Dimes, Dimes, Dimes!!!

Along with Coins, Dimes are a currency in Smeet which opens the door to countless exclusive items in the shop!

How do I get Dimes?

Simple! You can either buy them at the Dimex or trade in the goods you earned in your Booster rooms for Dimes!

How do I get FREE Dimes?

Smeet has gifted users with a FREE Dimes Computer which can be placed in any room you choose. Everyday, you can gain 100 Dimes by simply clicking on the Dimes Computer only one time a day.

In which Booster rooms can I earn the necessary goods?

You can generally do this in every Booster room you own, such as The Farm (Farm Points), The Club (Club Points), The Zoo (Zoo Points) etc…

Where can I exchange my goods for Dimes?

Nothing could be simpler! Simply go to the Dimex, the Dimes exchange market! You can locate it on the left side of the upper menu bar under the globe symbol. Click on this for the option Downtown / The‘Burbs . There you can click on a Dime-O-Mat of your choice and exchange your goods.

Where are the Dime-O-Mats?

The countless automats within Dimex are called Dime-O-Mats. Simply click on them to begin your exchange transaction!

Where can I see how many Dimes I already have?

On the right side of the upper menu bar, you will find your Dimes account balance next to your Coins account balance. Click on it, and you will be able to buy Dimes or go directly to Dimex.

How do I find the Dimes items in the shop?

At the moment, you can find the Dimes items in the Home Design Shop when you select only Dimes in the “Show” option.

Get Dimes Now!Get Dimes Now!