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Concerning the incoveniences of last week

Dear Smeeters,


we are deeply sorry for the numerous inconveniences we had last week. The disturbances that affected Smeet are the following:


    One of the Gingerbread Men that went online on Sunday had a bug. This item was accidentally put for free in the shop and could give out a limitless FamePoints. In order to be fair to all of you that come online every dayand work very hard to increase their level, we decided to take away the Fame Points that were received, if the Gingerbread Man was collected more than once. Along with the Fame Points, also the Coins that some users got as level rewards have been taken away. Of course no other Coins were debited a part from those from the level rewards.
    During the process of taking away the Fame Points that were received because of the bug, our system accidently took some additional Fame Points from a small and randompercentage of users that were not involved in the situation. Once we realized the issue, we of course immediately restored these Fame Points.
    Golden Boosters also had a bug and the boosts that the users got as an outputwere calculated with a wrong time frame. Everyone that bought those items had the chance to give them back to Smeet and get a total refund.  

As you all know, mistakes and accidents can always happen and we are constantly trying to fix them as soon as possible. We tried our best to restore thesituation to the pre-bugs status and we are still going through all cases to make sure we were fair to everyone.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at in case you are still experiencing some issue that hasn't been solved yet. We will be glad to help you as soon as we can!   We wish all of you a great weekend with more sun and less bugs! ;)


The Smeet Admins LIVE Workout Event - TONIGHT!

We honestly aren't sure if we're up to this...

Really wish I hadn't had that kebab last night...Really wish I hadn't had that kebab last night...

In order to prove to all the nay-sayers that we don't sit around doing nothing all day, we've got something awesome planned for Friday evening! You, the Smeeters, will join us Smeet admins in a live webcam event and together we'll do some fitness training and yoga!

The last time a Smeet Admin was seen exercising in the office was, well, never, so this is literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In fact, we think it's probably more exciting than today's eclipse. Then again, you may disagree...

How it works is simple - we will be demonstrating the moves on the screen, and you can repeat them with your avatar in Smeet (and at home, you know you want to). Some of you will win cool prizes depending on how you are able to keep up with us! The rest of you will win the pleasure of watching us strain in the office. So we are all winners, in a way.

All the necessary moves can be found in the gym-box in the "Special" section of the shop! The event will take place on Friday at 6pm CET (1pm EST) in the German DJ Battle Area!

PLUS more great news for this weekend. Our Sunday Suprise this time around should help you finish your Tea Garden much faster! You should get your hands on the new Smeekiez, as if you finish them you'll receive some important Tea Plants!

The Smeekiez will be greatly reduced ONLY ON SUNDAY! Don't miss out!


Right that'll do for now. We're off to physically and mentally prepare for some hard exercise. See you there!

Now's your chance to become the Master of Tea!

Earl Grey, Tetley or Yorkshire Tea? Whatever you prefer, you can now brew your own tea in Smeet!'Milk and two sugars, please''Milk and two sugars, please'


Yes, it's true, we have some good news for you. For only 24 Coins you can now get your own TEA GARDEN!

In this room you need to harvest tea leaves from exotic tea plants and sort the leaves into withered and non withered leaves. To begin, the main challenge is to start up your own black tea production line by cutting the non-withered leaves in a specific cutting machine that will guarantee you the best quality tea on Smeet!

Secondly, you will need to prepare your own green tea, using the withered leaves that need to be dried off and mixed up with jasmine oil that has been exctracted from beautiful jasmine plants.

The final step is just selling your high quality products to the vendor of the room and then, it's the fun part...collect up to 1,550,000 Fame Points and an EXCLUSIVE Tea Master Badge! Don't miss out on this great opportunity to have fun and level up in Smeet!


Blog over. What a re-leaf!

St. Patrick’s Day Party, Get Your Irish On!

Saint Patrick's Day Party at WillKane'sSaint Patrick's Day Party at WillKane's


 What’s up, people. It’s WillKane. Coming from an Irish background on my dad’s side (2 brothers who traveled from County Cork, Ireland to Quebec because of the Potato Famine in the mid-1800s, to be exact), Saint Patrick’s Day is something my family and I have enjoyed celebrating traditionally growing up and even as an adult. So I only thought it right to celebrate it a little early because of a little thing this month called Friday the 13th. Sponsored by The Mad Green Pig (not really), the party was held at My Tragically Fun Home in the room called Party at the Patio and started right at 9pm EST.


We partied for hours to some old West Coast hip hop and some hits from the Golden Age of hip hop, mostly 1990s with a few late ‘80s hits. There were even a few commercial breaks between songs from funny TV ads that were first shown around that time. It wasn’t the biggest party on Smeet, but for a Friday night considering places like Party Plaza and Country Music were busy, having as many as 18 people at one point stop in for a drama-free, good time was nice to see, especially since I really don’t throw parties like this. But that could change in the near future based on everyone who showed up and truly just got to kick back, relax, and enjoy themselves and the music. In fact, you can expect another party soon enough; count on it!


A special thank you from me goes out to all who stopped by my party, including Culture Shock (Tony Cross), Traci, Soulcream, P3bbles (thanks a bunch for inviting people throughout the party, and even staying after I left), princess tater, Alainaanimosity, Khalsa (Manni), nice24, Meine Liebe (Jess),  MrDavidBlanche, Pablo Escobar, vahiny2035, zoey3429, Angel noel, ZarGo, Shawn.Sluys, Minimeaa, DizzyG, Priya4436, FlowerBlossom, BOB, Mentalist-Darkest-Immortalz, Vamperellaz, June Carter, Bielle, Daisyyy, Jaime, V, C.O. Jones, Chris Green, Miss Random, Ms. Pam, princess mazz, MissyFab, Praesul (great song choice again, by the way), Canuckgirl, Duck.My.Sick, 50 Shades of Lemon (Kenna), oursisforever001 (bella), oursisforever002 (cricket), and a couple of young newbie guys who struck out with the ladies (no surprise there, ha). If I missed your name, I’m truly sorry, but I’m sure I’ll see you around soon!


Until next time, have fun and happy Smeeting!

We had a lot of fun!We had a lot of fun!

Sports Report - NFL Free Agent Week!

A look at the NFL Free Agent week by Mia!


Yes, Yes, I know football season is over until the fall, however the true football fans never stop!. True diehard NFL fans grasp at every tidbit of NFL information sent our way, and we contemplate every scenario! This week in free agents trades has added some excitement to many teams. 

What a wild week!! First, DeMarco Murray signs a huge contract with his now former team’s, the Dallas Cowboys, rival the Philadelphia Eagles. It was obvious this was going to happen since the Cowboys were close to their free agent cap and had already signed their star Receiver Dez Bryant. This pretty much ends his free agent status. 

Defensive End Greg Hardy could have been one of the top free agents this year except for one little problem, his domestic violence issue.  Unfortunately, he is still waiting. At one point the Raiders were interested in signing him, but stil no contract. Could it be that Raiders Owner Mark Davis is putting a boycott on Hardy? Everyone who follows the NFL is aware Davis is very outspoken and against domestic violence issues in the NFL.

We also have free agent wide receivers Michael Crabtree and Percy Harvin. Crabtree had an Achilles injury which could be the reason why he is so iffy and still is without a contract.  Harvin missed almost the entire season with injuries but turned out at the end of the 2014 Season to help the Seattle Seahawks win the Super bowl. He was then traded to the Jets with rumors he had altercations with his teammates. And like Crabtree, he still awaits a job.

One other player worth mentioning is Running Back Reggie Bush. Bush has talked off and on with the San Francisco 49ers. As a backfield running back Bush could be a key player for any team and its quite interesting that he still hasn’t been picked up.  

Just from the trades and negotiations going on during this week, looks to make a very interesting season. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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