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Usability Improvements

Some changes to the navigation of rooms on Smeet!

Der Smeet Bio-BauernhofDer Smeet Bio-Bauernhof

Following the changes to the Groups Feature we have worked on a usability improvement. To make navigating public rooms and finding the most popular meeting spots in the Smeet world easier, we are replacing the six public room categories we have now (Downtown, Club District, etc…) with just two: Local and International. All the public rooms will be displayed under these categories sorted according to their population.

When you click on the globe icon in the upper left corner you are now able to choose between the local and the international categories, 3D homes of other Smeeters, your own rooms and your navigation history. The “Local” tab contains all the different meeting points of your specific domain. If you click on it, on the upper row you will find Party Plaza, the Daily Buzz, Players Avenue, Fifth Avenue and Central Park. Once you go to one of these “meeting points”, you can navigate through arrows to your desired public room that is connected to the meeting point. For example, if you want to go to the Flirt Café, it is possible to go to the Daily Buzz and go to the Flirt Café from there by clicking on the arrow.

At the bottom under “Popular” you can find the rooms were other users are located, sorted by population (highest to lowest), so it will be far easier for you to find other Smeeters. We want to emphasize that, even though you can´t always see each single room in the navigation tool (only rooms which have at least one user in them are visible in the navigation window), you can still reach them through one of the Meeting Spots as before.

It´s also easier to find the international rooms now. If you want to visit one of them, just click on the “International” tab and choose one of the international rooms.

The 'burbs category, and all the rooms under it, have been completely removed due to low popularity. With this change, we are aiming to bring all Smeeters closer together. Finding each other will now be much easier in the Smeet World as less popular rooms take a step back, while popular rooms are easier to reach.

We are excited to hear your feedback. If you have any thoughts you want to share, visit the Page on Facebook and leave a comment!

Your Smeet Team