Catchword Games


Before you play Roulette, please learn about the different bets that you can place and the potential payouts you may receive.

Bubble Mission

Every dog has its day!

Chaos Cafe

Speed and efficiency are the keys to your success! Go into the Arcade Hall and try your luck! Beat the high score and invite your friends to a challenge!

Here’s how:

Smeet Quests

Exercise those little gray cells!


In Smudoku, your task is to place the numbers 1-9 in each 3X3 block, row, and column in such a way that they do not repeat.

Balloon Buster

How good is your aim? Show off your skills in Balloon Buster!

Seal Saver

Help the seals get back home to their icebergs in our game Seal Saver.

Treasure Train

Treasure Train is a challenging and fun game!

Spin & Win

Try your luck!


Our newest Arcade game is the SmeekieXchange. In this game, your task is to switch the Smeekiez to create a row (horizontally or vertically) of the same Smeekiez.

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