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Music to your ears!

Hey Smeeters,

Are you a world class musician or just a wannabe? Either way, Smeet has everything to meet your musical needs! Our latest selection of items for your avatar and user room are musical instruments! Whether you're a fan of the drums or prefer the light, airy sounds of the harp, we've got something for everyone. And get this-- musical items for your 3D home make sounds when you click on them!

Add a little music to your world and get your musical instruments today. Maybe you can even make form a band with your friends!

Happy Smeeting!

New rooms available for your 3D home!

Hey Smeeters,

We've added even more user rooms to help make your 3D home even better! We now have entrance halls ranging from grand foyers to simple, basic rooms which help set the tone of your 3D home. In addition we have new bathrooms with tile motifs ranging from whimsical dolphins to labryinth patterns. You can also select new bathroom furniture to help make going to the loo more interesting and not just practical!

Happy Smeeting!

Smeet brings the Far East to you!

Our latest collection of goods is from the Far East, allowing you to do everything from adding a bit of ‘Zen’ to your  3D room or dress up like a ninja! We even have manga inspired hairstyles for your avatar! So get shopping today and add a little bit of Asian flair to your life.

Happy Smeeting!

New admin: Yanuin22

Hola Smeeters,

We’ve FINALLY got a new admin! Yanuin22 is the newest addition to the Smeet English team. He likes long walks on the beach, puppies and roses… we’re only joking obviously!

Yanuin likes the three Fs:  films, fun and football!He’s a total goofball and always around to provide interesting anecdotes. He also speak English, German, French, Turkishand is learning Japanese!

He’ll be online mostly in the mornings to help any of Smeet’s early risers with questions they may have.

Say hi to him when you see if around!


Your Smeet team

The king has finally arrived!

The last lion cub, Phineas, is finally online! He’s not just any normal house pet though- he gives just as much as you do! By helping Phineas grow to become the king of all animals, he’ll not only give you Fame Points but also special presents. Along the way, you’ll collect future animal kingdom royals. Once the last house pet is fully grown, you’ll venture to Phineas’ African kingdom! Curious? Start taking care of Phineas now to see all he has in store!

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