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10 Years of Smeet: Celebrate With Us!

It's a big party on Smeet this week as we celebrate our first decade!2006 seems a long, long time ago. So long, it actually scares us.2006 seems a long, long time ago. So long, it actually scares us.

We are very proud to announce that Smeet is ten years old this week!

How quickly time passes, right? Some of you lovely guys and girls have been with us for years now. Many of you found real friendships and love inside this game and we are just happy that we could provide an environment where these things were possible. We gave Smeet the body, you guys brought the soul and together we have achieved a very unique thing. We want to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for creating the best stories and making this game a unique experience compared to any other game out there.

So, sure, past achievements are all well and good and great to talk about, but where does Smeet go from here? The answer is obvious to us - we feel like we are going as strong as ever and we'll continue to create for you guys as long as there's a single Smeeter playing. It is a privilege to be able to create for, support and be part of such a unique community (and a lot of fun as well, of course! ;) ).

Currently we have two new community managers who you might have already met: Alissa and Noha. Alissa is helping us with Facebook, events and contests along with the German domain, while Noha is taking care of the French community's needs together with Flotsam. As the community team becomes larger, we aim to be there for you guys whenever you have an issue or a wish!

Regarding the immediate future...the next big news is going to be in relation to the new Group Challenge Rewards. We have some big surprises for you so stay tuned! There are also a few other new features planned that we haven't mentioned as yet (did somebody say Group Chat?) but all in due time!

Finally, let's talk about the here and now! We'll have some awesome surprises for you this whole week, starting with a 10% Sale off everything in the Shop!

Get ready for some birthday madness!

- Tuonela, Lead Community Manager

Weekly Challenge Report with Joscri!

This week's Boosts Challenge was an absolute corker! Here's the round-up of how it went...Another hard-fought week in the Group Challenge, how did you get on?Another hard-fought week in the Group Challenge, how did you get on?

Smeeters! Here's your crazy writer, Joscri, again. I’m here once again to give you a summary of the week's Group Challenge.

For this week's challenge, running from October 28th to November 3rd, we had to collect as many Boosts as possible. Smeet had us all waiting for our Booster machines to produce in order to get points and overcome our opponent.

Smeet has many different Booster machines, but my favorite one is the hamster; with it you have a pretty pet for an accessible price.

Yet again, “The invencibles” remain in 1st position - they won against “King club” by 55,074,975 to 14,376,336 Boosts, although they only add 9 points to their tally. Congratulations!


The three individual Smeeters who collected the most Boosts were:

1st: KitsiKitsi, leader of the group “elite unit”, who currently sit 11th in the group rankings, collecting 15.393.235 Boosts.

2nd: dikkat, co-leader of the group “The invencibles”, who currently sit 1st in the group rankings, collecting 12,872,725 Boosts.

3rd: doxis69, official of the group “ALPHAS”, who currently sit 4th in the group rankings, collecting 9,115,880 Boosts.


Congratulations to them, they have all done some great work this week! I bet they always have Boosts available to complete their rooms!

I also want to mention the “ALPHAS”, who continue to increase their ranking. They had a great challenge week, winning by 53,791,519 to 27,089,146 Boosts against “Ellada”, who have been one of the top-ranked groups for a long time. So, for this… congratulations!

Each Thursday we start betting with our friends about what Group Challenge Smeet will set us next. What will we face next? We’ll know soon, so let’s go Smeeters! On to the next challenge!

•Joѕcяι ∂є Cяιs (CўJ)•

Make an Autumn getaway at the Cozy Autumn Cabin!

A relaxing new room that's perfect to avoid those chilly October days!

Summer is but a distant memory. Yet the harsh depths of winter and the festive season still seem so far away. It's getting colder outside and the days are shorter, but the sun still puts in an occasional appearance. It's really a quite special time of year.

We absolutely LOVE autumn here at Smeet. The leaves turn into a wonderful kaleidoscope of red, orange and brown and the fresh (though some may say too fresh!) air clears away any cobwebs brought on by the heat of summer. On the flipside, it also gets harder to get up in the morning (some of our admins are definitely guilty of that) and one sometimes longs for a warm and quiet place to escape from the work-focused atmosphere of the autumn months...

So, having said all that, we now present to you Smeet's Cozy Autumn Cabin! We've tried to create an uber-comfortable room where you can hide from all your worries and enjoy the autumn in front of a fireplace. It's the perfect place to grab your soulmate, best friend or some randomer you met on Tinder and spend some one on one time together!

Get hold of the cabin, pop the kettle on and enjoy the stunning view of the lake. Stress is a thing of the past!

Words of advice from Sayuri!

DO I BELIEVE IN MYSELF?A bit of self-confidence can take you anywhere!A bit of self-confidence can take you anywhere!

Why is it important to believe in yourself?  If one does not believe in oneself --- nothing will matter.   I have noticed that the most “common denominator” in people who do not believe in themselves is:  self –doubt.    “The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful  ones (in health, business, in life and in  ALL  relationships) is that successful people are determined to make the situation work for them---- rather than playing the role of the victim and searching for reasons why a situation/problem won’t work.”  (Author Unknown).

Believe in Yourself:   “The biggest difference I’ve noticed between successful people and unsuccessful people isn’t intelligence or opportunity or resources.   It  is the belief that  they  can make their goals happen.”

Nothing will work , if you do not believe in yourself.   I chose to write an article on this very important topic of believing in yourself because if  there is no belief in oneself:  nothing will work and nothing will matter to you.   You will just be existing and going through this journey of life meandering aimlessly with  no desire to accomplish anything (no goals or dreams)   or a desire to become successful in the many talents and gifts God has endowed each human being with. 

How to Learn to Believe in Yourself:   What does believing in yourself mean?  It is a confidence which you have in yourself when faced with obstacles or problems, you always view them as an opportunity to figure it  out and go for it ---- even if you know you are NOT qualified.  It is the opposite mentality of a victim mentality, which focuses only on negative thinking always.

I truly believe that if one has a strong belief in oneself, anything is possible.  However, without  this strong belief in oneself:   negative thoughts and comments from others will always affect your relationships with other people and loved ones,  your measure of success in life and your attitude.  Thus,  it is extremely important that one understands,  have a great desire to improve oneself and practice every day to learn to believe in yourself.

Believing in oneself, takes a lot of practice.  People with low self-esteem (a poor image of oneself) do NOT have a belief in self.  This unbelief in self will most definitely affect every single area of the individual’s life.  Believing in oneself does not just happen, it takes a lot of practice to gain a healthy and strong belief in yourself.   Here are some ways to PRACTICE to gain a strong belief in oneself:

1.   Push past your discomfort---  growing your discomfort method.

2.   Put yourself out there, and be OK with not knowing if people will accept you.

  1. Stick to a habit of NOT listening to the “negative self-talk” that you play over and over again in your mind that is like a broken record--- which normally holds you back from being positive and successful.
  2.   Stick to it some more, and learn to trust yourself.
  3.  Go into situations not knowing, and learn to be OK with that.
  4. Learn through repeated attempts that is is OK to FAIL, that you can be OK in failure.”
  5. Learn through repeated experiments that you are stronger than you think, that you are more capable and more tolerant of discomfort then you think.”

(Quoted from:  How to Believe in Yourself, by: Leo Babauta)

PRACTICE the above listed ways to learn to believe in yourself.  It may seem overwhelming to many, so I am suggesting ways to achieve them:

First of all, set short and long term GOALS for yourself and your job/career.  Review these goals often to assess and evaluate how much you have improved and what areas you need to focus on  more to achieve them or to improve yourself.  I believe, that without any goals in life, one will be only “existing”.  However, when a person learns to set goals (short and long terms ones) and achieves them one at a time:  self-esteem and the belief in oneself is clearly evident and thus, a stronger self-confidence in oneself emerges.  Why is this so important?  Having confidence  (a belief in self) affects every facet in each person’s life.   It affects all RELATIONSHIPS with others, loved ones and it is a gauge to success in your life.

Who else feels suddenly invincible?Who else feels suddenly invincible?

I hope all this information I have provided above will help all of you to gain more confidence and boost your self-esteem(image of oneself) to a higher level, which will then bring you all much success in all your relationships, career and in your life.  Practice and keep practicing daily…..

So until the next time—keep smiling, keep dancing and meeting new people on Smeet.  If you see me around on Smeet, please say “hi” and if you have a relationship question, please do not hesitate to message me in private and I will be sure to answer it in my relationship column.  Always remember:  Love one another.   Happy Smeeting to all and God Bless!    <3

SAYURI, EN Smeet Journalist,  ID#13520497

Halloween Party Room Contest Results!

As usual, we had some fantastic entries, so here are the one's that take home the prizes!

The winning entry from Christine really gave us the chills!The winning entry from Christine really gave us the chills!

Well well Smeeters. Another contest done, and some really creative ideas were sent our way. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to send an entry in, we really do love to check out Halloween party rooms, and they really made our flesh creep!

You all did superbly well, but unfortunately we had to choose a top 3 and, believe us, it was a very hard decision!

Anyway, the winners are as follows!:

1st Place: Chr|st|ne (ID: 15557469) - 1000 Coins, 500,000 Fame Points, 3 months Gold VIP and a Star Badge

2nd Place: ριχєℓ-єк (ID: 9416199) - 500 Coins, 250,000 Fame Points, 2 months Gold VIP

ριχєℓ-єк's room certainly looks ready to host one banging party!ριχєℓ-єк's room certainly looks ready to host one banging party!

3rd Place: No ID provided - 250 Coins, 75,000 Fame Points, 1 month Gold VIP

The 3rd prize-winner forgot to include their ID! So well done...but remember next time! :)The 3rd prize-winner forgot to include their ID! So well done...but remember next time! :)

Congratulations to all our winners!

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