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Hard Rock Hallelujah!

Complete your heavy rock band line-up in the Trials of SmeezlebubHmmm, this room scares me to be honest. I miss happy music. The Beach Boys anyone? Anyone? Hello?Hmmm, this room scares me to be honest. I miss happy music. The Beach Boys anyone? Anyone? Hello?

Your heavy rock band is missing something. A sick lead guitarist. A bloke you met down the pub has told you about a legendary axeman who should fit the bill perfectly. His name is Smeezlebub. Weird name, to be honest. But you are a mad rock 'n' roller, so you go in search for him anyway.

The only issue. He lives in a strange fiery hell that would intimidate even the most hardcore rock warriors, and in order to gain Smeelzebub as a member of your sick Rock Band you have to prove yourself worthy.

Look into the Mirror of Fearlessness, collect Souls and walk up to the stony Altar of Smeelzebub! As a reward you will get a minimum of 1,000,000 Fame Points and a devilish Badge. You will be able to learn some mad skills from this master of the chords and, thanks to our Add Ons in the Shop, you can add more members to create the most hellish Rock Band ever and earn up to 3,000,000 Fame Points and a significant amount of Home Value! It's time to face your fears and rock the stage!

Ladies Night!

WillKane reports on his latest event.Hope you had a ball ladies!Hope you had a ball ladies!

Hey everyone, it’s WillKane. When you put together a group of women and videos of sexy topless men along with fun music celebrating womanhood and (insert your object of choice here), you get Ladies Night. Whether it was a scene from The Full Monty or Magic Mike where their fully shaved bodies suddenly broke free of the clothes enslaving their sexiness, or Prince crawling from his bathtub to your secret midnight fantasy, there was plenty of candy for the ladies who came to The Ladies Room to feast their hungry eyes on.  Not only that, but also there were great songs by women, for women, about women and men and all things in between, all in good fun. This party was also the day before Mother’s Day this past Saturday May 7, so I thought it was important to honor all the mothers, especially the sexy mother…(insert choice word here), and free drinks to each lady served courtesy of Phearce (and to mr_fantome, because he just had to have his beer).


Just like my last party, we had as many as 18 people in the room at once, dressed to impress and hot to trot, shaking what they were born with like a Polaroid picture all over the downstairs dance floor and stage featuring videos described above, and an upstairs lounge which Shady used to check out the rear…of the room. There were also several dice in the room to roll and pass the time between songs, fun and more fun. As one might expect, there was no shortage of stimulating talk, including nichola.lowther  reciting a catchy little poem about Jack burning his good friend (we’ll call him Richard) while jumping over the candlestick. There was also talk of different sizes and positions… of chess pieces, especially the king being under the queen since the queen is most powerful. And then there was mr_fantome kindly offering a free ride on his pony, like Ginuwine, for anyone who wanted to volunteer, but sadly for him, no one did.


Like any other party, I want to thank everyone who came, including ridha.bouabidi, monimadeit, enaee, SofiaMonroe, MissyFab, OoO DARKDEVIL OoO, $uSan, INFO Dark Knight, INFO jenna, nichola.lowther, Phearce, bykerdude, Shady, mr_fantome, modsta, LuCkY, INFO Blonde Cowgirl, Sinsationz, npzs223, Lilian, marwen.mansour, Alicia3840, Serendipity, JohannaSmeet, Kipcreate, Ryan0114, lovergirl, Roxy, Pikey Suzanne-Immortalz, katie.hawk, giggles, INFO Sasha Nikole, Juney & Ganja, and anyone else I may have missed.

Until next time, have fun and happy Smeeting!


P.S. I am starting up again my “It Pays To Read The Smeet Blog” Coin Giveaway for 500 coins to the first Smeeter who private messages me the correct answer to the following question, which I answered in my article above:

“Who volunteered to ride on mr_fantome’s pony?”

Everyone else (no alts!) who answers correctly after the winner, between now and my event or article, whichever comes first, will receive 25 coins each.

Answer WillKane's teaser for a chance to win Coins!Answer WillKane's teaser for a chance to win Coins!

Group Challenge Update!

Some interesting additions to the Group Challenge are here!Welcome our new additions warmly...and then beat them in the next Challenge!Welcome our new additions warmly...and then beat them in the next Challenge!

Let's put some spice in our weekly Group Challenges! The domains of Turkey, Lithuania and Greece will now join the fight to reach the Top Ten!

Don't be discouraged if you dropped some ranking places on the High Score list due to the entrance of the three domains: take it as motivation to climb the ladder and show everyone that your group has few rivals that can match it!

Escape the Temple of Tana'is!

Get yourself outta there!Not gonna lie, this place looks absolutely bloody mental. I wouldn't hang about...Not gonna lie, this place looks absolutely bloody mental. I wouldn't hang about... 

You have been teleported into the mysterious Land of Tana'is!

Don't ask how or why this happened, just accept that you now find yourself in something of a sticky situation. There are flames everywhere, and the place looks generally a bit unstable. What an absolute hassle.

You will have to solve a tricky puzzle, master different abilities and combat the ever-present hazards in order to get the desired gemstones and finally get out of Tana'is! The place may be crawling with ghosts and dangerous traps, but it also seems to have a number of clues on show that will surely help you escape the enigmatical land... use your power and your head to improve your skills and obtain wisdom, your reward of 3,000,000 Fame Points and a Badge will not be earned lightly...but they are right behind that door!


Best of luck!

Italy Wins Smeetovision!

The annual song contest saw another epic battle this year!Congratulations to the Italians, you deserved your victory!Congratulations to the Italians, you deserved your victory!

After a wonderful event in the new International Room, hosted by the Turkish entertainers (the winners of last year) and our admins, Smeetovision 2016 came to a conclusion. All this year's entries were fabulous - who knew that Smeeters have the best singing voices? However, one entry stood out above all: Italy won the Smeetovision by a landslide victory, as —(•·÷[ѕcєяιffιиα]÷·•)— (id: 18647840) made us shed some tears with her angelic rendition of "E invece no"!

Second place went to France with the wonderful performance of ● +/-to +/-● в ℓ α к-∂ ∂ cents ιαмση ™ ● +/-to +/-● (id: 27051199) who sang "Les yeux de la Mama" by Kendji Girac. Spain placed third with "Hijo de la Luna". (*_*) мояяЇtоs dэ ₣яэsα (*_*) (id: 10050385) and put new life to into this magical tale through her exquisite singing voice.

The rewards for our contestants are as follows - 1st Place: 250,000 Fame Points, a gift from the Shop worth up to 2000 Coins, 6 months Gold-VIP membership and the Star Badge!

2nd Place: 150,000 Fame Points, a gift from the Shop worth up to 1000 Coins, 4 months Gold-VIP membership and the Star Badge!

3rd Place: 100,000 Fame Points, a gift from the Shop worth up to 500 Coins, 3 months Gold-VIP membership and the Star Badge!

All other contestants will receive 1 month Gold-VIP membership, 50,000 Fame Points and one gift from the Shop up to 250 Coins! We have a surprise for all the Italian users as well: Sceriffina's performance guaranteed a Golden Angel Statue for the whole Italian Community. Enjoy your gift guys!

The competition is not over yet though, the Smeetovision 2016 Stage presents a new challenge for those who want to see their country win. Currently Germany is leading by a large margin - we wonder if it will stay like that until the end or if another server can stage a comeback to snatch glory?

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