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It's a Monster Week on Smeet!

There's all sorts of crazy, ugly, nasty creatures creeping about this week, and we aren't talking about the admins... 

This week is all about monsters. Oh and the small matter of an impending apocalypse! Nothing major then!

First of all, you have the opportunity to create your own monster. Just like Frankenstein. And, as we all know, that ended well for all involved...

Simply acquire the Lab Table with the backpack on it and start feeding what's inside! The reward will be something you've never seen before in Smeet. Let's just say: Austin Powers' nemesis Dr. Evil had one of these too!

Seriously. What's the worst that can happen?Seriously. What's the worst that can happen?

Next up, we have loads and loads of costumes for you. Release the beast inside, and get browsing in the Shop!

Remember not to dress up too realistically though, or we could end up with a Lord of the Flies situation. Awkwaaaard.

Well, I've seen scarier outfits, I have to say...Well, I've seen scarier outfits, I have to say...

And the crowning glory this week...The Apocalyptic Refuge!

This brand new room sees you struggling to survive in beleaguered Smeet City (Population: Dwindling. Fast.). Can you save it in time or will it go down in flames? Keep your eyes peeled for anything that can help you!

Parts of West London look exactly like this. Don't know what all the fuss is about.Parts of West London look exactly like this. Don't know what all the fuss is about.

Ocean Madness this Week on Smeet!

Restore and manage the lighthouse, an invaluable tool for passing ships!

A stormy sky, white sand and grass-covered dunes... and in the middle of it all an old lighthouse with crumbling paint. You have bought this magnificent beach but have a fair amount of restoration work to do! So, roll up your sleeves and get to work, cos in life there is no gain without pain. Ya feel? We feeeel...

Recolour the lighthouse with paint buckets and you will be rewarded with a oceanic amount of Fame Points and a unique Badge, not to mention the beautiful, untamed beach you can now call your own!

Goodness! Those shells appear to be flying! Dis world be crayyyyyyzeeee.Goodness! Those shells appear to be flying! Dis world be crayyyyyyzeeee.Speaking of nature untamed...there's a brave Captain stranded ashore at Sunset Beach who lost her spyglass during her last voyage, which sadly ended up with her ship and all belongings at the bottom of the sea. (So is she really 'brave'? Or just a rubbish sailor? We'll give her the benefit of the doubt).

Anyway...there will be a reward for any Smeeters who provide her a new one (a new spyglass, that is, not a new ship. We aren't all made of money, are we?). It's one of the more precious pieces of booty found at the bottom of the sea, so it's worth your while!

Get along to Sunset Beach and help her now!

Brian May, guitarist from Queen, suddenly finds himself washed up on Sunset Beach. Scenes.Brian May, guitarist from Queen, suddenly finds himself washed up on Sunset Beach. Scenes.

Sayuri's Relationship Column!

HOW WOULD I KNOW IF MY PARTNER IS CHEATING?Words of advice from Sayuri!Words of advice from Sayuri!

Oxford Dictionary defines the word infidelity:  “the action or state of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner.”  For purposes of this article, partner refers to the other person in a “committed” relationship.  First of all, cheating requires an “action”.  Sexual intimacy is, in and of itself, a de facto pledge of exclusivity.  If your partner is sleeping with you while secretly pursuing another relationship, it is CHEATING.”  (Quoted from : E-Harmony Advice on Relationships)

“Cheating isn’t always flirting, touching or kissing.  If you’re having text or chat conversations you wouldn’t want your partner to see because they would “mis-understand”.  You are CHEATING” (Author Unknown).

Here are some obvious signs of cheating in a relationship, you should be looking for:

  1.  You begin to notice emotional distance between the two of you.  Things just aren’t the way it used to be.  Your instinct tells  you your partner is being unfaithful.  Deep in your heart of hearts you sense something has gone wrong with your relationship.
  2. Your partner is suddenly less interested in physical intimacy with you.
  3. You begin  to spend less time together.  Your partner tells you he/she doesn’t have time for you like they used to.
  4. They suddenly encourage you to spend time with other people.  Their rationalization is if you spend time with other people, then I can too.
  5. There’s a distinct change in your partner’s schedule.  There are huge blocks of time your partner can not account for.  They often make excuses for the extended time of running errands.
  6. You notice suspicious computer or cell phone activity like secret texts, emails or strange websites.  Many people are caught cheating because of what is on their computers or cell phones.
  7. Your partner doesn’t answer certain phone calls when you’re around.
  8. They appear anxious when you’re together and want to leave, maybe they say they’re just “tired”.  Cheating drains their emotional and physical energy because of fear they’re going to get caught or from spending a lot of their time trying to cover their tracks.
  9. You notice a sudden change in their appearance, or they have an increased concern about how they look.


The above indicators are only some warning signs.  However, don’t turn your relationship into a situation where you feel you have to play detective.  If you notice any changes in behavior, routine, or personality of you partner, you should confront them and ask them.


You should always TRUST your partner, but do not ignore the red flags listed above, but always trust your “gut”  feelings.  Sometimes it’s just jealousy and insecurity creeping in.  If you can’t trust someone over time, don’t date them or end the relationship.  (Quoted from:  The Hope Line – Dawson McAllister)


What makes a good relationship is honesty and communication.  Always communicate your feelings to one another and if the relationship is salvageable, try to work on it.  However, continuous infidelity/cheating by your partner can be very devastating to one’s being.  There has been numerous scientific studies which indicates that the effects of cheating actually affects one’s brain in a negative way which leads to depression.


Always know your self worth.  You are a most valuable and worthwhile person, who does not deserve anything but love, respect, honesty, loyalty  and  communication.  My advice is this:  If your partner has been guilty of cheating the first time and  continues to cheat over and over again,  it is  time to move on and end the relationship.  Learn to be happy on your own……. Instead of having expectations of others to make you happy.  Having expectations of others to make us happy is always going to give us disappointments and discouragement and even depression.  So know who you are and know that you are such a valuable, unique, precious, cherished treasure who deserves only the best and good things in your life. 


So keep smiling, keep dancing, keep meeting new people and  enjoying Smeet until the next time we meet again.   <3   If you see me around on Smeet, please say “hi” and if you have any kind of relationship questions, please do not hesitate to message me and I will be sure to answer them in my relationship column.   Happy Smeeting to all of you!!  <3


SAYURI, EN Smeet Journalist,  ID#13520497

It's Movie Week on Smeet!

The glitz, the glamour, the awards, the...tantrums. It's a week to celebrate the silver screen and it's stars!  It's the week leading up to the Oscars, meaning TV, radio and the papers are all full of chatter about the last year's top films and their stars. Things are no different in Smeet (and we aren't just talking about the fact that Tuo won't stop doing his Marlon Brando Godfather impression), as this week is all about movies! Or 'the pictures', as my dear mother still insists on calling them. It's not the 1950s anymore mum...

Anyhow, the new clothing articles for this week are a mixture of evening outfits perfect for attending a high-profile gala, and some iconic stuff straight outta the movies and TV! So the tools are there for you guys to get creative (there is also a 'Filmstar' Avatar Contest running this week). Show us what you can do!

Ah, film stars. Famous for dressing in a low-key, humble and not-at-all outrageous manner.Ah, film stars. Famous for dressing in a low-key, humble and not-at-all outrageous manner.

There's also a special bonus on this week's Jet Set Star Smeekiez - if you manage to find them all a part in a movie (not as easy as it sounds, some of their acting skills are rubbish. Absolute rubbish), you will have the opportunity to build a Star Constellation which will give you an additional 150,000 Fame Points!

Watch out Hemsworth's, it's the latest acting dynasty to take over Hollywood - the Jet Set Star Smeekiez.Watch out Hemsworth's, it's the latest acting dynasty to take over Hollywood - the Jet Set Star Smeekiez. 

























Right, what's next? Oh yeah, if you are one of those Smeeters that likes to look radically different depending on your mood (surely that's just ALWAYS happy. Right?), check out the sale on Faces, Skins and Make-Up going on this week (sale ends Saturday!).

This picture legit freaks me out. Like, seriously. SOMEBODY GET THESE PEOPLE THEIR FACES BACK.This picture legit freaks me out. Like, seriously. SOMEBODY GET THESE PEOPLE THEIR FACES BACK.So, we hope you enjoy all the hype of pre-Oscars week as much as we are going to! Unless you hate movies and all things celebrity. In which case I wish you well and hope it doesn't cause you too many blues this week. Regardless, have a great week!

New Tombola Format - First Set of Results!

More winners than ever...did you make it to the top?We luuuurve the Tombola. it really rocks our world ya know.We luuuurve the Tombola. it really rocks our world ya know.

























We announced before the beginning of this round of the Tombola that a new format was being installed, and the first set of results are finally here!

A whopping NINE winners take home extra prizes this month, whilst the rest of you of course claim the participation prize. The details of the whole glorious thing are as follows!:

1st place: Mrs.Moon Lovegrove (ID: 11590147) - 250,000 Fame Points, 4000 Coins & the Gold Tombola Badge!

2nd place: Blonde Cowgirl (ID: 22107316) - 150,000 Fame Points, 3000 Coins & the Silver Tombola Badge!

3rd place: Mrs. Jet King (SweetT) (ID: 22939280) - 100,000 Fame Points, 2000 Coins, Bronze Tombola Badge!

4th place: ^^linkwood^^ (ID: 27319370) - 75,000 Fame Points, 250 Coins & the Wooden Tombola Badge!

5th place: Grace (ID: 24148171), ˜”°•.˜”°• Moon •°”˜.•°”˜ (ID: 6603173), Lauraaaa :D (ID: 23357238), noella57 (ID: 2710415) & Mr SkyFalke (ID: 14262599) - 50,000 Fame Points, 100 Coins & the Wooden Tombola Badge!

Plus there's 10,000 Fame Points & the Wooden Tombola Badge for the rest of the Smeeters who participated!


Hope you enjoyed it this month, and good luck for the next one!

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