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Life is sweet in the Jelly Bean Factory!

Satisfy your sweet tooth in this candy paradise!

It's alive!It's alive!

Well, that's a nice turn of events. It looks like we just landed in a Jelly Bean Factory. Like, literally woke up and...we were there. We're not complaining, mind.

So what do we have to do here? It seems like the machines are working on their own. But we're guessing someone must at least be required to make sure that they have fresh supplies. First up, we need to make sure that we get the different flavours from the Food Replicator. At the same time we need water and sugar to make a sweet puree that we can divvy into little pieces. The fruit we got from the replicator have to be put into the Squeezer to make a nice rainbow juice to dye our puree pieces.

We then dip the puree pieces into the juice and end up with colourful Jelly Beans that have to be baked in the oven! The oven will give you the Jelly Beans that can then be put in the Baby Bottle Storage. All the different machines will give us magical Veevees. These little creatures make the whole factory work. Collect them and bring the Jelly Bean tree to life!

So yeah. All makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Veevees and stuff.

Good luck Smeeters!

Words of advice from Sayuri!

HOW GOSSIP AFFECTS OTHERSDis gurl knows her stuff!Dis gurl knows her stuff!

Google defines the word gossip:  “a casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other peoples, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.”

When we engage in gossip:   we are spreading rumors about others which may not be true.  People engage in gossip for many reasons:    The prime ones are:  anger, jealousy, envy.  These  bad mouthing individuals think in their minds that if they start telling others bad things about a certain individual that they will win them over.  Some people gossip about others thinking that if they criticize, judge and speak ill of a particular individual, they will in their  “demented” minds think others will respect and honor them instead.  However, this is always NOT what happens instead of being  able to use this type of strategy to win others respect and appreciation, it will always back fire on them.   (Excerpts from:  Taming the Mind, by:  Thubten Chodron.

I am writing this article because I, personally, received a message/chat from a total stranger on Smeet in a publc room recently, regarding one of my very close friends and I was just appalled at how this stranger continued to talk about my friend in such a cruel and defaming way.  I asked him to please stop sending me messages about my good friend whom I have known for over 3 years and when I told him that he got so angry,  he started calling me names such as:  oh, you are a stupid lady.  At that point, I wanted to block him due to the fact, he continued to send me messages bad mouthing a close friend of mine out of pure jealousy.   I am sharing all this for the sole purpose to say that:  gossip of this nature can defame an individual’s good reputation and harm him/her in a very negative way.  There is no reason to send a message to a total stranger saying horrible lies about that person’s good friend.  What purpose and gain other than trying to defame my friend’s good reputation.  If this “demented” individual has spoken ill of my friend with many other people who do not know my friend,  this could really start rumors which will harm and defame the good character of my friend.  I may sound repetitious but I honestly am trying to make a very important point here.  I truly believe in the universal law which states:  what goes around comes around;  treat others the way you want to be treated, and if you can not say anything nice about someone, especially if you do not know that person, do not say anything at all.  Why add to the gossip already circulating around among others.  Whether we know or do not know the person,  it is just common sense to NOT engage in any type of gossip of others.  

With that being said, it brings me to a very important topic:  How our conduct/behaviors on Smeet affect others:  Any time we choose to behave and interact with other players on Smeet in a very negative way,  there are so many things you set into motion.  If you stop to think and analyze your bad behaviors when interacting with others in public rooms on Smeet, you will be surprised and ashamed at what your words and actions have done.  I feel that this is a very important topic for all of us to be aware of and for some of us there is a serious need to change our ways when interacting with other players on Smeet in public rooms.

These issues can only be discussed and each individual must look within themselves to see if anything seems familiar to them in their actions and/or  words to other players  which may be considered as a very negative behavior, disrespectful for others  and totally  unacceptable.  Always remember this universal law:  Treat others the way you want to be treated---- because what goes around, comes around and you will always reap what you sow.  For example, if you sow love and respect to others, it will surely return to you in such a manner that you will be so overwhelmed with happiness and love.  Think about it-- for it truly makes good sense.

I feel this is a needed topic for us to be aware of whether we are online playing Smeet in public rooms, interacting with other players or in our real lives.   If one can not treat others with respect, then something is horribly wrong within that individual(s).  I have personally on numerous occasions experienced everything I have mentioned in this article in public rooms on Smeet and it truly was NOT a very pleasant situation!   Let’s all try our best to show respect and treat others the way we want to be treated.   It is not a difficult thing to do.  Let’s all try to make Smeet the most enjoyable online game to be on – instead of one that players want to and have left the game due to very unpleasant, hurtful actions/behaviors/words that they have experienced while in public rooms online Smeet.  It all starts with us.   Always remember this type of behavior and gossip is bullying in the cyber world as well.  In today’s world, bullying is considered a crime and the negative effects upon the victim have left horrible results, even suicide.   So, let us stop bullying in our cyber world as well.   It all starts with you. 

If you see me around Smeet, please say hi and if you have any type of relationship questions, please be sure to message me in private and I will be sure to answer your question(s) in my column.

So until the next time, always love one another, keep smiling, keep dancing and meeting new people on Smeet.  God bless.    Happy Smeeting to all of you. 

SAYURI, EN Journalist,  ID#13520497

Unlock hidden secrets in the Mystical Ruins of Huitzilopochtli!

An ancient civilisation has left something behind...Here, kitty kitty kitty...Here, kitty kitty kitty...

Any Indiana Jones or Lara Croft fans in the house? Well, now it's your turn to become the hero of your very own rollicking adventure romp!

Ancient civilizations like the Mayans, the Aztecs or the Egyptians are not just famous for their mystic treasures - they are also famous for the myths and riddles that surround them! With their ground-breaking technological advances they built tricky mechanisms to secure precious objects from strangers. They were so good at it, we can't really comprehend how they did it!

So...if you are into ancient myths and going on a good adventure is your dream way to spend a Sunday, this week´s room is definitely for you! Dive into the mysterious world of a long lost ancient civilization and uncover hidden treasures at the Mystical Ruins of Huitzilopochtli - just don't ask us how to pronounce it...

Solve the different tasks to discover all the treasures. Every treasure you find will help you find the next one, as well as rewarding you with Fame Points and Gold Boosts!

Curious? Then grab the new room from the Shop now and become the greatest adventurer Smeet has ever seen!

Challenge Report with Joscri and Cris!

Hi, Smeeters! We have finished the Fame Points challenge! Thanks to this challenge, we have worked our level, fighting to raise it and win the prizes of each level.How did you get on in this Challenge?How did you get on in this Challenge?

The group “ALPHAS”, now called “Phoenix”, has returned to the Platinum league. Thanks to this, they are the only group fighting in that league. Congratulations!

This week, the global ranking is:

  • 1st: Sweet Cataclysm, with 84.519.010 Fame Points. An incredible score, congratulations!
  • 2nd: INFO »»ℓαℓυηια««, with 56.553.073 Fame Points. Congratulations!
  • 3rd: Nia_21, with 46.431.484 Fame Points. Congratulations!

The group “THE INVENCIBLES” doesn’t stop raising in the ranking, they already are in the 16 position of the Silver league. If they continue like this, soon they will go to the Gold league. Good job!

In position 353, we have the group “Outopia”, and we encourage them to work hard to raise positions.

We would like to congratulate our group, “New Stars”, because we worked very hard to win, beating the group “TuRabietaSemanal”, with 144 million VS 49 million.

This week we’ll have to collect honey from the new room. Smeeters, go and work your rooms to win!

Writers (CўJ)

It's time to jive on down to the Beehive!

Get to work with the bees and produce as much sweet, sweet honey as you can!Good job these bees are friendly or it would be quite a sticky situation...Good job these bees are friendly or it would be quite a sticky situation...

Loads of people are afraid of bees. The poor things have garnered quite the negative reputation, but these little helpers don't really set out to hurt anyone! What's more, they are actually very important - they don't just produce delicious honey, they also take care of the pollination of different flowers.

But do you know how a beehive works? There are different kinds of bees: worker bees, drones and the queen bee. Worker bees have various tasks. They clean the honeycombs, feed the Bee Larvae and produce wax to build more honeycombs. When they are old enough they work as guards at the beehive. In this period of time they make their first trips through the surrounding environment of the hive. This helps them to find their way through the meadows when they are ready to collect nectar. They also make sure that the drones and the queen bees are always comfortable and have enough to eat. It's an aristocracy, I tell ya!

The only purpose of the queen bee and the drones is to make sure that there are enough offspring to keep the beehive alive. Bit boring really, no?

So are you curious to experience the inside of a beehive? It is now possible on Smeet - purchase the new room, bring it to life and produce as much delicious honey as you can!

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