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Are you ready for a new CONTEST?

New competition: are you ready for a new challenge?New competition: are you ready for a new challenge?Smeeters, are you ready for the most exciting contest EVER?

What domain is going to win the Smeet World Cup?  Collect the highest number of goals until the end of the World Cup in July, the 13th and  get your very special reward!

Each one of you can help the English domain to collect the highest number of goals!!! Besides, you can also participate for yourself to get a personal reward for your efforts.

To sum up, there are 2 kinds of reward:

1) Pubblic Reward: This will be a special, unique prize for the domain that collects the highest number of goals.

2) Personal Reward: A part from helping your domain to win you can also get the chance to gain exclusive badges based on the number of goals you are able to score.

- Bronze Badge  if you score at least 100 goals

- Silver Badge if you score 250 goals

- Golden Badge if you are a real champion at scoring 1.000 goals

 Now, we are sure that you can’t wait to start scoring goals for your domain but we are sure that each one of you is wondering “how do I score the goals"?

That’s very easy Smeeters! Goals are generated in 3 possible ways:

1)  Each one of you will get a football player as a GIFT 

2) From today until the end of the World Cup there will be a super cool  daily task, the Soccer Contest! Every day a football fan will be appearing randomly in the Shops & Sights area (Fifth Ave, Shopping Mall EG, Union Square, Catwalk, Fußball Stadion). Clicking on him you will get a football player, who will reward you with 1 goal per day until the end of the contest

3) You can buy a football player in the shop in order to score a crazy amount of goals!!!


Don’t lose the opportunity to win the Smeet World Cup! Get ready to support your domain and remember…United we stand, divided we fall!

Cristiano Ronaldo - A Great Person

Most people know who Cristiano Ronaldo is. One of the best football players in this century. He has tried really hard to get all what he has right now. He is hated by many people without any good reason. It might be because of his money, his happinessbeautiful women and adorable son. In short – a happy family life. All his dreams came true. But all this didn't come without his hard work. He has everything but he also tries his best to help others. I will try to give you a few examples about that.

Parents of Nuhazet from Las Palmas in 2012 found out that their son was dying because of cancer and they decided to make their son's dream come true. They took Nuhazet for the match of his favorite club – Real Madrid. After the match Cristiano Ronaldo met with this young boy and he offered his parents help. The next day the boy and his parents were already in hospital waiting for medicine from USA. Ronaldo and his agent managed it well. He sponsored his stay in hospital and all treatment. His family got from him new hope for their son.

Dawid from Poland a year ago had an accident. He fell into a coma. Last November his parents turned on the match to let him listen to it. As his parents said, in the moment when Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal, Dawid woke up from his coma. Ronaldo, after hearing this story, invited Dawid with his parents for the match and met with them after. This young boy feels really happy right now. He keeps thinking that Ronaldo saved his life.

Ronald Gjorka- 20 year old boy who ran onto the pitch and hugged Cristiano Ronaldo during the match Chelsea – Real Madrid. This young boy was supposed to be charged by police in Miami. Ronaldo wrote the letter to the prosecutor in the case appealing for the charges to be dropped. If not for Cristiano's good will and his character, this boy was without help but he made a step to help him out. It's another proof that CR7 is not that bad as people think.

In March this year, people from Villaluenga de la Sagra (Spain) tried to collect money for Erik – 10 month old boy – sickness - cortical dysplasia. Only way to help him is a very costly surgery. Friends of Ronaldo asked him to give a shirt and shoes for auctions, where people tried to get enough money for surgery. The Real Madrid player didn't offer only these things. He covered all the cost of the surgery. For sure it's not the first time when Cristiano Ronaldo has given his help. He has done a lot for children from many countries. Those examples are like a drop in the ocean. Our world needs people like him. I hope he will stay like that always.


Your Sports Reporter,


 Cristiano Ronaldo with Dawid PawlaczykCristiano Ronaldo with Dawid Pawlaczyk

Print your way to fame!

There is talk of a new star in the writing business! You, a thrilling new writer, have started the print machines!Don't let the world wait for too long and take care of the duly completion of your funny comic, heart-breaking romantic novel or exciting thriller! Not only a splendid reputation and thousands of devoted fans but also lots of Fame Points and a completely new badge are waiting for you! 

Are you gonna be a writer?

Decide on one of your talents and print as many comics, romantic novels or thrillers within two weeks as you can! Whichever type manages to print the most copies in the time given wins the contest! The more stars you achieved in the respective category, the higher your reward will be, if your team wins! 
Get the print office NOW for ONLY 3 Coins in the shop... and print your way to fame!

Print you way to fame!Print you way to fame!

Top Ten Reasons We Love Smeet

The month of June is special to me as it marks the one year anniversary since I became a Smeeter. A couple weeks ago I was reflecting on not just why I became Smugglediamonds, because we all have our own reasons for entering Smeet, but more importantly, what is it that I enjoy most.

What are the top ten reasons we love Smeet? Smeet offers us options, benefits, and situations not always available to us in real life, thus for many of us, the appeal. I got out my pen and paper and started jotting down notes on the napkin beside my piece of cold pizza and that's when I decided to steal Boogey Man's earlier idea and set up a voting room.

Using billboards, some yay or nay indicators, and my largest room available, I took my ten reasons and posted them for all my friends to vote on privately. Honestly, I was not in the room looking over their shoulder, although the desire was certainly there. I put out an event notice to my friends and waaaaalaaaaa... a flurry of activity over the course of the next few days. All the while, I'm earning fame points when these wonderful friends enter my room, a bonus I had previously contemplated... LOL.

The results are tallied and the number one reason we love Smeet, coming in at 83 votes, is... "I've met some really cool friends and some, shall we call them "unstable individuals" I'd love to introduce to my in-laws".

Coming in second, with 61 votes, "I can put on 20 pounds over the winter and all my clothes fit perfectly". I personally also love the fact that all the food in Smeet has zero calories.

Running closely in third place with 59 votes was the reason "My brassiere fits without pinching or leaving red marks" and that is pretty important!

The fourth most popular reason for loving Smeet, at 48 votes, was "I can own my own sports car, private jet, luxury yacht, and palace just like Barbie and Ken". That woman, Barbie and I have been competing for years, and thanks to Smeet, I finally have a nicer house and more valuable items that she can even begin to imagine. And I'm happy to say that according to recent Facebook photos, she's put on so much weight that even Smeet clothing would have to stretch. Gotcha, Barb!

Fifth place with 47 votes, "Beatiful furniture and I don't need help moving it".

Sixth place... "I can have drinks at a night club and don't have to drive home and won't have morning breath" was a favorite with 45 votes.

There was a tie for the seventh and eighth most voted reason we love Smeet. Coming in at 44 votes were both "I can be wearing a dress or suit in manure and my clothes won't stink" and "I don't have to clean up garbage after a party".

Ninth place goes to "I can forget to feed my pets for a week... and no need for a litter box or poop scoop" with 37 votes.

Our tenth and final reason we love Smeet, with a mere 32 votes is "I can finally own that pet monkey I've wanted since childhood". I threw that one in, because I've always wanted a monkey...

There you have it, friends... A rigged, biased, totally worthless, little experiment that only your one and only gossip queen, Smugglediamonds, could appreciate. Visit me at my Gossip Queen Office if you have any cool ideas for stories or if you just want to prop your feet up on my mahogany desk with the gold inlay. My office is located in my private penthouse, the largest one on the block (the one with the 2014 red Bugatti Veyron parked outside).

You can't miss the polished black granite gates with the sign "Better than Barbie's" out in front.




Gossip Queen June!Gossip Queen June!

Get the chance to win extra Fame Points!

Dear Smeeters, don't miss the chance to win extra Fame Points until Sunday in your Pool Party Room!!!

The Party of the Year is going on in our community and since we want it to be really explosive, we decided to give you some EXTRA DAYS to get the chance to gain EXTRA Fame Points! If you finish the room until Sunday, the 8th you will get 50,000 Fame Points extra and an exclusive dance!

If you manage to complete the gold badge before Friday you even get 100.000 Fame Points instead of the 50.000!

Do not miss this terrific deal, especially because now you can go FASTER than ever!!! How? Thanks to the new fireworks you can find in the Shop. They are not just making the party a real thrilling show but are also helping you to accomplish the room's goal FASTER with 50 Party Points.

 Let's rock this party!!!Let's rock this party!!!

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