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Sayuri's Words of Wisdom!

Our resident relationship guru dishes out more advice.Fairy Dust for everyone!Fairy Dust for everyone!


A Smeeter messaged me with this question:   I just broke up with my Smeet boyfriend one week ago and I have met two wonderful  men who are both begging me to be their Smeet girlfriend.  But my friends told me not to jump into a new relationship too soon because then I would be in a rebound relationship  What is a rebound relationship?

First,  let us define the words rebound relationship:   According to the Urban Dictionary:  “A rebound relationship is:  going from one relationship to the next right away to avoid the pain of a breakup.”   To describe it further:   It is basically a distraction to keep a guy or girl from thinking about   their recent break up.     For example:   If a guy  goes into a rebound relationship, he is looking for a quick way to get over his  ex by being with someone else.   But what he  is really doing:  he  is projecting his  feelings about his  ex onto a new person:   in a sense he  is using the new person – I do not think he is using the new person intentionally but rather craving for that intimacy/closeness he just lost due to a recent break up.  We, as human beings all crave for LOVE and intimacy, togetherness with another human being.  No one deserves to be alone after a painful  break up.   It matters not, whether the longevity of a relationship is one month or 20 years….. a break up still hurts.

Individuals who go into a rebound relationship do not go into them with the intention of using someone or hurting someone else.  They usually think they are helping themselves…. That is what makes a  rebound  relationship  so tricky and confusing to many. 

Here are seven (7) signs indicating that you are in a rebound relationship:

  1.  He is newly single
  2. He talks about his ex a lot
  3. He still seems very bitter about  his recent breakup
  4. He is all about hooking up
  5. His facebook  statuses are still sad
  6. He can be super intense at times
  7. …. But also super distant

To explain and clarify further just exactly what a rebound relationship is:   It is a relationship proceeding a long term or short term relationship……  it is usually short in duration and used to help mend the “broken heart”.   It is a relationship in which a person becomes involved with a new partner to prove to themselves they are worthy of love and affection.   A rebound relationship is in which a person quickly gets involved with a new partner to prove to an ex that they have moved on.

What makes a relationship a rebound relationship?   It is a band-aid for unresolved pain and the trauma of going through rejection, feeling unwanted or becoming single again.   This applies to both the one who is dumped and also to the dumpee  (the person who dumped the other partner).

(Excerpts from:  Ask the Love Doctor)

My suggestion to all of you who just recently broke up with your partner:   STOP:   Do NOT enter too quickly after your recent breakup into a new relationship with a new person.   Try to enjoy being single……And while single:   Look for negative habits you have that may have been instrumental in causing you and your ex to break up.  Negative habits are red signals to all others……. Some are:  jealousy,  quick anger,  dishonesty, flirting with others when in a committed relationship,  secrets kept from your ex,  no communication to express one’s feelings,  lying, and much much more.   While being single, does not mean you will be lonely and all alone.  Here, on Smeet, we have so many daily activities that are listed in our Smeet calendar which you can find at the bottom of your computer screen.  Click on the events calendar, pick and choose what you might be interested in participating in and go out and mingle, make new friends from all over the world, dance till you drop.   And most importantly, while you are single:   Take time to be alone and learn to love yourself.  I stress this over and over again.  Why?  If you  do not love yourself,  how can you possibly love another human being?  Think about this seriously.   Also, work on boosting your self esteem/self worth (how you see yourself).   I want you to  see how valuable, unique, special and a wonderful person you  are!!   How can we possibly love another human being and maintain that love relationship  long term. --- unless we have learned to truly love ourself first.    Know  your self worth!!    Makes sense?

So until the next time.  Keep smiling, keep dancing, keep meeting new people at our many daily events, and enjoy Smeet.   Happy Smeeting to all!!!  <3

If you see me around on Smeet, please do not hesitate to say hi and if you have a relationship question or concern, please message me in private and I will answer your question or concern in my relationship column. 

SAYURI, EN Journalist,  ID#13520497

A Smeet Journalist's Thoughts: College!

MяѕLση∂σηιgн†ѕнα∂є and her views on college picks

Someone wrote the word 'college' on what looks like the worst road sign ever.Someone wrote the word 'college' on what looks like the worst road sign ever.

This year there are going to be many kids graduating from high school or a junior thinking about going to college. If you are one of those two people.

I'm going to tell you a little about how college can be very educational. Most kids going into college think it’s scary and a huge change. It can be both if you’re not prepared. So, if you’re in that position why don't you start looking at colleges you want to go to. Go visit them and think to yourself “what do I want to do with my life?” Some of us already know where exactly we are going in our lives because we had our future planned out since we started high school. I've had my future planned out since 10th grade. I signed up to go to a Vo tech aka a trade school for half the day for nursing. The earlier you start the better chance to change or stick with it before it’s too late and you’re in college thinking, like where am I going with my life. I know myself I would hate to be in that position in college. I know it would stink. Visiting the colleges, you want beforehand gives you an idea of where you want to go. Gives you an idea of the courses you might want to take. If you can take college while in high school your senior year that can help too. Especially spring classes if your school offers it because then you will have at least one year of college down before graduating. That's called being ahead of the game and starting early because the earlier you start the sooner you can start your career. Don't be afraid to have a job while in college it will help you a lot. Don't be afraid to get a head start looking for a college, job or your career because you wait too long it's going to be too late. Start early as you can and don't procrastinate. Happy smeeting and enjoy the smell of Summer coming.


Got a topic you want to see in the Smeet Blog? Feel free to contact me at any time as I am one of the smeet Journalists.

MяѕLση∂σηιgн†ѕнα∂є ID: 26716578

Smeet Technical Updates!

We're always looking to improve Smeet, and here are the latest developments.We dress this way for work every day. Honest.We dress this way for work every day. Honest. 

Yesterday we improved some features inside Smeet in order to make your favourite game even better! Here's a quick look at the main changes:


- More Avatar style slots: you can have up to 30 in total now! You don't have to delete your favorite styles anymore to make room for new ones, at least for a while anyway! ;)

- Group improvements! The Group interface is now faster and the Group High Score list loads much faster as well. You will also now be able to minimise the Group window and to have more than one Group open at the same time.

- The top 10 groups of the High Score List will be displayed on the home page. This change hasn't been implemented on all of our homepages just yet but will be completed by 28th April.

- Several bug fixes regarding inventory and rooms were also implemented. Hopefully this sorts out any minor glitches you had been experiencing!


That's it for now - don't forget that if you are still suffering from any technical problems when playing Smeet, firing a quick message to should be your first port of call. Support will do their best to solve your query as quickly as possible!


Happy Smeeting!

Your Smeet Team

Meet a New EN Guide!

An Interview with Smeet’s newest Super Guide INFO. ●янια●You need a new photographer, he's chopped half your face off!You need a new photographer, he's chopped half your face off!

1)      First off Welcome to the volunteers! Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? How long have you lived there and what is it like? Thankyou! My pleasure to be a part of the Volunteers! Well my name, is as it states lol, Rhia. I never really know what to write when I have to tell people about myself! I am wild and very very crazy: P as anyone could tell I am going to be the next crazy cat lady. I’m currently from England, been here for 8 months now, I love the fact that I’m sooooo close to a beach. I love late night walks. I am 100% Scottish too! So that sort of explains my stubbornness :D

2)      What are your dreams and aspirations in life? What is that one thing you have always wanted for yourself to do? I would love to be able to help people, it means I need to go back into university, I want to be like what they do on NCIS, it has been my dream since I was a little kid.

3)      When you look back in your life, all the people you have met and the dearly departed, who in particular would you love to see right here and now? Well, that’s a tough choice as I have lost some very close people to me, but right now it would have to be my grandma, I’d love for her to see how I am now, she’d be super proud. I haven’t seen her since I was 10 years old, I miss her dearly.

4)      *How long have you been on smeet for? What prompted you to become a guide? Do you like it so far and are there any challenges? If so what are the three hardest things about the job? I have been on smeet since I was a younger girl, think I had just turned the age to be on here. I wanted to be a guide for the past few years but I never really got round to it, thanks to a few peoples encouragement I actually went for it… and now I’m super guide!!! :D I love being a guide, only thing I’d say I miss is the blocking of irritating people lol! There is only one challenge and I’d say they would have to be Slappy and his bloody slippers.

5)      What are your most memorable moments on the game and who were they with/where were they with? Oh man, all the memories I have, Smeet skype! I miss that so much! The fun times my friends and I had at 2am, about 7 of us or maybe more. It would be our daily thing! Then there was the times of smeet families, yes I was a member of Martinez, those days were awesome too! Family is never just blood. And then there were all the old friends I used to hang around with when I was in teen smeet, those days were crazy we were all little trouble makers :P

6)      *What are the first things you look forward to when you log on smeet each day for the first time? Friends? The pressure of being a guide? I look forward to speaking to my friends the most! It’s always nice to come into a room and just chill out with my friends, I wouldn’t say there was any pressure of being a guide to be honest.

7)      Outside of smeet, what are your favorite things to engage in? I would have to say that it would be gaming, I have gamed for as long as I can remember. But I do love to go chill out with my friend, watch some movies and eat a lot of food haha.

8)      *Knowing you are from Scotland, what is your favorite Scottish dish to eat? Go ahead and confuse all of us Smeeters with the names you are likely to use! Yes! I like this question, before I do answer this I would like to apologise to all the confused people this will cause! My favorite Scottish Dish to eat is Festy Cock. (answer: no, this is not an annoying person at a music festival. It is actually a Scottish alternative to the pancake, made from fine-ground oatmeal mixed with a small amount of water, rolled, flattened and usually folded into a rough bird shape. These pancakes were then fired in a kiln and then eaten to mark Shrove Tuesday. The word festy is thought to refer to Festern’s E’en, the day before Shrove Tuesday, when cock fighting usually took place, this cruel sport was associated with the driving out of evil and violence before Lent.)

9)      When did you first hear about Smeet? What was your reaction to it and what did you think of it before trying it out? I actually did a google search, I’m not sure what I was doing at the time, but I was pretty bored a long time ago, I’m surprised I’m still here, but I love it! My reaction, I can’t quite remember, but I would have thought it was really cool.

10)   Anyone in particular you want to give a shout out too on Smeet and have anything to say to them without consequences? Clean of course! I like this part! First off! One for slappy – I’m coming for those slippers, and YOU are making me tea. Alex – you have far too many hubbies! What you on now number 1000000?? Hahaha. I think that’s about it! J



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Astrologer and Host of writers.

The Mystery is solved!

The Smeet Detectives who found out all the clues could open the mystery box to find out who caused all the ruckus.

As we announced the clues have disappeared from the game for now, if you still want to find out what's inside the box, you will have to get the clues for Coins. Those of you who have been tracking down the clues for the past few weeks can open the mystery box and get their mystery reward as well as 777.777 Fame Points and a very unique Detective Badge!

Have fun with your huuuuge Mystery Reward!


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