Treasure Train

Treasure Train is a challenging and fun game!

Use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to maneuver the train around the room, collecting treasure as you go. Each time you get a piece of treasure, you’ll get points, but it will also make your train longer and harder to control! If you bump into furniture or the wall - it's over! If you get 160 points, you can try your luck at the Spin & Win.


















There are also many kinds of bonus items you can collect that will either help you or make the game even more of a challenge. Some examples of bonus items are:

Slow Motion: Get a little extra time when the train slows down. 

+5 Points: Get 5 extra points and move closer to a turn at the Spin & Win.

Earthquake: Beware! Things get harder when the ground is shaking. 

Accelerator: The train speeds up. Look out!