Movie Date

A movie date– the best place for a first date

Many singles, especially young people, choose going to the movies as a good first date. You can just pick a movie and go together! You can even discuss the movie after. It’s a nice way to start getting to know someone!

A movie date – the worst place for a first date

Going to the movies can be a boring first date. See a movie means not spending time talking and getting to know each other. It can actually be considered the worst date for a first date!

So, if you aren’t going to go to the movies, where should you have your first date?

Luckily, planning your first date can be fun! You should try to pick a quiet spot where you can really get to know your date. Maybe a special place with a beautiful view or cozy restaurant could be good places to start. This way you can share something special you’re new friend. Another good tip: Just listen to your date. This way you can really get to know him or her and start planning other dates based on personal interest. These are much better alternatives than just a boring date at the movies.