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New Level 300 Reward!

A further change has arrived in Smeet.

The Star Overhead Badge is now available for those who reach Level 300!

Level 300 represents a milestone in Smeet and we still think that this accomplishment should be celebrated with a unique reward of its own. The Star Badge in Smeet is highly exclusive and will distinguish those players who have showed the dedication that is required to reach Level 300.

Players who have previously received this Badge as a permanent reward from a Contest will still get to keep it regardless of their level.

To receive the Star Overhead Badge you just need to contact Support for your domain or any admin upon reaching Level 300. We will make sure that you receive the Badge within two days.








Your Smeet Team

PS: Regarding Badges - we are working on a new improvement that will make those who like collecting them rejoice! More on that in the coming weeks...

“Public Service Announcement: The Life and Times of a Selfie Addict”

Hey everyone, it’s WillKane.  The following article is what I liken best to a public service announcement.  Although there are fans of this sort of thing (and even Smeet includes the selfie stick and pose), this time I’d like to go over some of the concerns and issues I see with excessive selfie taking through a series of situations in story form, seen with the eyes of an opportunistic selfie taker:


The day of water birth for Luann’s child had finally come.  Her 3-year-old son Jethro was happy to be the father, and for his unborn child to have him as a brather (that’s a real word, according to Urban Dictionary).  Their Intex 8’ inflatable pool from Walmart, filled to the brim, could barely contain her delicious 600 pound frame.  “You’re at 10cm, now push for Papaw-Nana!” exclaimed her 30-year-old transitioned grandfather Gunther, the family midwife and scholar (the converted man formerly known as Gertrude had graduated high school at the tender age of 28 before being inspired by an athletic lady named Caitlyn to switch for happiness).  Disguised as a distant second cousin from 2 counties away out on parole as part of my amateur photography course, I was responsible for memorializing the whole experience with the perfect selfie, for a fee payable by food stamps.  As Jethro’s 2 kids from a previous sister-girlfriend (may she rest in peace) looked on, the little head of Jethro Tull Jr. started to pop out as if to say howdy. It was at this point that I got in position for the perfect shot.  Gunther then panicked, “Pop that dadgum kid out quick before he get done drownded!”  The panic, the excitement, the miracle of new life, Luann’s gravy smoothie...all captured in their selfie, which can also be yours in 3 easy payments of $19.95 each plus shipping and handling with a 30-day money back guarantee (please allow 6 weeks for delivery).


Then I started to choke on my lucky toothpick. Jethro Tull Jr. bravely called 9-1-1, but they couldn’t understand what he tried to say.  One hour later, after I kept lingering between life and death, the paramedics showed up at Gunther’s double wide.  Fortunately for me, I always kept my written will on my person in the event of my death or near-death, stating “Please raise my dead or dying right hand and take my selfie in the ambulance or wherever I’m at.  Then send my selfie in video form to Youtube, the local newspaper and my only friend, my psychiatrist, in that order.  Thanks for telling my life story to the world through that picture.”  Just as the EMTs were about to take my selfie, I suddenly awoke and punched them in the gonads, yelling, “I wasn’t smiling, and you were going to take my selfie anyway, you jerks!?”  I quickly took my own selfie in the ambulance, fake smiling to hide my whiny, blissfully asinine, millennial, Starbucks-loving, self-entitled and self-righteous butthurt indignation at the lowly EMTs who dared to save my life without so much as a competent selfie-taker among them.


After being released from the hospital, I was charged with multiple counts of assault and had to spend the night in county jail where I narrowly avoided a close encounter with Bubba and his imaginary clown posse.  During arraignment, the old man judge wrongly thought I was bribing him and mocking his court when I offered to plead guilty in return for taking a group selfie with him, his baliff, court reporter and my lawyer throwing up dubs to represent, and for the judge to have a recurring role in my weekly series on my Youtube channel, with payment in homemade quiche and lattes (like seriously, who does that).  So he sentenced me right then and there to one year in state prison, the nerve of that big meanie.  Anyway, I was about to make myself right at home in Plezbeetus State Penitentiary when I was rudely interrupted in the middle of my Tai Chi by inmates and officers to participate in the weekly New Flavors Beauty Pageant.  Despite my answer to the question of “world prison peace” consisting of performing valuable services to inmates, such as cleaning their old nasty pipes on my knees with a...toothbrush, and singing Paula Abdul’s “Forever Your Girl” whenever someone dropped the soap, I didn’t win the title of Miss Plezbeetus Noob Candy, but I did win Miss Congeniality for being voted by the judges (the lead correctional officer and gang leaders) as most likely to smile while doing what I said I’d do.  Immediately after the pageant, my new friend Gaylord Twinkletoez offered me a free cellphone in return for helping start a riot so he could make a run for it.  At this point, I was so deep in selfie withdrawal that I said yes.  The riot was going smoothly until I tried to get a group selfie in the middle of it, as part of my prison documentary to upload to my Youtube, when I suddenly got cut open like a fish from behind.  I saw my life flash before my eyes, and then I asked Twinkle weakly, “Take my selfie now, please, and then my funeral and tombstone.”  Twinkle agreed just before he escaped.


Now I’m not sure where I’m at now because it’s kind of dark in here.  Oh wait, some dude in a black robe is waving a really sharp curved big stick toward, NO, NOOOO, AHHHH!  As I’m floating away, I see Twinkle doing like I asked him to do, and he even threw in another tombstone selfie just because, as you can see in the pics.

Please heed the lessons of this tragic tale.Please heed the lessons of this tragic tale. 

Anyway, I hope none of you have to go through this kind of story.  And since no one seriously took me up on my free interview offers, I will go back to offering 500 coins to the first person who messages me on Smeet (ID 24453995) the answer to the following question based on the article above (as always, no banned players or alts, and all other Smeeters with correct answers get 25 coins each until my next article or event, whichever comes first):


What was the title of the winning contestant of the pageant? (Hint: remember, the narrator won Miss Congeniality, not the pageant itself)


Have fun and happy Smeeting!

The winners of our lottery!

Smeeters! On January 8th we held the great raffle of the Smeet lottery. This year, there were a whopping 7687 ballots! All of you won a lot of ballots in contests and events from the EN and ES servers.Who had the lucky ballots?Who had the lucky ballots?

In the ES server ballots were given out by our volunteers Bondbel, Azul.marina, Rani, SIM, Isidora, Shulita, Gabriela, Cris, Daniel.mou, Vidamar, Danny, Juanfer, Anthony, Kike, Caribay, Berrinchuda and Joscri.

In our EN server, ballots were given out by Willkane, DJ Alex and Joscri.

We want to thank all of them (and our admins, Wild Rover and Olivia Vera) for their great job. They made the successful lottery possible.

During the event, the 25 winners’ numbers were generated with a random number generator. And the winners are…

 1: •●•||●¢σηу●єтєяηιту●||•●•ã™, ballot 3849

2: 1Mayura1, ballot 1892

3: ••¤(`×[gєoяgє•ν•Éтeяиíтy]×´)¤••, ballot 6209

4: –•(-•(вєвιтнσ)•-)•–, ballot 40

5: ●»•ξℓizαвэтн•|»æ«|•«●, ballot 123

6 to 10:

INFO †●†fяєyα†●† (ballot 1880), •°¤•αмαиđᕤ°• (twice, ballots 2666 and 7328), Patummii (ballot 2981) and Nathalia (ballot 7306)

11 to 15:

David 666 (ballot 1811), ●»•ξℓizαвэтн•|»æ«|•«● (ballot 6383), ••¤(`×[νєяo•Ĝ•Éтeяиíтy]×´)¤•• (ballot 1608), •°¤•αмαиđᕤ°• (ballot 246), and INFO (¯´•..• Mя $oℓµţion •..•´¯) (ballot 3369)

16 to 20:

●•ℓєŏŋ●•™ (twice, ballots 7499 and 2303), αgυѕтιиα (ballot 6967), •●•||●¢σηу●єтєяηιту●||•●•ã™ (ballot 500), and Lady Isabella (ballot 1152)

21 to 25:

naiaaa (ballot 899), •°¤•ľešľιe•¤°• (ballot 7140), <3**Rubby LuNa**<3 (ballot 69), ••¤(`×[gєoяgє•ν•Éтeяиíтy]×´)¤•• (ballot 162), and •°¤•αмαиđᕤ°• (ballot 5101)

Your prizes will be delivered shortyl! Thank you all for your participation. Congratulations to the winners! We hope you had a great time with us!

•Joѕcяι ∂є Cяιs (CўJ)•

Christmas EN/INT Tombola Winners!

A special Tombola with special prizes, but did YOU enjoy any festive luck?Who did the big lad Santa favour with his tombola draw?Who did the big lad Santa favour with his tombola draw?

























Here we go Tombola players! It's time for the much-anticipated CHRISTMAS results...

As per usual, a whopping NINE winners take home extra (and this month, extra special!) prizes this month, whilst the rest of you of course claim the participation prize. The details of the whole WINTRY enterprise are as follows!:

1st place: (¯`·..·[MilAgroS]·._.·´¯ ) (ID: 25356624) - 6,000 Coins, 1,000,000 Fame Points, the Gold Tombola Badge and SOLD OUT and LIMITED white Autumn 2016 Limited Edition Platform Shoes!

2nd place: ●×ℓυѕну×● (ID: 13772034) - 4,500 Coins, 500,000 Fame Points, the Silver Tombola Badge and LIMITED black Autumn 2016 Limited Edition Platform Shoes!

3rd place: Mr SkyFalke (ID: 14262599) - 3,000 Coins, 250,000 Fame Points, the Bronze Tombola Badge and a sexy LIMITED dress from our “Colorful” collection!

4th place: Mяѕ K Sιℓνєя (ID: 7511024) - 500 Coins, 150,000 Fame Points, the Wooden Tombola Badge and a Smeekie!

5th place: Ļįşįąŋą (ID: 22494523), †σηєιη∂ιgнєι∂† (ID: 24940556), Jαмιє ѕмσσтн (ID: 14527489), INFO Captain Slaphead (ID: 1095400) and ◦●◦<<Tiger Eyes>>◦●◦ (ID: 4898223) - 250 Coins, 100,000 Fame Points, the Wooden Tombola Badge and a Smeekie!

Plus there's 20,000 Fame Points plus a Smeekie for the rest of the Smeeters who participated!


Hope you enjoyed it this month, and good luck for the next one!

Become a Smoothie Entrepreneur on Smeet!

Read all about it!Read all about it!

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