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Friendship can be described in a variety of ways but it is definitely a very special relationship among all kinds of people. You usually develop a liking for one another and this can involve into an intimate relationship based on trust, affection and mutual respect. This kind of friendship is very special and deep. You can also have other kinds of friends that you are not as close to but still enjoy hanging out with and spending time with. An acquaintance can even be a friend, but in the simplest form. However, when people are lifelong friends they can have a very special intense bond that lasts through both the good and bad times.

The Sociological Definition of Friendship

In sociology, friendship is defined as a type of community. The meaning and necessity has been analyzed in a variety of studies. One result is that close friends actually argue more than people who do not spend much time together. This has to do with the regular contact among close friends which sometimes causes such disputes. Additionally, friends feel safe in close relationships and are then more likely to address conflicts rather than just let them go. A close friendship starts when one people enter each others lives. It is then up to each person to decide on how much they want to give to be close friends.

The Philosophical Definition of Friendship

According to Aristotle, friendship is an important component of a functioning society. This means that friendship is even more important than justice and therefore should be much more appreciated even by the state. In the past, such institutions such as the police and fire departments did not exist. People were dependent on the goodwill of their neighbors. Friendship was divided among all the people.