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From Rags to Riches in the Alchemy Laboratory!

It's time to hit the lab!Yeah, it does look a bit like Snape's potions classroom.Yeah, it does look a bit like Snape's potions classroom.

Gemstones have a long tradition in the history of mankind. Most are pieces of mineral crystal which, in a cut and polished form, are used to make jewellery. Certain rocks, such as lapis lazuli, amber or pearls, are also used in jewellery and are therefore often also considered to be gemstones! Regardless, they all look pretty flashy!

In modern times, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are declared “precious”, whilst all others are categorised as “semi-precious”. Gemstones are identified by gemologists, who describe gems and their characteristics using technical terminology to ensure that real gemstones are correctly identified. Gemstones are very rare and, consequently, there are many myths that surround them!

You may have heard about some magical items that can be brought to life by using special gemstones on them! So you've been on a long journey to find these items as well as the gemstones! On the plus side, you found all the items you had heard about, but no matter how hard you looked you couldn't find the precious gemstones needed to activate them!

So now, after endless years of research and bad luck, you've decided to go back to your Alchemy Laboratory and try using your alchemy skills to turn some worthless ordinary rocks into the precious gemstones you require! Get worthless rocks from the spiders and turn them into gemstones by putting them in the different Pressure Vessels! If you collect enough Arcane Dust, you can also press it into a beautiful gemstone that helps you with your collection.

It all sounds so simple...but it could get complicated! Put your alchemy skills to work and complete your long-held dream!

Matchmaker • ◦˚ M ι š α ˚◦ • Luuuuurve Interview!

εϊз-ѕєαи-ℓυνѕ-¢нαя-εϊз and εϊз-¢нαя~ℓυνѕ~ѕєαи-εϊз are in the hotseat

Interview by you'r MatchMaker Miša.


Today I interview a couple that have found love in your favorite 3D world.

 The two people are: nick: εϊз-ѕєαи-ℓυνѕ-¢нαя-εϊз, id: 16232879 and nick: εϊз-¢нαя~ℓυνѕ~ѕєαи-εϊз, id: 20574896.


1. In which rooms you are well-known ?

- Sean : The tavern or country music either one we go both but I met her in the tavern.


2. Who made the first move?

- Sean : I made the first move.


3. Since when have you known each other on the game?

- Sean : We met in march of 2013 she was seeing someone else at the time. I also was with someone but neither one of seemed to be happy. So I made a move on her when we both became single.


4. Who said the first '' I love you ''?

- Char : I said the first I love you.


5. How long was it before you met in real life?

- Char : July 27th 2013 is the day we met.


6. Were you scared the first time you met?

- Sean : I was very nervous to meet her but I had two friends that I also met on sMeet with me when I met her. I was supposed to stay for 2 days with her and it turned out to be a week, then I didn't want to leave so I brought her back to florida with me and we stayed there from August 2013 til March 2014 - thats when we moved back to Georgia so we could take care of her mother.


- Char : Yes, I was also a little scared and nervous as well. But the moment I met him I knew it was real.


7. What was the first reaction when you met? Did you recognize this person you knew from the game?

- Sean : My first reaction was '' WOOW '' this girl is beautiful and I was so scared she wasn't going to like me because she looked better than I can remember from sMeet.


- Char : My first thought was '' OH MY GOSH '', this hot guy really wants me.. and he made me weak in the knees and still does to this day. The best thing about us is we were friends before we ever got together.


8. Do you live together and for how long?

- Char : We have been together since the first day we met, so at July 27th will be 4 years.


9. Do you think about marriage and children?

- Char : We both have kids.. and I can't have anymore. We are already married but are having our vows renewed on May 6th with family and friends.


10. In conclusion, you can confirm that love can be found even on a 3D game?

                - Sean : Yes love can be found on a 3D game and I confirm that because it's happened to me.

- Char : I'm a romantic.. I belive if it is meant to be you can fall in love anywhere including a 3D game. That is exactly what happened with me and Sean.

We both fell head over heels for each other. And fall more and more each day.


We can therefore say that yes, we can find love here on Smeet. If you want to find love simply contact your MatchMakers, we are always available. Don't be shy, it's what we are here for! You can trust us even if you have suffered in love previously, we will help you to get better and regain your self-confidence.


Your MatchMaker, • ◦˚ M ι š α ˚◦ •, ID: 25415914.

Admin Antics with WillKane!

“Why I Can Never Be An Info”




<nnn [at] ihateclowns [dot] com>



<wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com>



Today 1:09 AM



Application for guide (not to be taken seriously, but please enjoy...if you dare)








As you might have expected, I am WillKane, ID 24453995. First of all, I would not make a good guide, because the below application is a long-running joke all in good fun for the sake of trolls and all others with a broad enough sense of humor to have a cheap laugh at the expense of your time and effort to read this drivel. However, for other badges I would take seriously, I would submit a proper application should I be interested at that time. And without further ado, here are my answers to your questions below:


1) A Smeeter comes to you and says, “Please come here and kick this person, he/she is trolling the action box! You go to the Room and see that a Smeeter is trolling the action box with swear words. What do you do next?  Here is an example of what I would say and do should I see a Smeeter trolling the action box with swear words:


Me to Troublemaker: "Let me guess, you are probably between the ages 10-14 and you still have an abnormal love for puppies and kitties, but just learned about cussing from at least one of your parents and the cool kids you wish you could be. Boy or girl, it doesn’t matter, and you don’t matter. You wear pink Barbie underwear and the sight of Justin Bieber makes you sour cream your pants. And to prove it, after I do a reverse IP search and have your computer, I’ll tap into your webcam and broadcast you live on a My Little Pony alternative entertainment site where 20 to 50-year-old bronies can enjoy your fugliness. THEN I’ll start with the warnings, first, second, third and final, blah blah blah. After that, I’ll skip the mute and kick to escort you to the Public Toilets inside The Tavern where, assuming admin approves my “special punishment” option reserved for headcases like yourself, the real discipline begins. Your avatar will not only have jagged-edge soap shoved down your throat, but I will also waterboard you using the filthiest unflushed toilet until you either repent of your wayward talk or your gurgling noises start to weaken, in which case I will have no choice but to spare your worthless life. Finally, I will release your avatar back into Smeet, hopefully never to be seen again in your present form, until you learn the meaning of respect and netiquette, not to mention better taste in…everything."


2) A Smeeter whispers you saying, “Please kick this person, she is harassing me in whisper!” How do you respond to the situation? I would respond by having the troubled Smeeter whisper the following back to his or her tormentor:


"When I finally got checked in to the nursing home, and after my birdbrain grandkids said goodbye, the most peculiar woman named Pauline came up to me, all sexy in her bedpan-smelling robe with nightie and her brand new wheelchair (because she leaked through all the other ones). She neighed loudly at me, exclaiming, “Want your ox…plow my field,” just before grabbing my sleeping beast. Wanting to seize the first of hopefully many chances at mowing nursing home lawns, I bribed her nurse to look the other way and keep a lookout for an hour with a $20 and a pack of smokes. Then Pauline was all mine, with her room all for us. She started to neigh more softly as I removed her robe and raised up her nightie to reveal and enjoy the wrinkled fruits of the land down under that time wished it could forget, but hey, I gotta do who I gotta do, you know? I then flipped her over gently. Her black hole was immaculate, but I thought better of it and left it alone while entering the horse slowly into the stable. Her neighs gradually became louder to where I had to ask the nurse for a small hand towel to gag her so as not to arouse suspicion. So as the train started barreling down the tunnel of love 40 minutes into it (because of my advanced age, it was the fastest I could do, so hush), she yelled in a muffled voice, “Delmar, oh Delmar, take me home through the pearly gates!” Finally I flipped her back facing me and whispered in her ear, “Does the tired kittycat want some milk, or should I rain upon your Appalachians?” Unable to make out her answer, and then fearing my time was almost up, both of us relieved ourselves into the nearby bedpan, handed it to the nurse, and I whistled Dixie on my way back to my room."


Have a great day,


Smeetovision 2017 - EN/INT Qualification Event!

Win Coins and the chance to represent our servers in the final on Friday!Are you the next Whitney or Timberlake?Are you the next Whitney or Timberlake?

Calling all budding popstars from the EN/INT servers! We now have the full details of our qualification event, taking place TOMORROW (9th May) at 08:45pm UK time (that's 3:45pm on the U.S. East Coast) in DJ THROWDOWN!

Awesome EN Entertainer ºø¡●◊●¡øºЌίαгά●Ĥℓмºø¡●◊●¡øº (ID: 27836029) is running the event, so get in touch with her if you want to enter and put yourself in the running for the following prizes:

1st Place: 200 Coins, 10000 Fame Points, 10000 Dimes and the honour of representing EN/INT at the big final on Friday!

2nd Place: 150 Coins, 8000 Fame Points and 8000 Dimes.

3rd Place: 100 Coins, 6000 Fame Points and 6000 Dimes.


All you need is a microphone to sing into! This is always great fun, and we hope to find a real contender to bring home the glory to EN/INT this year!

So make sure you get involved! :)

Big Sunday Sale on Smeet!

We have discounts on absolutely EVERYTHING in all the Smeet Shops!Don't let this opportunity to revamp your 3D Home slip away!Don't let this opportunity to revamp your 3D Home slip away!

Well, well Smeeters! Today we're having a BIG SALE! 24 hours with 10% off EVERYTHING in all the Smeet Shops!

Anything your heart desires is cheaper from now until Monday at 9am UK time (that's 4am East Coast U.S. time)!

By the way, if you've always wanted to get hold of the "Shopping Star" Badge this is also your opportunity! The 5 Smeeters in each domain that take the most advantage of the sale will be rewarded with the special badge.

It's time to go shopping!

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