Astro Shooter Game

If you like playing games, visit the Games Block and try out the Astro Shooter arcade game. If you manage to get 150 points, you can try your luck on the Spin & Win! Here's how the game works:

Shoot asteroids into the asteroid belt so that the colors are aligned. When you have three of the same color, those asteroids will be destroyed and removed from the belt. Once the asteroid belt is completely gone, you win the round. WARNING! If the asteroid belt reaches you, you lose.

Use your mouse to aim at the asteroids and left-click with your mouse to shoot. If you're not happy with the color that appears, just shoot it away from the asteroid belt and it will disappear.















Bonus Asteroids with unique features make the game even more exiciting!

The Stopper temporarily stops the chain of astroids which makes it easier to aim.

Beware of the excelerator! It will cause the chain of astroids to move faster towards its goal!

This astroid causes the chain to go backwards giving you more time to shoot.

Extra points!!! More points increase your chance of earning a turn at the Spin & Win!

The bomb destroys many asteroids at once which makes your job easier!

The cross hairs helps you to aim.