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Oriental Carpet Weaving arrives on Smeet!

It's time to bring some mystic eastern beauty to this town!Make sure you are producing some top-quality stuff!Make sure you are producing some top-quality stuff!

Rugs have a very long and historic tradition in many parts of the world, and really nice ones can be quite expensive. The most expensive ever sold was an antique Persian vase rug. It was sold for about $34 million. Mad!

So rugs are not just a thing you walk over, they're also an investment. There are a variety of patterns used which tell a professional exactly where a rug comes from. It's a whole business out there!

After seeing all these amazing patterns and colours, you've decided to weave some special rugs yourself. You start by collecting wool from your sheep. You dye it in several different colours and make a drawing of the pattern you have in mind, in order to produce a template to look at. After the wool has dried up you can start knotting the rug. Once you are done, you have to hire someone to shear the rugs, and they also need to be checked for mistakes.

Once this is all done the rugs can be cleaned in order to get rid of any pieces of fluff and dust. Once they are dry, they are ready to be sold! Get ready to sell them on the nearby market and become famous for consistently producing amazing patterns and high quality!

Best of luck, Smeeters!

Mr and Miss Smeet Contest 2018!

Read on for more info on the latest admin event on Smeet!

Welcome to the Mr and Miss Smeet Contest! We are going to kick off 2018 with a great event - we are hosting an awesome fashion show as we search for Mister and Miss Smeet. Here's how it works:


Win loads of coins!Win loads of coins!

1. Enroll as a participant and send a picture of your Avatar, your Profile ID and your current Nickname to eventsen [at] smeet [dot] com by the 31st January at 8 p.m.

2. Get invited to the 'preliminary qualifier' fashion show in your domain - the EN Entertainers and DJs will organise this event and more details will be posted soon.

3. The two winners from each domain (one Mister, one Miss) will be invited as participants to the Mr and Miss Smeet final in the International Room on the 14th February!

4. The rewards for the final are as follows:

1st prize: Smeet Shop voucher for 2000 Coins, 250,000 Fame Points, the Mr / Miss Smeet badge, 6 months Gold-VIP and an international interview.

2nd prize: Smeet Shop voucher for 1000 Coins, 150,000 Fame Points and 4 months Gold-VIP.

3rd prize: Smeet Shop voucher for 500 Coins, 100,000 Fame Points and 3 months Gold-VIP.

For the final, special tasks will be set for our Domain winners!

We look forward to seeing you all at the events, have fun!


Your Smeet Admins :)


It's that time again...bonus Coins on offer for today only!Don't miss out!Don't miss out!

Here's a real good start to the new year for you...a Coins Happy Hour ONLY FOR TODAY!

Get a 25% bonus on all the Coins you buy from 09:00am GMT (that's 04:00am Eastern Standard Time in the U.S.) for 24 hours! You will all receive a 25% bonus on top of any Coins bought in Smeet!

So hurry up and take advantage of this special offer now!

Stay healthy at the Vegan Food Truck Festival!

Not only is it super good for ya...this food tastes great too!Tofu, Tofu everywhere.Tofu, Tofu everywhere.

Food is something almost everybody likes. I certainly have personally never met anyone who said - 'Food? Nah, not for me mate'. Cos that would be weird.

Food is not just delicious, it can be creative and sometimes even experimental. Eating healthy food has become more and more important in the last couple of years, with concerns over the environment and general human health dominating the headlines. As a result, vegetarian and especially vegan food is becoming more and more popular and you can find restaurants that cater to these markets in every big city.

They offer a variety of really tasty food and many show that vegan food is not just about boring salads. Almost every dish can be changed into a vegan variation and tastes as amazing as the equivalent dish with meat. That's what they told me to write, anyway ;).

To show people that vegan food can blow your taste buds right out the water, you've organized a Vegan Food Truck Festival for the more open-minded residents of Smeet City. You've scouted out a pretty amazing location to hold the festival too, and every colourful food truck offers different delicious vegan specialties.

Whether it´s fast food, fruit and vegetables or amazing smoothies - there is something for everybody. Provide the visitors of the Vegan Food Truck Festival with the food they desire and earn tonnes of Fame Points, Dimes and Smeets!

Events on the EN Server this week!

Make sure you check these out!Schedule courtesy of ŁİßΛ (ID: 13431374)Schedule courtesy of ŁİßΛ (ID: 13431374)

Fancy a bit of partying this week! Then the EN server is the place for you!

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