sMeet Communications GmbH Code of Conduct

As in real life, you must adhere to certain rules in Smeet. The following is an overview:

1. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. You’ve certainly heard this expression from your parents and your teachers. You know what? They were right! It is not acceptable to insult or harass other Smeeters. It’s also pretty uncool.

2. Never take advantage of an underage Smeeter in any way. It is absolutely not tolerated and we take complaints about such behavior very seriously.

3. Do not play any inappropriate videos on Smeet. You might find it quite interesting and want to share, but if you would not find the contents on a normal television station, it doesn’t belong here either.

4. Do not show any inappropriate pictures. Ask yourself: would your mother want you to show these pictures? Would your friends raise their eyebrows if they saw them? Think about it and don't forget that not all pictures are appropriate. If the pictures show acts of violence, nudity or reflect extreme political views, they are not allowed and should not be uploaded.

5. Never claim to be a member of the Smeet Team. If you are yourself uncertain whether you are dealing with a member of the Smeet Team, you should simply look for the golden "S" above the head of the Smeeter’s Avatar.

6. To write in all capital letters might be a comfortable habit. It is, however, the equivalent of yelling at someone in an online chat. Now, be honest, would you like it if someone CONSTANTLY YELLED AT YOU? Certainly not! We therefore respectfully ask that you lay off the caps lock key when you type.

7. Use common sense – this is our most important tip of all!


Treat each other with respect, stay safe, and have fun!