With a pet by your side you’re sure to catch everyone’s attention. Pets also make it even easier to get to know people! Virtual house Pets are not only cool and loyal companions, they are also full of surprises!

Do you have questions about this topic? No problem! Here are the answers:

Where do I get a Pet?
Nothing could be easier! Simply enter a room in your 3D Home and click on “Edit Room / Open Shop.” Under the category “Pet” you will find a wide range of animals looking for a home. It’s going to be hard to choose!

What can I do with my Pet?
Above all, you can have fun! As with any animal, you must, of course, take good care of your new companion in order to keep him in good spirits. You should also regularly do the following with your Pet:

  • feed him
  • cuddle him
  • teach him new tricks
  • give him a new style

Every Pet has an individual character and will tell you how he or she feels and what he or she is thinking at the moment.

Choose the Pet that's Right for You!Choose the Pet that's Right for You!


















How can I interact with my pet?
When you click on him, the profile of your 3D Pet will open. You have the possibility to cuddle your Pet or give him something yummy to eat. Depending on his Level, your pet can also perform amusing tricks!

You can also access the Pet Shop through your Pet’s profile where you can give your Pet a cool new style. Let your imagination be your guide!

Tip: As soon as your pet has achieved Level 6, it can follow you to other rooms and Hangouts so that you can strut your stuff together in Smeet.

What do Happiness, Power and Level in the pet profile indicate?
With the help of the green Happiness Scale in your pet profile, you can see how content your Pet is. You can increase your Pet’s happiness by cuddling him.
But your little darling can't live on love alone. Your pet’s energy on the yellow Power Scale will noticeably sink if you don’t feed him. Regular feeding not only keeps your pet fit, it also gives him the energy he needs for a few tricks!
Only tricks give you Pet Points. These ensure that your pet’s Level increases, and every new Level allows your pet to do more tricks! Let the training begin!

Tip: You can command your pet to do a trick via your action box. For example, writing “Bello lie down” in the chat will cause your pet to lie down. If his name is Bello, that is. Every pet has a secret trick that can only be commanded via the action box. Try it out and see how many hoops your pet can jump through!! ;-)