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The Michael Jordan Story

From your new EN Sports Reporter •÷±‡± ĤёŠρёŘάX ±‡±÷ (ID: 23035952).

Michael Jordan flying in the skies of american basketball - who isn't familiar with him and his creativity and excellence?
Michael Jordan was born on 17/02/1963 and, according to the website of the American Basketball Association, is the best basketball player in history.

He began his career in basketball in 1984 when he moved from the university of North Carolina to the Chicago Bulls, where he was chosen as the third best amateur player in that period. Jordan (or “Air Jordan” as his fans call him) proved his existence very fast in the basketball world with his excellent ability to score and jump, especially his huge dunks and high flying style.

Michael Jordans achievements come close to the stuff of imagination. He won the Most Valuable Player award 5 times (MVP) and was chosen 10 times in the season team (All-NBA First Team award). He also won the award of the best defensive player 10 times, and was selected as the top scorer for 10 seasons and the best player in the finals 6 times. He was chosen in 1999 as the greatest athlete of the century in North America, according to ESPN.

Even the legend Magic Johnson said "there's Michael Jordan, then there's the rest of us", and thus the name of Michael Jordan was engraved on the pages of history and became a striking example of his skills and diligence, and was able to challenge the difficulties to engrave his name among the distinctive stars.

I hope you have enjoyed the story of Michael Jordan, the amazing American basketball player.

Party like crazy at the Girl's Night In!

It's time to get loose with da ladieeeeezIf it was my place there'd be no ticker-tape. A nightmare to clean up.If it was my place there'd be no ticker-tape. A nightmare to clean up.

Alright then, gents. When your girlfriend/wife/significant other tells you to bugger off for the evening because she wants to host a 'Girl's Night In', what exactly do you think goes on? Perhaps it's best we never know...

Anyway, Thursday night on Smeet is Girl´s night! Apparently this is a frequent occurence in the female world, when groups of enthusiastic femmes come together to chat, have a few drinks, listen to Shania Twain or other similarly crap 90s pop and just generally revel in the fact that the useless lump normally cluttering up the living room has been forced to go and watch the football at his brother-in-law's...

It´s the perfect time to talk about work, spouses, family and, most importantly of all, who everyone has a crush on at the moment. Sounds brill.

Seeing as you have a rather luxurious Smeet mansion at your disposal, it seems a waste not to utilise and have your best gal-pals round. So you´ve decided to stay at home this week and host your own private party! Put your accessory box in your living room and fill it up with fancy items to make sure that everyone is acceptably dressed (a little bit of pretentiousness never hurt noone). If anyone rocks up in trainers they can consider themselves uninvited, socially-shunned and, obviously, unfriended on Facebook.

You should also prepare the dressing table so that your girls can put some glamorous make up on (apparently it is normal to get ready at the actual party, who knew?) and get the stereo system ready to blast out some god-awful cheese - as long as your mate Becky, a notorious liability after one-and-a-half Gin and Tonics, doesn't get control of it and force everyone to listen to Cher's entire back-catalogue like last time.

Don´t forget to bribe your landlord too, without his approval the party will get shut down pretty sharpish - bringing him a few cocktails should do the trick. Which either says a lot about his relationship with alcohol or...he fancies you. The only feasible explanation.

It's gonna be an unforgettable night! Go wild, and don't worry about the mess. Your other half will be back to clean up Becky's vomit in the morning!

EN Journalist Ƒєммє's Words of Wisdom!

EN Journalist femme writes about the impact others have in our lives.

I believe that nothing happens by chance.  The opportunities that arise and the tragedies that befall us are not merely coincidence; they happen for a reason.  They can break us or shape us.  The people which we meet are placed in our lives for a purpose as well.  It may be to teach us a lesson, it may be to help us heal emotionally or to encourage us, it may be to help us grow in mind or in spirit.  At other times, it’s just for a laugh and a friendly exchange.   Regardless of the reason, we must recognize and appreciate that others impact our lives in countless ways.  Some individuals we meet are in our lives for season, a period of time.  This amount time can vary in length.  We might experience a time of personal transformation and find ourselves drawn to individuals who can help us through the change, though we may not realize it at the time.  Sometimes the season is cut short but, if you are fortunate enough, some people will stay with you for a lifetime.  I like to consider those people the ones who will advise, correct, chastise or join you in celebration, depending on the situation.  When I think about these individuals, I think of my family and close friends.  They are people I can be real with, who accept me regardless of my faults and shortcomings.  These are people I laugh and cry with and who I truly miss when they are gone.  They offer guidance and light to problems.  Sometimes they just listen.  So, whether you have someone in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime- appreciate them.  Don’t take the time you have with them for granted.  Look for the lessons to be learned or the joy to be had.  You never know when they will be gone. 


Smeet name Femme ID: 23785066

From Rags to Riches in the Alchemy Laboratory!

It's time to hit the lab!Yeah, it does look a bit like Snape's potions classroom.Yeah, it does look a bit like Snape's potions classroom.

Gemstones have a long tradition in the history of mankind. Most are pieces of mineral crystal which, in a cut and polished form, are used to make jewellery. Certain rocks, such as lapis lazuli, amber or pearls, are also used in jewellery and are therefore often also considered to be gemstones! Regardless, they all look pretty flashy!

In modern times, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are declared “precious”, whilst all others are categorised as “semi-precious”. Gemstones are identified by gemologists, who describe gems and their characteristics using technical terminology to ensure that real gemstones are correctly identified. Gemstones are very rare and, consequently, there are many myths that surround them!

You may have heard about some magical items that can be brought to life by using special gemstones on them! So you've been on a long journey to find these items as well as the gemstones! On the plus side, you found all the items you had heard about, but no matter how hard you looked you couldn't find the precious gemstones needed to activate them!

So now, after endless years of research and bad luck, you've decided to go back to your Alchemy Laboratory and try using your alchemy skills to turn some worthless ordinary rocks into the precious gemstones you require! Get worthless rocks from the spiders and turn them into gemstones by putting them in the different Pressure Vessels! If you collect enough Arcane Dust, you can also press it into a beautiful gemstone that helps you with your collection.

It all sounds so simple...but it could get complicated! Put your alchemy skills to work and complete your long-held dream!

Matchmaker • ◦˚ M ι š α ˚◦ • Luuuuurve Interview!

εϊз-ѕєαи-ℓυνѕ-¢нαя-εϊз and εϊз-¢нαя~ℓυνѕ~ѕєαи-εϊз are in the hotseat

Interview by you'r MatchMaker Miša.


Today I interview a couple that have found love in your favorite 3D world.

 The two people are: nick: εϊз-ѕєαи-ℓυνѕ-¢нαя-εϊз, id: 16232879 and nick: εϊз-¢нαя~ℓυνѕ~ѕєαи-εϊз, id: 20574896.


1. In which rooms you are well-known ?

- Sean : The tavern or country music either one we go both but I met her in the tavern.


2. Who made the first move?

- Sean : I made the first move.


3. Since when have you known each other on the game?

- Sean : We met in march of 2013 she was seeing someone else at the time. I also was with someone but neither one of seemed to be happy. So I made a move on her when we both became single.


4. Who said the first '' I love you ''?

- Char : I said the first I love you.


5. How long was it before you met in real life?

- Char : July 27th 2013 is the day we met.


6. Were you scared the first time you met?

- Sean : I was very nervous to meet her but I had two friends that I also met on sMeet with me when I met her. I was supposed to stay for 2 days with her and it turned out to be a week, then I didn't want to leave so I brought her back to florida with me and we stayed there from August 2013 til March 2014 - thats when we moved back to Georgia so we could take care of her mother.


- Char : Yes, I was also a little scared and nervous as well. But the moment I met him I knew it was real.


7. What was the first reaction when you met? Did you recognize this person you knew from the game?

- Sean : My first reaction was '' WOOW '' this girl is beautiful and I was so scared she wasn't going to like me because she looked better than I can remember from sMeet.


- Char : My first thought was '' OH MY GOSH '', this hot guy really wants me.. and he made me weak in the knees and still does to this day. The best thing about us is we were friends before we ever got together.


8. Do you live together and for how long?

- Char : We have been together since the first day we met, so at July 27th will be 4 years.


9. Do you think about marriage and children?

- Char : We both have kids.. and I can't have anymore. We are already married but are having our vows renewed on May 6th with family and friends.


10. In conclusion, you can confirm that love can be found even on a 3D game?

                - Sean : Yes love can be found on a 3D game and I confirm that because it's happened to me.

- Char : I'm a romantic.. I belive if it is meant to be you can fall in love anywhere including a 3D game. That is exactly what happened with me and Sean.

We both fell head over heels for each other. And fall more and more each day.


We can therefore say that yes, we can find love here on Smeet. If you want to find love simply contact your MatchMakers, we are always available. Don't be shy, it's what we are here for! You can trust us even if you have suffered in love previously, we will help you to get better and regain your self-confidence.


Your MatchMaker, • ◦˚ M ι š α ˚◦ •, ID: 25415914.

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