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Take on the Land of Titans!

It's time for Avanthea to rise even further!Help your brave soldiers expand your kingdom!Help your brave soldiers expand your kingdom!

Heady times are coming for you and your kingdom. You've done an incredible job, expanding your settlement and building your castle, and you've developed a strong reputation as a good and righteous ruler.

What's more, some of your soldiers have just returned from one of their overseas adventures and brought back some interesting news. They've heard rumours of an island known as the “Land of the Titans”. They also heard the coordinates that should lead there. Sounds intriguing!

The rumours tell of unbelievable stories about an extinct civilization that worshipped gigantic beings. Mysterious ruins have been left behind on the island, and they are said to be packed with items of inestimable value.

The only problem is, others have heard the rumors too! So you don´t have much time to consider your options. It´s a risky move, but it could be a great opportunity to discover a new land, gain access to new resources and to make your kingdom even richer!

So you've decided to send out your soldiers back out to take on the Land of Titans. Click on the ship that has appeared in your “Rise of Avanthea” room, grab the resources you need and claim this fascinating island for yourself!


Hustle & Bustle in the Woods

Help out these woodland critters!

Autumn has finally arrived and the trees are starting to show their colourful side. It´s the perfect time to stay at home cuddling with the person you love or to work on improving your home. However, it's also the perfect time to go for a walk through the forest and enjoy the fresh air! Each to their own, we say...

Autumn is also the warning signal for forest animals to collect as much food as they can in preparation for winter, and this year you can join in the hustle and bustle in the wood to help them with this task! Collect nuts, berries, apples, carrots, plums and twigs with the different animals and fill the different dens and nests, as well as the Horn of Plenty, with the different fruits. You will not just get rewarded with tons of Fame Points either, but Smeets and Boosts too!

So grab your coat and scarf, and here we go!


Words of advice from Sayuri!

HOW DO I KNOW IF HE/SHE IS “THE ONE”?This girl knows her stuff!This girl knows her stuff!

So many Smeeters have asked me this question, so I will try my best to give you all some very specific things to look for in your significant other.  (However, please understand these are just some examples of what needs to be looked for in your current or future partner):

Let me first say:  Relationships are very difficult to maintain and requires a tremendous amount of work in the areas of Respect for each other,  effective communication and the Love between the two of you must be very strong.  Here are just some examples of what you should be looking for in your current partner or a future one:

  1.  You accept him/her “as is” – do not try to change your partner and your partner should not try to change you.
  2. You bring out the best in each other.
  3. You have the same values.
  4. In every situation where there is a disagreement, both parties must be willing  to always compromise.
  5. You give each other space.
  6. He/she is your best friend and confidant.
  7. He/she does not have any addictive issues (such as:  drugs, alcohol abuse)
  8. He/she has a good sense of humor.
  9. He/she makes you smile and laugh when you are together.
  10.  He/she is emotionally mature.
  11. There are no evidence of a control factor by either parties.
  12. You are both proud to be seen with each other in public places.
  13. He/she compliments you often on your appearance (i.e. your outfits, your hair style).
  14. He/she always say:  I miss you, I love you and your partner’s actions will  always be an indication of much he/she loves you.
  15. You would do anything to spend time with your partner.
  16. Whenever you are together, you have a feeling of “excitement” and butterflies in your stomach—no matter how long you both have been together as a couple.
  17. You both respect and understand each other.
  18. You both always forgive each other and quick to say:  I’m sorry.
  19. You can always be yourself when you both are together.
  20. He/she always brags about you to others.
  21. Your partner makes sacrifices for you:  and you’re happy to do the same for your partner.
  22. Whenever you are apart, you find yourself “smiling” when you just think about your partner.

*(Some excerpts from : Simplemost)

Always fall in love with someone who you Trust and Believe in.   Always remember:  relationships are hard work and both must equally put their efforts into the relationship in order to keep it alive and for longevity.  You must and should never take anything for granted.  Learn to always see and focus in the “good qualities” of your partner, which attracted you to him/her in the very first place.  Yes,  during the course of time,  people do change, but instead of tearing your partner down for things that annoy you, have a discussion and try to always compromise for a happy solution.  Try to focus on your partner’s good qualities rather than his/her past mistakes or bad behaviors. 

I believe, that the key factors here are:  If, your partner allows you to be yourself whenever you are together, if your communication between the two of you are very good, and you both understand and accept each other just the way you are, if the Trust, Respect, Love for one another is very strong:  You have a “winner” and a keeper.

“Fall in love in with someone who comes into your life, and makes you understand why it never worked with anyone else.”  (James M. Sama)

Hope all the information I have provided above help all of you to find that “right one”.  Just always remember that we are all human beings and not perfect with many flaws but, I believe,  the relationships that are solid and last for eternity, are those that have those key ingredients I mentioned above—and remember, all relationships, if you feel in your heart are worth keeping, does require a  lot of hard work by both partners. 

So until we meet again.  Keep smiling, keep dancing, keep meeting new peoples on Smeet and keep falling in love over and over again until you find the “Right One”.  If you see me around on Smeet, please do not hesitate to say “hi” and if you have any type of relationship questions or any other topics you would like to see published in my “Dear Sayuri” column in the En server Smeet blog, please message me in private.  Always remember to love one another.  Happy Smeeting and May GOD bless you always. 

SAYURI, EN Journalist, ID#13520497

Oversee the Rise of Avanthea!

Turn a fledgling settlement into a powerful kingdom!Pretty swanky castle you've got there sir.Pretty swanky castle you've got there sir.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming Lord of your own kingdom?

For a while now you've been ruling Avanthea, a nice, peaceful little settlement situated in a pleasant green land with glistering lakes, beautiful woods and mountains. The natural landscape protects you from threats from other settlements, but you have this constant feeling that you are destined for bigger and better things...

Now you have the chance to become a more powerful force! The natural resources around Avanthea have everything you could want for expansion. It´s the ideal place to build a bigger settlement.

Build farm houses, mines, quarries, lumbermills and barracks to plunder different resources and enable you to care for your ever-expanding population, as well as building your own impressive castle! Beware, though, of your adversary Lord Wolfkin. He's looking down from his castle up in the mountains and isn't likely to simply allow the rise of Avanthea without a fight! He's bound to be intent on destroying your settlement and seizing your resources for himself...

Defeat him and solve a number of other tasks and earn a truckload of Fame Points!

2017-2018 UEFA Champions League begins!

The world's hottest club competition returns!
The Champions League is the most important club event in football and the most watched across the world as there are many major European clubs searching for the most expensive and strongest title in the world.
The first Champions League group stage began on Tuesday September 12 2017. The group stage consists of 32 teams divided into eight groups. Each group consists of four teams. The first and second place holders go on to the knockout stage and third place goes to the Europa League. 
Here is the group draw of the UEFA Champions League, which took place on the evening of Thursday 24 August 2017:
Group A: Benfica - Manchester United - Basel - CSKA Moscow
Group B: Bayern Munich - Paris St Germain - Anderlecht - Celtic
Group C: Chelsea - Atletico Madrid - Roma - FK Qarabag
Group D: Juventus - Barcelona - Olympiacos - Sporting Lisbon
Group E: Spartak Moscow - Sevilla - Liverpool - Maribo
Group F: Shakhtar Donetsk - Manchester City - Napoli - Feyenoord
Group G: Monaco - Porto - Besiktas - RB Leipzig
Group H: Real Madrid - Borussia Dortmund - Tottenham - APOEL
The group matchdays are :
First round 12 - 13 September 2017
The second round 26 - 27 September 2017
Third round 17 - 18 October 2017
Forth round October 31 - November 1 2017
Fifth round 21 - 22 November 2017
The sixth and final round 5 - 6 December 2017
And for the matches kickoff times are 20:45 CEST/CET in general.
Thanks for reading guys. Have a good day and enjoy watching! ^_^
Oº°‘¨ψ† ● Ĉнιтσx ● †ψ¨‘°ºO (ID:  2303595) - EN Sports Reporter
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