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Launch a Revolution from the Cyberpunk Hideout!

Our very own futuristic Smeet City is being repressed...time for action!'Pass the spanner, Dave. Dave? Dave?! DAVID PASS ME THE SPANNER!!!''Pass the spanner, Dave. Dave? Dave?! DAVID PASS ME THE SPANNER!!!'

It's the year 2216. The corrupted mega-corporations of the future Smeet City are controlling and infecting the citizens with a mysterious virus called "Red Glow". Many have died from it but there are rumours of rare cases of people proving immune to it...

You're in the underground hideout of the final pocket of resistance, a movement working against the mega-corporations and their devious ways. It's a dark and cold place where everything seems very provisional, but it is fit for purpose - your goal is to find a cure for the deadly "Red Glow"!

Intercept the encrypted signals of the mega-corporations with the varied equipment you possess, then block the virus with the Virus Isolation System and get the purple cure from the Cyberpunk incubators! If this is not enough of a spanner thrown in the works of the repressors, you can attempt to overthrow the whole system! Create a bionically augmented army of Super Soldiers! The rebellion is oooonnnn!

As a reward you will receive up to 4,000,000 Fame Points and a futuristic Badge! Good luck, fellow survivor!

The final two days for the Paysafecard raffle!

Click on the picture to take part in the raffle!Click on the picture to take part in the raffle!

As you might have heard already, we collaborated with Paysafecard to present 91 Smeeters with free Coins. One of these lucky winners will get 100€ which they will be able to use in Smeet to buy Coins, 90 others will win 10€ worth of Coins. Don't wait anymore and sign up! With 91 winners, the chances of getting the free Coins is pretty high! 

All you need is to follow the link below (or click on the picture) and enter your email information. The winners will be announced on the 26.8.2016 at the same address. If you are one of the winners, you will get your prize sent to the email address you entered, so make sure to enter a correct address!

Note: Only Smeeters from Great Britain, USA and Canada are eligible!


Coins Happy Hour Today on Smeet!

Don't miss out on the chance to boost your Coin balance today!Be sure to calculate carefully when the Happy Hour starts according to your time zone!Be sure to calculate carefully when the Happy Hour starts according to your time zone!

Another Coins Happy Hour is here!!!

Today (21st July, 2016) from 1pm to 4pm EDT (USA East Coast Time Zone), which is 6pm to 9pm BST (UK Time Zone), you will receive bonus Coins when purchasing Coins with credit or debit card, PayPal, PaySafe Card or Skrill!!

The more you top up, the more free Coins you will get, so make sure you take full advantage of this fantastic offer. The exact time schedule is as follows:

1-2pm EDT: 75% more Coins

2-3pm EDT: 50% more Coins

3-4pm EDT: 25% more Coins


Don't miss out on this rare chance to get lots of BONUS COINS!!!

Let's spiral out of control!

The Circle of Life festival is kicking off, make sure you are a part of it!Bit trippy this place, isn't it? It's like the 60s all over again.Bit trippy this place, isn't it? It's like the 60s all over again.

The Circle of Life has it all: Dance, Meditation, Love, Art - everything you need for your complete Enlightenment!

Venture into a spiritual spiral journey in this surreal room. Fight for your soul and express yourself with tremendous abstract art. The secret to it all is... LOVE! Just like The Beatles said, all those years ago. all you're really after peace inside your mind? Who knows? You can have your own interpretation when you finish the room, hopefully the art you produced will speak to you! For now, let's just eat some magical cookies, dance like madmen and howl at the desert. The reality exists to be taken apart.

Any of that make any sense to you? No worries, it's what the Circle of Life is all about!

Best of luck, Smeeters!

P.S. - A tip: Prepare to bake a lot of cookies. You'll be needing them tomorrow!

EN Server Callout for Guides!

Want to join the team? Read carefully and apply today!Even cooler than Cooly McCool of Coolville, Coolombia.Even cooler than Cooly McCool of Coolville, Coolombia.




















Smeet is looking for more users to become Guides (we are also looking for a Teen Guide) in the EN Server! If you think you have the temperament, experience and know-how to become a Guide, you can send an application now to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com.

Guides need to be mature and responsible when on Smeet at all times. Please also only apply Guide if you meet the following criteria:

-Level  80 or above.

-Clean behavioral record on Smeet.

-You MUST be a regular user of Smeet, as Guides are required to log in frequently to help moderate.



Please submit you application to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com, detailing your Smeet name, ID and a brief explanation of why you would be a good Guide.

Please also explain what you would do in the following scenarios:

1) A Smeeter comes to you and says, “Please come here and kick this person, he/she is trolling the action box! You go to the Room and see that a Smeeter is trolling the action box with swear words. What do you do next?

2) A Smeeter whispers you saying, “Please kick this person, she is harassing me in whisper!” How do you respond to the situation?

3) A Smeeter is having technical issues with Smeet. What should you advise them to do?



Only Smeeters who are CURRENTLY WORKING AS GUIDES will be considered for the role of Super Guide. If you have an interest in becoming a Super Guide, please write to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com explaining why you want the role and why you would be good at it.


IMPORTANT – after you submit an application, you will receive a response confirming it has been received. The EN admins will then make a decision and inform ONLY those users who have been chosen as Guide. If you receive no further response, it means you have not been chosen this time around.

The deadline for applications is Sunday 24th July.

Thanks in advance to all those applying, and good luck!

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