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EN/INT New Year Tombola Results!

Who took home the special new year prizes?Any new year luck Smeeters?Any new year luck Smeeters?

Here are the tombola prizes for the big New Year draw! As per usual, a whopping NINE winners take home extra prizes this month, whilst the rest of you of course claim the participation prize.

The winning Smeeters are as follows!:

1st place: º●•.¸Ŧaηтalιcιoυѕ¸.•●º (ID: 8307537) - 5000 Coins, 1 million Fame Points, New Year´s Tombola 1st Place badge and two sold out (and very exclusive!) poses: “Sassy” Pose and “Boss” Pose!

2nd place: bombara (ID: 12085219) - 2500 Coins, 500,000 Fame Points, the Shielded Bot 2.0 and New Year´s Tombola 2nd Place badge!

3rd place: metalman (ID: 26591321) - 1500 Coins, 250,000 Fame Points, the sold out “Pencil” appearance and the New Year´s Tombola 3rd Place badge!

4th place: .Rody.. (ID: 18535351) - 750 Coins, 150,000 Fame Points and the sold out Rosey Gala Dress from the Valentine´s Day collection for the ladies, or the cool, sold out Pirate Leather Jacket for the gentlemen!

5th place: LισиCυв (ID: 7511024), Filitsa9619 (ID: 27168545), Mr SkyFalke (ID: 14262599), Hichame1570 (ID: 23063139) and Starlight (ID: 24958609) - 250 Coins and 100,000 Fame Points!

Plus there's 25,000 Fame Points for the rest of the Smeeters who participated!


Hope you enjoyed it this month, and good luck for 2018!

Satisfy the thrill-seekers at the Winter Sports Facility!

Winter's coming...and we love it!Time to hit the slopes!Time to hit the slopes!

Winter is in full swing and we've decided that it´s time to have some fun outside. It´s the perfect opportunity to get involved in some of the sports we will all see on TV in the upcoming Winter Olympics! Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and cross-country skiing are just a few examples, whilst there is sledging or snowman-building for the kids!

In our modern age there is always something new to do, however. New sports such as snow biking and snowmobiling have joined traditional pursuits like ice hockey to give the thrill-seeking winter sports enthusiast all the choice they need! And that's before we've even considered more relaxed sports such as curling. The possibilities are endless, and if you're interested in sport you are bound to find something you like!

On your visit to the new Winter Sports Facility you are torn as to which activity to try first. Last time you went you saw a lot of things you would be interested in trying, but it might be worth asking the extremely nice attendants for some advice! They'll also help you with the equipment! In order to make sure that everyone enjoys the day to the fullest, the facility also offers delicious food at the field kitchen!

So put on your ski boots, get down to the Winter Sports Facility and have an awesome day in the snow!

Good plane fun at Hangar S30!

Those magnificent men in their flying machines!Sick plane that is mate.Sick plane that is mate.

Most people love flying. It´s an awesome feeling to be in the sky, looking down on the world around you. If you look down, everything seems so small, the clouds look like puffy candy floss and if you fly in the morning you can witness the most beautiful sunrises. Absolutely lavish.

Flying is fascinating, but the planes that make it possible are too! Their complexity and their power are often shown off in airshows which delight huge crowds of people. To maintain planes takes a lot of work but can also be a lot of fun.

Are there any budding handymen out there? We've got some fun in store for you this week. Just outside of Smeet City there is a small airfield where two-seated planes can land. There are also a few small hangars to service planes.

Hangar S30 is one of the oldest, and a dream for every plane lover. There is an old and shabby-looking plane knocking around just waiting for some care and attention! Nobody has looked at it in a long time but there is a real gem hidden under that shabby surface.

So take a look around the old hangar and pack everything you need in your toolbox. Then start with your inspection. We are sure you will need some new airplane components as the old ones are broken or already too old. You will also need something to fix the holes in the plane. So you need some aluminum sheets to repair it.

Got everything you need? Let´s get to work then! Have fun, Smeeters!

Happy Blessed New Year of 2018!


A brand new year is right around the corner and for many of us, the New Year’s resolutions are something we are planning to achieve in the upcoming new year.  First, let’s define the word “resolution” and provide a little bit of history on why we create new year’s resolutions:

According to Google:  “The  ancient Babylonians are said  to have been the first peoples to make New Year’s resolutions, some 4,000 years ago.  They were also the first to hold recorded celebrations in honor of the new year----though for them the year begun not in January but in mid-March, when the crops were planted.” 

Definition of the word “resolution”:  According to Google, the word “resolution” is:  a firm decision to do or not to do something; the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.”

A new year is a new beginning for us.  It is an opportunity for us to make new and positive changes in our health, attitudes/behaviors, career or career changes, in our relationships and in our entire lives.

Many of us have already been thinking about resolutions for the coming new year.  Some of us have them etched in  our minds.  For me, the best way is:   to list your resolutions down on paper.  Start doing this before the new year begins.

According to statistics:  “Only 8 percent of peoples actually keep their New Year’s resolutions.”  And according to U.S.News:  “While many people make New Year’s resolutions fail by February.” (Quoted from:  “Six Ways to Keep your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions”.)  These statistics makes one feel depressed and not wanting to make any new year’s resolutions.  However, I believe,  the failure for many of us to keep or achieve our new year’s resolutions stems from listing too many of them on our list, which usually results in giving up and failure and great disappointment.

Therefore, after doing much research on why most or the  majority of us who make a list of new year’s resolutions fail to keep them or even achieve them, I am providing you all with a doable, workable and achievable and most effective  tips on how to keep and achieve your list of new year’s resolutions:

  1.  Keep your resolutions manageable by choosing wisely what you would like to change or accomplish in your life.
  2. Always be simple and realistic about your resolutions/goals.
  3. Make a list of short-term goals and a separate list of long-term goals you would like to achieve in the new year.  Each of these two lists must contain a specific time-frame that you would like to achieve your goals.
  4. To avoid disappointment, discouragement, and guilt:  seek out support from your family and close friends.
  5. Try to accomplish your resolutions one step at a time.  Always be realistic and make it simple for yourself.  In other words, do NOT set goals that are unachievable. 
  6. Remember to take small steps toward each of your resolutions/goals.  Step by step is how we are able to accomplish and achieve our goals. 
  7. Keep a daily Journal of each day’s accomplishments or failures, notate your feelings, thoughts for that particular day.
  8. Always have a PLAN for each resolution that you list and ways you plan to accomplish it.
  9. Upon achieving a resolution, give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate that achievement and remember to notate this accomplishment in your daily Journal.
  10. Always remember, do not list too many resolutions on your new year’s resolutions, list because a long list will truly overwhelm you. 
  11. Take the first step.  Then small steps:  one step at a time in order to achieve your resolutions.
  12. Most importantly:  NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!  Keep on going.

(Some Excerpts from: Google &

Hope all this information I have provided will  encourage and help you all in making a list of manageable/achievable resolutions for the upcoming new year.  A new year is a new beginning for all of us.   Our past mistakes/failures are gone and we must never dwell on them,  but instead look forward with a most positive attitude to rise again with new goals and a fresh new start in a brand new year.  Remember to always maintain a positive attitude and mindset and gratitude every single day.  It is something that we must all strive to do by working hard at it daily.   I, personally, have to work very hard to be positive and grateful  on a daily basis and I accomplish this by praying early in the morning and reading self- help books and reciting my favorite scriptures from the Holy Bible and favorite positive affirmations from self- help books.  Try to memorize these positive affirmations  because when you leave your front door of your home  and get into the real world and encounter negative peoples or negative situations in your work place or anywhere in this world, you will be able to overcome negativity all around you by reciting those positive affirmations in your brain or even saying them out aloud softly so you can hear them.  Try it,  you have absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain!!

So, keep smiling, keep dancing, keep meeting new peoples on Smeet at our daily events.  Keep falling in love over and over again and remember to love one another always.  Why?  Because God is love and love conquers all evil.   If you see me around on Smeet, please do not hesitate to say “hi” and if you have any type of relationship questions or other topics you would like for me to write articles on, please do not hesitate to message me in private and I will surely answer all your questions/concerns in my column the next time. 

Wishing you and your family a most Blessed & Happy New Year of 2018 filled with good health, love, joy, happiness, peace and prosperity.  Happy Smeeting to all of you!!  <3

SAYURI, EN Smeet Journalist, ID#13520497

Sports Update with Chitox!

Warriors will watch as Lakers retire Kobe Bryant's jerseys.

The Los Angeles Lakers have decided to honor legend Kobe Bryant by retiring the two numbers he has worn on his shirt in the long years with the team, and this in a halftime ceremony to be held on December 18 when the Lakers host the Golden State Warriors at the STAPLES Center. Meanwhile the Warriors will be sitting on the bench during halftime to witness this event.

Bryant who played All Stars on 18 occasions wore the number 8 in his first 10 years with the Lakers before replacing it with number 24 in the next 10 years up to 2016, which saw the end of his career with his first and only team.

Bryant commented on the Lakers decision to honor him "As a kid growing up in Italy (where his father Joe played from 1984 to 1991) I always dreamed of my jersey hanging in the Lakers rafters, but I certainly never imagined two of them!"  He continued "The Lakers have bestowed a huge honor on me and I'm grateful for the fans enthusiasm around this game"

During his 20 years in the Lakers from 1996 to 2016, Bryant scored 33,643 points, making him the third most in NBA history behind Kareem AbdulJabbar and Karl Malone.

Kobe Bryant will become the tenth Lakers player to retire his number from the team in honor of him after Wilt Chamberlain ( number 13) Elgin Baylor (22) and Gail Goodrich (25) Magic Johnson (32) Abdul-Jabbar (33) and Shaquille O'Neal (34) James Worthy (42) Jerry West (44) and Jamaal Wilkes (52).

Bryant was crowned during his long career with the Lakers 5-time NBA champion 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009 and 2010. And after all, Bryant refused to leave the stadiums without leaving his mark. He entered history as the 37-year-old player scoring 60 points or more in one game. This was in his last match against Utah Jazz on April 13 2016, when he scored 60 points.

Best Regards,
Chitox :)
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