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It's like Heaven with Horses, welcome to Ponyland!

If you don't enjoy this room, you have no heart. Seriously.They may look sweet, but I will never, EVER trust animals.They may look sweet, but I will never, EVER trust animals.


























What was your favorite pet when you were a child? The hamster that you built an obstacle course for? The stick insects you forgot about and ended up dead in the dustbin? Your little sister? All strong candidates but, let's be honest, most of us dreamt about having our very own horse. A beautiful and strong beast that we could ride, groom, and train to kick kids we didn't like in the head. Awesome.

Even if daddy's cash didn't stretch far enough to allow you to own one, did you ever have riding lessons at a stable near your home town? Or take part in one of those competitions we all become experts in every four years at the Olympics? (You know, the event where they jump over stuff and the other one where they make the horse dance? Humans are weird, aren't they?).

Anyhow, we have decided to dedicate this new room to the dream that many small children have! Travel with us to a colourful and joyful horse pasture, where trees are actually giant lollipops and no kids get kicked in the head. Ever.

To make this colourful scenery perfect, you will have to make your ponies happy. Just collect all the candy, feed it to the little critters and you will see how their mood changes. But, unfortunately, all the candy in the world won´t make your mother pony happy! No, not because she is a greedy muvva with a Chupa Chups addiction - she misses her kids! Get the four baby ponies she is pining for and reunite the family! It'll be like an equine Jerry Springer. I'd watch it.

And finally, take a good look at the rainbow in the sky. It will grow with the ponies you put on your pasture. So you have the possibility to make the scenery even more perfect

Good luck Smeeters! PS. No animals were harmed in the creation of this room.

Get Creative in the Game Studio!

From an initial idea to virtual reality - take control of your own online game!Get the best brains in the business together...including yours!Get the best brains in the business together...including yours!

Almost everyone is playing an online game nowadays. You, dear Smeeters, have of course chosen to play our online game Smeet!

But have you ever wondered how these games were created? Have you ever dreamed about developing your own game? If yes, our new room will make your dream come true! Smeet will give you a look behind the scenes and show you exactly how an online game is produced!

In your modern office space you will have 5 different departments - Community, Concept, IT , the Quality Assurance Team and the Art Team. To develop and release your game you need to get feedback from the Community. With this feedback the Concept Team will get some ideas as to the sort of direction your game should take. These ideas will then be used by the IT and Art teams in order to create your game. Finally, the QA Team has to approve your game in order for it to be released!

However, just like in real life, not everything always works out. If your game has bugs, you will have to get them fixed by the Head of the IT Team. If there are no bugs, you can put it on your server. And then, you face the most important moment of find out if the users like your game or not! If they do, badges are waiting for you. If they don´t you´ll have to find out the reason why and try it again!

Good luck Smeeters, this isn't that easy! Trust us, we should know! ;)

Group Challenge Changes

We've implemented quite big changes to the Group Challenges and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. Here's a quick rundown of what has already changed and what we have planned for the immediate future.

1.    Group Coins earned upon winning a particular Challenge will be league and star dependent. We introduced this change so that the prizes reflect the amount of competition in each league. From now on Smeeters who are trying really hard at the very competitive top of the ladder will receive a prize more appropriate to their efforts.
Group Coins prizes for the upcoming Challenge and the Challenges after that will be as follows:

If your group is in

  • Master League you will receive 600 Group Coins upon victory,
  • Diamond League 3 Stars 550 Group Coins
  • Diamond League 2 Stars 525 Group Coins
  • Diamond League 1 Stars 500 Group Coins
  • Platine League 3 Stars 450 Group Coins
  • Platine League 2 Stars 425 Group Coins
  • Platine League 1 Stars 400 Group Coins
  • Gold League 3 Stars 350 Group Coins
  • Gold League 2 Stars 325 Group Coins
  • Gold League 1 Stars 300 Group Coins
  • Silver League 3 Stars 250 Group Coins
  • Silver League 2 Stars 225 Group Coins
  • Silver League 1 Stars 200 Group Coins
  • Bronze League 3 Stars 150 Group Coins
  • Bronze League 2 Stars 125 Group Coins
  • Bronze League 1 Stars 100 Group Coins
  • Wood League 75 Group Coins

Upon victory.

2.    After each Challenge the Top 3 Challengers (the players who collected the most points during that Challenge!) will be displayed in the Group Challenge window. These players will receive the following rewards:

Golden Challenger Badge and 1.000.000 Fame Points
Silver Challenger Badge and 500.000 Fame Points
Bronze Challenger Badge and 250.000 Fame Points

We are starting with the Fame Points Rewards immediately. That means the Top Challengers of the Homevalue Challenge that just ended will receive these prizes. The Badges are in preperation will be coming in the following two weeks. Those users who claimed the Top Challenger spots during these two weeks (including this Home Value Challenge) will receive the Badges subsequently.

3.    We are implementing a system which will prevent that your Group gets matched with the same other Group in consecutive Challenges. If the Matchmaking randomly selects the same Group this choice will be discarded and another Group with a similar Rating will be chosen. This system is in place however it will be activated it in two weeks (estimated).

On the way are:

4.     Rewards: New items where you can spend your Group Coins on are in the making. These will be put inside the Groups section of the Shop in the following weeks. Also, the Group Coins prices for the existing rewards will have to be finetuned to the new reward system.

A completely new category of prizes is being prepared in addition to Group Coins. More on that later…

5.     League improvements: There are very large changes we're working on here, however don't want to spoil anything yet.;)

Report Cheating Option

At the same time we are adding a “report for cheating” option. This feature has nothing to do directly with the group improvements, however we have recently observed a trend among some Smeeters where they utilize auto-click programs to get ahead in the Challenges and in levels.

This is not allowed. In the future we will be acting with harsh punishments against this kind of behavior, including one week bans, large penalties on collected Fame Points, even permanent bans where we deem it necessary.

We're anxious to hear your feedback. Go on to our Facebook page Smeet Community at and let us know about your thoughts regarding the changes!

The new Challenge feature!The new Challenge feature!

EN/INT Oktoberfest Contest Results!

A flurry of awesome entries were submitted, but there is only one winner!Our glorious winners, ladies and gentlemen!Our glorious winners, ladies and gentlemen! 

























Dear Smeeters, thank you for the awesome Oktoberfest entries we received over the past week or so! You all looked really stunning and all of you would have been deserving winners!

Unfortunately, however, we had to choose three entries that really stood out, and believe us when we say it was a very hard decision! Nonetheless, the EN/INT Oktoberfest Contest winners are as follows!:

1st Place: Ļįşįąŋą, ID: 22494523 (100,000 Fame Points, 50,000 Dimes, the Gold Medal and the Star Badge for 6 months!)

2nd Place: Donna Queen (50,000 Fame Points, 25,000 Dimes and the Silver Medal) - Please contact Admin Wild Rover - you didn't give us your ID!

3rd Place: Mrs Love, ID: 21389161 (25,000 Fame Points, 10,000 Dimes and the Bronze Medal)


Congratulations to our winners!!


Now we'd like your opinion on a couple of things...did you like this contest? What kind of contest would you be interested in in future? We'd appreciate your feedback on the Facebook post! 

Sayuri's Relationship Column!

HOW TO DEAL WITH A BROKEN HEARTWhat becomes of the broken-hearted?What becomes of the broken-hearted?

In all relationships, whether it is a couple, family or friends: one time or more we all have been hurt and had to deal with a broken heart: loneliness, sadness, pain. No one is exempt from experiencing a broken heart.

How to cope with a broken heart: Everyone copes with a broken heart in different ways. Some of us are stronger emotionally and are able to survive this painful period and bounce back to normal life very quickly and there are others who continue to dwell on their hurts and pain and not able to cope, and this will lead to depression and many other negative emotions.

So here are 15 ways to help heal a broken heart:

1. Be careful… not date destructive people to begin with.

2. Allow yourself to be human and feel the pain.

3. Immediately take your broken heart to GOD.

4. Remember this: You won’t die due to your broken heart.

5. Do not overreact and embarrass yourself.

6. Talk to someone who cares. (It could be a very close and dear friend who you trust).

7. Give yourself time to heal.

8. Learn lessons from the experience

9. Do not over analyze the situation.

10. Do not go into rebound dating/rebound relationship.

11. Let go of momentos.

12. Keep yourself busy by giving your time to others. (Help others by volunteering in your neighborhood for organizations that you have an interest in).

13. Get into exercises/eating right.

14. It is mostly about YOU, not your ex.

15. Move on.”

(Quoted from: Dawsons blog)

Give yourself time to heal: “Every wound or hurt takes time to heal, and having a broken heart is not different. If you ever thought after a break up, that you will never be normal again”--- Always remember this: GOD has created us to be able to heal from our wounds/hurts. Some people heal faster than others. The best thing for a broken heart is time. It’s going to hurt for a while and some days will be better than others, but you will eventually get over the person you lost.” (Lindsey)

Learn lessons from the experience: If we do not learn from our painful past experiences, we will keep doing the same thing over and over again (which is pure insanity) and getting the exact same results. It is always easy to remember that life goes on, no one promised us it would be easy, but everything happens for a reason and people are put into our lives as we go through this journey of life—for a reason(s). They come into our lives for a season and we all have to move on, many times without them. We must learn from our pain and if it is to change our lives, then let it. (Brian T.)

“Do not over analyze: Our analysis over a broken relationship only leads to: confusion, depression, and massive waste of time.” Once you have thought through what went wrong with the relationship and what was good about it, let it go. Staying busy doing other things (such as helping others) will help you from dwelling too much over your past hurts.

Do NOT go into rebound dating/relationship: “Rebound dating is when you use someone else in a romantic relationship(or any type of relationship, such as close friends you always hang out with) in the hopes they will help you feel better or remind you of the other person who has broken up with you.

Every one of us want to be loved by others. Some people say that love hurts and love is full of risks if you make yourself vulnerable to love others and fall in love. Love never ever hurts, but rather it is people who hurt us and many times we intentionally or unconsciously create the hurt for ourselves by having too high expectations of the other person or persons that we love so much.

GOD is LOVE and GOD created all of us to love each other, to fall in love with others. “Being hurt is not the worst thing that will ever happen to us. NOT to Love is far worse.” (Author unknown).

(Some excerpts from: Dawson McAllister’s Blog)

Hope all the above information helps any one going through a most difficult time of a broken heart. Try to put into practice immediately the above listed ways to combat your broken heart. So until we meet again: keep smiling, keep dancing, keep meeting new people on Smeet. Click on the calendar icon which you can find on the bottom of your computer screen. Events are posted daily and make an effort to attend the events of your choice and enjoy yourself and meet new people and have fun!!

Sulking and dwelling on your past hurts and playing these awful memories over and over again in your brain/thoughts like a broken record -- will only lead to depression. Always remember to love each other and to keep falling in LOVE over and over again with the right person and for the right reasons.

If you see me around on Smeet, please say “hi” and if you have any type of relationship question, please message me in private and I will be sure to answer your question in my relationship column. Happy Smeeting and GOD bless all of you!!! <3

SAYURI, EN Journalist, ID#13520497

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