YouTube Screens

Share your favorite YouTube videos with other Smeeters on the large Screens that appear in various Smeet Hangouts! Laugh and share your opinions – it makes the experience much more fun! It’s also an easy way to get to know new people and ensures that you’ll have plenty to talk about!

Here’s how:

•     Copy the url of your favorite video on YouTube.
•     Look for a free Screen in one of the Smeet Hangouts.
•     Click on the Screen and then on the “Add Your Video“ button.
•     Now all you need to do is add the URL of your favorite video and confirm your choice. You’re done!

Tip: You can buy your own Screen in the shop. With your very own Screen you can organize cool video evenings with your friends!

Please Note: The videos played by you must adhere to our Terms and Conditions and may not contain violent or pornographic content, nor should the videos violate the personal rights of others! In addition, in spite of the revocation of this rule on YouTube, the videos must have a maximum playing time of 15 minutes! Bear in mind that you might otherwise irritate other Smeeters with overly long videos!


Smeet has renewed and regulations need to be updated! For this reason we decided to offer a new regulation for the music room!


1. Smeet is a site frequented by people of all ages, and it is important that the content contained in it, including the video broadcast on the screens of the various rooms, do not offend the sensibilities of anyone and are not unsuited to an audience of children.


1a. Therefore in Smeet are not allowed video that exalt to drugs, violence toward people or animals and the propaganda of political tendencies. 

1b. it is also forbidden to insert video, musical or otherwise, that contain pornographic images and nudity. Became at the discretion of the controllers of the screens or not to delete specific videos: in case of disputes please contact support.


1c. Smeet does are not allow video that advertise products of any kind or other websites.


2 Some of the rooms of Smeet, or the music room, followed by precise musical themes that must be respected.




Temple of Rock

- Rock (including all sub-genres, F.E. Garage Rock, Punk Rock, new wave, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Indie rock, etc. etc.)

- Jazz

- Blues

The Raven

- Gothic

- Dark

- Black Metal

- Death Metal

- Doom

- Industrial

- Grindcore

- Heavy Metal

And derivatives...


Techno Base

- Hardcore

- French core

- Hard style

- Dub step

- Minimal

- Techno

- Drum’s 'Bass

- Electro-House

- Trance

- Spy

- Goa

- Industrial Techno

- Techno



- Rap / Hip-Hop

- R&B

- Soul

The freestyle (and their freestyle battles) are part of the Hip Hop culture and are therefore permitted.


Kingston Raggae Club

- Reggae and derivatives (ragamuffin, roots, new roots ...)

- Dancehall and derivatives

- Reggaeton and derivatives

- Ska and derivatives


Funky Kitchen Club

- Dance music and commercial of all time

- House

- Happy music and Revival


Country music

- Country and all subgenres (Bukersfield sound – Close harmony – Honky tonk – Jug band – Lubbock sound – Nashville sound – Neotraditional country – Outlaw country – Red Dirt – Western swing – Texas country/Tejano – Alternative country – Rockabilly – Gothabilly – Cowpunk – Country Rap – Country pop – Country soul – Sertanejo – Southern soul).


3. By default the system removes videos longer than 15 minutes, if you’d like to play a film from Youtube longer than 15 minutes ask a  guide for assistance. In order to post a video in the cinema, the User must create an event. The user MUST do the event before posting a video in Cinema and ask  a Guide to remove other videos.


4. In the other public rooms of Smeet, is possible to insert any type of music video, for all other informational videos or spoken include them in the cinema, in the case of songs with words not allowed in the regulation of Smeet (such as song Rap / Hip Hop) put them in the room specially created for the genre, always within the limits laid down in point 1 and in respect of the will-General, who will need to be evaluated by the controllers of the screens. music videos that have a special themed room, are allowed in the free rooms with a limit of two, and in accordance with the general will, which will be evaluated by the controllers of the screen (example: Rap songs max = 2 the rest themed room, rock max = 2 the rest themed room etc..) . It 'a good idea that no user from monopolizing a screen for too long, leaving everyone the possibility to insert content. SO REMEMBER THAT ARE NOT ALLOWED VIDEO CLIPS who incite or glorify DRUGS, VIOLENCE OR POLITICAL PARTY.VIDEO ARE NOT ALLOWED PUBLICIZING PRODUCTS OF ANY KIND OR OTHER SITES ARE NOT ALLOWED OR PORN VIDEO CLIP WITH PICTURES OF NAKED. 

The maximum duration of video throughout Smeet is 15 minutes per video, videos of longer duration are directly removed from the system, to allow each user to share their videos.

Also learn about new music videos, movies or clips from Youtube can be fun: take advantage of this opportunity in mutual respect!