in the online Hangouts and a whole lot of Smeeters who would like to meet you!

Try your luck with a quiz on Player’s Avenue or beat your friends’ high scores in one of the many games in the Arcade Hall!

Smeeters Enjoying a Live EventSmeeters Enjoying a Live Event



















Here’s how:

1. Click on the globe symbol on the lower menu bar.
2. An overview of the various Hangouts will open.
3. Click on the selected mini-overview and your Avatar will be transported to the desired Hangout.

There is something new to discover in each Hangout! Complete a task, play a game, guess your way through a round of quiz questions or engage in some small talk with your fellow Smeeters!