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Halloween Video Contest Launch!

Horror screen writers, evil actors and actresses, ready for a challenge?

From Alfred Hitchcock to Wes Craven...can you join the list of Horror greats?From Alfred Hitchcock to Wes Craven...can you join the list of Horror greats?

We are running a Halloween Video Contest, and everyone is free to participate! Here's the deal: use your imagination and tell us a ghastly Halloween story with your Smeet avatars and we will choose the best short movie per Smeet domain!

We advise you to utilize the plethora of costumes and animations already available in Smeet to make sure the atmosphere is eery enough. Music choice is free, and you can upload your videos on YouTube and send us the link, or directly send your video as an email attachment to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com.

Now Halloween is only a short time away, so you have to send your entry in by Friday 30th October at the latest! The scariest short movie will be published on our Facebook page (Smeet Community) and everyone who participated in the creation of the winning entry will win 10,000 Fame Points and 10,000 Dimes!

We know that when it comes to creativity, Smeeters are second to none. Some of the fantastic entries to previous video contests are a testament to that! So we are very excited about what you guys can come up with this time! Let the blood flow (er....fake movie blood only please!).

Sayuri's Relationship Column!


Ah...relationships. Never easy, are they?Ah...relationships. Never easy, are they?

I received several emails and Smeet messages asking me for advice regarding their failed relationships and wanting to get their ex back when the ex is currently in a relationship with a new partner.

A “failed” relationship occurs when two people in that relationship had failed to view their relationship as one willing to fight for and making an effort to save it.  Walking away is the easy way out.

The bad thing of wanting your ex back is if they are currently in a relationship with someone else. We must learn to NOT have a “burning” desire to get our ex back, if they are not single and available. Reason is simple: Always try to imagine what it would feel like if someone did the exact same thing to you when you are in a committed relationship.  As the saying goes:  “What goes around, comes around.” This is a universal law and I have seen it happen way too often in real life and online Smeet, where by the boomerang effect, when it comes back to you, is much more severe than what you had done to that other person.

There are many singles all around in this world of ours. Why desire to intentionally break up another person’s relationship? If this sort of thing is your constant desire, then it is time for you to seek a mental health professional.

My advice is to leave other couples in committed relationships alone.  Clearly your ex has moved on with a new person. So it is time for you to move on also. It matters not what your ex said to you about his/her current partner. Think about  it: if there is even the slightest hint of you trying to get back together when your ex is in a relationship with another, then stop, think focus: this same exact thing will happen to you too -- if you are so blind to desire to engage once more with your ex partner.

So the answer to the question: Will we ever get back together? My advice is: Act as if you never will. Act as if you will never get back together. The person who is the break-ee usually  after the break up will have emotional connections to the breaker, if it occurred out of the blue or the break up Is not something that the break-ee wanted. On the other hand, IF the break-ee during the relationship, has done so much grieving  (such as: extreme sadness, loneliness, broken heart feelings) about the loss of the relationship before the actual break up, when it is finally over, it is a relief. And that break-ee is able to move on much more quickly than others. 

It is always very difficult for the break-ee and love never hurts. It is people who hurt us. So never stop falling in love and never give up on love. Always remember, that every person who enters into our lives as we go through this  journey of life, enters for a reason. We must, therefore, learn from our past failed relationships, and try to remain positive and always be hopeful in knowing that there is a wonderful person waiting for you in this life. Do not  keep looking for that right person. Why? Because some day when you least expect it, he or she will be standing right in front of you.

So keep smiling, keep dancing, keep meeting new people and getting to know them, and enjoying Smeet. If you see me around Smeet, please do not hesitate to say “hi” and if you have any relationship questions, please send me a message or if you prefer to send me an email, my email address is:    sayuri [dot] smeet [at] gmail [dot] com     I will be sure to answer your questions in my column.  <3


SAYURI, EN Smeet  Journalist,  ID#13520497

Enter the Vampire Hideout if you dare!

A vampire has taken residence in Smeet! The old castle has become its hideout, so get over there and see if you can save Smeet from this evil force!

Honestly, we've seen cosier-looking bedrooms. But each to their own and all that...Honestly, we've seen cosier-looking bedrooms. But each to their own and all that...






















Ahhhh vampires. They can be a right pain in the behind, especially at this time of year. Right now a particularly feisty specimen has holed himself up in the old castle, making a Vampire Hideout that is about as appealing as a hole in the head.

All you have to do to save us all from this critter is use all the folkloric items that are traditionally known to hurt vampires (we just hope it works like the old books say! And like in Buffy. There is no way any of that show was not real though). Garlic, holy water and all your other classic vampire-hunting gear can have you prepared for when this vampire wakes up. A little sunlight might also help too!

Speaking of Helps, your friends can also help you on this dark adventure! Stand united against the undead! A Bloody Badge and 206,000 Fame Points are waiting for you, so get to it before we end up part of this guy's weird dinner party!

Love Happens on Smeet!

A Fairytale Romance

Love is in the air, na na na na naaaaa...Love is in the air, na na na na naaaaa...

When it comes to couples there is no doubt in my mind these two were made for each other. It’s so amazing when you look around Smeet and see all the lovely couples together. Each couple has a love story all on their own; it’s just about talking to them and getting to hear it firsthand.  Who knows they might surprise you with a fairytale. When two people find each other on Smeet and start dating in real life, that shows there is hope in finding true love no matter where you are.

This week’s couple I decided to sit back and have an amazing interview with Mr. Jet King and his beautiful wife Mrs. Jet King (SweetT). Clearly there is a strong bond here; Mr. Jet King really did express his feelings for Mrs. Jet King. The picture he shows when talking about his love is just stunning.  It is clear just how much romance is between these two, Mrs. Jet adores Mr. Jet. This couple has been very successful.

These two continue to show just how far love can go, and nothing can break this bond. Mr.Jet you clearly found a diamond one as beautiful as Mrs. Jet. I can assure you Mrs.Jet you found an amazing guy who loves you so very much, I know deep down he is your Prince Charming. It is so exciting to see just how much love surrounds you two.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

Mr. Jet King: I am a musician, I record in Texas and enjoy traveling the Midwest and East Coast when I am touring.

Mrs.Jet King: I love the beach and the sun J  I love to dance, and listen to Mr. Jet sing; I love animals and helping people.

How long have you been on Smeet?

Mr. Jet King: I’ve been on Smeet for about a year.

Mrs. Jet King: Been on Smeet since Jan of 2013 I believe.

How did you meet your Significant other?

Mr. Jet King: I was only on here for about three weeks when I first met Mrs. Jet. We both were in a public chat room and said “Hi” in open.  I messaged her and told her I was new and I appreciated her saying hi since I really didn’t know many here.  We started talking, and we talked for a long time that night. It didn’t take me very long to realize that not only was she beautiful in her pics, but her personality was adorable. I fell for her pretty quickly. Everything about her, I just thought was amazing. She was a teacher; she was so sweet and so interesting to me.  When we talked we grew closer and closer.

Mrs. Jet King: Been with Mr. Jet King since Nov 2014, married Nov 23, 2014, was a whirl wind romance. J We met by bumping into each other and saying hello. I was struck by how interesting and handsome he was interesting and handsome he was and wanted to get to know him more.

How long have you been together as a couple?

Mr. Jet: After just a few conversations we both knew we had found in each other someone who we felt we wanted to be with all the time.  So we started dating and grew closer and closer quickly. I asked her to marry me just after a month of dating. I was so swept up in her I couldn’t think about anything else and I knew I would want to take our relationship offline if she ever wanted to do so. This past summer we spent a lot of time with each other off Smeet and now we are together permanently. 

Mrs. Jet King: Been with Mr. Jet King since Nov 2014.

If you could say anything to the love of your life what would it be, and why?

Mr. Jet King: If I could say anything to the love of my life?....Hmmm. I’d tell her the same thing I often tell her, I’m very grateful that she chose me. I’d want her to know she means the world to me and I feel like I won the lottery or something.  I mean there’s thousands of a person on Smeet. Yet I was only here for a few short weeks and met the most beautiful and most precious girl here and she fell in love with me just as I did with her. I won’t take that for granted.  I am very thankful to be with someone so amazing and special.

Mrs. Jet King:  What would I say to Jet- here is a poem to him firstJ, You are the reason I breath, you are the reason I am, here is the key you hold in your hand, you know what it’s for, it is the key to my heart, the one that you stole right from the startJ, I am yours now, tomorrow, and forever, for I love you for who you are, and who we are together. I love you Jet King. J

What’s the best memory you have together?

Mr. Jet King: My best memory is probably the first time we talked offline. I mean I knew she was gorgeous, I saw it in her pictures that she was very pretty.  I was swept away in how pretty she was.  When I heard her voice, I just melted. OMG she sounded like an angel I just thought to myself, “This can’t be real.” I mean every time she spoke I just wanted to crawl through the phone and kiss her. I’m glad eventually I got the chance to kiss her and I look forward to what our future holds.  

Mrs. Jet King: Best Memory- Speaking to him and hearing his voice live for the first time, I still get all the tingling when I hear him no matter what.

There is so much love going around Smeet nowadays, I wonder who I will get to select next.  As you can see above love can happen by a bump into someone. Sparks are flying for this couple in Smeet. Congrats you guys on a successful meeting to being real life long partners. 

If you would like to be stared in Smeets couple of the month just send me a message.  I also do gossip around Smeet, and talk about weddings and the latest events. 

Adalina, En Gossip Queen, 26442325

Help the werewolves battle the vampires!

The Ruthless Avenger with a Masterplan!The Ruthless Avenger with a Masterplan!

Vampires have started sneaking into Smeet City! Not everybody likes this new fad, though. A werewolf in the club district is disgusted by this takeover and is planning some revenge. He's got some grand plans that involve the native american spirit-wolves, the fierce defenders of all natural life. They are preparing for a battle to rend the vampires limb from limb and end the invasion once and for all. Help the Werewolf, and one of the spirit-wolves will be yours. It is in your hands to obtain the others and train them against their undead enemies!

Through the portal, every day a new one will be arriving. If you manage to collect them all on next monday you will receive the very special one-time "Warrior's Pride" Badge! Some of the ancient spirits are already waiting for you in Smeet!

They have an eery beauty about them, don't they?They have an eery beauty about them, don't they?

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