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Ranking System

After two Groups have contested a weekly challenge against each other, the winner’s rating will increase and the loser’s rating will decrease.


Every Friday at 12pm (noon), a new challenge with a new objective is announced regularly. Each challenge lasts six days, ending on the following Thursday (also at 12pm).

'Groups' Information

We are very proud to present you a brand-new feature: Smeet Groups!

Create Groups

We are very proud to present you a brand-new feature: Smeet Groups!

What are Gold Boosts?

Gold Boosts are a special version of the normal Boosts.You get them from Gold Boosters that you can find in their respective category in the shop.

How to behave in Smeet!

Just like in real life, the 3D World has rules!

Don't risk having your account deleted, make sure you under

Smeet Helps

What are Helps and how can I get them?

Helps are a free currency within Smeet which allow you aid your friends in completing Socia

Smeet Lottery

The Machines

Located in the Smeet store are three Lottery Machines all varying in cost. The more expensive machines rewarding more lucrative prizes.


Smeet lets you take beautiful pictures which you can then put those into a trendy picture frame.


This is how it works:

Free Dimes

Is your Dimes account balance too low? You do not have enough cash to purchase the Furniture or Style you prefer?