What are Boosters?
Boosters ensure that your Boosts get converted. The time needed for this process can vary. Depending on the Booster, your Boosts will either be multiplied in the process or transformed into Fame Points or HomeValue.

Please Note: A few Boosters require special items for the conversion process.

Where do I find Boosters?

There’s nothing easier! Simply enter a room in your 3D Home and click on “Edit Room / Open Shop.” Under the category “Booster,” you will find a multitude of Boosters identified by the symbol shown below.

What are Boosts?
Boosts give you the ability to acquire the Fame Points you need to launch onto the next Level faster.

Where do I get Boosts?
Boosts are acquired through the Boosters that can be found in the shop as well as in the rooms of your 3D Home. You can also buy Boosts by clicking on the Boost symbol found on the upper menu bar.

How do I use Boosts?
You invest Boosts in a Booster, where they will either convert to Fame Points or give you even more Boosts! Each Booster requires a different amount of time for this process. Make strategic use of your Boosts for the greatest possible gain! Some Boosters need specific Items in order to work.

What are Objects?

Objects are needed for most of the Boosters. When you currently are in one of your rooms you may click on the "Objects"-Button in the top left corner to open the Item Inventory which shows all of your items. You may also hit the Button with the arrow below the "Objects"-Button. This opens a mini menu which shows all necessary Objects for the room you are currently in.

  This is the symbol for Boosts. You will find it in the top menu bar, where you can always find your current number of Boosts displayed. 


This symbol appears when a Booster has finished converting your Boosts. Click on it and you’ll receive your reward!


This star is the symbol for Fame Points. Collect them as quickly as possible to reach the next Level!


If you see rotating gears on a Booster, it means that your Boosts are being converted – you just have to have a little patience!