Endless Parties!!

It’s no problem in Smeet! Simply invite your friends over to your 3D Home for a YouTube video evening or throw a really big party and rock the house! You’re in charge of the event and decide on the place, time, theme and guest list!!

Here’s how:

1. Click on the calendar located on your lower menu bar.
2. An events calendar will open in which you can see all upcoming events and where you can manage your own event.
3. Select the category "Create Event" from the upper menu bar.
4. Fill in the required start and end dates for your event and then click on the button “Create Event” in the bottom right corner.

You’re done!!

Your friends will be directly informed of your event through a pop-up and will receive a notification in their messages. If a few happen to be offline, an email will inform them of the event. Of course, all of the guests you invite can confirm or decline the invitation so that you are able to maintain an exact overview of your guest list.

Tip: Do you have another engagement at the same time as your party? No problem! You can alter your upcoming events at any time.

Events organized by the Smeet Team are known as Top Events to which every Smeeter is invited. Fun, a good atmosphere and nice people are guaranteed! And that’s not all: some Top Events also feature competitions that you can take part in and maybe even come away with great prizes!!! Fame Points, items for your 3D Home or even Coins – everything is possible!

At certain events, the following sought-after badges are distributed:

Gold Medal

Silver Medal

Bronze Medal

Olympic Fire



On your marks, get set, PAAAARTYYYYY!