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● NΔИØ ¥ GЯIŜΞ ● on Friendships!

What is a friend? EN Smeet Journalist NANO will tell you in his exclusive interview!Smeet is all about friendships!Smeet is all about friendships!

A friend is, first and foremost, an ally - that is, someone who really enjoys your happiness and your success.


It is also someone who will do what he can, when he can to help in your success or in your happiness. Not all the time, not in any condition, but according to his constraints and the pace of his life. A friend is just someone who wants to help you be happy, because seeing yourself fulfilled is part of your own balance.


Attention, though. Be careful of the people who help you to own you, or only for you to send them back down the elevator: friendship is not a shop in which you sell affection or service.


That, you must also keep it in mind, to learn to give without necessarily waiting for a return. That does not mean to burden your friends with any "debt" to you. Above all, do not do things to get yourself something: it's not friendship, it's bargaining.


True friendship is helping the other "for free", just because his happiness is your happiness.


and here I have an example of a good friendship between Marraine & Pénélope that has lasted for years and this friendship was started on Smeet and after a good time has a real meeting and it lasts until now, I asked some questions for them about their beautiful relationship and here are the rest :


Welcome Marraine & Pénélope you are the prime example of a true friendship , I’ll ask you a few simple questions.


Marraine i’ll start with you, can you tell us what is friendship for you?


  • Hôte.Marraine: Yes of course, friendship for me is having a person that has stood in good times and bad times be understood by the two individuals.


And you Pénélope?


  • Info.Pénélope: friendship is a very strong thing that does not happen to everyone and that I had the chance to know for over 2 years on Smeet.


Can you tell us how you met the first time?


  • Hôte.Marraine: She became an info and we talked a lot and laughed a lot and here we are now best friends forever


And for you Penelope I believe I don’t need to ask you this questions she already answered .Ahaha


  • Info.Pénélope: definitely I feel the same Ahaha


Well we all know that over time that friends will be part of the family, did you arrive at this beautiful level in your friendship?


  • Info.Pénélope: Yes of course now we became more, for me she is my sister of my heart  and my blood my life 
  • Hôte.Marraine:  Yes that’s right! We are more than that ! 



You are friend on Smeet,  have you already thought of meeting in real?


  • Hôte.Marraine: yes of course
  • Info.Pénélope: yes, last year we had to see how it would go, but as I had a job I left smeet for 7 months but we stayed in touch on the phone


In the end, what do you expect to say to your dear best friend who has become a sister to you?


  • Hôte.Marraine: I could not do anything without her I need her energy from her voice of her sweetness of her words I need her she’s just my half 


And for you Pénélope? Same Question


  • Info.Pénélope:  that I love her with all my heart and that God keeps us together as one for the other 


In the end I’ll tell you that what makes friendships indissoluble and doubles their charm. It is a feeling that is lacking in love: the certainty!!


god bless you!



Your EN Smeet Journalist Nano  ID:26702093