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Calendar Week!

Hey Smeeters, how you are doing? Do you know Smeet has reserved for you many events that you cannot imagine? So do you feel ready to party with our entertainers & DJs? We've made for you a events schedule so you won't miss out any event by our SEET (Smeet Entertainment English Team)! Are you ready to have some fun?


Calendar Week!Calendar Week!

News from the Smeet's World!

Shadow vs Light Competition

Now you can get an item to go faster in your Shadow / Light room. Remember that you have till Sunday to make your team win the competition. If you are in the winner side you will keep the million Fame Points in the Tree, if not you have to finish it before!!

Smeet Games

Spain won the Smeet Games! They received a special prize (Germany won the last competition with 18700 Halloween Points created. Congratulations!)

Misterious murder...

We have found that Sarah, our assistant, was killed last Friday in Smeet! Check out our Smeet Community Facebook page, we will give more info about this misterious crime in the next days...



Week 10 NFL Pick the winner contest!

We are now starting week 10!!!! Hurry and enter so you can earn points during the weekly guess the winner contest. Even if you don’t win your points for each week are being tabulated. The person with the most points for the entire season will be our Grand prize winner of 2000 coins! The deadline to enter will be Thursday. Winners will be posted on Tuesday mornings along with the week in review. Click below to enter week 8 Smeet NFL pick-the-winner contest. Deadline for this week’s entry is Thursday, November 7, at 2 pm central standard time. Enter now before it’s too late!



Any Questions or Comments please contact *Mia* ID # 20571398


Hockey Players Eat Concrete for Breakfast

As the ice hockey season starts off with a bang, I believe it would be a worthy idea to share the history of this intense sport. Historically, it is proven that there was a sport that resembled hockey in Egypt about 4,000 years ago. Of course, it’s never been proven that hockey officially started back then because the sport of hockey is actually based from many different sports put together. However, it’s still a very interesting fact. Ice hockey was first founded in the early 19th century in Canada. This sport then grew like wildfire. In the 1890’s, the United States started playing and then in the same time period, it became popular in Europe as well. The reason the game caught on so fast and why many people loved hockey back in the old days was simply because the rules were more relaxed, meaning they could do more of whatever they wanted.

This game is best recognized for its fighting, rough play and bloodshed in every single game.



In fact, when it first started, the players would hardly wear any protective gear and helmets weren’t even an option. Voluminous rules have been altered since then for the protection of the players which unfortunately doesn’t stop them from getting hurt. Every single hockey player you look at has lost at least a couple of teeth, broken many bones in his body, and has multiple scars on his face. This isn’t surprising considering the players shoot the hockey puck (at minimum) usually around 90-100 miles per hour! Imagine standing in front of a hard rubber disk weighing around 6 ounces traveling at 100 mph!! These guys take a puck to the face like it was just a slap in the face. Breaking a bone, losing a tooth or even bleeding from the head does not stop these players from doing what they love. For example, the Detroit Red Wings forward Daniel Alfredsson got hit right in the mouth and lost two teeth. Following that, he got right back up, skated around looking for his teeth, picked them up off the ice, skated to the bench, gave the trainer his teeth, and then continued to play. That is a true hockey player right there!

People all over the world love hockey. The atmosphere at the arenas is something no other sport can beat. With the fans going wild about everything that occurs, and the players giving it their all every single game, it is truly an incredible sport. Every single year in the NHL, there is a championship called the “Stanley Cup”. In fact, each year the Stanley Cup has to be hidden before being awarded. There have been many attempts to steal this coveted trophy. This past year, the Stanley Cup was hidden at a hotel in downtown Chicago. It had to be heavily guarded until it was awarded. Hockey also has the most intense, gut-wrenching playoffs. If you have absolutely no idea how hockey works, I highly recommend you begin to start looking into it. You will not regret it!

Important news about the challenge Shadows VS Lights!

Dear Smeeters,

we have solved most of the issues we had last weekend, but we can understand that for some of you it´s hard now to finish the Magic room on time. For that we have decided to make some changes:

  • Now you will have till Sunday 9th to finish it to win the million FP
  • The winning side will have the option to finish the room even after this date, so this is an extra reason to collaborate for the victory

For now the Shadows magicians are winning with a 53%, but both teams have still the chance to win.


Good luck to both sides!!!


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