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Words of advice from Sayuri!

The love guru returns!Heed her words, you won't be sorry!Heed her words, you won't be sorry!

Is it Possible to Have a Platonic friendship with another when in a Committed Relationship/Marriage?

What does it mean to have a platonic relationship?   Let’s first find out the definition of the word “platonic” .   The definition of the word platonic, according to  “ Platonic love and platonic friendships are marked by the absence of physical or sexual desire.  Plato did acknowledge physical desire, but thought that if two people truly inspired each other, their spiritual or ideal love would bring them closer to God.”

This is what says about the word “platonic”:  “ free from physical desire.   Platonic love: passionless(not passionate).  Platonic describes a relationship that is purely spiritual and not physical.  If a guy and a girl hang out all the time but aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, they would describe their friendship as “platonic.”

“The word “platonic” refers to the writings of Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher who wrote on the interesting subject of love.  Platonic love and platonic relationships are marked by the absence of physical or sexual desire.  Plato did acknowledge physical desire, but thought that if two people truly inspired each other their spiritual or ideal love would bring them closer to God.”

With all that being said:  The reasons why I am a huge skeptic when peoples in committed relationships tell me they have a “platonic love” with the opposite sex while married or in a committed relationship.  Here are my reasons:  If you are in a committed relationship/marriage, your partner should be:  your best friend, your confidant, your lover your “go to” person, the one who you desire to hang out with and share intimate moments with.   Therefore, if your partner is all of those things to you,  why would you need another person of the opposite sex to confide in and spend a lot of time hanging out with?

Some of you will disagree with me, but the bottomline as I see it,  is that a solid, long term, loving, respectful relationship/marriage requires just the two individuals to share their most utmost feelings/thoughts and not with another person outside of the relationship/marriage.  Why?  We are all human beings with so many flaws and hanging out or having a so called “platonic friend of the opposite sex” outside of your marriage/committed relationship and sharing your most intimate secrets with,  seeking sympathy from, will eventually and definitely lead to sex.  It is just plain common sense.  Your partner should be the one you seek out for advice, discussions/solutions to your current problems/issues and to hang out with, not another  person of the opposite sex.

Once a person in a commmited relationship/marriage seeks out or accepts to be involved in a so- called platonic relationship with the opposite sex (the key word here is:  opposite sex)   outside of their committed relationship/marriage, it only indicates one thing:  there are problems and  unsolved issues in their marriage/committed relationship and indicates to all that they have no desire to share or inform their partner and thus do not even care for a solution to any problems/issues.

I,  also believe that any platonic relationship with the opposite sex while in a committed relationship/marriage will eventually and only lead to “infidelity”.  In any platonic relationship while in a committed relationship/marriage both individuals are to be blamed;  the person who instigated it knowing full well the other person is taken and the other person accepting such a behavior.

My advice to all peoples in a committed relationship/marriage:  rather than seeking advice or pity from another outside of your current relationship:  the first thing you must do is go to your significant other and discuss everything with your partner, see a marriage counselor:  together, but both parties must be willing to work out the problems/issues otherwise things will just get worst  left unsaid/unresolved which will eventually lead to a separation or divorce. 

As I have mentioned so many times in all of my past relationship articles:  Couples who claim  to be in a committed relationship or marriage, must always remember the key things to remain together as a couple and these are:  good  effective communication with a goal of a solution, Love, honesty, respect, loyalty, trust:  must be present at all times.  Relationships are very hard work and each partner must be willing to work at it.  Each partner must cherish and treasure one another, never dredging up the past mistakes, always quick to forgive, not committing the same bad behaviors that annoy or irritate each other, showing great respect and trust for each other and being totally faithful always.  I believe that if  one person truly adores and loves  his/her partner, respects, cherishes and treasures him/her, love will continue to grow and flourish and the possibility of a very long term and a very successful relationship/marriage will become very solid and attainable.

No one is perfect, only God is.  The most important thing in all successful and long lasting relationships is effective communication always.  Without effective communication with the goal for  solutions,  relationships become very difficult and there will be much resentment and unhappiness.  Always remember that we never look to others to make us happy.  Happiness comes from within ourselves.  Too many couples tell me:  she/he does not make me happy any more, so I have decided to leave the marriage/relationship.  Once again, may I remind each and every one of you:  Happiness comes from within oneself, so we should never look to others to make us happy nor blame them for failures in our marriages/relationships.

I hope all of this information is and will be helpful to all of you.  If you see me around Smeetland, please do not hesitate to say “hi” and if you have any type of relationship questions or any other topics you might be interested in reading in my column, please do not hesitate to message me in private.  

 So until the next time, keep smiling, keep dancing, keep meeting new peoples on Smeet at our many events, keep falling in love over and over again.    Always remember to love one another for Love conquers everything.  Happy Smeeting to all of you and God bless you all!!

SAYURI, EN Smeet Journalist, ID#13520497

Sports Update with Oº°‘¨ψ† ● Ĉнιтσx ● †ψ¨‘°ºO

Sharapova withdraws due to injury

A statement by the Miami Open organizers said. That the American Jennifer Brady will replace Sharapova, winner of five Grand Slam titles in the second qualifying Premier League for women. which starts on 20 March.
"I'm really sorry because I pulled out of one of my favorite tournaments because of an injury to my left arm" Sharapova said. "I will do everything in my power to return to the court as soon as possible"
Sharapova left last week's first round of the Indian Wells. by the Japanese Naomi Osaka, and her early exit was the reason to abandon the services of her coach Sven Groeneveld.
Sharapova, 30, has struggled for nearly a year to find herself and return to her previous level after a 15 month hiatus for taking malunion. Sharapova is now ranked 41st globally.
"I know how much Maria wanted to play in Miami this year, but I can also imagine how disappointed she is," said Miami's Tournament Director and  former player James Blake.
He added: "We wish her a speedy recovery and return to the stadium as soon as possible."
Best Regards,
Chitox :)


EN/INT March Tombola Results!

Are ya feeling lucky, punk?Are you doing a victory dance right now?Are you doing a victory dance right now?

Here are the tombola prizes for the March draw!

The winning Smeeters are as follows!:

1st place: •†.H¤ℓιdåy J¤y.†• (ID: 14887578) - 3000 Coins, 500,000 Fame Points and the Gold Tombola Badge!

2nd place: Angel2014 (ID: 26235598) - 1500 Coins, 250,000 Fame Points and the Silver Tombola Badge!

3rd place: ¢єηѕσяє∂ ву ¢ℓσωηѕ (ID: 28201960) - 1000 Coins, 100,000 Fame Points and the Bronze Tombola Badge!

4th place: metalman (ID: 26591321) - 250 Coins, 75,000 Fame Points and the Wooden Tombola Badge!

5th place: INFO •´¯`•.Bℓση∂є Cσωgιяℓ.•´¯`• (ID: 22107316) - 100 Coins, 50,000 Fame Points and the Wooden Tombola Badge!

Plus there's 10,000 Fame Points for the rest of the Smeeters who participated!


Hope you enjoyed it this month, and good luck for next time!

Help geologists investigate Meteorites!

Smeet City’s energy shortage could be about to be solved by a freak act of nature!Can this not wait until daylight? Apparently not.Can this not wait until daylight? Apparently not.

You wake up with a start. It’s 2am, and your mobile phone is ringing loudly. It’s your geologist mate, Barry. He and his colleagues Brenda and Daphne are responding urgently to reports of a meteor shower about 40 miles west of Smeet City. They are looking for a research assistant to help investigate, and Barry called you as he knows you are currently unemployed after you got fired from the Neptun underwater research vessel (the less said about that whole venture, the better). All you had planned for tomorrow was waking up at 2pm to watch YouTube videos and play Minesweeper, so you happily agree to go along.

As we all know from extremely accurate documentary films and TV series such as Armageddon, Deep Impact and Smallville, meteorites can cause absolute havoc if you’re unlucky enough to be hanging about when they land. Luckily, no one seems to have been hurt by this latest shower, but I would still bring your hard hat. You know, just in case.

Finding alternative energy sources for the SCMA (Smeet City Metropolitan Area) has long been a target of the local government, and this seems like a great opportunity to try and help the city’s situation. Your role in this task is simple. Bring Meteorite Splinters to Barry and his colleagues, allowing them to carry out their research to produce a mysterious new mineral called Poshite! Later on, they will be able to use the Poshite to produce Spoynor, and then the Spoynor to produce Friorium. We don’t know what any of those things are, but they sound…dangerous and explosive. Certainly, they should be packaged up with a big DO NOT EAT label at the very least.

Once these new, powerful alternative energy sources have been produced, your job is done! The people of Smeet City will be forever in your debt!

Join the International Music Festival!

Calling all dancers! Wait. Is this thing on? I SAID...CALLING ALL DANCERS? Reggaetón is coming to smeet and here are the details!Check out this awesome cross-server event!Check out this awesome cross-server event!

The music is coming! The music is coming! Music is a form of art and a cultural activity that you find everywhere - there isn’t only one type of music, of course, there are loads of varieties such as Funk, Pop, Bass, Metal, Rai, Disco, Reggaetón etc. ... and more! No one in the world hates music, music is a way of expression and a way of relief, playing on the instruments or singing or listening. music is an oxygen, music is life!


So our SMEET EN DJs are back again for a great party, the "International Music Festival on Smeet" !


Are you excited to come and have good time? Great!

make sure to be here on Friday, March 23th, it starts at 8:00 PM UK time, 9:00 PM Fr / It / Sp


Where ?

in the International Room (Park of Nations)

it's going to be 30 minutes for each DJ.


So book it in now and join us on March 23rd for a nice International music festival evening! 

Come out everyone and let’s dance the night away.


EN Journalist ● NΔИØ ¥ GЯIŜΞ ● (ID: 26702093)

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