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We're looking for new roles!

Ready for a fresh new start with EN Smeet? We're seeking to recruit and add to our volunteer team! If you are interested, please make sure to read this information carefully.

Before going to the Roles we are calling for, please make sure that you qualify before you sending in  your application:

• You have a clean record (no kicks) as of the past six months.

• Level 40 or above (an absolute must for Entertainers). 

• Knowledge and experience in the Smeet 3D World.

• Ability to follow the Smeet "Code of Conduct" and set a good example for other users.


Sports Reporter - Requires tapping into that creative writing side. Sports Journalists write about recent sporting events or upcoming Sporting events.

- Requirement: Interest in sports and everything that concerns to it. Collaboration & daily commitment on updating sporting events. Sports Journalists are required to send in an article once a month.


Officiant - Must pertain a willingness to throw wedding events for Smeeters 18+, host Wedding events in their 3D Rooms (designed for weddings), and lastly submit ID's of the happy couples whom wish to have the Wedding badge. See

- Requirement: If you have thrown a wedding before, please submit an image of: 1 Wedding Room you have prepared in your 3D Home and one Officiate dress. If you haven't thrown a wedding, please submit any other images that we require.


Gossip Queen - Requires tapping into that creative writing side! Gossip Queens love to write about all Smeet-related topics, and have a chance to get their writings published in the blog!

- Requirement: Lighthearted and fun gossip (anything Smeet related, but non-harmful to fellow Smeeters - minimum of two paragraphs).



Entertainer - Requires throwing weekly events in which all Smeeters can attend, and are invited!

Entertaining users, throwing super fun contests, and allowing Smeeters to have a good time is an absolute must!

- Requirement: Essential requirements are ongoing participation, a microphone and a web-cam that work properly, good command of the language, available to collaborate with other entertainers and with the admin, as well as the personal qualities of sympathy, education, outstanding creativity, new ideas for events and the most important no embarrassment!


DJ – Requires a good taste of music. They must  throw live music mixing events in which all Smeeters can attend, and are invited!

- Requirement: Essential requirements are ongoing participation, a microphone, a web-cam, mixing console (or virtual console) that works properly, good taste in music, mixing, defined style, create new playlists on every event and no embarrassment!


All applicants must send in a sample of their work in order to ensure a complete application through our Support Form. Additionally, please only send one application - repeated applications will not be considered. The deadline for submitting applications is September, the 24th - anything sent after this date will not be considered!

We look forward to receiving your applications! Good luck!



Exclusive interview to Ersin!

Interview of this week to Ersin, one of our 3D designers, focused in avatar items and moves!

What type of items do you create? How much time do you need for each of them? A dance, an avatar collection, a Pet…

We are creating avatar item collectionsavatar animationspets and pet items. There is a lot of technical issue behind the avatar items, we must be careful on them. 
Generally, we are really spending a lot of effort on our avatar and pet collections. Which are included, graphic research, conceptual drawing, modelling in 3D, 2D texturing, rigging with avatar bone structure, creating animations, testing, bug fixing etc… Usually this complete process takes our one week to create a complete avatar collection.

Do you check the last trends to create new avatar collections?

Before we starting to create our collection, usually we are searching the general trendsfashion weeks and magazines. Before we decide the content, we discuss it a lot during the content planning. We have a lot of different domains, therefore we have to be careful about our content. Usually we are creating international trends but sometimes we are also creating some special contents for different countries.

Which content is the most successful in general?

We have a lot of successful contents. Basically sexy and luxury contents are the best, but we have also other successful contents, such as Steam Punkvampiresgothicand music styles.

And the most special items that you have created? What was the first one?

When we are creating a new feature about the items, we are usually really excited about them, for example our first pet and our first dances are really special for me.

What is the most difficult thing about creating a Pet?

The most difficult thing about pet is the technical side. Whenever we are creating a new pet, we are completely creating a new bone structure for it. You have to know the animal anatomy really well on this direction. Otherwise you can’t animate them and you can easily fail.

What do you like about working at Smeet?

The most exciting part of working at Smeet is feeling the impact of your creations on the user side. Imagine you are creating an exclusive item, and when we make it online it's hitting the bestselling item on its first day. This makes me really happy, if I am the designer of that item. 


Thanks Ersin!


The pirates have entered Smeet!

You, the captain of the most notorious crew of the seven seas, are very close to finally digging out Pirate Bluebeards treasure! Unfortunately, you are running out of time,because other pirates are already on their way to steal your treasure! Quick, repair your ship that has been damaged on the way to the treasure's island! If you manage to dig out the treasure until the 17th of September, you will get the entire 1.000.000 Fame Points that Pirate Bluebeard hid many years ago! Otherwise, the other pirates will steal away most of the treasure!

There is also a bronzesilver and golden badge waiting for you! That means that even the slow pirates will get a badge and some Fame Points for repairing the ship!

So, what are you waiting for, landsman??? Buy the room in the shop and start the fun! 

The pirates have entered Smeet!The pirates have entered Smeet!

Exclusive interview to Alberto!

We realized last week that you really liked our interview to Max, so we will continue doing interviews to people of other teams. This week it´s time to interview Alberto, one of our oldest admins, that has been helping us with the Spanish domain for more than 3 years. Do you want to know about more about the Smeet Team? Continue reading this interesting interview!

What are the main tasks of a member of the Smeet Team?

Our job is quite dynamic because we have a lot of things to do:

  • Translations from German to all the other languages that we have in the community
  • Take care of Facebook, blog, Newsletters and coordinating all the others images that you see about Smeet
  • Doing our Support
  • Being inside the game to answer any question and listening to their suggestions
  • Thinking about new content, events, contests…

What do you need to become an admin in Smeet?

Well, first of all you have to live in Berlin, because our offices are here.

Then it´s very important that you have some studies related with the job: Business management, linguistics… or something similar

And of course you should speak ideally 3 languages, your native one, English and German

Then being a friendly person, able to solve issues to the Smeeters and creative to think about new ideas to improve the community. At the end it´s a cocktail of all of these topics

Do you have many funny anecdotes in Smeet? Can you tell us one?

Yes, Smeet is a very funny place to work because we see many curious situations. I remember one day that I was on a bar with a couple of colleagues and we were talking about the game: “I love the moon, I´d like to have it for my house but it´s for level 200. I prefer the aeroplane, it will fit perfectly for me”. And then we turned our faces and we saw everyone on the table next to us couldn´t understand what we were talking about, thinking that we were crazy.

Tell us the truth. Can you find real love in Smeet?

Smeet is a magical place for love, and not only behind the screen. I found my actual girlfriend here in the office a couple of years ago. But of course it´s possible to find love inside Smeet. In these years I know at least 10 couples that have married or had a kid in real life. And much more that are having a relationship or have met outside the game. We have to put dozens of rings every week, so we can tell the Smeeters 100% sure that love is in the air in Smeet.

What can you tell us about the future of Smeet? Any important news?

I feel very excited about the new features and the new content that we are planning to have for the game in the next months. (There are some things that we are sure that Smeeters will love). We try, as always, to improve the community every day and keep people engaged with new contests and events. We have solved some technical issues lately, so in this moment I can only see the future of Smeet with a smile in the face that we hope to trespass to the Smeeters

Anything else that you would like to tell the Smeeters?

Well, I just would like to say thank you to all of them, because they are the main characters of our community and without them and their feedback Smeet wouldn´t exist. We are trying to make the best game as possible with the resources that we have, and our main goal is to keep people happy. You wouldn´t believe how proud we feel when a user comes to us and tell that Smeet has changed their life in a very positive way. Being part of this great team that tries to satisfy Smeeter´s dreams is a great experience that I´ll never forget.


It's US Open Tennis, Baby!

Hi, WillKane here again. Once named “the least wussy of the wussy sports” by MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch (a guilty pleasure back in my college days), some may wonder what’s so special about tennis, much less US Open tennis, because after all, it’s just two rackets and a ball getting whacked over and over and over a net again, right? Yeah, that’s true, but with any sport, it’s all about the competitors and camaraderie, and even a “wussy” sport like tennis has all of that and a little more. My wife and I got to see a few matches recently at Cincinnati’s Western & Southern Open, and for me I got to see firsthand a real competitor in Taylor Townsend, a young upstart who Serena Williams has dubbed “the future of American tennis.” She doesn’t have that much of a shot against Serena in the first round this year, but no doubt that match will be entertaining.


So we have a wide-open men’s and women’s singles US Open draw this year (sorry, but I don’t watch doubles very often), and this whole year has been more wide open than normally what we’ve seen in past years, with a different winner for each Slam so far. Although Serena is the two-time defending champion and clearly favored, even with her win at Western & Southern, she just hasn’t looked good this year in Grand Slams. But she is still the best in the women’s game when fit and committed, for now. Maria Sharapova, even though she won the French Open earlier this year, has never won more than one major in a year, despite her being an obvious contender this time. Some possibly great matches include a solid fourth round match between Sharapova and a reemerging Wozniacki and quarterfinals of Kvitova vs. Bouchard and either Sharapova/Wozniacki vs. World number two Simona Halep. But you can expect Serena Williams vs. a first-time US Open finalist in the championship match, in my opinion. Expect Serena to win her 18th Grand Slam title.


For the men’s draw, Rafa is out with an injury, again, so even with the Joker as the top seed, I think this is Roger Federer’s tournament to lose (what can I say, he is my favorite tennis player) because he has looked the best of the top seeds by far since Wimbledon and has a very favorable draw, especially with Nadal out. Federer’s biggest scare before the Final would be Grigor Dimitrov with this year’s Wimbledon semifinal breakthrough, but I still like Federer’s experience in that one, with a possibility of Tomas Berdych lingering in the semis should he go through and beat Ferrer, who is arguably the bulldog of men’s tennis. Don’t get me wrong, Djokovic is crazy good at his finest and is ranked 1a to Nadal’s 1b (when Nadal of course is healthy), but that possible quarterfinal match with Murray should be brutal. I’m not sure I like his chances, given his recent wedding and that he’s going to be a dad, against a healthy Murray, much less the possibility of facing in the semis either a dangerous Miles Raonic or Stan Wawrinka, the Australian Open winner who has a great chance of reaching the final here in the prime of his career.


I personally look forward to watching some of these matches online at, and of course it’ll be on ESPN and CBS for everyone to watch from Monday August 25 until Monday September 8. I’m sure all of you tennis fans on Smeet out there already know it, but for any other Smeeter curious about the game, the US Open may not have the same prestige or mystique as Wimbledon or the French Open, but still is exciting nonetheless, so feel free to check it out.

In the meantime, have fun and happy Smeeting!

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