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Decorate the Christmas Front Yard!

Show your neighbours who's boss when it comes to decorations and festive spirit!We absolutely LOVE this time of year. LOVE IT.We absolutely LOVE this time of year. LOVE IT.

We are almost there! Sunday is Christmas Eve and everyone is excited about all the presents and all the food that usually comes along with this time of year. Most people already have all their Christmas presents, put up the tree and decorated it. Do you?

Some like their trees more traditional, some people try to decorate the tree in different colours every year. This year, you get the chance to decorate your own Christmas tree in your front yard on Smeet too!

First up, you have to get all boxes from the basement. There are boxes with baubles, lametta and fairy lights which you can put on the Christmas tree and on the facade of the house. There are even some wooden figures which you can add.

From each part of the decorative display you will also get a golden pine cone. These will help you to brighten the Christmas Star on top of your tree. Once everything is decorated, your new yard will look truly stunning! And even though we have a few days to go...we wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!