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Smeet Developer Update with Tuonela!

Some news on upcoming features on Smeet!Some exciting changes are coming to Smeet!Some exciting changes are coming to Smeet!

Dear Smeeters,

it's been a couple of months since our last developer update. We wanted to give you another little peek behind the curtains and share with you what we're currently working on. So here it is!:

1. Badge Levels: Since many of our users like collecting Badges, we wanted to make it a more enjoyable experience overall. The primary goal here is to give our users the ability to see their progress more easily and make the act of collecting more rewarding. With a single peek into your own profile or another user's you will be able to see how big the Badge collection is, without having to count all the Badges!

So how does it work? The Badges you've collected will contribute to an overall Badge score. Different types of Badges will give different amount of Badge Points, with Golden Badges being worth the most points. Every Badge will give you some Badge Points, with the exception of Volunteer Badges and Social Badges, such as 'Married'. For reasons of fairness these Badges will not contribute to your Badge Score.

All Badges will be moved to a new Badge Tab where they will be easier to view. How many of each Badge Type you possess will be displayed here as well (eg. 3 Golden, 6 silver, 10 blue, etc.). This tab will also display your Badge Level and a unique Badge Icon corresponsing to your Level. The Badge Level will also be visible in the first tab of your profile, just under your Fame Point and Prestige Level indicators.

Currently there are no fixed plans to have level rewards associated with Badge Levels, as it has been designed primarily to make measuring your current progress easier, rather than as an introduction of a completely new progression system. However, this does not mean that this is going to stay this way indefinitely. Depending on interest the new Badge Levels, we are open to investing more effort into this feature. Send us your feedback!

2. New Fame Point and Prestige levels! We know you've been waiting for so long, especially for the new Prestige Levels. We've been saying they are coming, and perhaps we were being a bit optimistic...however, this time they really are! It is very likely that 10 new Fame Point and 20 Prestige Levels will be introduced in March. On the off-chance that there is an issue, the longest delay we estimate still puts the release date sometime in the first half of April. We won't stop working on new levels after that, however! We know it has been a long time since our last release and these levels will still not be enough for some of our top users. We will continue working on new levels - another 15 Fame Point Levels and 30 Prestige Levels will come out around June this year, raising the Fame Point level cap to a total of 375, and the Prestige Level cap to 210!

3. Group Challenges! Last but not least, of course we are constantly working on improving Groups and the Challenges. This is the feature that is currently the most popular in Smeet and we are looking to improve it whenever we can. What we are aiming for at the moment is a) more and more prestigious items for the Silver, Gold and Platinum Leagues (did you like the new profile pose?), and b) a change that will make the overall competition even more fun. We will disclose more info on this when we get closer to the release date, but we think your jaw might drop when you hear about it! (Yes, it is very big, yes, it is a positive change, yes, it was requested by many users, and no, it will not affect your current achievements and progress with your Group in any way!).


Excited yet? Stick around, it won't be long before we announce everything that is planned.

Yours sincerely, - Tuonela