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The new YouTube feature is here!

The sound of music returns to Smeet!DJ, get a record on!DJ, get a record on!

Dear Smeeters, the new YouTube feature is online!

To adapt to the recent changes on YouTube we’ve changed how YouTube is integrated in Smeet. The way the YouTube videos are played is now faster, the quality is better, you can watch your favourite videos in full screen mode and you can now watch them in every room, even in rooms which previously had no YouTube Screen.

If you don’t want to hear the videos being played, you can mute them with the mute button. The ‘–‘ button, in the top right corner, can be used if you just want to hear a video but not see it. If you mute Smeet completely, the video Screen will be muted as well. However, turning Smeet sound up or down will have no effect on the video window. So you can turn down the Smeet sound effects if you don’t want to hear interactions, steps, entering/leaving animations, and still listen to videos, which was not possible before.

There are some new commands for screen management that are going to help our volunteers manage the new YouTube windows. If you are a volunteer you can write the following commands in the YouTube URL bar:

- "cancel" - cancel the current video running in the room

- "cancelMaster" - cancel the current video in all instances of the room (only applicable if a public room becomes so full that a second 'instance' of the room is created)

- "get control" - only you can add a video. Volunteer users should only use this during events!

- "release" - needs to be done after your event is finished. It allows everybody to add YouTube videos again.

- "get masterControl" - the same as "get", but for all instances of the room.

- "releaseMaster" - the same as "release", but for all instances of the room. You have to use releaseMaster if you’ve taken control of the YouTube Windows with "get masterControl".


So what about the old screens? Can you use them? Well, all of the old screens in the Shop and in your inventories/rooms have been converted to offer webcam functionality. We are also going to open every screen in public rooms to be accessed by Entertainers. From this point on the old YouTube Screens will be webcam-only and will not play YouTube videos.

And what if you bought a new YouTube screen recently? If you bought a new YouTube screen in the last 3 months you will get your Coins back. Just let us know which screen you bought, when you bought it and which room we can currently find it in.

And there's more. In the next update the 15 minute video limit in private rooms will be lifted, so that you are able to play any videos you like. In your private rooms you will also have entertainer rights, so you are able to get control over the YouTube Window whenever you need it. We also want to implement the Playlist feature again.

We hope you like the new feature, and we thank you for your patience in waiting for return of the YouTube function to Smeet.

Happy Smeeting! :)