Polar Pogo

Polar Pogo is all about skill and speed. You can find it in the Arcade in the Games Block. In this game, you have to help the polar bears cross the water by moving blocks of ice with your mouse. If you are too slow or miss, the polar bear will land in the water and you will lose. Watch out for the objects falling form the sky! Some will help you, but others will make the polar bear’s journey more difficult.

When you reach 400 points, you can try your luck at the Spin & Win.





















There are bonus items that fall from the sky that can make this game either easier or more difficult. Be careful not to let these bonus items distract you from the polar bears, as this can mean the end of the game!

Bonus Features:
1. Smaller Ice Block: Not good! This will make your iceberg smaller, making it trickier to get the polar bears across.
2. Bigger Ice Block: Great! This makes your job easier.
3. Slow Motion: For a short time, the polar bears will be slower than usual.
4. Hurry Up: The polar bears will be much faster than usual!
5. Bonus Points: Get extra points, bringing you closer to the Wheel of Fortune.
6. Double Points: Each rescued bear will mean double points for you.
7. Bridge: For a short time, you don't have to do anything. The river will freeze over, allowing the bears to cross without your help. Very relaxing!