Smeet Helps

What are Helps and how can I get them?

Helps are a free currency within Smeet which allow you aid your friends in completing Social Boosters located in their Homes.

Visit other Smeeters 3D Houses and look for the unlocked Rooms with the Life Belt Icon and enter that Room. Once in the room find the Social Booster with the same Life Belt icon hovering over it and click on it. By clicking you will spend your Helps but not to worry when a help is spent they regenerate for free at a rate of 1 every 5 minutes. The bonus of assisting another user is you are rewarded with Smeets and other cool Items for your cooperativeness!

What are Social Boosters?

Social Boosters are special Boosters which require your friends’ help in order to be used. As soon as you have accumulated enough Helps for your Social Booster you can activate it in order to receive your fabulous reward or finish a Room quicker.

Ask your friends

Helps are a two way street, it’s not just about helping others. Which means you will also need help finishing a Room. You can speed up completing items by “Asking your friends”. All you have to do is, when you need Helps, click on the object you need assistance with and press the "Ask your friends" button, a message will be sent to all your friends and then hopefully they will come and help you.

Help Packages and Help Extensions

If you have spent all your helps already but you really want to help your friend finish an item you can purchase more. At the top of your screen you can see how many Helps you currently have next to the life belt icon. Clicking the icon will bring up a window where you can select between purchasing more Helps or extending you the amount of Helps that regenerate.

Smeet Helps: Help you friends complete objectsSmeet Helps: Help you friends complete objects