Flirting in Smeet

Chatting and flirting in Smeet

When you join your 3D virtual world Smeet, you can do much more than just create your personal avatar and design your 3D user room. You can also chat and flirt with new friends! You can chat with many users in a group chat or you can even invite that special someone to a private chat. This way, you can chat and flirt totally undisturbed!

Create your avatar and start flirting right away!

Your personal Smeet avatar is a great way to represent yourself. Pick your favorite style and accessorize your avatar today. With the help of you avatar you can do more than just chat and flirt with other users. You can use your avatar to wink or wave at another cute avatar! You can make your avatar dance too! All you have to do is click another user’s avatar, then click “Interaction” and take your pick. Flirting in Smeet is easy!