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Help geologists investigate Meteorites!

Smeet City’s energy shortage could be about to be solved by a freak act of nature!Can this not wait until daylight? Apparently not.Can this not wait until daylight? Apparently not.

You wake up with a start. It’s 2am, and your mobile phone is ringing loudly. It’s your geologist mate, Barry. He and his colleagues Brenda and Daphne are responding urgently to reports of a meteor shower about 40 miles west of Smeet City. They are looking for a research assistant to help investigate, and Barry called you as he knows you are currently unemployed after you got fired from the Neptun underwater research vessel (the less said about that whole venture, the better). All you had planned for tomorrow was waking up at 2pm to watch YouTube videos and play Minesweeper, so you happily agree to go along.

As we all know from extremely accurate documentary films and TV series such as Armageddon, Deep Impact and Smallville, meteorites can cause absolute havoc if you’re unlucky enough to be hanging about when they land. Luckily, no one seems to have been hurt by this latest shower, but I would still bring your hard hat. You know, just in case.

Finding alternative energy sources for the SCMA (Smeet City Metropolitan Area) has long been a target of the local government, and this seems like a great opportunity to try and help the city’s situation. Your role in this task is simple. Bring Meteorite Splinters to Barry and his colleagues, allowing them to carry out their research to produce a mysterious new mineral called Poshite! Later on, they will be able to use the Poshite to produce Spoynor, and then the Spoynor to produce Friorium. We don’t know what any of those things are, but they sound…dangerous and explosive. Certainly, they should be packaged up with a big DO NOT EAT label at the very least.

Once these new, powerful alternative energy sources have been produced, your job is done! The people of Smeet City will be forever in your debt!

Join the International Music Festival!

Calling all dancers! Wait. Is this thing on? I SAID...CALLING ALL DANCERS? Reggaetón is coming to smeet and here are the details!Check out this awesome cross-server event!Check out this awesome cross-server event!

The music is coming! The music is coming! Music is a form of art and a cultural activity that you find everywhere - there isn’t only one type of music, of course, there are loads of varieties such as Funk, Pop, Bass, Metal, Rai, Disco, Reggaetón etc. ... and more! No one in the world hates music, music is a way of expression and a way of relief, playing on the instruments or singing or listening. music is an oxygen, music is life!


So our SMEET EN DJs are back again for a great party, the "International Music Festival on Smeet" !


Are you excited to come and have good time? Great!

make sure to be here on Friday, March 23th, it starts at 8:00 PM UK time, 9:00 PM Fr / It / Sp


Where ?

in the International Room (Park of Nations)

it's going to be 30 minutes for each DJ.


So book it in now and join us on March 23rd for a nice International music festival evening! 

Come out everyone and let’s dance the night away.


EN Journalist ● NΔИØ ¥ GЯIŜΞ ● (ID: 26702093)


After we integrated a new payment system to Smeet this week already, we've also decided to add another feature - The Jackpot Spinning Wheel!

Whenever you log in to Smeet you will see the new Jackpot Spinning Wheel. You are able to spin the wheel once a day FOR FREE to win one of the rewards. The rewards are: Fame Points, Boosts, Dimes, Smeets, Helps and maybe even Coins! In the Navigation Bar you can find the new “Jackpot” icon.

By clicking on it you are able to acquire more spins and choose different Jackpot Wheels.

So, try your luck and win your first reward today! If you have any thoughts you want to share,

visit the page on Facebook and leave a comment! 


Stop off for a hearty meal at Barbara’s Diner!

It’s time to set off on a classic road trip across the good ol’ U.S. of A!Salad lovers. Don't even bother here. Seriously.Salad lovers. Don't even bother here. Seriously.


After catching a flight stateside from Smeet City’s brand spanking new Tuonela International Airport, you jump in a car and hit the road! There’s really no better country on earth to simply put your foot down and head off to wherever your mood takes you - not only is it staggeringly geographically and culturally diverse, but Americans are also unbelievably friendly people, always stopping to chat with strangers and tell them about classic aspects of American culture such as the NFL, Taco Bell and Cher.

All these things are great, but this place is also obsessed with something else – THE YANKEE DOLLAR. Unfortunately you blew your entire budget for the holiday on the first night, living it up in New York City (which is fair enough, but with financial management skills like those we'd recommend you avoid Las Vegas). Luckily, you’ve spotted a ‘HELP WANTED’ sign in the window of Barbara’s Diner, which seems nice enough. Hanging around here for a while should give you enough funds to continue your journey!

The hungry travelers currently occupying the booths at Barbara’s are not a fussy bunch. They are literally ALL happy with a burger, fries and a milkshake. No vegan options here - sorry mate, you’re not in Berlin anymore.

As a result, you can concentrate on mass-producing the three main items. As you serve the tables and boost the diner’s income, you can reinvest the hard-earned cash on decorations, ensuring Barbara’s remains the most authentic diner around. A statue and a Chevrolet decoration will definitely help with that, whilst installing a juke box in the corner will allow the travelers to blast out some classic road trip tunes.

You’ve made it to the Land of the Free, Smeeters, and it’s time for you to live the American Dream! Now, stop slacking and clean out that deep fat fryer.

Sports Update with Oº°‘¨ψ† ● Ĉнιтσx ● †ψ¨‘°ºO

Toronto Raptors continue their strong performances in the NBA!

The Toronto Raptors scored their fourth win respectively against Charlotte Hornets and the eleventh in the last 12 games, to increase their number of victories to 45 this season (with 17 losses).
Toronto are getting close for the championship title of the Eastern Conference at the expense of the Boston Celtics.
DeMar DeRozan scored 19 points and Jonas Valanciunas had 18 points and 13 rebounds, the spaniard Serge Ibaka scored 17 points and Kyle Lowry had 14.
And in spite of that Coach Dwane Casey was not impressed by the performance of his players. "It was not a good game, but what I can keep from it is that we lost games of this kind last season, but this time we won" he said after the match.

Toronto dominated the first three quarters and they ended 26-21, 26-22 and 30-26 respectively, but Charlotte returned in the last quarter and narrowed the gap to two points just before the end bell. However, DeRozan and Lowry answered with a three-point play. This was the first time in four meetings with Charlotte this season that the Raptors failed to score at least 120 points.

Kemba Walker, Charlotte's best scorer in the game (27 points with 6 rebounds and 4 assists) said "They (the Toronto players) are giving the best performances in the league at the moment"

While Toronto are making a move towards booking their place in the playoffs, Charlotte's hope of qualifying fade away after their 27th defeat (with 37 wins)

Best Regards,
Chitox :)
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