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Unravel mystery items in Great Uncle Reginald’s Final Case!

Your quirky and withdrawn relative has passed away, but what has he left behind?Solve the mystery!Solve the mystery!

You have fond memories of Uncle Reggie. He was always popular with all his nieces and nephews, as he used his experiences as a detective in the SCPD (Smeet City Police Department) to create little quests for you to solve. Your parents encouraged this, as it kept you off the streets and distracted you from bad influences at school like your mate Johnny, who once egged 35 front doors in just 4 minutes. We aren’t condoning that behavior of course, but that’s pretty impressive…

Sadly, as you grew older you lost touch with Reggie and he became something of a recluse, holed up in his house and having very little contact with the outside world. The news of his death hit you surprisingly hard nonetheless, as you began to reminisce about the good times you shared. What’s more, Reggie’s dodgy lawyer has called you up and said that the old man left some specific instructions along with his will, requesting that you go to the attic to investigate one ‘final case’.

What secrets might you uncover? Was Reggie working for MI6? Was he the other shooter that killed JFK from behind the grassy knoll? Was he secretly funneling secrets to the Russians? We suspect the truth will be less exciting than that, but you won’t know if you don’t go!

Upon your arrival, it’s clear that crafty old Reginald certainly isn’t gonna make things simple for you. There are a series of old artifacts hidden in the attic that you need to find in order to open the mysterious Big Chest! There’s also a Flea Market Dude hanging around who is interested in selling any old trinkets that don’t hold sentimental value for you and you are happy to sell. How did he get into the attic? We don’t want to know. We hope you enjoy Reginald’s Final Case, and are able to honour the old man’s memory!

Good luck Smeeters!

The Smeet Spring Games 2018 are here!

Are you up for the challenge?Represent your domain with pride!Represent your domain with pride!

It's been a while since all our domains participated in a Smeet Games! Last time, at the Halloween Games, you all proved that contests can be super fun and mightily competitive!

It's now time to launch the Smeet Spring Games!

Over the next two weeks we will present you with five different rounds. You can win between one and three points for each round. The domain that collects the most points overall will be crowned our winners! Due to the different sizes of our servers, we will have two different groups: TR, FR, ES / LAT in Group 1, with PL, EN, DE and IT in Group 2.

What are the prizes, you ask?

Well, all users of the winning domain from each Group will receive an exclusive Smeet Spring Games 2018 Winner badge, 30,000 Fame Points and 1200 Social Points! All users of any domain that has won at least one point will receive a Smeet Spring Games 2018 Attendee badge!


What can you expect? Your tasks will be linked to Facebook Posts, Events, Smeekiez, Styles and Rooms. As every year, we are also looking forward to viewing your creative short films!


Keep an eye on Facebook for up to date information -


Good luck, Smeeters, and let the games begin!

Space Station Ortega: Go where no Smeeter has gone before…

It’s time to venture into outer space!Now then. THIS is a cool allotment.Now then. THIS is a cool allotment.

Your increasingly varied and, frankly, bizarre career choices have taken yet another twist as you meet a lady in a local bar who is recruiting for the Space Station Ortega, a research vessel about to set out into the solar system to conduct some testing. Quite why she is recruiting for a presumably highly-advanced space mission in a trashy Smeet City bar is not the point here – the point is you are somehow unemployed YET AGAIN and she’s offering big cash for something that sounds pretty interesting. What’s the worst that can happen?

Well, you did recently watch Ridley Scott’s 1979 documentary film Alien, and that didn’t look like so much take up the offer regardless and find out more about the project. A group of astronauts and scientists have been charged with proving that self-sufficient space travel is possible – if they can grow their own food on board a spacecraft, missions can run for longer and the universe will be more accessible to humans than ever before! The Ortega could alter the course of humankind forever with these experiments, something that makes your recruitment half-way through Happy Hour at ‘Sloppy Joe’s Tavern’ even more perplexing. Still, no complaining, gotta pay dem billz!

Once into space, your main aim in this current round of experiments is to prove that everyday fruit and veg can be grown in an intergalactic environment! Try and produce melon, potato and pumpkin, generating soil from the Biowaste Generators and cultivating the plants using only the methods available on the isolated research station. It’s a big challenge for sure, but we have no doubt that all your recent experiences working on the Neptun deep-sea diving vessel, investigating meteorite showers and selling chocolate to Smeet City hipsters at the Cocoa Company will all, in their own unique ways, help you to succeed

Best of luck, Smeeters!

Cristiano Ronaldo... "scored the goal of his life"

Cristiano Ronaldo considers the goal he scored with an overhead kick for Real Madrid against Juventus in the quarter-final of the Champions League last Tuesday as his best goal ever. 
The 33-year-old led his team to a 3-0 win in the quarter-finals, and his second goal was widely praised by both fans and rivals, especially Juventus fans, who applauded him.
The Spanish press estimated that Ronaldo had risen two meters from the field during the implementation of the shot, and appeared closer to an athlete participating in the high jump - not a football player.
"It was amazing, I jumped very high, of course it was a goal that will remain in my memory, it is without a doubt my best goal ever," said the world's best player in comments to the Real Madrid's television channel.
"I have been trying so long to score a goal in this way," said the Portuguese star, "because of the circumstances of the game I got the idea and shot the ball".
The goal was greeted by the Italian public who applauded Ronaldo during his celebration, while the latter responded with gestures of gratitude to the audience.
"I am very impressed, Juventus have always been a great team and I was impressed by this team in my youth, and when these fans are applauding you, it remains engraved in the heart," commented Ronaldo.
The newspaper "El Mundo Deportivo" said that "Cristiano Ronaldo scored the goal of his life" Saying it was "the goal he had hoped to achieve for years - a picture that was missing in he records of the best striker in history."
As for the newspaper "Marca" was written on her front page "The Goal" in broad characters.
Ronaldo, named the best player in the world 5 times, has scored more than 600 goals in his career, between Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United and Real Madrid, as well as the Portuguese national team.

Find a new passion during Hobby Week!

Ever get the feeling you want to try something new? Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. When it comes to utilising leisure time, the options available to us these days are incredible. Social events, sports, online games (fancy a cheeky bit of SMEET, anyone?), travelling, throwing conkers at squirrels. All great fun, and all wonderful learning experiences. The modern age has even seen some awesome new twists on old classics. Bubble soccer is great fun, bouldering seems to become more and more trendy each time I leave my desk, and professional E-sports is now an actual thing. Wowza.

Sometimes, however, it’s nice to take things back to the old-school. So if you’re in the mood, why not check out some of the new items in the Shop? Assemble an awesome Model Railway (Thomas the Tank Engine style. An absolute stonewall classic.) for your 3D Home! Alternatively, you may prefer to get involved in a spot of stamp collecting – start filling that album up! Regardless of what you decide to do, we hope you have a great week!

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