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The Big Interview!

Have you checked out any of Liba's recent events?Have you checked out any of Liba's recent events?

GQ ×.··..Sησωƒℓαкє..··.× grills our very own DJ ŁİßΛ


User interviewed: nick: ŁİßΛ, id: 13431374

Interviewed by: Snowflake



Snowflake: When did you join Smeet ?

ŁİßΛ: In September 2011 I joined Smeet


Snowflake: How did you find Smeet ? 

ŁİßΛ: It’s my friends who told me to become on Smeet

And I followed them here


Snowflake: What do you like most about Smeet ?

ŁİßΛ: Chat with people, meet people, talk with people from all over the word, and do animations to have a good time


Snowflake: Can you tell us a little about you role as a DJ ?

ŁİßΛ: I do musical entertainment in the public rooms, but I also play games, to entertain the Smeeters

I make animations to change the daily life of Smeet users

And Animations take place in the room screens in live


Snowflake: You do a good job, What is your favorite dessert ?

ŁİßΛ: Thank you, my favorite dessert is the lemon meringue pie


Snowflake: Who are the most important people for you here?

ŁİßΛ: There are many important people for me here, people I have seen in real life, friends with whom I spend a lot of time here, and also my animating friends, there are really a lot of people


Snowflake: What do you want to tell our Smeeters ?

ŁİßΛ: I would like to say to all users to enjoy Smeet, to have a good time! To have fun with respect and humor, that every moment on Smeet is positife for everyone!


Snowflake: Liba, Thanks very much for the interview :)

ŁİßΛ: You welcome, thank you Snow!


Your Gossip Queen Snowflake ID: 27702279

Eagles last!

After more than 58 years, the Philadelphia Eagles Have Won Their First Super Bowl title
The Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots by 41 points to 33 in the game at the Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
The Philadelphia Eagles battled from the first minute to the end to win the 52nd Super Bowl title as they beat the New England Patriots in the final match of the National Football League.
The game saw strong competition between the Philadelphia Quarterback, Nick Foles, and his counterpart at New England Patriots, Tom Brady. Philadelphia was the first to score points and maintained a 10-point lead over New England for multiple periods in the game, and then in the final minutes the New England Patriots team managed to reduce that difference, However, Nick Foles maintained his composure and sent the ball two minutes from the end to Zach Ertz to score a goal in the lead. Jake Elliott scored a goal that helped Philadelphia win 41 points to 33.
This is the third appearance of Eagles in Super Bowl after 1980 and 2004. The team is one of the oldest American football teams since it was founded on July 8, 1933, and the team qualified for the big showdown after winning the NFC (National Football Conference ) in 2017 for the third time.
For their part, the Patriots qualified for the Super Bowl 2018 after winning the AFC ( American Football Conference ) 2017 title, the tenth title in their history after the years 1985 - 1996 - 2001 - 2003 - 2004 - 2007- 2011 - 2014 - 2016. The team was founded on 16 November 1959.

Folded Animal Antics in the Papercraft Forest!

Fill the woods with critters!Definitely no smoking allowed here, Smeeters, the whole place would burn in seconds!Definitely no smoking allowed here, Smeeters, the whole place would burn in seconds!

Paperfolding brings back wonderful memories of childhood for many of us. There was truly no better feeling than brightening up a dreary maths lesson at school by creating a masterfully-aerodynamic paper aeroplane and hurling it at the back of a substitute teacher’s head. Good times.

Of course, such creative practices existed centuries before the Bart Simpson-wannabes of recent decades came along. Paperfolding traditions developed separately in different parts of the world, but it is the Japanese tradition of origami that has become globally well-known and particularly the orizuru, or paper crane. These are often used as ceremonial wrappers or restaurant table decorations and if you make 1000 cranes together it is believed a wish will come true.*

*Smeet bears no responsibility if you spend ages making 1000 paper cranes and no wishes actually come true. We just read that on the internet.


So this week it seems fitting that a Papercraft Forest has cropped up in the luscious green belt that surrounds Smeet City. As the name suggests, the whole forest is made of paper, and you would have thought the vibrant colours would make it a bustling haven for forest animals. Unfortunately, like Milton Keynes on a Friday night…it all seems a bit dead.

It’s time to get creative and give the forest some life. Use the blueprints to produce a variety of Papercraft animals. And yes, we know elephants and lions don’t normally live in suburban forests but this is Smeet so realism isn’t exactly the point here, is it? There is also a pesky cat hanging around, which you can royally cheese off by bombarding it with Papercraft Mice. Such fun! Best of luck, Smeeters!

Events on the EN Server this week!

Roll up, roll up, the EN DJs are in town!Schedule courtesy of ŁİßΛ (ID: 13431374)Schedule courtesy of ŁİßΛ (ID: 13431374)

As 2018 rolls on into February the hot events keep coming to the EN server! Our awesome and passionate team of DJs have some more great hangout options for you this week, so make sure you get down and join them!

Preliminary EN Event! - Mr and Miss Smeet Contest 2018

Fresh new EN Journalist Nano talks about the upcoming fashion show on the EN serverDon't miss out, it's gonna be a cracker!Don't miss out, it's gonna be a cracker!

As we say goodbye to January and welcome February, it's time to prepare for a Valentines Day party as Smeet launches the “Mr. & Miss Contest 2018”, allowing you to show your imagination and creativity when it comes to fashion and style!


Do you want to participate and try to win? It's easy!

Register as a participant by sending a picture of your Avatar (in one of your best styles!), your ID and your current Nickname to eventsen [at] smeet [dot] com by the 31st January at 8p.m.

You will then be invited to participate in the “EN Preliminary Qualifier” Event Fashion Show at the Catwalk, organized by the EN Entertainers and DJs, on February 5th from 9:00PM UK time (4:00PM US East Coast).

A Vote will be held live, as all Smeeters present will vote for their Miss and Mr. EN. Only one Miss and one Mr. will be crowned winners!

The prizes for the top 3 pairs in the Preliminary Contest are as follows (each set of prizes won by one Mr. and one Miss!):


1st: 200 Coins, 5000 Fame Points, 10 Days VIP, 8000 Dimes and an interview for the blog.

2nd: 100 Coins, 3000 Fame Points, 5 Days VIP and 5000 Dimes.

3rd: 50 Coins, 2000 Fame Points, 1 Day VIP and 3000 Dimes

These two winners will then go on to represent the EN server at the epic Mr. & Miss Smeet 2018 Contest, to be organised by all the admins and held on February 14th in the International Room.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me or the admins.



If you have any ideas you want to see covered in our EN Smeet blog, feel free to message me too!

Nano: EN Smeet Journalist ID:26702093

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