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The winners of our lottery!

Smeeters! On January 8th we held the great raffle of the Smeet lottery. This year, there were a whopping 7687 ballots! All of you won a lot of ballots in contests and events from the EN and ES servers.Who had the lucky ballots?Who had the lucky ballots?

In the ES server ballots were given out by our volunteers Bondbel, Azul.marina, Rani, SIM, Isidora, Shulita, Gabriela, Cris, Daniel.mou, Vidamar, Danny, Juanfer, Anthony, Kike, Caribay, Berrinchuda and Joscri.

In our EN server, ballots were given out by Willkane, DJ Alex and Joscri.

We want to thank all of them (and our admins, Wild Rover and Olivia Vera) for their great job. They made the successful lottery possible.

During the event, the 25 winners’ numbers were generated with a random number generator. And the winners are…

 1: •●•||●¢σηу●єтєяηιту●||•●•ã™, ballot 3849

2: 1Mayura1, ballot 1892

3: ••¤(`×[gєoяgє•ν•Éтeяиíтy]×´)¤••, ballot 6209

4: –•(-•(вєвιтнσ)•-)•–, ballot 40

5: ●»•ξℓizαвэтн•|»æ«|•«●, ballot 123

6 to 10:

INFO †●†fяєyα†●† (ballot 1880), •°¤•αмαиđᕤ°• (twice, ballots 2666 and 7328), Patummii (ballot 2981) and Nathalia (ballot 7306)

11 to 15:

David 666 (ballot 1811), ●»•ξℓizαвэтн•|»æ«|•«● (ballot 6383), ••¤(`×[νєяo•Ĝ•Éтeяиíтy]×´)¤•• (ballot 1608), •°¤•αмαиđᕤ°• (ballot 246), and INFO (¯´•..• Mя $oℓµţion •..•´¯) (ballot 3369)

16 to 20:

●•ℓєŏŋ●•™ (twice, ballots 7499 and 2303), αgυѕтιиα (ballot 6967), •●•||●¢σηу●єтєяηιту●||•●•ã™ (ballot 500), and Lady Isabella (ballot 1152)

21 to 25:

naiaaa (ballot 899), •°¤•ľešľιe•¤°• (ballot 7140), <3**Rubby LuNa**<3 (ballot 69), ••¤(`×[gєoяgє•ν•Éтeяиíтy]×´)¤•• (ballot 162), and •°¤•αмαиđᕤ°• (ballot 5101)

Your prizes will be delivered shortyl! Thank you all for your participation. Congratulations to the winners! We hope you had a great time with us!

•Joѕcяι ∂є Cяιs (CўJ)•

Christmas EN/INT Tombola Winners!

A special Tombola with special prizes, but did YOU enjoy any festive luck?Who did the big lad Santa favour with his tombola draw?Who did the big lad Santa favour with his tombola draw?

























Here we go Tombola players! It's time for the much-anticipated CHRISTMAS results...

As per usual, a whopping NINE winners take home extra (and this month, extra special!) prizes this month, whilst the rest of you of course claim the participation prize. The details of the whole WINTRY enterprise are as follows!:

1st place: (¯`·..·[MilAgroS]·._.·´¯ ) (ID: 25356624) - 6,000 Coins, 1,000,000 Fame Points, the Gold Tombola Badge and SOLD OUT and LIMITED white Autumn 2016 Limited Edition Platform Shoes!

2nd place: ●×ℓυѕну×● (ID: 13772034) - 4,500 Coins, 500,000 Fame Points, the Silver Tombola Badge and LIMITED black Autumn 2016 Limited Edition Platform Shoes!

3rd place: Mr SkyFalke (ID: 14262599) - 3,000 Coins, 250,000 Fame Points, the Bronze Tombola Badge and a sexy LIMITED dress from our “Colorful” collection!

4th place: Mяѕ K Sιℓνєя (ID: 7511024) - 500 Coins, 150,000 Fame Points, the Wooden Tombola Badge and a Smeekie!

5th place: Ļįşįąŋą (ID: 22494523), †σηєιη∂ιgнєι∂† (ID: 24940556), Jαмιє ѕмσσтн (ID: 14527489), INFO Captain Slaphead (ID: 1095400) and ◦●◦<<Tiger Eyes>>◦●◦ (ID: 4898223) - 250 Coins, 100,000 Fame Points, the Wooden Tombola Badge and a Smeekie!

Plus there's 20,000 Fame Points plus a Smeekie for the rest of the Smeeters who participated!


Hope you enjoyed it this month, and good luck for the next one!

Become a Smoothie Entrepreneur on Smeet!

Read all about it!Read all about it!

'Limited' Cleanout Sale!

Take your last opportunity to get your hands on a host of Limited items!The January Sales arrive on Smeet!The January Sales arrive on Smeet!

We are having a very special sale this week...almost all the 'Limited' items in the Fashion Shop are now available with discounts of up to 50%!

The sale will last until the end of Saturday, 14th January, at which time these items will ALL be taken out of the Shop FOR GOOD!

Among them are the Male Limited Autumn Edition Boots, as well as the Shielded Bot 2.0, the awesome unique robot that allows you to move around Smeet in a futuristic manner. If you had your eye on these or other 'Limited' items, now is your last chance! Hurry up and check out the Sale section as soon as possible!

How Will Your 2017 Pan Out?

Forward to the future with the newest 2017 horoscope and predictions by ®†hєхєn_tαnz†®Capricorns, listen up!Capricorns, listen up!

Today we will focus solely on Capricorn and see what 2017 has in store for these feisty thinkers.


Capricorn’s in 2017 have a lot coming their way. The new year will be lots of time spent with your ruler Saturn. The New Year is going to be all about learning and acceptance. Pay close attention to those who are and have helped you in the past for they are going to be a huge impact this upcoming year. This is likely to be as you have helped them in the past. Do not worry about any negativity of others who expect something in return from their good deed towards you. People will come forth with their love and kindness and will help you get through all periods of any upcoming grief or tragedies. Be forewarned that you are not required to apologize for anyone’s negativity. However, if desired, this can break any negative karma. Step back and be the observer and not the reactor.

For all your good doings, you will be rewarded by the people you have helped and by the universe. Everyone you encounter and trust are in your life to always help you no matter what. Want to do something special? Why not create positive karma and give it to those who have helped you.

Once a Capricorn knows what it wants they pounce and go after it no matter what. Be it a promotion, a love interest, or simply just a new entrance in your life. You will be relied on by friends and family to hold them up during any hard times. There is nothing stopping a Capricorn.

During the years, you have gone to great strides to achieve your dreams and goals and you were indeed successful. You could have ruined many a friendship or even relationship but you kept to yourself and are in process of being rewarded by the universe and loved ones who surround you. Though you have gone through some heave emotional trauma, the year has been a very emotional “roller coaster”. Not to worry though sweet Capricorns for if you have failed anyone or anything you can still pick up the pieces and mend the damage. You have it in you to do so without being pig headed.


Want to see your sign sooner rather than later? Message me on smeet and I will prioritize your sign and address and concerns you may have in the article. You can contact me with my information below. Ps: want a horoscope reading? Contact me as well and I will work one on one and give you a personalized reading


®†hєхєn_tαnz†® Astrologer and Host of Writers ID: 22686525

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