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A Smeet Samba Session at the Brazilian Carnival!

Get the party started!How is Carnival celebrated where you're from?How is Carnival celebrated where you're from?

Copacabana Beach. The Amazon rainforest. Football, football, football. That big Jesus statue.

You can tell where we’re going with this. The home of the world’s maddest carnival celebrations - Brazil!

This time of year sees outrageously entertaining parties taking place all around the world (honourable mentions here to Cologne’s epic Karnival and New Orlean’s raucous Mardi Gras) but it is the staggeringly-colourful Rio Carnival that enters most people’s heads when they think of the word ‘Carnival’. With celebrations taking place annually since 1723, a whole host of traditions and customs have developed, combining with Brazil’s modern-day passion for music, dance and flair to create the ultimate street party!

Now, the closest anyone from my family has been to the Brazilian Carnival dream was the time my Uncle Harry got a little too excited with the caipirinhas at his local pub’s happy hour and had to be put to bed at 7pm by his 11-year-old daughter. Strong life lessons were learnt by all involved that day. Luckily, the Brazilian Carnival that has just sprung up in the middle of Smeet City poses no such dangers – partly because we know you Smeeters are far too sensible (!) to get yourselves into such a state, and partly because this is an online game so it literally isn’t possible.

Unless you want to knock up a cheeky real-life cocktail or two at home as you click. Sounds like a plan to me.

Anyway, this being a child-friendly event, the main ingredient here is actually the finest brand of Guaraná Softdrink. There are some thirsty performers out there – musicians, singers and dancers – that all need to be in tip-top shape to perform to their best! A TV crew that is covering the festivities also needs some help – they seem to be having problems with their electricity generator as they try to make a global transmission of the event. The chances of Smeet City Carnival getting the exposure it deserves are on the line!

Lots to do then, Smeeters, time to get to work!