Coins is the name of the main currency on Smeet, allowing you to buy clothes for your Avatar, kit out your 3D Home with stylish furniture, purchase cute Pets and so much more! You can check your Coins account balance at any time on the menu bar in the top right hand corner. If your balance appears dangerously low, don’t worry: it’s easy to credit your account and carry on with your next round of shopping!

Here’s how:

Click on the green button "Get Coins“, found on the upper menu bar, and a window will appear with various payment options.

Payment Options



If you already have a PayPal account, you only need to log in with your account details. If not, you can easily register a free account with PayPal.


With this method, you will be asked to enter the pin code found on your paysafecard during the course of your transaction.

Mobile (SMS / Text Message)

In the UK: simply text the code to the number shown.
In the US: to get Coins through our partners, e.g. ‘mopay,’ simply enter your mobile number to receive a code, then enter this code on the site to finish the transaction.
If you need to change the country, just click on your country’s flag and the details for your country will be shown. If your country is not listed, click on the white flag with the question mark.

Phone Call

Simply select the amount you want to get and select “call” as the payment method.
Follow the instructions.
Special phone instructions (for US Smeeters):
1. You must call from a US based landline - cellphones will not work.
2. Your phone account must allow charges. Check with your phone company if you are unsure.
3. You must be able to place direct long-distance calls.
4. You must be 18 or older to use this service!
Minute Pulsing: Each minute or part thereof is fully charged.
Payment starts after 24 seconds which are free of charge.
Once the transaction is complete, your Coins will be credited to your account.

Wallie Card

With this method, you will be asked to enter your Wallie Card number during the course of the transaction.

Rixty (US only)

With this method, you will be asked to enter the code given on your Rixty Card during the course of the transaction.

Zeevex (US only)

With this method, you will be asked to enter the code given on your Zeeevex Card during the course of the transaction.

Online Bank Transfer






Credit Card


Direct Debit




Online Transfer


As you can see, the choice is yours! Decide on a payment method and a Coins package.
As soon as we have received the payment, the Coins will appear in your account and you can begin your shopping spree!

Tip: With most methods, the more Coins you purchase at a time, the cheaper they are.