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Drew Barrymore or Cameron Diaz?

HOT LIPSTICK: Who Wore It Better?

Drew Barrymore or Cameron Diaz???

Red Lipstick CompetitionRed Lipstick Competition

Daily Horoscope: LIBRA

Dear Libra,

a recovery of sorts is possible, particularly if you've had some minor ailment bothering you over the recent past. You improved dietary routine and lifestyle changes have been the cause of this. Now all you have to do is moderate your working life to take this wellbeing to an even greater level.

Libra by missy.sousaLibra by missy.sousa

Love is in the air!

Are you deeply in love or do you have a crush on someone? Can you not hide your feelings anymore and you want everybody to know? Do you want to let your sweetheart know how you feel? This is your chance!!!

Send your declaration of love to events [at] smeet [dot] com til February 13th and we will publish the most beautiful and romantic stories on our Smeet Blog on Valentine's Day.

I love you!I love you!

Daily Horoscope: VIRGO

Dear Virgo,

You have a lot of social engagements to attend to during this two day period. A soiree or afternoon tea is not out of the question but the critical point to bear in mind, ( should you opt for some sort of get-together ) is to choose the friends wisely. Not everyone may enjoy the others’ company. 

Virgo by missy.sousaVirgo by missy.sousa

missy.sousa is the winner of the "Star Sign Picture Contest!!!"

Hey Guys,

The winner of the 'Star Sign Picture Contest' is missy.sousa, who sent in beautiful photos of ALL the star signs!

You can see the first one today: Leo.

She also became an OP this week! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In addition to all of this, she's designed many creative and beautiful rooms, in which other Smeeters can watch cartoons all day long!

Here are some pictures: CHECK IT OUT NOW!!!

missy.sousa roommissy.sousa room

missy.sousa roommissy.sousa room










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