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Rock Week in Smeet presents...the Rock Tombola!

PLUS news on the Excavation Site room AND a call out for new Matchmakers!Skulls on t-shirts: all the rage these days, apparentlySkulls on t-shirts: all the rage these days, apparently


The Rock Tombola is about to start! And we have a great list of prizes ready to be claimed by Smeeters, as detailed below...

1st) A badge suitable only for a superstar lead singer, the Gold Tombola Badge! PLUS 2,000 Coins.

2nd) A badge for a big-time guitar-shredder, the Silver Tombola Badge! PLUS 800 Coins.

3rd) A badge for a proper rock 'n' rollin' drummer, the Bronze Tombola Badge! PLUS 200 Coins.

4th-24th) A badge for the more low-key, but undeniably still important, backing band - the Wood Tombola Badge! PLUS 3,000 Fame Points.

FINALLY a consolation prize, for all participants, of the Wood Tombola Badge, 300 Fame Points, 500 Boosts and 1000 Dimes!



Firstly, the Excavation Site room has been running for a while now, and we are pleased to announce that 3 Smeeters have now completed the room in it's entirety, each winning the 3000 COIN bonus prize!

Sadly then, there are no more bonus prizes to be won, but the Excavation Site is still active, meaning there are plenty of rewards to be found and gained from working on the room. So good luck!


Secondly, the EN server is on the lookout for some new Matchmakers! Think you can read people better than most, and bring together Smeeters to create lifelong partnerships? Then apply now to be a Matchmaker by sending your application (which should include your Smeet details, as well as why you would be good at the job) to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com. We have a longer blog with more details on this coming soon!


Time for us to rock 'n' roll. Catch ya later Smeeters!

Spring Tombola Winners!

Congratulations to all participants!Did you get a Spring Suprise?Did you get a Spring Suprise?

Congratulations to all the winners from the Spring Tombola! Your prizes have all been given out, and this month they included a mixture of Coins, Boosts, Fame Points, Dimes and also some very special Easter Badges!


We hope you enjoyed playing, and keep an eye out for the start of the next Tombola!


This week's SPORTS REPORT! from new EN server reporter Rafik!A disappointing game for El Salvador fans and Messi fans alike...A disappointing game for El Salvador fans and Messi fans alike...


Saturday Soccer Game Between El Salvador Vs Argentina. Location Washington D.C.

Date: 03/28/2015

The 27-year-old Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi missed Argentina’s 2-0 friendly win over El Salvador in Washington D.C. And Messi fans were left pretty disappointed, because they expected their superstar to play in the friendly game between the two teams, but he didn’t play because of a foot injury. Also, it was not a really important game for the coach to get him in the file anyway.

The game was more upsetting for the El Salvadorian fans whose team lost. The fans EXPECT the best and something better then what they saw in the game with El Salvador, FIFA rank 89, and Argentina, ranked number 2 in the world. The El Salvadorian team faced a much stronger team in Argentina, with very good players that play at a very high level. But the very important thing is it was a very good game, everyone enjoyed it and it was just a friendly game between two teams.

Written By Rafik

EN Server Callout for Guides and Super Guides

All those applying, please read ALL THE WAY to the end!

We are looking for mature and responsible Smeeters to help out!We are looking for mature and responsible Smeeters to help out!





















Smeet is looking for more users to become Guides in the EN Server! If you think you have the temperament, experience and know-how to become a Guide, you can send an application now to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com.

Guides are the users that connect Smeeters to the EN admins, helping moderate the game. They are there to resolve issues, deal with any problematic users and coerce with the admins to try and make Smeet a positive experience for all. They can mute other users for 20 minutes, if they are causing issues for other users, but only after warnings have been given to the user.


Guides need to be mature and responsible when on Smeet at all times. Please also only apply Guide if you meet the following criteria:

-Level 80 or above.

-Clean behavioral record on Smeet.

-You MUST be a regular user of Smeet, as Guides are required to log in frequently to help moderate.



Please submit you application to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com, detailing your Smeet name, ID and a brief explanation of why you would be a good Guide.


Please also explain what you would do in the following scenarios:


1) A Smeeter comes to you and says, “Please come here and kick this person, he/she is trolling the action box!" You go to the Room and see that a Smeeter is trolling the action box with swear words. What do you do next?

2) A Smeeter whispers you saying, “Please kick this person, she is harassing me in whisper!” How do you respond to the situation?

3) A Smeeter is having technical issues with Smeet. What should you advise them to do?





Only Smeeters who are CURRENTLY WORKING AS GUIDES will be considered for the role of Super Guide. If you have an interest in becoming a Super Guide, please write to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com explaining why you want the role and why you would be good at it.


IMPORTANT – after you submit an application, you will receive a response confirming it has been received. The EN admins will then make a decision and inform ONLY those users who have been chosen as Guide. If you receive no further response, it means you have not been chosen this time around. Please do not ask the admins if you have been chosen, they will inform you if you have.



Thanks in advance to all those applying, and good luck!

Spread the love with the new Easter Land room!

Easter: a time for celebration, and the Greek god contest result!Not your conventional poultry farm...Not your conventional poultry farm...

At Easter time, many people have some interesting ways of celebrating. Some are serious, some are fun-loving, and some are just plain UNHEALTHY.

One such unhealthy celebration is stuffing ourselves full of chocolate eggs. But hey, it's fun, so who cares?

Well, with Easter coming up, a new room has appeared in the Shop for only 6 Coins!!! Known as Easter Land, this new room takes the form of a brightly-colored poultry farm containing, bizarrely, brightly-colored hens! Just to reassure you, this is nothing to do with Genetic Modification, or anything like that...

NO! In fact, the animals are really funny colors because they are Easter hens! Bet you hadn't guessed...

Anyway, the Easter Bunny needs your help (he didn't ask us directly for help, because he can't actually talk, but he looks stressed so let's help him anyway) to deliver the colorful Easter eggs to children all over the world! Use the magic that inhabits the Easter Land to grow wondrous plants, feed your cute little helpers and fill the the Delivery Baskets with beautifully colored eggs! But be careful, the hens that are helping you to finish your task in time are also very moody creatures! The colors of the eggs they lay vary strongly and function as RANDOM REWARDS! To be more precise, this means that you have a 50% chance of getting colorless eggs, 25 to 50% chance of receiving blue eggs, 10 to 25% for green eggs, 2 to 10% for yellow eggs and under 2% for red eggs! But don't worry, if the hens take too long for your liking, you can always get the Easter Bunny's Color Mixer to colorize the colorless eggs!

So it all sounds like rather a lot of eggy and chocolatey fun (although frankly if the presence of a large, slightly stressed out bunny doesn't get you hooked, nothing will). So don't delay! Get the Easter Land, prepare a magical Easter for all the kids around the world and get your reward of up to 2,000,000 Fame Points and a festive Badge!



After the Greek God/Goddess Contest last week, it looks like Zeus and Aphrodite are your favorite Greek characters (both fine choices. Zeus was always likely to be popular - we think he is an absolutely EPIC God/Sky King/whatever you want to call him). SO, the reward for the contest has been sent, and if you were on the winning side you will have received your extra Fame Points! If you chose an item of another god, you will have received 1000 Fame Points. So everybody gets a piece of the Fame Point Pie, no matter who you chose!

The Fame Points have been added to your amount of Fame Points already, so you do not need to open anything.


That's it for another blog. All that typing has left me craving chocolate. Easter Bunny, WHERE ARE YOU?

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