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The Marriage without Romance!

I am interviewing  one of our Gossip queens  •●Aησмαℓу●Aяιѕєη●•™ (id: 12820631 ) and her smeet wife  •[[●ζαħяα007●]]•   They are not romantically involved  but chose to get married   and strengthen  their friendship .  They do this for their friendship and nothing more. 


Where and when did you meet   ?

We met in Temple of rock in early 2012. 

When did you get engaged?

We were never really engaged, I just said I’d be her wifey and as soon as we got coins we got married.

How long were you together before you decided to get engaged?

We were never together romantically, but we were friends for about two months before we become wifeys.

When did you get married?

We got married June 10th 2012 at 5pm in the sunset  Penthouse 

How are you finding time for private time for each other with the volunteer duties?

Between her having work, two kids, a husband and me having a boyfriend along with the sometimes time consuming volunteer job we don’t spent a lot of time together unless it's late in the day after she gets home from work.

What kind of things do you both enjoy doing on Smeet ?

We both enjoy throwing parties, making jokes, trolling, messing with our other friends and basically being spazzes.

Where did you hear about the officiant that married you ?

We asked around and someone told us about an officiant named Angels Reloaded, we found her in her 3D home and asked if she would marry us.

What did you enjoy most about your wedding ?

I enjoyed how light-hearted and humorous it was, we had fun being ourselves and being silly.

Is there anything you would have changed about your wedding?

I would have liked to have more of our friends there, some people couldn’t make it and it would be nice if they could.

Do you have any comments that you would like to make?

I think Smeet should make the marriage room you get with the 2000 coin wedding package a joint room that both persons can edit and have in their 3D home. I heard someone say something about joint inventories, that and being able to share a coin balance like how real married couples share a bank accounts would be cool! I’d love to be able to earn coins for my wifey and be able to wear the same clothes as her!


Writen by MrsBlueLove 21389161


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Smeet Single's Spotlight - Warhound!

For this week’s Singles Spotlight we have chosen - Warhound,  ID# 26450151


HI, Warhound,  HOW ARE YOU? I’m good Sayuri, and how are you?

LETS START THIS INTERVIEW OFF BY ASKING YOU YOUR NAME, WHERE YOU ARE FROM AND YOUR AGE:   My name is Aqib Rafi,  and  I’m from Dhaka, Bangladesh,and I am 21 years old.

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR HOBBIES?  Singing, playing guitar, playing drums, playing piano, roaming around, reading books, playing cricket, playing football, searching for haunted places.

WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO? I listen to all types of music.. a good sound is required that’s all… but mostly I’m into heavy metal, rock, Viking metal, melodic death metal, celtic metal/rock, brutal death metal, metalcore, blackened death metal.


GIVE ME THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE YOU?  Outgoing, Metalhead, adventurous.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR?   Black, Acid green, Blood red.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD?   Pasta, Pizza is my top favorite :D I love Chinese and traditional Bengali foods as well.


WHO IS THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON IN YOUR LIFE AND WHY?   Nergal from a polish Black/death metal band named Behemoth. He played and growled out loud in gigs with his throat cancer and 105 Fahrenheit fever…. in a gig I also screamed my heart out with throat infection and I will always climb up the mountains even if I lose my legs, I will conquer all my obstacles… I’ve learned it from that guy.

WHAT CHARACTER  TRAITS ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN A GIRLFRIEND ?  Loyal, Adventurous, with a great music taste, caring J

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE MOST TO CHANGE ABOUT SMEET?   It would be great if smeet could take immediate action against the people who play sex videos and act as perverts publicly.   One info guide is required in each public room, to prevent this sort of thing from happening and to take immediate action when it does occur.   Often times, we are not able to find an info guide when such things occur in smeet’s public rooms  and when we do find an info guide,  the guide is not able to  do anything since the incident occurred prior to the guide arriving at the public room.

Congratulations to the Winners!

The Valentine's Tombola rewards are distributed!The Valentine's Tombola rewards are distributed!

The tombola prizes were distributed! First place belongs to Leanne (2000 Coins), second place finisher is Cheeky11 (800 Coins), and the third place Starlight (200 Coins)! Additionally 20 participants received 3000 Fame Points! Congratulations to all of them!

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