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Extensive Change to Groups

After careful consideration we have decided to go ahead with the following changes to the Groups system:

In future, Groups will consist of a maximum of 8 members (currently this number is 25). Each new Group will be created with 8 member slots and buying additional slots will not be possible.

To implement this change, existing Groups that have more than eight members will be split into Groups with a maximum of eight members.


This means the following:

If your Group has up to 8 members, it won’t be affected in any way.

A Group with 8-16 members will be split into two Groups, while a Group with 16-24 members will be split into three Groups. A Group possessing the maximum allowed number of members, 25, will be split into four Groups.

The current members will be distributed to the new Groups. Our algorithm will take rank inside the Group and the player level into account so that the new Groups are created fairly. However, we have no control over who lands exactly in which group. All the new Groups will get the same amount of members from the original Group. If the number of members cannot be divided by the number of the Groups, the leftover members will be assigned to the Groups randomly, with no Group getting more than one extra member.


Group A has 10 members. Two new Groups will be formed with five randomly assigned members.

Group B has 9 members. Two Groups will be formed with 4 and 5 members.

Group C has 23 members. Two new Groups will be formed with 8 members and one with 7 members.

Group D has 25 members. Three new Groups will be formed with 6 members and one with 7 members.

Each new Group will get either one of the co-leaders of the original Group or the original team leader, and these will become the Team Leaders of the new Groups. This means that if there are three new Groups to be formed, and the original Group has one team leader and two co-leaders, these members will be each distributed to one Group and will be the team leader of that Group. This serves the purpose of helping everyone organize their new Groups. If the number of co-leaders plus the team leader is lower than the number of groups being created at the time of splitting, some of the new leaders will be assigned from amongst other members. If the number of co-leaders plus team leader is greater than the number of groups being created, the new team leaders will be the team leader of the original Group plus the co-leaders with the highest level.

Everyone will have one week to prepare for the splitting event. The splitting of the Groups will take place on Monday 31st July. During this phase of the preparation and splitting no Challenge will take place. This means that no Challenge will start on 28th July. The next Challenge will start instead on 4th August. During the Preparation Phase, kicking of existing members will not be possible. Inviting of new members will only be possible if the Group is smaller than 8 members.

We advise each Group to prepare for the splitting of the Groups. This means talking to each other, choosing the new leaders for each new Group by promoting or demoting members to the co-leader status and ideally decide which member will be in which Group as well. After the placement of the members, the new team leaders will be able to exchange members and the new Groups can be organized in any way you wish. We want to emphasize: It is completely in your power to create the Groups that you want to. Communication is key here.

Important: All the new Groups stemming from one original Group will receive the same Score Rating, namely the Score Rating the original Group had. This means that they will all have the same ranking as well. However, for three weeks these Groups won’t be matched against each other.

For the additional slots that were bought for each Group, we will reimburse the Coins. The current Group Leader will receive the Coins that were spent on buying the additional slots for that Group, regardless of who paid the Coins in the first place.


The reasoning for this change is that we want to make the Challenges;

A. fairer for everyone - right now Groups with 5 members can get matched against Groups with 25 members and that creates the feeling of unfairness for everyone. Such big differences in member count will not be possible anymore due to the number of members being capped at eight.

B. more exciting – we imagine the new Groups being much closer to each other in terms of power, and this will create more exciting matches.

C. more social – Groups were intended as a social environment where one strives together towards a goal with friends. Groups should reinforce the feeling of friendship and camaraderie amongst Smeeters. So far several of the Groups were so big that most members did not know each other, some were just in the same Group so they could get easier wins. We want to prevent that and create an environment where you work together towards victory with your closest Smeet friends. Socializing and friendship is what Smeet has always stood for and we feel strongly about this.

Thanks for reading. Give us feedback about this change on Facebook and send any questions you have to the support. We will do our best to clear any ambiguities.

Your Smeet Team

Another Coins Happy Hour is here!!!

Today (21st July, 2017) from 1pm to 4pm EDT (USA East Coast Time Zone), which is 6pm to 9pm BST (UK Time Zone), you will receive bonus Coins when purchasing Coins with credit or debit card, PayPal, PaySafeCard or Skrill!!

The more you top up, the more free Coins you will get, so make sure you take full advantage of this fantastic offer. The exact time schedule is as follows:

- 1-2pm EDT: 75% more Coins

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Paypal Issues Solved

The issue with some PayPal payments not triggering the crediting of Coins has been solved. At the current moment all PayPal payments are being processed with full reliability. If you were one of the few users affected by this issue, we have sent you the Coins you bought for as well as a 10% bonus on top. If you have issued a claim to PayPal for a refund, we have refunded your payment.

If you were affected by this issue and haven't received your Coins yet and haven't asked for a refund through Paypal, please write to our support and we will send you the Coins you paid for as well as the 10% Bonus as soon as possible.

Thank you for bearing with us through this issue and Happy Smeeting!

A new tidy inventory and Group improvements!

Dear Smeeters, You might have suddenly realized that the number of pages in your inventory seems to have shrunk!

That´s because we've summarized duplicates of items in your inventory under one icon. As a result, your inventory should be much more manageable!

If you want to delete ALL copies of one item, you just have to click the “X” in the right corner of the main title. Currently to be able to do this you have to be in a public room. If you want to delete them one by one, just click on the main item to get to the overview. Here you can see every single item and you are able to delete them one by one.

ALso, you may have tried to buy a group slot and it didn´t work. This is not a bug, we are currently working on an improvement for the Groups.

We hope you like the new tidy inventory! :)

Your Smeet Team


Smeet TeamSmeet Team

Occasional Issues with Paypal Transactions

Since the 13.7. we have detected occasional issues with PayPal transactions. In these cases while we are receiving the payment, due to a technical error the crediting of Coins is not being triggered automatically as it should.

We assure you that everyone who's been affected by this issue will receive their Coins that they paid for. We are working together with PayPal to solve this issue as soon as possible. This problem so far only affects a small percentage of payments via PayPal.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Smeet Team


Smeet TeamSmeet Team

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