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Challenge Report with Joscri and Cris!

Hi, Smeeters! We have finished the Fame Points challenge! Thanks to this challenge, we have worked our level, fighting to raise it and win the prizes of each level.How did you get on in this Challenge?How did you get on in this Challenge?

The group “ALPHAS”, now called “Phoenix”, has returned to the Platinum league. Thanks to this, they are the only group fighting in that league. Congratulations!

This week, the global ranking is:

  • 1st: Sweet Cataclysm, with 84.519.010 Fame Points. An incredible score, congratulations!
  • 2nd: INFO »»ℓαℓυηια««, with 56.553.073 Fame Points. Congratulations!
  • 3rd: Nia_21, with 46.431.484 Fame Points. Congratulations!

The group “THE INVENCIBLES” doesn’t stop raising in the ranking, they already are in the 16 position of the Silver league. If they continue like this, soon they will go to the Gold league. Good job!

In position 353, we have the group “Outopia”, and we encourage them to work hard to raise positions.

We would like to congratulate our group, “New Stars”, because we worked very hard to win, beating the group “TuRabietaSemanal”, with 144 million VS 49 million.

This week we’ll have to collect honey from the new room. Smeeters, go and work your rooms to win!

Writers (CўJ)

It's time to jive on down to the Beehive!

Get to work with the bees and produce as much sweet, sweet honey as you can!Good job these bees are friendly or it would be quite a sticky situation...Good job these bees are friendly or it would be quite a sticky situation...

Loads of people are afraid of bees. The poor things have garnered quite the negative reputation, but these little helpers don't really set out to hurt anyone! What's more, they are actually very important - they don't just produce delicious honey, they also take care of the pollination of different flowers.

But do you know how a beehive works? There are different kinds of bees: worker bees, drones and the queen bee. Worker bees have various tasks. They clean the honeycombs, feed the Bee Larvae and produce wax to build more honeycombs. When they are old enough they work as guards at the beehive. In this period of time they make their first trips through the surrounding environment of the hive. This helps them to find their way through the meadows when they are ready to collect nectar. They also make sure that the drones and the queen bees are always comfortable and have enough to eat. It's an aristocracy, I tell ya!

The only purpose of the queen bee and the drones is to make sure that there are enough offspring to keep the beehive alive. Bit boring really, no?

So are you curious to experience the inside of a beehive? It is now possible on Smeet - purchase the new room, bring it to life and produce as much delicious honey as you can!

It's time to go retro at the Blockblast VHS Rental Shop!

Before DVDs and online streaming, VHS was king!What sort of memories does VHS bring back for you?What sort of memories does VHS bring back for you?

Ahhhhh the 90s. It's a decade that is pretty easy for many of us to get nostalgic about. Friends, mobile phones the size of bricks, Pokemon and the last decade before the internet well and truly changed the world for good. Great times.

This week on Smeet sees the return of another awesome feature of the decade - VHS! Welcome to the Blockblast VHS Rental Shop!

These shops were familiar high-street staples long before people even thought about online streaming services! Almost everyone had a membership at a local VHS Rental Shop to borrow movies for home viewing! What's more, it wasn´t just new movies you had recently watched in the cinema that were available, you had the chance to rent out some golden oldies as well! If your favourite film hadn´t been on TV for a long time and you couldn´t afford to buy it outright, it was no problem! A short visit to the rental shop and it was yours, if only for a few days! At the end you just needed to rewind the tape and give it back. Did anyone else regularly forget the rewinding part?

Grab the new Smeet Rental Shop and dive back into the world of VHS tapes. Lend Horror, Romcom and Action movies to your customers, put up different old-school cardboard standups and fill your Rental Shop with Retro flair!

The new YouTube feature is here!

The sound of music returns to Smeet!DJ, get a record on!DJ, get a record on!

Dear Smeeters, the new YouTube feature is online!

To adapt to the recent changes on YouTube we’ve changed how YouTube is integrated in Smeet. The way the YouTube videos are played is now faster, the quality is better, you can watch your favourite videos in full screen mode and you can now watch them in every room, even in rooms which previously had no YouTube Screen.

If you don’t want to hear the videos being played, you can mute them with the mute button. The ‘–‘ button, in the top right corner, can be used if you just want to hear a video but not see it. If you mute Smeet completely, the video Screen will be muted as well. However, turning Smeet sound up or down will have no effect on the video window. So you can turn down the Smeet sound effects if you don’t want to hear interactions, steps, entering/leaving animations, and still listen to videos, which was not possible before.

There are some new commands for screen management that are going to help our volunteers manage the new YouTube windows. If you are a volunteer you can write the following commands in the YouTube URL bar:

- "cancel" - cancel the current video running in the room

- "cancelMaster" - cancel the current video in all instances of the room (only applicable if a public room becomes so full that a second 'instance' of the room is created)

- "get control" - only you can add a video. Volunteer users should only use this during events!

- "release" - needs to be done after your event is finished. It allows everybody to add YouTube videos again.

- "get masterControl" - the same as "get", but for all instances of the room.

- "releaseMaster" - the same as "release", but for all instances of the room. You have to use releaseMaster if you’ve taken control of the YouTube Windows with "get masterControl".


So what about the old screens? Can you use them? Well, all of the old screens in the Shop and in your inventories/rooms have been converted to offer webcam functionality. We are also going to open every screen in public rooms to be accessed by Entertainers. From this point on the old YouTube Screens will be webcam-only and will not play YouTube videos.

And what if you bought a new YouTube screen recently? If you bought a new YouTube screen in the last 3 months you will get your Coins back. Just let us know which screen you bought, when you bought it and which room we can currently find it in.

And there's more. In the next update the 15 minute video limit in private rooms will be lifted, so that you are able to play any videos you like. In your private rooms you will also have entertainer rights, so you are able to get control over the YouTube Window whenever you need it. We also want to implement the Playlist feature again.

We hope you like the new feature, and we thank you for your patience in waiting for return of the YouTube function to Smeet.

Happy Smeeting! :)

EN/INT May Tombola Results!

Who lucked out this time around?Grab your winnings and prepare yourself for summer!Grab your winnings and prepare yourself for summer!

Apologies for the lateness of this blog, but here is how the tombola ended waaaaay back in April! As per usual, a whopping NINE winners take home extra prizes this month, whilst the rest of you of course claim the participation prize.

The winning Smeeters are as follows!:

1st place: metalman (ID: 26591321) - 3,000 Coins, 500,000 Fame Points and the Gold Tombola Badge

2nd place: Mr SkyFalke :D (ID: 14262599) - 1500 Coins, 250,000 Fame Points and the Silver Tombola Badge

3rd place: •†.H¤ℓιdåy J¤y.†• (ID: 14887578) - 1000 Coins, 100,000 Fame Points and the Bronze Tombola Badge

4th place: Lauraaaa :D (ID: 23357238) - 250 Coins, 75,000 Fame Points and the Wooden Tombola Badge

5th place: .Rody.. (ID: 18535351), ••χXχ Đέέωα χXχ•• (ID: 26972549), INFO •´¯`•.Bℓση∂є Cσωgιяℓ.•´¯`• (ID: 22107316), Grace (ID: 24148171) and ◦●◦<<Tiger Eyes>>◦●◦ (ID: 4898223) - 100 Coins, 50,000 Fame Points, the Wooden Tombola Badge

Plus there's 10,000 Fame Points plus a Smeekie for the rest of the Smeeters who participated!


Hope you enjoyed it this month, and good luck for the next one!

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