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Big Sunday Sale on Smeet!

We have discounts on absolutely EVERYTHING in all the Smeet Shops!Don't let this opportunity to revamp your 3D Home slip away!Don't let this opportunity to revamp your 3D Home slip away!

Well, well Smeeters! Today we're having a BIG SALE! 24 hours with 10% off EVERYTHING in all the Smeet Shops!

Anything your heart desires is cheaper from now until Monday at 9am UK time (that's 4am East Coast U.S. time)!

By the way, if you've always wanted to get hold of the "Shopping Star" Badge this is also your opportunity! The 5 Smeeters in each domain that take the most advantage of the sale will be rewarded with the special badge.

It's time to go shopping!

Spend Summer at the Swimming Pool Hangout!

Pool, jacuzzi, drinks and grill. Yes please.Nah, not jealous at all. Honest. **Cries into pillow**Nah, not jealous at all. Honest. **Cries into pillow**

We're not sure how the weather is where you are, but the last few weeks at Smeet HQ in Berlin have been frankly rubbish. Grey, rainy, cold. Even the Brits are complaining. It's been THAT bad.

We won't let that dampen our spirits, however, and neither should you! Especially as there is a rather stunning new room to party in, and it seems to be sunny all the time there! Climate change and all that...

The Swimming Pool Hangout is the perfect location for an absolutely banging party. The natural beauty is something to behold, of course, and you can add a few more things to make it really perfect! Unfortunately, this means a lot of work to start off with!

So before you start the party, gather your best friends to help out with the preparations. Bring in some more palm trees to get the Caribbean vibes going, install the Conversation Island and fill the bar with a delicious variety of drinks. Most importantly, of course, you need to fill the pools with water! Once you've filled both of them, the beautiful waterfall will appear and give the Hangout a wonderful touch of flair!

So are you ready to have some fun? Grab the new Swimming Pool Hangout and get into the summer mood!

Smeetovision 2017 is here!

The biggest showbiz event on Smeet returns, so make sure you get involved!Represent your server and win big prizes!Represent your server and win big prizes!

Next weekend is that special moment in the year when everyone turns their eyes to Europe and, against the backdrop of Moldova's biggest superstar singing her heart out, wonders how such things as the Eurovision Song Contest can really exist. In real life.

To honour this beautifully glitzy cheesefest, we are continuing our tradition of our own version of Eurovision, so we are delighted to announce the Smeetovision Song Contest 2017!

The final will take place on 12th May at 4:30 p.m in the International Room! Italy will be hosting this special event this year, and all the servers have until 11th May to find the singer that will represent your country in the big final! EN & INT Smeeters - our Entertainers are working on hosting a qualification event, we hope to have more details for you on that ASAP!

Everyone is allowed to join in the qualification event, and you ALL have a say in choosing the EN/INT representative! So get to the event and make sure that YOUR favourite represents you in the finals!

There are some pretty special prizes for those taking part in the final on 12th May:

- 1st Place: 250,000 Fame Points, a gift from the Shop worth up to 2000 Coins, 6 months Gold-VIP membership and the Star Badge!

2nd Place: 150,000 Fame Points, a gift from the Shop worth up to 1000 Coins, 4 months Gold-VIP membership and the Star Badge!

3rd Place: 100,000 Fame Points, a gift from the Shop worth up to 500 Coins, 3 months Gold-VIP membership and the Star Badge!

All other contestants will receive 1 months Gold-VIP membership, 50,000 Fame Points and one gift from the Shop worth up to 250 Coins!


We can't wait for this, it's always great fun to see all the servers come together! So get involved!

EN/INT April Tombola Results!

A little late in announcing this...but here are the lucky winners!Did you win Coins for your spring spending spree?Did you win Coins for your spring spending spree?

Apologies for the lateness of this blog, but here is how the tombola ended waaaaay back in April! As per usual, a whopping NINE winners take home extra prizes this month, whilst the rest of you of course claim the participation prize.

The winning Smeeters are as follows!:

1st place: metalman (ID: 26591321) - 3,000 Coins, 500,000 Fame Points and the Gold Tombola Badge

2nd place: Lauraaaa :D (ID: 23357238) - 1500 Coins, 250,000 Fame Points and the Silver Tombola Badge

3rd place: Miss¤Emerald¤ (ID: 28037766) - 1000 Coins, 100,000 Fame Points and the Bronze Tombola Badge

4th place: metalman (ID: 26591321) - 250 Coins, 75,000 Fame Points and the Wooden Tombola Badge

5th place: *●•.¸Ŧαитαℓι¢ισυѕ¸.•●* (ID: 8307537), INFO •´¯`•.Bℓση∂є Cσωgιяℓ.•´¯`• (ID: 22107316), ριχєℓ-єк (ID: 9416199), Lauraaaa :D (ID: 23357238) and ∂zαѕтα ® (ID: 24560377) - 100 Coins, 50,000 Fame Points, the Wooden Tombola Badge

Plus there's 10,000 Fame Points plus a Smeekie for the rest of the Smeeters who participated!


Hope you enjoyed it this month, and good luck for the next one!

Fraggle Frenzy with WillKane!

“The Misadventures of Uncle Trolling, I mean Traveling Matt”Or good evening. If you're reading this in the evening.Or good evening. If you're reading this in the evening.

Hi all, WillKane here.  Some of you will probably remember Fraggle Rock in the 80s, and maybe a few of you will remember a fraggle named Uncle Traveling Matt.  He was an older fraggle, with a curly white mustache and tan safari clothes, who traveled from place to place outside Fraggle Rock to explore every day human things like the supermarket.  But to him, it was a new adventure...because he was a small puppet in a supermarket.  Over the past year I have traveled a good deal, and I have seen some interesting town names along the way.  So I thought it best to tell a believable story using some of those town names, psuedo-Uncle Traveling Matt style:


Seymour Woody rubbed his Bald Knob while riding the Goldenrod Balls Ferry across Loose Creek into his beloved Colon home.  Seymour had had a Roughhedge Kunkle of a day working at Dripping Springs in Glaze City as a Latex Low Gap filler and part-time Ding Dong Tainter.  It was Friday night, and Woody was ready to Bumpass with some Bloxom Assawoman at the nearby Goshen Hole on Pickle Street, named Meeteetse Hoback.  As he Coinjock-ed his way inside, Dick Felch and Lucky Load Comstock invited Seymour to their table in a Shady Nook for a few rounds of Manley Hot Springs covered with Miccosukee, the new thing to…drink.  After they all Toad Suck-ed that down, they decided to take the Splunge with a new appetizer, the Succasanna Miner’s Delight, Dingle-d with Slickpoo.  The three of them Slagger-ed all that down their Clam Gulch-es like a Greasy Delores sliding down the North Pole.  Now, in Happyland, Dick, Load and Woody were ready for the main Intercourse: Three Way Blue Ball Biggers from the Old Fig Garden collection, Rough and Ready and Wetmore-d to perfection in a Boar Tush then fermented in Cream Can Junction for almost a year before being served, Skiddy and Manly.  And just when they thought they couldn’t have anymore, Seymour Lucky Felch ordered dessert: Butternuts Conewango with Sugar Bunker Purple Cane and a sprinkle of Nutley.


But alas, the Three Kaka-s had no dates, so their next stop was the local French Lick, Hoars Addition.  The Smut Eye-d females were plenty to Hotchkiss, and the Moosup-ed Weiners more so.  They had arrived just in time for the Midnight Thicket special, 2-for-1 Pie Town.  And did they ever Faceville that Thicketty of Beaverton and Fingerville that Rumpus Ridge.  But just as they were about to Cooter the Bush Landing, the Three Sweatman made a series of horrible discoveries.  Their Keister-s suddenly experienced Burnsville (from the Nutley, of course, which was actually better coming out).  Then their Love Valleys got overgrown with Clappers that made Dick shout painfully “My Pee Pee Township, MY PEE PEE TOWNSHIP!”  And to top it all off, they were not lead into Virginville by Honey Bend, La Fox “Love” Johnsondale and Needmore Dix like they had hoped, but instead, Grosse Tete “Bowlegs” Tuckahoe, Ginger Blue “Big Sag” Prunedale and Feura Bush Coxsackie revealed themselves to be their dates this whole time.  And as soon as their boss Purvis Black Pipe came out to Coplay, the three men ran like the little Crapo-s they were.


Anyway, it was time to Whipup a Leakey Dickens of a tale, as I hope you Knobs and Shivwits enjoyed.  Stay tuned for a party in the near future that I will announce in the Events section of Smeet, and Smeet Facebook groups All Things Smeet and Smeet Union.  Until next time, have fun and happy Smeeting!


P.S. Believe it or not, my source for this article is a real estate company website, found here:

Funny name brah.Funny name brah.

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