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Smeet Summer Games 2015 Results

The final standings are in. How did our server do?The Olympics ain't got nothin' on this!The Olympics ain't got nothin' on this!


























Five days of intense, fierce competition has come to an end on Smeet, as all of the servers displayed creativity, teamwork and commitment to make the Smeet Summer Games a huge success!

The EN/INT Server team produced some absolutely outstanding efforts, particularly in the Mr and Mrs Summer Style Contest (well done to »†«Hєανєη Sєηт»†« and .˜”°• Mя.Tιgg@ <3 S@ѕѕу •°”˜. for representing us!) and an absolutely EPIC choreography video, a link of which can be found below if you haven't seen it already! A huge thank you and well done to all involved in the creation of the video!


Unfortunately, EN/INT did not come out victorious in either of those contests, but we saved our best til last as we stormed to first place in the final Ice Cream Interaction challenge, ensuring our Summer Games ended on a high!

Here is a full breakdown of the results from both Group 1 and Group 2:

Day 1: Pool Party

Group 1: France had the biggest pool party with 216 people!

Group 2: Turkey won with an astonishing 246 people at the pool!

Day 2: Facebook and Counter-Clicking

Group 1: Italy came home first with 287 Facebook likes!
Group 2: Turkey carried on their strong start with 1454 clicks on the counter!

Day 3: Choreography

We had some awesome candidates from servers in both groups!

Group 1: France -

Group 2: Turkey -

Special mention to our EN/INT entry, which is an absolute barnstorming epic that takes you through the Smeet World before ending up with a glorious celebration of diversity at the end! -

Day 4: Mr and Mrs Summer

Group 1: Poland

Group 2: Spain + Latin AmericaMrs Summer - Spanish ServerMrs Summer - Spanish ServerMr Summer - Spanish ServerMr Summer - Spanish Server






Well done to »†«Hєανєη Sєηт»†« and .˜”°• Mя.Tιgg@ <3 S@ѕѕу •°”˜. who became Mr and Mrs Summer for the EN/INT servers for these great styles!

Mr Summer - EN/INT ServerMr Summer - EN/INT ServerMrs Summer - EN/INT ServerMrs Summer - EN/INT Server


Day 5: Ice Cream Interactions

Group 1: PL (9672 interactions)

Group 2: EN + INT (3846 interactions)


The winners of the two groups are Poland and France for Group 1 (Tied 1st Place), and Turkey for Group 2! Congratulations to our Smeet Summer Games Champions!

The winning countries were sent their rewards, and every other server received the consolation prize of 1000 FP and Participation Badge for each Smeeter!


Thanks to all for taking part, and representing the EN/INT servers with pride!

UFOs are crashing left and right!

Today we are celebrating the World UFO Day! As you know Smeet with its fair share of UFOs is very supportive of extra-terrestrial lifeforms and their cultures. To show our appreciation of the rich alien tradition we are going to put all the UFOs that are currently shop, yep, you guessed it, on sale!

Out of the precious Venus UFOs there were just 24 left last time we checked, be quick if you want to get some of these on discount (before somebody scoops it all up) ! The UFO sale will last until July the 6th.

What are those rings you're asking? Follow us on our Facebook page Smeet Community and find out this evening!

You get a UFO, you get a UFO, everyone gets a UFO!You get a UFO, you get a UFO, everyone gets a UFO!

An Accomplished Dream: Tiger Woods

A brief profile of the legendary golfer from Joscri, our Sports ReporterGET IN THE HOLE!!!!GET IN THE HOLE!!!!


Smeeters! I'm back after a while without being a person, just studying. On my return I transformed into Tiger Woods, one of the greatest American golfers, considered one of the best in the world.

He has a passion for golf since he was 2 years old. At that age he started playing, and won as a beginner until he was 20. He set out his dream go ahead and do as a professional, winning two tournaments in a few months. At age 21, he got to be the youngest golfer to win an incredibly prestigious award. Since then he has been getting awards. He had an accident and emotional problems, and was out of golf courses. He decided to leave, but finally returned again to be a great one.

If he fought to be one of the best golfers, you can also do it. Come on, smeeters, fight for your dreams!

•Joѕcяι(CўJ)•, Sports reporter

Something Special For Our Champions

Two of our Smeeters who are leading their domains in levelsTwo of our Smeeters who are leading their domains in levels

The legendary level 300... It is very hard to achieve. In fact there are only 10 Smeeters currently that are at lvl 300 or above. We believe that the reward for this accomplishment should reflect the difficulty of the act.

Smeeters who have reached level 300 will now have the right to carry a King/Queen of Smeet badge over their avatars. Just like the star or the guide badge it will be seen by everyone when you are in a room. We will distribute these badges to every Smeeter who has reached level 300 already. If you hit 300 in the future, you will just have to write to support and let us know so you can receive your exclusive (we mean it!) badge.

Should you be Lvl 300+ and for any reason not want to have the King/Queen of Smeet badge, you can also write to support and let us know.

We want to mention that this overhead badge is not related to the Smeet Elite profile badge.

Your Smeet Team

And how it looks in the gameAnd how it looks in the game

Smeet Summer Games are here!

Some competition to spice up this summerSome competition to spice up this summer

The annual Smeet Summer Games are starting. Smeet Summer Games are 5 days of community effort to carry your server to the top of the charts.

In this international contest we want everyone to work together to achieve the following goals:

Wednesday: Organize the best summer party at the swimming pool: get your crew together, because the party with more participants will win!

Thursday: Click Counter Battle - Which domain will be able to raise the highest amount of clicks?

Friday: Best Summer Choreography - Prove us your skills as choreographer and show us the best Summer Dance!

Saturday: Best Summer Night Fashion Contest - Each domain has to vote for the best Mr and Miss Summer 2015, who will challenge the finalists of all other domains

Sunday: Ice cream interaction - Who is gonna be able to send the highest number of Ice Cream Interactions?

To be fair, we are pitting the higher populated english + international, spainish + latin american, greek and turkish servers against eachother, while Germany, France, Italy and Poland will be fighting in another group.

Let the games begin!

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