Smeet Lottery

The Machines

Located in the Smeet store are three Lottery Machines all varying in cost. The more expensive machines rewarding more lucrative prizes.

How it works

First of all, purchase the machine from the store and place it in the Room in which you want to keep it. Click on the machine making sure you have enough boosters and purchase the required amount of lottery tickets. Then it is just the case of letting the timer running down and crossing your fingers that you have won a special Red box.

Chance of winning certain items

The likelihood of you winning the certain items is displayed with a colored sash running across the bottom right hand corner. The odds that match the colors are as follows

Grey = Common
Blue = Uncommon
Green = Rare
Yellow = Very rare
Red = Legendary

Whats the cost involved?

The Simple Lottery Machine which is free requires 10 Simple Lottery Tickets to enter the draw

A Premium Lottery Machine costing 49 Coins and requires 1 Premium Lottery Ticket to enter the draw

And a Premium Lottery Machine which costs 199 Coins and requires Premium Lottery Machine 5 premium Lottery Tickets to enter the draw

The price of the lottery tickets are 1 Dime for 1 Simple Lottery Ticket and 1 Coin for one Premium Lottery Ticket.

Smeet Lottery!!!: Available in the Smeet shop.Smeet Lottery!!!: Available in the Smeet shop.