End your summer with The Grand Harvest!

Time to gather your produce before the cold weather sets in!Lots to do, here. Get your friendly mates to help out. Or, ya know, bribe 'em.Lots to do, here. Get your friendly mates to help out. Or, ya know, bribe 'em.

























As we discussed earlier this week, friends are a very important part of our lives - we laugh together, cry together, and share special moments. They are also useful for getting things done when you can't be bothered. Which is especially useful this week as summer is almost over and the harvest season is in full swing. The thought of gathering all that produce alone is, frankly, a bit daunting. So ask your mates really nicely if they'll help you out. If that doesn't work, promise them a Big Mac in return or something. Whatever floats their greedy boat.

In the olden days of farming, before machines took over much of the work, all members of farming families as well as friends and external helpers were hired to work on the fields during this time of year. It was important to get everything done before the weather got worse, and failure to do so caused problems when it came to surviving the harsh winter period.

Luckily for you, your field of scrummy-looking produce is ripe for picking, but we'd advise against doing all the work alone! The Grand Harvest requires you to gather your friends to help out, so you can also enjoy spending time with them. Harvest your fields together and you will be well rewarded with Smeets and Fame Points!