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Decorate the Backstreet Basketball Court!

Glorious graffiti required on Smeet!Sorry, but that face creeps me right out. Do better.Sorry, but that face creeps me right out. Do better.

Graffiti is an art form that can be found almost everywhere, particularly in urban environments. Some of it can be ugly and not really that creative (taggers, we're looking at you), but there is also undoubtedly some awesome street art done by graffiti artists all around the world!

Hip Hop counts the graffiti scene as one of its many subcultures, and although it seems there will always be controversies surrounding it amongst city officials and law enforcement, there are loads of street artists and supporters who see it as a way of brightening up our sometimes dull cities.

There are loads of different types and styles of graffiti; it is a rapidly developing art form whose value is unfortunately often highly contested and reviled by the authorities. In our case, however, the Smeet City Administration seem to have taken something of a progressive approach! They've asked you to embellish the grey and dull Backstreet Basketball Court. As a well-known graffiti artist who's won your fair share of prizes, you are the obvious choice!

Fulfill the wishes of the administration and create an awesome graffiti backdrop for the basketball court, making it THE public space that everyone wants to hang out at!

Smeet Spring Games 2017: Round 1!

Drive winter out of Smeet in our short film contest!'Ring-a-ring o' roses, A pocket full of posies...''Ring-a-ring o' roses, A pocket full of posies...'


























Right then, Team EN/INT! Round 1 is here, are you ready for some springtime creativty?

For the first contest, we need to shoot a short movie about spring driving winter out of Smeet! Obviously, there can be variations on that theme, it just needs to relate to it in some way!

The movie should be about 1 minute 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length, and it should be filmed in at least one Smeet room! Creativity is everything here!

The rewards for the challenge? Precious Smeet Spring Game Points, so let's try and get ourselves off to the best possible start!

1st prize: 3 Smeet Spring Game Points

2nd prize: 2 Smeet Spring Game Points

3rd prize: 1 Smeet Spring Game Point


The movie should be uploaded on YouTube and then the link should be sent to eventsen [at] smeet [dot] com by Sunday 9th April at 8 p.m (U.S. East Coast time).

On Monday, 10th April we will reveal the results, so get thinking, people!

Smeet Spring Games 2017!

Represent your domain in our quirky contests!The race for Spring Games Points starts...NOW!The race for Spring Games Points starts...NOW!

EN and INT Smeeters! Who wants to represent our servers in the Smeet Spring Games? We will be playing as one mega EN/INT team, so simply log in and help us triumph in a series of different tasks!

Here´s what we´ve got planned over the next couple of weeks:

1. Best Spring Video: Shoot a film about Spring, driving out Winter from your Smeet rooms

2. Facebook Challenge: Whose post is shared the most?

3. Spring Party: Organize a huge Spring Party! The party with the most visitors will win the Challenge!

4. Easter Brunch Room Contest: Take one of our rooms and decorate it for an Easter brunch, the most beautiful one wins!

5. Click the Bunny: Unwrap the Chocolate Easter Bunnies! Whichever domain unwraps the most, wins!


Our Smeet Games are not just for fun either, they also offer cool rewards. Every user in the winning domain will earn an exclusive Smeet Spring Games Badge, 25,000 Fame Points and 1000 Social Points!


As a side note...for reasons of fairness, we are pitting the higher populated domains (Spain/Latin America, Greece, France and Turkey) against each other, whilst Germany, English/International, Italy and Poland will be fighting in a second group!

This Smeet Spring Games will last until Easter! Have fun!

Happy birthday, Joscri!

Smeeters, on April 1st it’s the birthday of our dear Joscri, the most international user of our community, who has a great experience as writer of Smeet's blog. Some of his family and friends want to leave a message to wish him a happy birthday:You've probably read one of Joscri's articles at some point!You've probably read one of Joscri's articles at some point!

Wild Rover: Happy birthday Joscri! Have a lovely day you Sports Reporter extraordinaire! Best, Wild.

Celia: Dear "hateful", you’re one more year old (and less to enter the Coqueto). I wanted to thank you for the time we shared together, there have been good and bad moments, but they have united us more. Thank you for being like you are, never change. Happy birthday, "hateful", and let me eat cake and pizza.

Alxa: Happy birthday, my favorite uncle. Thank you for being who you are, and making us who we are for you, thanks to your presence. Thanks for being in good and bad moments, especially in bad moments. Happy birthday, I send you a big hug from the distance.  

Vidamar: Son of my heart, I hope this day (and all days in your life) will be very happy for you, continue illuminating the path of so many people with your jokes and your laugh. Loving you isn’t difficult. Happy birthday, I wish there are many more.

Xeneize: Happy birthday, nephew, I hope that you fulfill all your wishes. Never change, nephew, you are a great person, go ahead with all that you like, you are the best. I love you, cute like your uncle. Happy birthday!

Karelia: Uncle of my life, happy birthday, you know that I adore you and that I admire the way you take care of your nieces. Never stop being you, thank you for being part of my family. Keep on being years older, I send you many hugs from the distance. Happy birthday!

Goddaughter Princesa: Well, godfather, we are just starting to get to know each other and the truth is that you are one of those people that you make yourself want from the first moment. I want to wish you a great day in union with your loved ones, friends and family, wish you all the good of this world and that God always bless you.

Isa Luna: Happy birthday, uncle Joscri, you do not always turn years twice a year, but you're special even for that. I wish you the best in the world, with all my heart.

Shulita: Well, “hateful”, what can I tell you? Although I hate you and it’s mutual, Angel and I wish you the condolences on this day, since you become older, poor, with gray hair... Anyway, we want to see you happy on this day and with Cris, and that our eyes see it. Kisses, “hateful”.

Cris: Happy birthday my love! One more year, we celebrate together your birthday, another year full of crazy things, incredible moments with you and lots of love. You are the best thing that has happened to me, I love you madly and I want to celebrate many more birthdays with you. I love you, my birthday boy!

I know there were a lot of people who wanted to appear and couldn’t do it, but don’t worry, you can congratulate him directly (ID: 8397269). From here we are happy to see another birthday of him, and we appreciate his work and effort. Very happy birthday, Joscri!

•Cяιs ∂є Joѕcяι (CўJ)•

Create some Waxy Wonders in the Candle Atelier!

The newest business in Smeet is so HOT RIGHT NOWWho else had to google the word 'atelier'? French was never my strong point...Who else had to google the word 'atelier'? French was never my strong point...

Who likes candles? Let's be honest, sometimes it's nice to set the mood with a few natural flames! Or maybe you are one of those weird people that likes moving their finger through the flame. I never saw the fun in that...

So have you ever created a candle yourself? Turns out it´s actually not that difficult! All you need is the following:

- Shashlik skewer

- Candle wick

- A heat resistant vessel were you can drill in a small hole at the bottom

- Candle wax (or alternatively, stearin)

- Decorations

- 2 pots for a water bath



Clean the vessel and put the candle wick into a bit of liquid wax, before threading it through the small hole that you drilled into the vessel. Fasten the candle wick with some more wax so that no liquid wax runs through the small hole. Fasten the other end of the candle wick with a piece of shashlik skewer and lay the skewer across the vessel in order to make sure the wick is straight inside the candle.

Put the wax in one of the pots, and put it in a water bath to melt it slowly (make sure the water isn´t boiling). If you use Stearin just take a look at the instructions on the package! Place the vessel with your fixed wick on a something protective to make sure nothing spills on the table! Put a small amount of wax into the vessel, let it cool down a bit and, again, make sure nothing is running through the small hole. Then you can fill the whole vessel with the wax, keeping some to fill the small pit that can emerge around the wick - just fill it up when the candle is dry!

When your candle is dry, just cut out the knot and remove the shashlik skewer. If you can´t get the candle out of the vessel, just pop it in the fridge for a while! Now you can decorate it with whatever you want!

So now that you are a real pro at this, you have the opportunity to open your very own Candle Atelier right here on Smeet! Create some new, awesome scented candles and fulfill your costumers' wishes! What's more, flourishing ateliers should look out for further orders in the future!

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