1. Getting Started

Welcome to another awesome aspect of our community here at Smeet – the Smeet Group Challenge!

Create your own Group and acquire talented members or become a member of an existing Group. The aim is to defeat other Groups in weekly challenges, from which you can earn Group Coins and Challenge Reward Boxes!

Every Friday at 12pm (noon) Berlin time a new challenge, with a new objective, is announced. Each challenge lasts six days, ending on the following Thursday (also at 12pm Berlin time). Each Group goes head-to-head against another Group of similar skill level and the winners will be rewarded with valuable Group Coins in addition to climbing up the rankings system. With the Group Coins you can buy exclusive items from a specific category in the Shop reserved just for Smeet Groups.


Getting started

In order to participate you can either create your own Group or become a member of an already-existing Group.

Creating your own group is very easy. Just click on the 'Groups' symbol on the bottom task bar in Smeet and a window will open. Here you can replace the word ‘undefined’ with the name of your new Group and add a picture if you wish. Founding a Group costs 100 Coins (80 for VIPs). As the founder of your own Group you automatically become its Team Leader. This means that only you can change the Group name and add a Group picture. You can also invite members to the Group and assign them certain ranks.

If you want to join an existing Group, you need to ask one the Team Leader, a Co-Team Leader or an Officer to add you. Once they have sent out the invitation you will find it in your message inbox in the Groups tab. Please be aware you can only be a member of ONE group at a time.


Group info

As soon as you have created or joined a Group you can view the members of your group, as well as their Group Rank (their position within the Group), in the Info tab. In the Contribution column on this tab you can see how much each member has contributed to the current challenge.

On the left-hand side of the Info tab, below your Group name, you can see a picture frame inside which a Group picture can be placed. The colour of the frame indicates which league your Group is currently competing in. There are 7 leagues overall. New Groups start in the Bronze League. The leagues, in ascending order, are: Wood, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master. The league a Group competes in depends on its rating. A Group’s rating will rise when it wins a challenge and fall when it loses one.

In the search bar of the Info tab, below your Group member list, you can search for new Group members and invite them to your Group. You can only see this search bar if you are either Team Leader, a Co-Team Leader or Officer of the Group.

At the bottom of the Info tab you can see when the next challenge starts. If the challenge has already begun you will see the current status of the challenge between the two competing groups.

When looking at the Group info of another group, you will find a ‘Report Group’ button on the left-hand side below the picture frame of the Group. This option can be used to report a Group to the Smeet admins if, for example, it has an inappropriate name or picture. After clicking on the button a window will open in which you should describe the reason for reporting the Group in as much detail as possible.


Extending your group

As a Team Leader, Co-Team Leader or Officer, you can invite new members to your Group at any time. If you do this after a challenge has started, the new member will not be able to take part in the running challenge and will not receive any Group Coins that are won from that challenge. The fact this member cannot take part in the challenge will be indicated by a red line covering their Contribution bar. The new member will be able to take part from the following challenge onwards. A Group can consist of up to 8 members.


Group Ranks

Within a group there are different ranks. With different ranks come different rights.

Team Leader - The group founder automatically becomes the Team Leader and has access to all rights. Only they can change the Group name and Group picture. They may invite and kick members, Officers and Co-Leaders, as well as promote or demote them to any rank. Furthermore, they can delete the whole group if they so wish. When a Team Leader promotes a Co-Team Leader to Team Leader, they will be demoted to Co-Team Leader automatically as a Group can only have one Team Leader.

Co-Team Leader - Co-Team Leaders can invite and kick Group members as well as promote them to Officer or demote existing Officers. They cannot delete the Group or change its name or picture.

Officer - An Officer can invite and kick group members but cannot promote or demote them.

Member - A Group Member is the default rank within the Group. Members do not have the right to invite or kick other members, promote or demote them.