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New Tombola...New Prizes!

We like to keep things fresh here on Smeet, so we are pleased to announce that, starting from this week, the Tombola will now reward FAME POINTS as well!It's another opportunity to chance your arm and potentially win BIG!It's another opportunity to chance your arm and potentially win BIG!

That's right. The rather grand set of prizes given out for the Tombola has just got even bigger! We will now be giving out thousands of Fame Points in addition to the splendid amounts of Coins we give away every two weeks. Take a look for yourself!:

1st place: 2000 Coins, 50,000 Fame Points, the Golden Tombola Badge
2nd Place: 1500 Coins, 30,000 Fame Points, the Silver Tombola Badge
3rd place: 1000 Coins, 15,000 Fame Points, the Bronze Tombola Badge
4th place: 500 Coins, 10,000 Fame Points, the Wooden Tombola Badge
5th place: 250 Coins, 5000 Fame Points

All those who take part in the Tombola and don't win one of the big prizes still receive: 300 Boosts, 300 Dimes and 300 Fame Points.

Try your luck now with a ticket and get a chance at receiving a huge boost in leveling as well as more Coins than you can spend! And remember, the Tombola is for over 18s only!

Build a Skating Paradise!

The skating heaven is waiting to be created!The skating heaven is waiting to be created!


For a long time the old Skatepark had been serving as a hangout for the skaters of Smeet City. However, the years have taken its toll and what was once a skating heaven now is a run-down old ruin.

We'd like you to renovate this place so that once again it becomes a place where skaters perform tricks on the halfpipe or grind the rail. You can do this by repairing the three skating constructs in the room which will reward you with 500.000 Fame Points in total and a Skatepark Master Badge! If you are really into skating you can also choose to build the Skaters Statue which will turn this room into a skating paradise and give you an additional 1.500.000, for a whole total of 2.000.000!

The youth of Smeet City needs your help! Get the room now and start building the perfect Skatepark!

Traffic Light Contest Winners!

The Traffic Light Contest was THE event in Smeet over the weekend, and the results are now in!


All the feedback we have had back from our AMAZING volunteers is that everyone had an absolutely cracking time dressing up for this, and we have to say we were blown away by the standard of some of the entries! However, there can only be two winners from each colour, so here is the roll of honour. Each winner takes home 300 Coins!



JohannaSmeet (14176770) and Captain Slaphead (1095400)



Blonde Cowgirl (22107316) and devilking (24043277)



KuRŞuN (23895528) and DoNot (24064006)

Just hanging out for a good time! Blonde Cowgirl and devilking.Just hanging out for a good time! Blonde Cowgirl and devilking.

Single and ready to mingle! KuRŞuN and DoNot.Single and ready to mingle! KuRŞuN and DoNot.

They may be taken, but that doesn't mean they don't dress to impress! JohannaSmeet and Cap'n Slappy.They may be taken, but that doesn't mean they don't dress to impress! JohannaSmeet and Cap'n Slappy.






Congratulations to all participants, we hope you had a blast!

Create your own skateboard and win Fame Points!

This week we are discovering the world of skating! You don't even have a board? Not an issue: Have a perfect start to the skating week by creating your very own skateboard! Get your own production machine, choose your design and get a box with the skateboard parts! When you finish producing one you can carry it around with you and will be rewarded with Fame Points as well!

Choose your own style!Choose your own style!

EN Server’s NEWEST Gossip Queen Adalina's new story!

Our new Gossip Queen is Adalina!Our new Gossip Queen is Adalina!


There is some gossip going around Smeet! It’s been rumored that a Smeeter faked his death and broke the heart of the girl who trusted him the most, not once but twice. They were very close talking about a lot of stuff, he even confided in her. Why would he go so far as to fake his own death? That question may never be answered.  The sad fact is he came back to Smeet and started talking to her again, this time with a new account.

Her hopes were up, she had no idea who he was or the fact it was him behind the new Smeeter. She found out it was him and things got rocky. He had hurt her before, and all the things he told her were a lie. She just didn’t feel right with him and they went their separate ways. He has been seen with another girl. It is said they are together. Hopefully no one gets their feelings hurt in the future. Best of luck to both Smeeters involved in this tricky situation.

If there are any Smeet stories that you want in our blog feel free to contact me. All will remain anonymous.

Adalina, EN Gossip Queen, ID 26442325

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