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The Mystery Admin presents...Winter Olympic Fever!

Welcome to a new blog from one of your Smeet Admins...

Hey Smeeters!

Welcome to a new blog series, THE MYSTERY ADMIN. As the title suggests, I’m an admin here at Smeet. From time to time, I’m gonna bring you up-to-date with the goings-on in the Smeet Office here in Berlin. I’ll be annoying my esteemed colleagues by pestering them for their opinions on topical stuff whilst they try and get on with their work.

Which admin am I, you ask? Feel free to start guessing :)

Anyway, enough small talk. Let’s crack on with blog #1…




Most sporting events seem to happen a little too often for my liking. Football, for example, is literally on TV 24 hours a day. Which is why when the WINTER OLYMPICS come around, I get super-excited. FOUR YEARS is a helluva long time to wait, but it’s great fun watching all the crazy winter sports that get ignored the rest of the time. Five minutes spent watching Curling is enough to see that. For this reason, and to celebrate Pyeongchang 2018, your Mystery Admin conducted a brief survey in the Smeet Office to gauge just how darn excited everyone is about the whole thing!!!

No one told Wild Rover (EN) and Tuonela that just wearing ski goggles doesn’t make it a Winter Olympic sport…No one told Wild Rover (EN) and Tuonela that just wearing ski goggles doesn’t make it a Winter Olympic sport…

Things didn’t go well.

Seeing as I’m a part of the ‘Community Team’ here at Smeet, asking around the other admins was the obvious place to start. Some had no idea the Winter Olympics was even on. Some knew about the games, but didn’t care. One just offered me a cookie in the hope it would shut me up. But I’m persistent, I’m brave, and I needed an opinion. Any opinion. From anyone. Literally anyone. Also, I don’t really like cookies.

I turned elsewhere. The lack of inspiration from the admins was concerning me. Why did no one share my enthusiasm for the Women’s Bobsleigh? Why did no one have my passion for the Men’s Double Luge? And the Curling? WILL NO ONE THINK OF THE CURLING?!

We’ve never seen this guy do any actual work. frankysnow (FR) the Mystery Admin?We’ve never seen this guy do any actual work. frankysnow (FR) the Mystery Admin?

Anyway, in moments of dire need, where does one turn? To the Quality Assurance Department, of course! Why? Cos you are ASSURED of QUALITY answers. (See what I did there?).

Things went better. Big Sam, the head of QA, pretty much ignored me but did start telling a riveting tale about the time him and some mates created a 4-man bobsleigh down the biggest (and only) hill in Berlin using only frying pans. A classic feat of German engineering, no doubt. I felt better.

I still had no one to watch the Figure Skating with though. Hopping across to the Content Team, I knew this was my last chance. I targeted former TR admin Tuonela (no one really knows what he does these days, he's just kinda always here), who looked bored and in need of a new hobby. “DUDE, THE OLYMPICS IS WHAT YOU NEED!!!” I shouted, right up in his face.

Five minutes and one official warning for ‘breach of personal space’ from HR later, I slumped back at my desk. Alas, it wasn’t to be.

Alissa (DE) showing the boys how it's done. Any chance she's busy writing as The Mystery Admin?Alissa (DE) showing the boys how it's done. Any chance she's busy writing as The Mystery Admin?

In the end, I gave up, although everyone did start taking pictures of themselves wearing a pair of ski goggles, which weirdly they seemed more eager to do than just answering my questions. This was about as close to Pyeongchang 2018 as the Smeet Office was gonna get. But you know what? I’ll take it.


Mr and Miss Smeet Contest 2018! FINAL RESULTS!

A great night, despite technical difficulties...Congratulations to our very own Mrs Love!Congratulations to our very own Mrs Love!

Hey everyone! We are really sorry about the technical issues that interrupted our Mr and Mrs Smeet Event last night. A huge thanks to our participants, and our hosts, Liba, Nano and Alfi, and everyone else that came and supported the event.

The judges, Wild Rover, Alissa and Nora, were still able to see all the outfits and the winners were:

1st: Mrs Love (EN) & † •мαυяσ• † (Latin America) - Smeet Shop voucher for 2000 Coins, 250,000 Fame Points, the Mr / Miss Smeet badge, 6 months Gold-VIP and an international interview.

2nd: ●ємкα● (PL) and CRY (Germany) - Smeet Shop voucher for 1000 Coins, 150,000 Fame Points and 4 months Gold-VIP.

3rd: (+.●●.+вσивσи+.●●.+) (latin America) & (●•)=//''''ĴΘηψ''''' \ \=(•●) (ES) - Smeet Shop voucher for 500 Coins, 100,000 Fame Points and 3 months Gold-VIP.


A huge thank you and apology again. We hope you enjoyed the event nonetheless!

Your Smeet Team

Events on the EN Server this week!

More good times coming to the EN server this week!Schedule courtesy of ŁİßΛ (ID: 13431374)Schedule courtesy of ŁİßΛ (ID: 13431374)

Did you make it to the International Mr and Mrs Smeet event in the end? If not, you missed out! But don't worry, you will still have the chance to experience the amazing work of our EN server DJs this week - check out the schedule and have fun!

Get all lovey-dovey in the Lover’s Garden!

Get in the mood for luuuuurve!Spruce it up and turn it into a lover's haven!Spruce it up and turn it into a lover's haven!

Valentine’s Day usually goes one of two ways. For those of you lucky enough to have a special someone, it can be a glorious and romantic celebration of your relationship. A special Valentine’s date or thoughtful Valentine’s gifts can be really effective at showing your partner how you really feel.

For those who are currently ‘single and ready to mingle’, however, Valentine’s Day is often a great excuse to go to the pub and loudly explain to anyone who will listen just how happy you are on your own. ‘I wouldn’t trade my INDEPENDENCE for anything or anyone!’, you shout. Five minutes later, you’re crying into your beer. Such is life.

So this week on Smeet we’ve brought you the ultimate romantic hang-out, the Lover’s Garden! The more eagle-eyed among you may well have noticed the new room bears a striking resemblance to the International Lover’s Garden public room, which arrived with aplomb on Smeet earlier this week. Well, this is kinda similar, sure, but your private room is looking a little more ragged. Looks like some improvements are in order before it’s ready to host any big romantic dates…

First up, a little bit of floral decoration never hurt anyone. Get to work on the Flower Boxes and you should be able to develop them into something spectacular by the time your partner arrives! It’s guaranteed to make your love BLOSSOM (pun most definitely intended). Then, we have the major project of the Lover’s Garden. Extract ‘Lover’s Love’ from the Fountain and the Pond (with some help of some exotic fish!) to build the perfect Garden Chapel. It really will complete the perfect setting for a Valentine’s date!

And after that? All you need to do is invite your special friend over, turn the charm up to a hundred and enjoy a beautiful evening!

Have fun, Smeeters!

Interview with the EN 'Mr and Mrs Smeet' Representatives

Mrs Love & Grise - The winners of the Preliminary EN Mr & Mrs Smeet contest

Come and watch the final at 5:00pm UK time in the International Lover's Garden!Come and watch the final at 5:00pm UK time in the International Lover's Garden!

Here we are Smeet, with another interview by Hexen and Nano with the amazing two winners of the English server Preliminary Mr. & Mrs. Smeet event, Mrs. Love & Grise. We will find out more about them and talk to them about representing us in the big event on 14th February, the day of lovers!


Hello Mrs Love & Grise. I'll ask you few question to let the Smeeters know more about you and your lives.


  1. Mrs Love , Grise ? Why don’t you introduce yourself so Smeet can get an idea of who you are? Those who don’t already know you.


- Mrs Love:  My name is Debbie and my Smeet Avi is Mrs Love and I have been married on Smeet for 4 years. I am Host of Officiants and Matchmakers and been an officiant for last 2 years.

   -What about you Grise?

Grise:  Hello, I'm Grise, and I like varied music, i registered on Smeet in EN server in 2012. I have a virtual family and I participate in the groups, I love to animate for EN Smeet - I applied in the Spanish server to be entertainer and I was accepted, then for personal reasons I gave back my badge and I deleted my account. But now I’ve been back for one year!


  1. Congratulations on winning Mr & Mrs Smeet contest for both of you! How does that make you feel? what did you do to prepare for it ?


Grise:  Thank you. As I like the challenges, it seemed great to participate. I was ready, I prepared all my styles but with little stress of course but I had friends who supported me.


Mrs Love:  Thank you! I really didn't expect to win! I dressed up a few of my avis and chose the outfit I really liked and submitted it .  Then went to the event and showed off my styles.


That's great! well now let's talk about your Hobbies, Activities...


  1.  What are your hobbies in real life and on Smeet? Any of them similar in any way?

Let's start with you Mrs Love please!


Mrs Love:  Well my hobbies in Real are reading and of course playing Smeet :)   On Smeet its spending time with my online friends , decorating rooms and being an Officiant.


   - So for you Grise, I guess you love reading, no ?


Grise: Well no ahaha! I like karaoke, I participate in that I  programmed in the internet, and in Smeet I hold parties in my room where I give out prizes. I share my real and virtual pastimes.


- Oh Amazing!


  1. What is your main style preference and how long does it take to create an amazing style like yours ?


Grise: I have several styles but the one that I love is sensual style especially. About the time, it depends about what I’m looking for but it doesn't take more than 30 minutes. Ahahah don't forget I’m a lady, and I take my time.


Mrs Love: Really, I just randomly select outfits. I have enough clothes in my Smeet inventory to dress most of Smeet ahaha.


  1. Are there any influences that help you in choosing a style? What are some of those influences?


Mrs Love: Depends on the cute outfits they put in the shop - if there isn't anything I like there I just dig in my older clothes. Sometimes Mr. Love and I will dress with matching colors.


Grise: In general, I try to make my style as I am really sweet and a little bit naughty. My influences are the current fashions.


  1. Well Grise , you also do events in your private room " fiesta clandestina arriba smeet " - all your events are named like that , can you tell us more about this please? And how did you get the idea to create a page in Facebook to share your events?


Grise: I emerged « FIESTA CLANDESTINA ARRIBA SMEET « the time where Smeet had problems with screens to be former animator of the Spanish server and seemed to me to make parties to give joy to Smeet. In my group there are Smeeters from different servers I make games I give prizes because some countries still cannot recharge and also they want to be able to buy a room or dress their avatars. I simply share the joy of life en Smeet.


  1. Would you like tell us about how you prepare your big events, please!


Grise: Yes of course, I prepare the parties with different themes I consider the special day’s, festivities, and attire. They also ask me to celebrate birthdays. I decorate the rooms according to the themes, I look for the music for each occasion.


- thanks a lot girls it was such a nice moment with you, we really enjoyed this rich interview , we wish you more success and good luck for the big event!


Host/Astrologer ®†hєхєn_tαnz†® (ID: 22686525) and Journalist ● NΔИØ ¥ GЯIŜΞ ● (ID: 26702093)

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