For Parents and Teachers

Smeet is a virtual world in which your child can meet his or her friends and share common experiences online. Your child can speak to friends live, chat, watch videos, listen to music or take part in events. Everything is possible in Smeet. Through it all, we take the protection of minors very seriously and endeavor to make your child’s online experience as safe as possible.

Smeet monitors the site for the posting of inappropriate content in the chat room and forums as well as the sharing of inappropriate images and immediately deletes offending content. A few of our virtual public rooms are subject to age limits so that only underage Smeeters are allowed to enter them, with the exception of our Smeet Team. We also offer rooms that are off limits to underage Smeeters. We retain information such as IP addresses and timestamps so that legal action can be taken in cases of violation and misuse.

You can also play a role in the safety of your child in Smeet. Speak to your child about his or her experiences on the internet and call attention to the fact that personal information should only be divulged to others with the utmost caution. Do not forget: the opportunities and advantages provided by the internet far outweigh the risks. The internet is an excellent tool for learning and is a fun free time activity. Empower your child to use the internet with caution and explore all of the positive possibilities it presents.

Please feel free to contact us regarding our child protection measures. Your suggestions and criticism will be incorporated into our continual improvement process. Help us ensure safe surfing for your child. We look forward to your feedback! Send your email to: safety [at] smeet [dot] com

You can, of course, address any open questions regarding Smeet you may have to this address as well.

In the event that you discover offenses in breach of our child protection measures, you may turn to our representative for child protection who can be reached at safety [at] smeet [dot] com