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Words of advice from Sayuri!

More advice from the EN server's resident agony aunt.Can you relate to this situation?Can you relate to this situation?


A smeeter described to me an ongoing problem in her relationship:  “I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for two years.   He always says, “I love you” and we always communicate well with any issue that needs a solution in our relationship.  He, I feel, is better than all of my past boyfriends,  but he always mentions my “jealousy” whenever we have disagreements.  The other night we went out  to dinner to  a very nice restaurant and he kept spinning his head all over the place gawking at the waitresses and women eating in the restaurant.  I noticed him staring at couples too.  We did not talk much the entire time we were at that restaurant since he was too busy looking at other women.  This happens all the time when we are out together in public places such as concerts, restaurants, sports events, etc.   This is truly affecting my self confidence.  We have discussed this problem of his many times in the past and he keeps saying to me that he promises to change.  He has even admitted to me in our past discussions regarding his severely wandering eye --- that he while he is staring at these other women while we are together in public places, he is actually fantasizing having sex with them. 

I feel and have told him every time we have had discussions on this matter that his behavior in my presence is very disrespectful to me and that it is something that no woman in any relationship should tolerate from her partner.   What should I do Sayuri?”

My answer to her:  First of all, you have already mentioned that his habitual behavior of eyeing women even women with a partner, is disrespectful to you.  Not only is he being majorly disrespectful to you but he shows you by his continuous unacceptable behavior that he sees no value or worthiness in you.  Why you have managed to remain with this type of individual is mind-boggling to me.  Many times in such situations, the victim accepts this type of undesirable behavior  due to the great love you have for him.  This great love that you have for him,  prevents you from seeing  how badly he is treating you.  His behavior alone when you are together in public places indicates the type of character he is. 

You are seriously going to have to ask yourself if you are willing to continue to live with this type of degradation.  I would give him one more chance if you feel that he truly will try to change like he promised you he would BUT  if he does this again in your presence:  run away from him as fast as you can and never looking back.  Personally, I would not give him another chance.  Enough is enough.  Continuous behavior of this type by your partner, will surely lower your self-esteem, if it has not already.  This is also a form of abuse, if you have not realized this by now.   Abuse from a partner comes in many types of forms:  such as, physical, verbal, emotional, mental.   There are many good and decent single guys out there who would treasure and cherish you for who you are and give you his full focus/attention whenever you are together in public places and make you feel so loved, appreciated and treat you like a queen.   Never settle for less, but always for the best!

 As I  always mentioned in my Dear Sayuri column, that relationships/marriages are very hard work.  It requires two people to  want to make it work and without the efforts, desire and motivation of both individuals to correct and fix a problem/issue affecting the other partner in a very negative way, the relationship is doomed for failure.   But never give up on love and keep falling in love over and over again.  Always remember that it is NOT love that hurts,  but rather it is the other individual who can not see your value and show you  the respect that you  deserve.

So until the next time,  keep smiling, keep dancing, keep meeting people on Smeet and keep falling in love.    If you see me around on Smeet, please do not hesitate to say “hi” and if you have any type of relationship question, please message me in private and I will answer them in my relationship column.  Always remember to love one another.  Happy Smeeting to all of you and God bless!

SAYURI, EN Journalist, ID#13520497

Weddings on Smeet!

We are the Officiant’s. As you know, we are best placed to talk to you about marriage. There are several kinds of marriages. Every country has it’s tradition. Let's see some examples.


A sweet tradition from Greece:

Direction Greece, for a gourmet tradition. The future wife can hide a sugar in her wedding glove to symbolize the sweetness of the upcoming wedding.


A sock with holes for the Danish groom

Yes, we too, our reaction was "uh ... what? ". It is in Denmark that we found this funny idea: "sock perforated, pledge of fidelity". The groom must pierce his sock, otherwise his guests will do it for him. According to the Danes, no more women will want a man with a sock, so he will be faithful to his wife!


Let's go take a bath in India

Finish our trip with a detour to India. The newlyweds will first take a bath composed of plants that will bring them the sweetness of life, longevity and fertility. Then, we will tie two cords around their wrists that they will keep throughout the ceremony. Once officially married, they will receive the wishes of the guests in a swing.


A real parade for Muslim brides

What makes the future bride dream? The dress, of course! At a Muslim wedding, a bride can have up to 7 dresses and change throughout the event (lucky!). Traditionally, the wedding lasted 7 days (you understood it: one dress per day). In addition, the day before the wedding she will see her hands and feet decorated with henna for the fertility and happiness of the couple.



We remind you that we are the Officiants on the server English / American / International. We are here to unite you as friends, as lovers, or to renew your wedding wishes. We are at your disposal every day.


The prices

Simple Wedding 200 coins by person : Change name + Badge

Premium Wedding 1000 coins by person : Change name + Free room + Marriage Certificate + Badge

All the renewal vows 200 coins by person : Badge

Friend ship ceremony 200 coins by person : Badge '' 2 Friends ''



You'r Officiants : .• Zeιуиα [м] •., id: 25415914 ; nick: Mrs Love, id: 21389161.

The Return of WillKane

“About Museums, the History and the People Behind It All”


Hi everyone, WillKane back from summer and plunging head first into the leaf-cushioned pavement that is autumn!  So over the past year or so, I’ve been to quite a few museums.  While none of these American museums are as well-known like a MOMA, Smithsonian, Getty Villa and The Children’s Museum (I’ve been fortunate enough to have been to three of those four), I still thought these lesser known (or really any that doesn’t charge $30 for 2-3 exhibits and a cursory smile at the front door) museums were worth a visit.  I thought I’d share my experiences with all of you, and more importantly, how each choice museum experienced me.


First was the rainy day where I made my own fun at Jefferson County Historical Museum.  This museum had antique guns and furniture, 19th-century kitchens with no food (honestly why…), the largest collection of water turbines in the world (whoopity-doo), historic looms (please weave me something with your hair, Rapunzel), a bunch of other old stuff that didn’t work no matter how many times I kicked the exhibits to get them to work.  They also had many hoes…used for farming (that’s so ratchet).  Near the end of the visit, I saw this person that I honestly couldn’t tell was a man or woman watching the front desk; if it was a man, it was a nicely done blonde mullet, but if it was a woman, that was a very confusing hairdo to say the least, not to mention the androgynous face, homely figure and a marginally sized bosom.  So I decided to write the following in their wonderfully quaint guest book:

I felt considerably lighter after taking a load off my fanny.I felt considerably lighter after taking a load off my fanny.


The next museum was the Chrysler Museum of Art, which according to its website “exists to enrich and transform lives.  We bring art and people together through experiences that delight, inform and inspire.”  Naturally, below this is a picture of a 4-year-old girl staring at a painting of Orestes Pursued By The Furies, all 3/4 naked like other paintings of that time and probably without knowing the mythical backstory of The Furies all mad because Orestes killed her mom for killing his dad, the usual Greek everyone-dies-cries-or-runs-in-the end tragedy.  So of course, I have to have my way with this museum, as the below pics show:


For the exhibit “George Sosnak’s Striking Portraits from America’s Pastime” (baseball), where you could write on baseballs in the name of art, this is what I chose to write (Hint: read it closely in black ink):

No contest.No contest.






























For the exhibit “Thomas Hart Benton and the Navy,” which were all paintings about the US Navy during World War II, I had a different take on it instead:

Well. They asked for an opinion.Well. They asked for an opinion.

































And as a final statement of reflecting upon all the exhibits and artwork, here it is:

Constructive feedback this.Constructive feedback this.

































The final museum I will discuss there is the Robert Frost Stone House Museum and gravesite.  Now this museum I truly respected in terms of its layout covering this famed poet’s life, family and achievements from cradle to grave.  The nice lady who runs it was very knowledgeable in a variety of subjects; it was a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  It was so enjoyable I decided to play dead next to Frost himself (if you notice my middle finger, that was purely unintentional at that moment):

A lovely spot to chill out at the day's end.A lovely spot to chill out at the day's end.


And in his honor with respect to Smeet, here is a poem just like the Frost classic “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” (it’s a parody as you’d expect):


Whose pics these are I think I know.   

They seem to be a bit fake though;   

They will all see you cursing here   

And watch your mouth fill up with crow.   


Your little mind must think it weird   

To stop without a grammar near   

Between your hands your chosen date   

The shortest cleaning of the year.   


You give your side pieces a break   

To spend a few with your “soulmate”.   

The only other sound’s the creep   

Who asks “age, Fakebook and Skipe, babe?”.   


The reals are crazy, snark and cheap,   

But I have frenemies to keep,   

And smiles to show before I streep,   

On all you mofos, CHECK OUT MY SHEET.


Until next time, have fun and happy Smeeting!

It's time to 'Trick or Treat?' in the Halloween Village!

Try and keep these demanding kids happy!That's a whole lotta candy...That's a whole lotta candy...

Trick or Treat?! You are a citizen of a spooky Halloween Village. Every year you invite children from all the around the world to spend an All Hallows´ Eve in your small village. Glorious.

This year, as always, you and the rest of the villagers have collected loads of Halloween accessories which the children can now use to get dressed up for their tour. It´s not Halloween without candy, of course, so you've also prepared all kinds of sweets!

At the end of these extensive preparations, however, one of the elderly women in the village expressed concern about all the sugar and decided to add something healthy to the buckets. Madness!

Unfortunately, it´s way too complicated to sort out the small candy bars, candies and lollipops. So you just have to hope that the kids will like the added Tofu Candy and don´t play vicious tricks on the houses they get it from! What could go wrong?

Aside from this, we have another little surprise for you - since Halloween is candy time, you now have the chance to collect as much candy as you can and earn extra Fame Points! The 20 users that have filled the most Halloween Buckets by 31st October will get a special Halloween reward...and the domain that has filled the most buckets will also earn 1 Point for the Smeet Halloween Games!

So grab the buckets and ready...set...go!

The Greatest of All Time?

 Roger Federer profile with Sports Reporter Oº°‘¨ψ† ● Ĉнιтσx ● †ψ¨‘°ºO
Here is a brief overview of Federer and the most important landmarks in his career:

Federer was born in Basel, Switzerland. to a Swiss father and a South African mother in 1981. 
He began his career in tennis at the age of eight. He was one of the best young players in Switzerland by the age of eleven.
Federer decided to become a tennis professional in 1998 and starred in 2001 when he knocked down American first seed Pete Sampras in the fourth round of Wimbledon.
In 2003 Federer became the first Swiss player to win a Grand Slam title after winning the Wimbledon final against Mark Phillipoussous.
Since that year, Federer's achievements have been non-stop. The most prominent are :  Has become the first player to win the title of two different series of major tournaments five consecutive times (at Wimbledon and the US Open) and in 2006 he reached the final of the French Open and won the Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open.
Many experts consider his match against Nadal in the 2008 Wimbledon final to be the best tennis match in the history of the game. Federer lost that final.
Federer also managed to break Sampras' record of 14 major titles in 2009 after winning the Wimbledon title and leading the international rankings. Federer also won two gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic games and a silver medal at London 2012.
Best Regards  -Ĉнιтσx :)
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