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A Good Word About Commitment

Hi, this is WillKane, and before we begin, I’d like to announce that with this journalist article we will launch an advice column about friendships, relationships, and all the things in between by an unofficial panel of Smeeters that have come together recently who have helped and will continue to help people in Smeet with any serious questions or issues about these things. We want all Smeeters to not only truly enjoy the site and each other, but we also understand that people just need some help in ways that real life may not be giving them at present, or at least be pointed in the right direction. Please keep in mind that advice in any of these articles at any point is no substitute for appropriate professional help and/or spiritual counseling, and we fully encourage those who get help from this column to seek follow-up in real life from trusted sources.


Also, a little bit about me in real life and before Smeet: Although far from perfect by any means, I have been happily married for over 5 years and enjoy spending time with my wife, writing (as if you couldn’t tell already, ha), playing tennis with the wife every so often, eating great food, being weird, playing fun games online and poking fun at things and people in an above-the-belt kind of way. I have been a moderator for almost 12 years (my username there is Stallion), and I have also been the equivalent of a guide, super guide, and then part of an admin team on a family-friendly site called DittyTalk and then Miogate for 5 years total before they became defunct. I have been very blessed in those positions (and just as a regular guy) to have helped many people during that time in those places and on here, and have made a few wonderful friendships I will cherish for life. And now, I want to share a few thoughts about commitment below:

 A Good Word About CommitmentA Good Word About Commitment

Sometimes I wonder if there aren’t many people these days that really understand the word “commitment,” much less live it in everyday life. And how can they? I see many, many things in today’s world working against true, meaningful commitment in friendships and relationships. Sure, we can always google the meaning or ask someone, but in my experience I’ve found that true commitment is best explained in terms of another word: covenant. The English word covenant from several sources goes back to the Latin word “convenire" which means “come together" (as in convene). And in the biblical Genesis account, the word for covenant in Hebrew is berith, which some believe come from the Hebrew “barah”, meaning “to cut.” If you remember Abraham’s offering of animals and cutting some of them in two (gruesome and unsettling to some, I know, but please bear with me). And to me, this story reminds me of Adam and Eve when Adam fell into a deep sleep and his rib was removed and used to create Eve, who would become his wife. Now notice in both stories we have both a “cutting” involved (Adam with his rib, Abraham with the animals) in order to have two parties “come together” (Adam with Eve, and then Abraham with God).


And from what I’ve read about and experienced firsthand, a covenant is the ultimate form of commitment to someone because there always has to be a “cutting” away of self before two people can truly “come together.” Now I don’t mean not having a personality or being who you are, but I’m talking about putting a stop every day to those selfish habits and self-centered tendencies that lead to wronging someone and otherwise getting in the way of truly caring about and loving someone in a fully committed relationship or friendship. I know it’s much, much easier said than done, and there are bound to be mistakes, no doubt. But if you really care for and love somebody, aren’t they worth it?


Now are there ways to break that kind of commitment? Definitely, even to the point of being beyond repair, but we can address that in another article. Also, how can you be committed to someone who just isn’t right for you? Again, we can save that for another blog entry. And where’s love in any of this, you may ask? Well-founded love is the key for any committed relationship or friendship to keep alive and to last. But we have to understand that love is not just some feeling that can pass away in a moment, over time, or at the first sign of trouble, mistrust, hardship, or even death. Because unless we are willing to give others what they do not deserve and not give them what they do deserve at each moment, then how can love really work, much less being committed to another beyond just obligation? I’m not suggesting that there aren’t times when we have to just face the consequences of wrong actions, because there clearly are. And another very important part of any committed relationship is being right with that person and trusting that person will be right with you, no matter what. Again, it’s easier to say than do, much less each and every moment. But really, it boils down to this: are you and the person you care about and love willing to do whatever it takes, with help, to be unselfish, right with each other, trust each other, and never give up in any situation?

 A Good Word About CommitmentA Good Word About Commitment

Hopefully, this article gets you thinking about these things in a good way. We welcome any and all serious questions about friendships, relationships, and so on. In fact, your questions and concerns will help us make future articles that will help even more people, both here in Smeet and beyond. So please feel free to message me at any point (my id is 24453995). We’ll be more than happy to answer as best we can.


Until next time, have fun and Happy Smeeting!

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Leaves and... personality!

Smeeters! Yesterday we asked you to choose one color of some leaves to know a bit more about your personality! We've got now the meaning of each one of them

Read below if you're curious!


ORANGE: Having a personality color orange means you are warm, optimistic, extroverted and often flamboyant. You are friendly, good-natured and a generally agreeable person!

RED: Having a personality color red identifies you as extroverted and optimistic, courageous and confident!

GREEN: With a personality color green you are a practical, down-to-earth person with a love of nature!

BLACK: Having a personality color black means that prestige and power are important to you!

BROWN: Having a personality color brown means you are honest, down-to-earth and wholesome! Your feets are firmly planted on the ground!

WHITE: Having a personality color white means you are neat and immaculate in your appearance, in the presentation of your home and in your car, almost to the point of being fanatical!

YELLOW: With a personality color yellow you have a happy disposition and are cheerful and fun to be with!

BLUE: With a personality color blue as your favorite color you are conservative, reliable and trustworthy – you are quite trusting of others although you are very wary in the beginning until you are sure of the other person. At the same time, you also have a deep need to be trusted!


What do you think? Did we guess right?

Enjoy our green week on Smeet!

Smeet loves Nature!Smeet loves Nature!

Smeet loves Nature!

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Nature in Smeet

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Smeet loves Nature!Smeet loves Nature!

Trish and Danny....A Love Story? By Smugglediamonds

Here's a story told to me that actually happened because of Smeet! (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Trish is a beautiful 35-year-old woman, shapely, beautiful long, silky blonde hair with deep dark eyes.  Trish just never seemed to find "Mr. Right." She was just too busy with her career and afraid of commitment. Trish spent a lot of lonely nights at her Ashbury Condo in Seattle.

Trish was told by some friends that she should create a profile and try Smeet. Trish became hooked. She'd spend her available time after work Smeeting and meeting new people.  However, nobody was as special to her as "Danny".   She and Danny met in the Buzz shortly after they both created profiles on Smeet.  Smeet turned many lonely nights into hours of fun, chat, laughter and the best friendship ever, had developed over the course of that year.  Danny just seemed to "know" her, could sense her moods through the laptop, and knew what and when she needed a hug, roses, kind words or laughter.

One evening on Smeet, Danny and Trish decided it was time to meet in real life.  Although they  had never seen a real photo of each other, nor had they Skyped, Trish was certain she would know Danny as soon as their eyes met.  Danny told her that he would be flying into Tacoma International Airport that Friday, and for her to hold a sign that said "LOOKING FOR BEST FRIEND", and he would be assured that it was her.  One stipulation of their meeting was to leave the laptops and cell phones at home.  Their time together would be solely devoted to each other.

After some planning, shopping, and putting on her most beautiful red dress, Trish went to the airport with her large handmade sign.  She stood there smiling and waving her sign "LOOKING FOR BEST FRIEND".

Across the crowded airport, he saw her sign and it touched his heart, and their eyes met.  It was instant attraction.  She knew Danny was tall, a bit rugged, dark and mysterious, but she was not prepared for the sad and forlorned look that seemed to have taken up permanent residence on his face.  She was amazed at how he laughed on Smeet, immediately lifted her moods, and took her pain away.  Yet, this man, aside from his Adonis appearance, seemed to be hiding some sadness.  (Unknown to Trish, this man had suffered a painful divorce and the death of his only child, a daughter.)

They met, embraced, looked in each other’s eyes and the spell between the two was electrifying and passionate.  He was so much more than she expected.  This was her true love that she had waited so long for.

After their initial meeting, they planned dinner at Le Gourmand.  They laughed and joked over dinner and wine and also had their quiet whispering moments.  Trish tried on a couple occasions to talk about the online game Smeet, but he simply said "Our weekend is not about an online game.  This is real life and I want to live this weekend in real."  So nothing more was said about Smeet in their countless hours of conversation.

After dinner, they went to Howell Beach, spread their jackets on the beach and watched the sunset, and they shared a picnic for two, great company, and conversation. They fell asleep on the beach in the comfort and warmth of each others arms.  Neither of them had ever felt so comfortable around another person.  Neither had ever felt so loved and cherished, and they were falling in love.  They had found in each other, their best friend.

Saturday was a day of touring Pike Place Market and visiting the fish and wildlife at Woodland Park Zoo and Seattle Aquarium.   At one point, Trish had gotten separated from him at Southcenter Mall and ALMOST had to yell out his name, but he popped his head from behind the lingerie ...but that was the man she came to know.  Always teasing, always fun, always laughing.  They felt like kids again. 

As evening arrived, it was time to return him to the airport.  Their silence permeated Trish's car.  It was that feeling of ripping apart something that had been made whole, but they each had their own lives to go back to, their own careers, their own real everyday lives.  But as they hugged tight and cried and held each other and said their goodbyes, Trish said to him..."I promise I'll call you when you get home, and we will soon be together again." As he turned to leave, he had that odd look of wonder on his face as he shook his head and turned to go.

On the car ride back to Ashbury Estates, Trish reminisces about the first day in the Buzz and how she has met the most wonderful man, all because of Smeet. 

Once inside her condo, Trish fires up the laptop and logs onto Smeet where she finds a message from Danny from Friday night.   The message reads:

"I'm so sorry, Trish, that I cannot make it this weekend.  I've been trying to get a hold of you, calling your cell phone, but you have not answered.  Maybe you will get your Facebook message.  Hope you aren’t upset with me."

How could this be?  Who was that man?  Her laptop falls to the floor...

Somewhere in Newark there is a man named Charles lying in bed alone, hugging his daughter's teddy bear, wondering how she “knows” his phone number.  He is amazed that a simple sign "LOOKING FOR BEST FRIEND" could bring two total strangers together, but he is not one to question fate.  He's just going to wait for that one special phone call.........

So you see, friends, how Smeet can bring two strangers together....and if you believe this story,  you deserve to be....Happily Smeeting!



Trish and Danny....A Love Story?Trish and Danny....A Love Story?

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