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Experience Eurovision 2018 at Bar Boa Vida!

Smeet City’s premier Portuguese bar is the perfect place to watch the show live from Lisbon!Are you ready for the party of the year?Are you ready for the party of the year?

That’s right. Some think it strange that the Eurovision Song Contest remains so popular in our musically jam-packed world, but there remains nothing like it in the world of entertainment. The coming-together of nations from across Europe (plus Australia of course - still a bit of a headscratcher to me) creates a fantastically trashy, cheesy and camp show that you can’t help but watch!

From the breakout performance of Abba to Conchita Wurst’s beard, from the frankly weird Lordi to the absolute EPICNESS of Epic Sax Guy (YouTube it if you haven’t seen it), Eurovision truly is home for the glamorous, wacky and weird. The other cool thing is that the party moves to a new destination each year! As last year’s winners were Portugal, Lisbon hosts this year’s final and the Portuguese quarter of Smeet City is sure to be the place to be to go and watch on TV! Bar Boa Vida is hosting the biggest party of them all, so get down there and join in the fun!

As with any party, refreshments are key. Get the non-alcoholic beer (you bought it by accident again? Sort it out, man), soft drinks and food to the partygoers - remember the more they drink, the less they are forced to focus on the music. Also it makes the famously boring and long bit where they count all the points a whole lot more bearable.

What’s more, after the party is over you have another big event to look forward to…SMEETOVISION 2018 takes place on Friday 11th May at 6pm Berlin time! Don’t miss it!

Best of luck, Smeeters!