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Adobe Flash Player Issue for Smeet!

If you're having technical problems, read on for more information!

As you may already have read or are soon going to hear, the basic settings of the Google Chrome browser will block flash. So you may have problems playing Smeet unless you do the following!

There are 3 ways to enable the flash player again:

1. A small icon will be displayed in the URL bar indicating that plugin content is not running. Press the icon and the page will be reloaded with the flash content or open settings to add a site-wide exception.

2. The page will tell you that you have to enable the Adobe Flash Player. Just click on it and a small pop-up will appear. Now you can enable flash by selecting “Enable”.

3. The page will tell you that you have to enable the Adobe Flash Player. Just press the right-hand mouse key and select “run this plugin.”


Hopefully one of these works for you!

Light Up the 2017 Celebrations!

Welcome in the New Year and bring some spark to the party!

We have started counting down! Every day starting now a new number will be available for you to light up, until we have a whole illuminated 2017! You can work on each number from noon each day until noon the next day. After that, the Fame Points reward will be reduced. "2" is out now, so hurry up!


An exciting post-Christmas offer!

We hope you all had an amazing Christmas period! We want to extend the feel-good vibes that teeny bit longer, so we've got another surprise for you!

ONLY FOR TODAY: Get a 20% bonus on all the Coins you buy! From 09:00 am GMT (that's 04:00 am Eastern Standard Time) until the end of the day you will all receive a 20% bonus on top of any Coins bought in Smeet!

So hurry up and take advantage of this special offer now!

Please note: This offer only applies to payments made by credit card, Paypal, Paysafecard and Skrill payments. SMS and Pay by Call services are unfortunately excluded from this offer.

Don't miss it!Don't miss it!

Gather for a Winter Celebration in the Forest!

A time for you to enjoy being surrounded by those you love!

As the song goes... it really is the most wonderful time of the year! Almost in a flash, Christmas has arrived! We hope that you´ll all get the chance to spend time with your families and friends, enjoy sumptiously good food, amazing company and, if you've been good girls and boys this year, maybe even some nice presents!

The good feeling of this time of year isn't just restricted to our human friends on Smeet. Even the animals of our new Winter Forest want to celebrate this huge event together with their ancestors and now it´s your task to bring them all together for this special time!

Just get some Wood Guardians from the Spirit Fountain to get coloured lights that will summon the different spirits of the different species. Put the coloured lights on the huge Christmas tree and your room will light up in a warm festive light. When everyone is reunited under the Christmas tree, the star on the top will light up and make your tree complete!

Bring the feel-good factor to your 3D Home! Best of luck, Smeeters!

A beautiful winter night...A beautiful winter night...

Challenge Reward Boxes Have Arrived!

Announcing an exciting new feature on Smeet!Further motivation to get those precious Challenge victories under your belt!Further motivation to get those precious Challenge victories under your belt!

A completely new reward system for Group Challenges is here. From now on, in addition to the Group Coins you receive, every victory will grant you a Surprise Challenge Box! These Boxes carry a random amount of Fame Points, Boosts, Dimes and Home Value within a pre-defined range.

What does the potential range of points in each Box depend on? First of all, the league your Group is in. Each League has its own boxes. Secondly, the level of your avatar. So two Smeeters in the same Group which is currently in the Silver League would both be getting Silver League Boxes, but one could get the Silver League Box 3 while the other one would get Silver League Box 4, if their Fame Point Level differs.

We hope you have fun with the Boxes! Keep on competing hard, Smeeters!

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