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Writers Host, Hexen_Tanz88, on Smeet Guides!

Hello fellow Smeeters, I am sure by now with your time on Smeet you have noticed many volunteers. Today you will read about Smeet Guides!

A rather cool-looking bunch these Guides, I'm sure you'll agree...A rather cool-looking bunch these Guides, I'm sure you'll agree...


Smeet Guides are volunteers with the green 'i' above their avi. Contrary to what you may hear or have already heard, Guides are GOOD! Guides are special volunteers that are here not only to enjoy the game as we all do but to enforce the rules and regulations of the game. Yes, they do have special powers such as muting where a smeeter who is causing problems cannot talk in ab (Action Box) for a maximum of 15 minutes.                                                   

    Smeet also has Super Guides to enforce the rules as well. Super Guides are Guides who not only can mute a smeeter causing problems but they have the ability to kick a smeeter from entering the game for several minutes. When you are kicked and muted this all goes against you. So if you ever see any drama such as cursing and foul language, harassment, trolling, and the most important cyber bullying do NOT be afraid to contact a Guide or Super Guide. They are here to help and I assure you they are very friendly and will never turn you down. Never be afraid to report a problem that you see or are experiencing as a guide can resolve your issues and concerns. Again guides are the avi’s with the green I above them. They won’t bite they will help you.

If you have any inquiries about anything you would like to see in our Blog please contact me below.

®†hєхєn_tαnz88†®  Astrologer and Host of Astrologers, Gossip Queens, Journalists, Sports Reporters


Superheroes and Supervillians Showdown!

It's the age-old battle between Good and Evil on Smeet!

We know we should be good, but being evil just looks so fun...We know we should be good, but being evil just looks so fun...
Are you a hero/heroine? Or is there a badboy or badgirl persona lurking somewhere in your inner Smeeter? Well, it's time to choose now, because you need to go to the Agent Showdown public room and dedicate yourself to one cause by choosing a costume from the Shop. Either you opt for the light and protect Smeet City and its inhabitants, or you embrace your dark side and become an evil Supervillain, determined to ruin the city and all the superheroes that want to protect it! But be warned: once you choose your side, there is no turning back!

Depending on your choice you will get your own Superhero or Supervillain Hideout. This secret underground base will be the center for your heroic (or sinister!) operations.

Before we go any further, we want to tell you that the extra items that would help you get a lot more Fame Points out of this room will be 50% off until this Sunday, 23rd August! If you decide to make an impact on Smeet City and win 4 million Fame Points as well as a great Superhero or Supervillain Badge, don't miss this great opportunity to give yourself a headstart!

To become a powerful superhero or a supervillain you first need to develop your Superpowers. In the absence of any crazy genetically-enhanced spider bites or a conveniently-placed nuclear explosion, the Superheroes on Smeet will have to rely on extracting gems from the radioactive meteor, and then utilize the Superpower Generator to get access to their powers. Got that?

A superhero or -villain is also almost nothing without gadgets. To build some you will need to use some ideas from movies and accept contributions from some of your tiny little helpers! Get to work on your lab table and...voila!

The last step is to improve your fighting skills. Oh look...there is a training dummy over there...job done!

At last you are ready. No movie montage necessary here. Depending on which route you choose to take, you will gather some good or bad karma, as well as some hard cash for your efforts! As your actions and interventions (or destructive plans!) stack up, you will receive Honor or Terror Points too!

Immortalize your noble or despicable work by investing your hard-earned cash and points into some awesome vanity items. Fame is so sweet!!! Ballerzzzzzz...

One final thing: we will be following the fight over Smeet City closely. The side that wins is going to get a unique extra reward, so it might be a good idea to start recruiting your friends now if you are intrigued!

So here we go ladies and gents, start the adventure right away! Agent Showdown is right down the corner, pick your costume and get to work from your awesome hideout!


Good luck!

50s Tombola Results!

Who made the Top 5?Will your Tombola result leave you in the Heartbreak Hotel?Will your Tombola result leave you in the Heartbreak Hotel?

The results of last week's 50s Tombola are here! Did you end up dominating the leaderboard like Elvis dominated the charts? Or were your hopes washed out like an early rock 'n' roll One-Hit Wonder? Find out below!:


1st)  º●•.¸Ŧαηтαzу¸.•●º (ID: 8307537) - Gold Lucky Smeeter Badge! PLUS 1500 Coins.

2nd) Walker (ID: 25780461) - Silver Lucky Smeeter Badge! PLUS 1000 Coins.

3rd) Mark0912 (ID: 27172699) - Bronze Lucky Smeeter Badge! PLUS 500 Coins.

4th) il male oscuro (ID: 8038127) - Wooden Lucky Smeeter Badge! PLUS 250 Coins.

5th) .Rody.. (ID: 18535351) - 100 Coins.

HUGE congratulations to you, your prizes should be with you now!

And as usual, there is something for everyone who participated - 500 Fame Points!


Thanks again to you all for taking part, and we hope to see you on the winners board for the next tombola!

Fun Wedding Facts!

From one of our new Officiants, ѕιℓку ѕмσσтн!

Were you aware of these Fun Facts?Were you aware of these Fun Facts?

1. Because white is the color of mourning in Eastern cultures, white wedding dresses are uncommon

2. The bride’s veil traditionally symbolized her youth and virginity. Veils also hid the bride from jealous spirits or the Evil Eye

3. Before the use of flowers in the bridal bouquet, women carried aromatic bunches of garlic, herbs, and grains to drive evil spirits away as they walked down the aisle. Over time, these were replaced with flowers, symbolizing fertility and everlasting love

4. Flower girls traditionally threw flower petals in the bride’s path to lead her to a sweet, plentiful future

5. You might find it interesting that; originally, the cake was not eaten by but thrown at the bride! It developed as one of the many fertility traditions surrounding a wedding. Wheat too, is traditionally a symbol of fruitfulness and was among the earliest grains (predating rice) to be ceremoniously showered on the bride and groom. In its earliest origins, the unmarried young women attending the wedding were expected to scramble for the grains to ensure their own betrothals, much as they do today for the bridal bouquet

6. Wedding bells are an important symbol of a wedding. Traditionally, it was believed that demons were scared off by loud sounds, so following a wedding ceremony, anything that could make noise was used to create a diversion

7. Brides in the 15th century chose to marry in June because it coincided with their “annual bath”. It seems that in old times taking a bath was not a daily ritual like today. Since the yearly bath took place in spring, women still didn't smell too bad so they choose June to get married so they would smell good for their new husband


So there some fun facts about wedding traditions. Stay tuned for my next blog about different wedding traditions from around the globe.

Need Help with the Lecture Room?

Check out the latest addition to the room if you need help to meet your deadlines!
Get a cheeky little boost to ensure you get your studies done on time!Get a cheeky little boost to ensure you get your studies done on time!
Finals are almost upon us! Have you managed to pass all your exams and acquire your prestigous degrees from the University of Smeet yet? Remember, the 3 million Fame Points are only available until this Thursday!

If you still have a long way to go, we've got something that might peak your interest. Now, it is definitely not okay to cheat your way to exam success in real life, but in Smeet we think a little help is only fair (and besides, studying can be booooring...).

You can now find a box in the shop that will supply you with some passed grades. Just don't tell anyone! This is our little secret...

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