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You'll feel like you're in the North Pole....

Hey Smeeters,

It's collllddddd out there! The weather outside is cold, dreary and snow has started to fall. Smeet's got a selection of new arctic pets that are in need of your help! Save them from the chilling winter by adopting them- they're bound to make fantastic additions to your 3D home! Whether you love polar bears, snow foxes or arctic hares, Smeet's bound to have something that will tickle your fancy. If you adopt Ripple, the polar bear, you'll receive another pet once he's fully grown! Don't forget, everytime you raise a pet, you'll collect Fame Points! Remember, this is the season of giving so give these little guys a home!













Happy Smeeting!

Take an adorable baby seal home today!

Playful Baby Seals!Playful Baby Seals!

Winter just got a lot more playful! Baby Seals are now online and can't wait to be adopted. They are cute, cuddly, and will be the perfect new pet for any Smeeter! Helping them grow and making them happy is the perfect way of getting into the holiday spirit (and earning Fame Points as well!) Log in now and adopt one of these little guys today!

“Let's be naughty and save Santa the trip.”

Ho Ho Ho Smeeters!

Tis' the season to be jolly... Stores have already started playing those beloved Christmas jingles and all things Christmas have been available for at least the past month!  Smeet's finally getting into the Christmas spirit and we've recently released the first part of our much anticipated Christmas collection.

Whether you're a Christmas fanatic or can't wait for it all to be over for another 365 days, we've got something for everyone! You'll find Christmas lights for your 3D home, presents for other Smeeters and sexy lingerie for your avatar! As always, we have the traditional Christmas kitsch available for all those traditionalists. To show we're in the spirit and to help make your holiday season even better, Smeet's even given everyone a FREE Christmas tree! Don't let your inner Scrooge get the best of you- make Christmas 2010 the best yet!

Happy Smeeting and an even happier holidays!

- Your Smeet team

New styles, new features!

Have you spotted what's new yet?

Every user now has up to seven styles for showing their friends all of their coolest outfits at once. And two of these styles even have their own dance move! To find your styles, click on your avatar, then on the t-shirt symbol. To unlock new styles you have to play games. You probably already know our "Slider Puzzle" but there is now an awesome new game called "Melody Mania". Give it a try!

Speaking of games, we have also have a new dual-player game: "Memory"! Challenge your friends to see who can remember the most cards. Every game you win will give you Fame points and help you increase your level.


We have also made changes to the video screens. This is the feature that many of you have been waiting for. Everyone now gets a chance to show their favorite videos on the screens. There is a now a queuing system which is much fairer than the old system. We also fixed a few other problems with the screens while we were at it.

Last but not least, inviting your friends from Yahoo!, ICQ and AIM is now dead easy! Click on the hand icon in the toolbar at the top and you will find a new button called "Invite your chat friends". Once they have joined you on Smeet they can water your plants, stroke your pets and you can do battle with them via the dual player games.

As always, we'd love to hear what you think of all the changes.

Halloween is almost here-- have you got your costume yet?

















Hey Smeeters,

Halloween is almost here! Having been around for centuries, Halloween today is a time of celebration, supersition and candy! Trick-or-treaters go door-to-door asking for handouts, while others put on costumes and attend parties. You're more than likely prepared for Halloween celebrations in real life, so why not be prepared for Halloween on Smeet as well?

Smeet's proud to release their selection of Halloween costumes for your avatar and a bunch of goodies for your user room! Check it out in the shop now and make sure you and your user room are ready for the festivities!

As an added bonus, throw a Halloween party, take a screenshot and upload it to the Smeet English Facebook page. If you have the best Halloween party, you'll receive an awesome prize!

Happy Halloween and happy Smeeting!

-Your Smeet team

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