Free Dimes

Is your Dimes account balance always low? Is it stopping you purchasing the Furniture or Outfits of your dreams?

Here are some tips on how to earn some Dimes everyday!


The simplest way to secure a constant Dimes income is to complete the following Tasks. Each one can be completed daily and you will receive 200 Dimes as a reward.

If you show some courage and stop the thief in the Shops & Sights section you will be rewarded immediately. The only prerequisite is that you've purchased a Cell Phone with an Emergency App from the Apparel section of the Shop (as a VIP this only costs 60 Coins). A little tip: The crime rate is especially high on Fifth Avenue, in the Pet Shop, in the International Bank of Coins, Dimes Heaven and the ground floor of the Shopping Mall ;)

If you are into the hot stuff, get yourself the Fire Department Outfit and the Fire Extinguisher (for VIPs only 2400 Dimes and 40 Coins respectively), with which you can go to the Green Oasis and extinguish the fire. After two weeks you will have earned more than you invested!

If none of these tasks appeal to you, then have a look at one of the other ones you have not fulfilled yet. For example, simply completing your profile will earn you 100 Dimes. Too easy!

Tasks still not your thing? Just want more Dimes without the hassle?
Then visit the Games Block up to three times a day and play along! If you beat a certain score you can spin the wheel of fortune, where you can win Fame Points, Boosts and up to 10.000 Dimes!!!