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Smeet Spring Games 2017: Round 3 Results!

The competition is hotting up!

Blimey! Your Spring parties looked pretty ruddy amazing! We got loads of awesome screenshots and it looks like you all had an absolute blast! BUT now it's time to get serious, as we announce the winners of Round 3 of the Spring Games!

The winner from Group ES/LAT, FR and TR is...Team TR!

The full results are as follows:

1st: TR domain - 3 Smeet Games Points.

2nd: ES/LAT domain - 2 Smeet Games Points.

3rd: FR domain - 1 Smeet Games Point.


The winner from Group EN/INT, IT, DE and PL is...Team PL!

The full results are as follows:

1st: PL domain - 3 Smeet Games Points.

2nd: EN/INT domain - 2 Smeet Games Points.

3rd: DE and IT domains- 1 Smeet Games Point.


Congratulations on all your entries!

Words of advice from Sayuri!

DO YOU HAVE A HEALTHY SELF-ESTEEM?Read carefully, Sayuri knows her stuff!Read carefully, Sayuri knows her stuff!

Let’s first define self-esteem.   According to Google’s definition of self esteem:  “Confidence in one’s own worth or abilities, self-respect.”    According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary:   “Self-esteem is a confidence and satisfaction in oneself:  self-respect; “a feeling of having respect for yourself and your abilities or define it another way:  “a feeling of  satisfaction that someone has in himself or herself and his or her own abilities.”

Now with all of that being said and easily conveyed and understood, I would like to emphasize that the image one has of  oneself will always affect every area of your life.  Whether it be in communication with others, making , maintaining and keeping friendships;  and your self-esteem will always affect your relationships.

I think or suspect a majority or a lot of you do not even have a clear image of your own self- esteem.  So let’s discuss how self-esteem is recognized by oneself:    How do you measure your self-worth?  An interesting article on Forbes stated:   “What you use to measure your self-worth, greatly influences the way you think, feel, and behave.”  I believe this is very true and this particular thinking, feeling and behavior that one has, affects every single area his/her life.   Therefore, a healthy self-esteem is very important and one should always strive to have a good self image of oneself.

According to an article on Advanced Life Skills website:  “The way we perceive our own self-worth as a person has a profound influence on every aspect of our life.  Today’s culture  sends a lot of mixed signals that can easily distort our views about  what makes us a worthwhile person.  Unless we develop a well grounded understanding of our true nature, self-worth  and personal value, we will probably end up adopting one or more of these distorted views.”

“Our confidence in our own abilities will ultimately be the deciding factor when it comes to taking action and produc ing results.  A lack of self-confidence acts as a restraint, holding us back from pursuing the life  and dreams  we  desire.  A distorted view of self-worth leads us to believe that we have a healthy self-esteem.  Always practice positive thoughts about yourself and who you are.  Try to quickly “capture” and discard negative thoughts that continuously play  back in your mind.  Words that condemn, criticize and affect your perception of how very special and unique you are.  Learn to focus on your talents and gifts of what you have inside of you.  God has endowed each and every one of us special talents/gifts for us to utilize in our lives.  – whether it be helping others or encouraging/inspiring others with our talents/gifts, or making our world a much more better place to live in.   Always try to focus on how valuable, special and unique you are and always practice channeling these positive thoughts about yourself to boost your perception of who you really are.

Bad relationships will affect and have negative effects on our self-esteem and on the other hand, a bad or low self-esteem will always affect any relationship.    Words that  others tell us about ourselves, such as:  we do not deserve a better life and undermine our efforts to create change.  A prime example would be of a battered wife/spouse/partner in a marriage or any kind of couple relationship.

To build a healthy self-esteem takes practice and I believe it is a daily struggle to stay on top of it in order not to succumb to negative thoughts of one self based on criticism by others.  Know your value and self worth always.

In order to achieve and maintain  a healthy self-esteem:  “one must be aware that happiness is an internal satisfaction that rests from within, and not on external sources like:  education,  health, and wealth.  Learn to love and value oneself first.  Do a thorough self evaluation:  “Remember that to keep a long lasting relationship:  knowing yourself  first and understanding the importance of self-esteem are essential things towards building a long and lasting relationship.”  (Quoted from:  Youtango)

In conclusion, I would like to say this:  Each and every single one of us are very special and unique with each of us having unique talents/gifts endowed by God Himself.  Each of you have personal value and worth.  Take time to appreciate who you really are by shutting out all unnecessary opinions of others around you.  Make a list of things you like about yourself and then read it out aloud daily or as often times throughout the day as a reminder of your self-worth.  Allow it  to dwell into your “sub-conscious mind”.  Make a list about all the ways you have contributed to the lives of people around you.  Learn to spend time alone and learn to love and enjoy being alone.  Only after you realize that you truly enjoy spending time alone and realizing that you truly love yourself….. that is true progress in the right direction on achieving a very healthy self-esteem:  one of realizing your great potential within you and your value and self worth. 

Hope all this information helps each and every one of you.  Whether or not you believe you have a healthy self-esteem, it is always good to practice and maintain it.  There are so many negative things going on all around us daily and therefore, it is truly imperative that we all have a healthy self-esteem in order to tackle our daily lives in a positive manner.

So until the next time, keep smiling, keep dancing and keep always meeting new people on Smeet.  If you see me around Smeet, please do not hesitate to say “hi” and if you have any type of relationship questions, please message me in private and I will be sure to answer it in my column.  Happy Smeeting to all of you.  Always remember to love one another.  God bless!


SAYURI, EN Smeet Journalist, ID#13520497

Kovu talks Footy!

EN Sports writer ºø¡●◊●¡øºЌøνů●Ĥℓмºø¡●◊●¡øº previews the upcoming Champions League quarter-finals!Who's your tip for the title?Who's your tip for the title?

It was a big day for the football fans, Friday 17 March 2017 in Switzerland, the draw of the most popular club competition in the world, the Champions League - excitement, passion and madness are three short words to describe the four games of the quarter finals.


The first two games (11th April 2017) will be between Juventus (ITA) and Barcelona (SPA), and Dortmund (GER) and Monaco (FRA).  The next day (12th April) sees Atletico Madrid (SPA) take on Leicester City (ENG), and Real Madrid (SPA) clash with Bayern Munich (GER). This final game stands out in particular as a heavyweight clash - both clubs with a long history, and two of the three favourites for the title along with Barcelona - the return matches will be held on the 18th and 19th April.


So, who will prevail in this part of the long road to be champions? We will have the answer in a few days!


Have a sports idea you want written about? Message me and I will be glad to include an article in our blog.


Smeet ID: 20134522

Smeet Spring Games 2017: Round 1 Results!

Some excellent movies were entered, but there can only be 1 winner!

We've chosen the winner for Round 1 of the Smeet Spring Games - the movie contest! This excellent entry from the Polish domain (link seen below) claimed the 3 Spring Games points!

Germany took 2nd place and, EN/INT, we earnt our first Spring Games point by coming third! Congratulations, we really had fun watching it!


Results list for Group: English/International, Poland, Germany, Italy

1st: Polish domain - 3 Smeet Games Points.

2nd: German domain - 2 Smeet Games Points.

3rd: English domain - 1 Smeet Games Point.

Decorate the Backstreet Basketball Court!

Glorious graffiti required on Smeet!Sorry, but that face creeps me right out. Do better.Sorry, but that face creeps me right out. Do better.

Graffiti is an art form that can be found almost everywhere, particularly in urban environments. Some of it can be ugly and not really that creative (taggers, we're looking at you), but there is also undoubtedly some awesome street art done by graffiti artists all around the world!

Hip Hop counts the graffiti scene as one of its many subcultures, and although it seems there will always be controversies surrounding it amongst city officials and law enforcement, there are loads of street artists and supporters who see it as a way of brightening up our sometimes dull cities.

There are loads of different types and styles of graffiti; it is a rapidly developing art form whose value is unfortunately often highly contested and reviled by the authorities. In our case, however, the Smeet City Administration seem to have taken something of a progressive approach! They've asked you to embellish the grey and dull Backstreet Basketball Court. As a well-known graffiti artist who's won your fair share of prizes, you are the obvious choice!

Fulfill the wishes of the administration and create an awesome graffiti backdrop for the basketball court, making it THE public space that everyone wants to hang out at!

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