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Sport's Update! - NFL

Could this be the year of the Cowboys?

La'el Collins - a top-class but controversial coup for the Cowboys?La'el Collins - a top-class but controversial coup for the Cowboys?

Some say the Dallas Cowboys just got the deal of the century by signing La’el Collins, the former LSU tackle.  Just who is he and why did such a high caliber player go undrafted? La’el is 21 years old. He was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and attended Redemptorist High School where he was an All-American offensive lineman. He played college football for LSU from 2011-2014. He started three seasons and had no history of disciplinary problems or arrests. 

     Collins had been projected to go in the first 15 picks of the 2015 NFL draft as an offensive tackle. He was projected to make at least $4 million as one of the top draft picks. However, 32 NFL teams passed La’el up and he went undrafted. Mr. Collins was in Chicago like all NFL hopefuls for the draft when he received word the Baton Rouge police department wanted to talk to him about an investigation into the shooting death of a former girlfriend. She was 8 months pregnant with her unborn child who was delivered successfully but passed away a few days later.  Mr. Collins was questioned by police and the BRPD announced he was not a person of interest, however, because there was no time for any team to do any investigation into the issues, he remained undrafted.

     Test results found Mr. Collins was not to be the baby’s father of the murdered Brittany Mills and he also has an air tight alibi on the night of the murder. This horrible legal issue delayed Collins’ start of his NFL career but could definitely be the signing of the century for Cowboys Jerry Jones.

     This in a sense means Dallas got three first-round draft picks for the price of one, because Dallas also acquired Nebraska pass rusher Randy Gregory, who also was projected to go in the first round but was acquired in the second round despite many doubting his ability to handle rigors of pro football.  It was rumored Jerry Jones rolled out the red carpet for La’el and the entire Dallas Cowboys team was behind mr. Jones as well.

     The details of La’el’s contract are interesting since he signed as a undrafted free agent and Jones is thrilled. Mr. Collins has subsequently been cleared of any wrong doing in the Death of his ex-girlfriend and is ready to play some football! Dallas now is said to have the best offensive line in the NFL if all things go right. Could this be the year for a super bowl ring?!!!!!

Stay tuned for more NFL news in the coming weeks.


Mia  sports journalist and host for OMG.

A Very Sticky Sunday Surprise...

Never has basic office stationary caused such an outburst of creativity...

The day of rest, church and vomit-inducing poster colours...The day of rest, church and vomit-inducing poster colours...


Sunday's, in many ways, are almost always an extremely bittersweet experience. They make up a whole 50% of your weekend, and yet I seem to spend most them just thinking about how rubbish Monday is gonna be. Which may say more about my cynical approach to life than anything else, but there ya go...

Nevertheless, I think we have the answer to any lingering doubts about the 'Day of Rest'...

For this week's Sunday Surprise is...a Sticky Note Contest!

I am 76% confident in saying that this may well be the most fun anyone will have ever had with office stationary (although i just remembered waste paper bin basketball. So the jury's out on that one).

Anyway, logging in from Sunday for the start of the contest will give you the opportunity to win up to 1000 Coins! Get the room for 29 coins and create a sticky note picture! (Please try and keep it clean, our admins have to go through all the entries and they are young, innocent souls...).

So, the winners will be rewarded with a load of Coins and will have their picture published! Just send a screenshot of your picture to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com by the 17th May 2015, and hope that the judges like your entry! In my (admittedly limited) experience of modern 'art', it's possible to see meaning in any old rubbish...which means you have a chance even if you consider yourself an artistic disaster!

On the 18th of May, we will decide the final winner and they will win 1,000 Coins! Second place (close, but no cigar) will be rewarded with 500 Coins and third with 200 Coins. HAPPY. DAYS.

FINALLY, we have one other small titbit for you just for this Sunday. For one day only the Secret Message Keyboard will be available, which will produce a special reward once it's completed. Check it out!


Another overly-long, tedious blog full of terrible jokes finished. Doesn't matter. I'll just tell people it's 'Modern Art'. Have a great weekend!

Test your Japanese-style paper folding skills!

Otherwise known as Origami...Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Super...oh wait, yeah it is a bird.Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Super...oh wait, yeah it is a bird.

All you have to do is get the Origami Folding Instructions from the Origami Manual. From that point, there are three different Origami projects you can take on, and if you manage to fully complete them it will be worth loadsa Fame Points!

The Origami Manual will cost you 79 Coins from the Shop. Your first attempt will be free to try and will reward you with 10,000 FP! The next one, the 'Origami Deluxe', costs 499 Coins but gives you a whopping 60,000 FP! And finally, the 'Origami Super Deluxe' will cost 1499 Coins but gives an ABSOLUTELY BEASTLY 200,000 FP!


Wow. We really got over-excited at the end there. Anyway, get to the Shop and get started!

Time for the Office Tombola!

The Office Tombola is about to start! And we have a great list of prizes ready to be claimed by Smeeters, as detailed below!Pool table, slot machines and a poker table: the office from heaven?Pool table, slot machines and a poker table: the office from heaven?


It's that time again!


First up, ONLY FOR TODAY (Wednesday 6th May), tickets will cost 5 coins! (for the rest of the days, it will be 10 coins as usual)


1st) A badge suitable only for a CEO, the Gold Tombola Badge! PLUS 2,000 Coins.

2nd) A badge for a big-time Office Manager, the Silver Tombola Badge! PLUS 800 Coins.

3rd)  A badge for the popular Team Leader, the Bronze Tombola Badge! PLUS 200 Coins.

4th-24th) A badge for the more low-key, but undeniably still
important, office workers - the Wood Tombola Badge! PLUS 3,000 Fame

FINALLY a consolation prize, for all participants, of the Wood Tombola Badge, 300 Fame Points, 500 Boosts and 1000 Dimes!


Good luck to all!

The 3D Street Artist needs your help!

An artist is working on a 3D picture on the streets of Smeet. Alas, his paint has run out and he cannot leave his painting alone to pick up new paint! Would you kindly help him get some new paint, so he can finish his piece of art? He will reward you with 1500 Fame Points and a rug with his signature picture on it! What are you waiting for? Don't miss this opportunity to show your appreciation of the indie art scene with your new classy carpet!

3D street art can be mesmerizing!3D street art can be mesmerizing!

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