Smeet Quests

Exercise those little gray cells!

A few of the Hangouts in the Smeet world present you with a quest – a challenge for all quiz masters and hobby sleuths! The mental effort really pays off in the form of exclusive prizes and Fame Points!

Your task in the Bakery is to bake a delicious apple cake. First, however, you need to get all of the ingredients together, weigh them, sort and then mix them so that your masterpiece comes together. A reward is waiting for you at the end!

Bank Vault
Here you have to crack the code so that the safe opens. Take a look around the vault and see if you can find a clue!

Wild Garden
You can’t see the forest for the trees in this place! In the Green Oasis you will find a Wild Garden in desperate need of a green thumb!
Try your luck finding the hidden objects. They will help you to tend to your garden. You will, of course, be rewarded for your hard work!

Tip: With the right outfit, you’ll even be able to calm the bees in the bee hive and earn an exclusive Booster!

Treasure Hunt
Rumor has it there’s a valuable treasure trove hidden somewhere near the beach! Try your luck and see if you can find the gold!

A couple of wild animals are hiding in the brush. If you can find them all, you’ll cash in a whole bunch of Fame Points!

Tip: If you aren’t sure what to do next in your quest, other Smeeters will be glad to help!