Game Consoles

What is a game console?  

In 1968, Ralph Baer developed the very first game console which was out on the market as the Magnavox Odyssey within a few years. Initially, game consoles were only compatible with video games. Today, however, game consoles have much wider uses. Some consoles can play CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, especially Playstation 3. In addition, with the game consoles it is now possible to use the Internet and play certain games online as well.

Can game consoles be categorized?

Yes, game consoles can be categorized into two groups.  The distinction is made between portable and stationary game consoles. The handheld, portable consoles obviously do perform as well as the stationary ones, but the mobility they offer can also be very useful.

How do you become addicted to gaming?

Many people who buy a game console never want to stop playing as they do not want the gaming experience to end. Playing video games becomes a normal part of everyday life. They spend many hours in exciting and fun 3D worlds, which can sometime be more exciting than real life. Gaming allows users to escape to a completely different world. However, as with everything else, gaming in moderation is ok!