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Cook up a feast at the Barbecue Championship!

Summer is here and it’s time to get grilling!There's something about summer we just LOVE.There's something about summer we just LOVE.
Summer wouldn’t be summer without barbecuing, which takes many different forms all round the world. The Australians do it on the beach (although the whole thing about ‘shrimps on the barbie’ is a myth, by all accounts), Germans enjoy grilling their approximately 6976 types of wurst in the woods or their back gardens, whilst the hardy British do their barbecuing in summer under an umbrella as the rain pours down on them. Anything for a bit of chicken mate!

In Southern Africa it’s called a braai, whilst every single town in the United States appears to have a slightly unique way of smoking, seasoning and grilling meat, resulting in constant arguments about ‘who does the best BBQ’. The Argentinians may not care for Texas or Kansas City-style BBQ however, as their asado steaks are world-renown. With so much competition, it’s pretty difficult to declare one particular style or method as number one. So let’s just loosen our belts and get stuck in to the food - it all looks good to me!

Your path to victory at the championships is a simple one. Get the food from the Cool Box and stick it on the grill with the coal to produce award-winning BBQ dishes! Make sure you provide non-alcoholic beer (bought by accident, obviously…) to accompany the scrumptious grub. You’ll be sure to have those judges licking their lips in no time!

Once the judges have scoffed down your awesome food, they will of course give your work a score! Try to score as high as possible and earn up to three Grill Expert Badges!

Best of luck, Smeeters!