Chaos Cafe

Speed and efficiency are the keys to your success! Go into the Arcade Hall and try your luck! Beat the high score and invite your friends to a challenge!

Here’s how:

1. As soon as a guest enters the Chaos Cafe, you need to show him a table by first clicking on the guest and then on a table of your choice.
2. As soon as the guest sits down, click on him again in order to present the menu.
3. Give your guest some time to decide, but be sure to click on him as soon as you see his hand raised.
4. Once the correct meal appears on the conveyor belt, pick it up and bring it to the right table.
5. Last but not least: you need to collect your money!

Tip: When you achieve 500 points, you can try your luck up to 3 times at the Spin & Win and scoop up some great prizes!!!

Chaos CaféChaos Café