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Best New Year's Eve Outfit!!!

Dear Smeeters, the winner of the New Year's Eve contest is ∞Ļΐѕΐana∞ and her perfect outfit!!! Congratulations you have received a great gift, go and check in your messages!!!

Thank to you Smeeters for participating, we love you and wish a year full of emotions and love!!!New Year's Eve best outfit!!!New Year's Eve best outfit!!!

Create a lot of Fireworks in your Factory!!!

Dear Smeeters, do you want to have a crazy New Year's Eve?

If you help us to create a lot of fireworks in the new Firework Factory, which you can find in the shop, you will certainly have a wonderful New Year's Eve!!!

If you complete this room, arriving at 100% with all the Smeeters, until the New Year's Eve (European Time), you will see a magnificent show of fireworks in the New Year's Room which will astonish you and prepare you for a new year on Smeet!!!

And if you work hard in the room you will also get even more prizes, so don't wait and begin to produce your entertainment!!!


Fireworks Factory!!!Fireworks Factory!!!

Christmas party!!!

Dear Smeeters the 1st ever, annual 24hour Christmas Party is coming!!!

Presented by MrLove, MrsBlueLove, Coop, Wild Angel and Allen

The party starts at 7am US (12pm UK) on 12/21/ and ends at 7am US (12pm UK) 12/22/13. The party is broken up in 6hour shifts among the party givers:
MrLove: 7am US (12pm UK) to 1pm US (6pm UK)
Wild Angel: 1pm US (6pm UK) to 7pm US (12am UK)
Coop: 7pm US (12am UK) to 1am US (6am UK)
MrsBlueLove: 1am US (6am UK) to 7am US (12pm UK)

Everyone come out and celebrate the Christas Season and enjoy Great Music and great company. All time zones are welcome to this great party!!!

Merry Christmas,

Thanks to MrLove for the text.
Christmas party!Christmas party!

Smeet Monthly Horoscope for December!!!

Aries - Getting away from the frustrations that you've battled with will be a fantastic reward for you this month. Its gonna be important what words you decide to choose this month also Aries. A surprise gift could be given to you by someone you may know or not know but it will be worth it.

Taurus - This month is all about what you share with other people. There could be a lot of surprises in store for you this month Taurus, maybe even something you been wanting. Don't be surprised even after so long after you enjoy the holidays and have a good time, you start focusing on your fitness and health more than you ever have before.

Gemini - Hello Gemini, this month is going to be very exciting and positive. Don't be afraid to be who you are because this could really help you with job interviews and other similar situations that involves you being you. It's possible you could have a very hot fling over the holidays and it could be with someone you really like. There could be a chance where someone your related to may give you a great money-making idea, so most of this month is part of your financial situation also and involves trying to make money and focusing on doing better.

Cancer - This month it looks like you will be very active when it comes to getting ready for the holidays and making sure it will be fun and exciting and later on this month you may meet some sort of friendship or romantic relationship.

Leo - You are in the holiday mood early and wanting to connect with old friends and meeting new friends. There may also be some sort of big gathering that brings everybody together that will bring a fun and joyful vibe.

Virgo - This month Virgo is mainly about finances and planning ahead and getting organized which will save you from a lot of problems later on. Moving further into the month you may also meet a friendly connection that may turn into something wonderful.

Libra - Getting in touch with family and friends may be your main goal this month and trying to get everyone together to have a good time during holiday season and getting organized early will help you out so you can be ready on Christmas day.

Scorpio - Hello Scorpio, you may be feeling very generous this month and shopping wisely for presents and getting your shopping done early so you will be ready for future events. Keeping calm and relaxed will most likely help you out this month and most likely make positive things happen.

Sagittarius - This month is all about making changes for the better and getting started on a new and healthier routine. Your social life may get very busy during the holiday season and as you move on your main focus will be your financial situation and being organized will help out a lot with this.

Capricorn - This month it seems like you may be on the move this may be business related or traveling to see family. If your single you may be solo for a while but a mystery admirer could be ready to make this a very exciting romantic month for you Capricorn. It may not even be something everyone knows about until you really start to be more involved with each other.

Aquarius - Just being your self this month may get you a very long way. You may be in the search for that special someone and if you're not single this is a great time to improve or make your relationship better and spending more quality time during the holiday season to bringing you more closer together than ever before.

Pisces - There may be lots and lots to look forward to this month Pisces. You may find your self with several different options and have to choose a few and being able to manage your time. You seem to be a go-getter this month when it comes to what you want and the best thing to do is to just go get it since there's a good chance you will. Just being positive and staying true will get you along way and watch and take care of your budget this month so it does not get out of hand.


Smeet Monthly Horoscope!Smeet Monthly Horoscope!

Show your Style to everybody!!!

Dear Smeeters, remember that you have until this evening to fill all the 20 slots of Styles in your profile to get the Paparazzi Kit and a lot of Fame Points!!!

Show your Style and creativity to everybody and behave like a proper Fashion Victim!!!

Show your Style to everybody!!!Show your Style to everybody!!!

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