Secret Santa comes back to Smeet!

Surprise a friend with a Christmas gift!Any good gift ideas, Smeeters?Any good gift ideas, Smeeters?

To celebrate this time of year properly, Secret Santa is an absolute must! Here's how it works!:

1. To participate, give your ID to a Guide by Monday 11th December.

2. The IDs will be mixed in a pot by the admins and you will receive an ID of the user you will have to give a present to! (But don´t tell him/her!).

3. Chose a present (between 50 - 350 Coins, please remember you need to have enough Coins to pay for it!) from the Shop and give the exact name, page and position in the shop to the Guide. You are even free to choose Limited items, but please make sure they are NOT Limited 1! You will have time to give this information to your Guides by December 21st

4. Receive a wonderful present at Christmas!