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Thoughtful Reflections from Ƒєммє

Our newest EN Journalist gives her first thoughts on life on Smeet

It's a pretty important aspect of life!It's a pretty important aspect of life!

Between The Lines Can Be A Very Tight Space   by ƒєммє

         Have you ever chatted and realized your reply to someone’s comment was taken completely wrong?  Or, did someone miss the point you were trying to make and you found yourself explaining your stance again?  It’s very frustrating, not to mention time consuming, to repeat your lines, especially if you are chatting in a group with several individuals.  Unfortunately, this is the nature of the beast when it comes to chat or text or any form of electronic exchange.  So, whether chatting one-on-one or in a group there are a few things to consider as you read between the chat lines.

         Behind the screen is a safe place to be, but it can also lead to miscommunication.  The advantage of speaking face to face is that each person can read facial expressions and body language that are obviously lost in ecommunication.  Hand gestures, eye-contact and smiling provide cues to how that person is feeling at that moment.  Emojis and emoticons help to add more meaning to your message, so using those to get your message across more effectively might be advantageous.  An individual’s voice can provide additional information to add more meaning and understanding to the message. How many times have you used the phrase “insert sarcasm” “sigh”or “lol” to express your current state?  Unless you utilize video and voice features of chat, your messages to others can be taken in many ways.

         Communication is embedded in culture.  For some, it is very natural to use pet names like “sugar”, “baby”, or “hun” upon meeting someone for the first time; some may mistake these terms as diminutive or even flirtatious, when for them it is just the way they were brought up.  Being from the South Eastern United States, I can attest to that first-hand.  I have been guilty of using these names myself when striking up a conversation with a Smeeter.  Another example can be found in animations that you may send or receive.  Certain cultures kiss when meeting friends.  This is not to be taken as a passionate exchange, but one of comradery and friendship. So when chatting with someone on Smeet , keep these things in mind to avoid miscommunication.

         I want to speak lastly to a topic that is ridden with inference, but can also be very overt and obvious.  Often the things we say in jest can be hurtful to others.  Keep in mind that joking and talking down to someone borders on bullying, especially if the offense is repeated over time and is directed to one person to make him or her feel ostracized and left out.  No one enjoys these feelings.  If you feel you are a victim, simply block that individual or group that is communicating to you negatively.  If the situation is not resolved, take it further and report the action to administration.

         Smeet has a great platform that allows for chatting with thousands of people world-wide.  Make the most of it by understanding that words written can mean something very different than words spoken. Realize that culture plays a dynamic role in how we express ourselves to others whether stranger or long-time companion.  Remember that things said off the cuff in jest and joking can be taken as hurtful and rude. Be a responsible Smeeter  by keeping these things in mind and your experience here will be something worthwhile and rewarding.

A Writer's Life

Newly-appointed Gossip Queen •Mαпαℓ• chats to fellow writer ●●●Sαвяi●●● for her first article!Sure your TV is big enough, Sabri?Sure your TV is big enough, Sabri?

•Mαпαℓ•: When did you join Smeet? And how did you meet Smeet?

●●●Sαвяi●●●: Oh, I entered first time early 2012, forgot about it, then I received a newsletter and tried again.

•Mαпαℓ•: What do you like most about Smeet?

●●●Sαвяi●●●: The people... meeting people, laughing, (sometimes fighting and winnng an argument). the fact that i could meet people from all around the world without paying the plane ticket I can't afford, Smeet avoids me bank problems :D.

•Mαпαℓ•: Can you tell us a little about your role as a journalist?

●●●Sαвяi●●●: As a journalist, I ought to write articles in the blog. I try hard to find time and inspiration, both combined is complicated sometimes. I'm a volunteer, so I like to think that my "job", even.

•Mαпαℓ•: You do a good job, What is your favorite food?

●●●Sαвяi●●●: Hmmmm I'd pick the "Three Cs" : chicken, cheese and chocolate. Otherwise, pizza. But I see my relationship with pizza so deep and passionate, it's more than food, it's love.

•Mαпαℓ•: Who are the most important people for you here?

●●●Sαвяi●●●: Hmmm, I'd not quote a list of people, because friends should know they are. Some have changed my life, though. I went to the US meet a friend I met here, for example. Some have helped me getting, happier, some have made me fall in love. I don't want anyone to complain that they're not in the list, because I have a fish memory, but they ought to know who they are. I'd just say a word about the, most stunning person I've ever met, my HERMOSA. She is one in a billion, and meeting her would make it all worth it.

•Mαпαℓ•: What do you want to tell our smeeters?

●●●Sαвяi●●●: That Smeet can be a good, and a bad place but it's all about what we make of it. We can have rough times, good ones, much fun and drama, but we should all find a way to enjoy it. If you don't like the music, turn off the screen. If you don't like some person, block. If you feel harassed, report. It's all so simple, let's enjoy!

It has been very nice to hear from you, I hope you continue to accompany us on Smeet for a long time.


Your Gossip Queen •Mαпαℓ• ID: 11388120

DJ Throwdown has had a Makeover!

An exciting change to one of our classic public rooms has arrived!What are your thoughts on the redesign?What are your thoughts on the redesign?

A long-awaited change has arrived at last, dear Smeeters, as DJ Throwdown has been given a new sleek and edgy look!

We think it looks a bit bloody AWESOME now, and we really hope you agree! We added a slightly more modern flavour to the room, with more stylish seating and two huge screens for our DJs to battle it out! There is also a smaller screen for the referee/presenter/MC/whatever-you-wanna-call-yourself-it's-not-about-you-is-it...we hope you like the change and enjoy the room! So get in there, have some fun and…

….let´s paaaarttttyyyy!!

Set the World Alight with the Smeet Talent Show!

Recruit the hottest performers around and you might unveil the next big thing!Where's that Ryan Seacrest bloke when you need him?Where's that Ryan Seacrest bloke when you need him?

Ah televised talent shows. Love 'em or loathe 'em, you can't deny they make good TV. I for one will never grow tired of hearing sob stories from plucky undiscovered talents as one of Coldplay's most emotional ballads plays in the background. It's just part of life, innit?

Everything about Simon Cowell, however? No. Just no.

Away from the glam world of TV, of course, talent shows have always existed and can be really entertaining affairs! If you are a performer yourself you will know exactly what a struggle it can be achieving that big break. Artists that have made it often speak of how they became famous purely through luck, having been in the right place at the right time or having happened to have talked to the right people. Some of them were on TV since childhood because their parents are celebrities too. And don't get us started on the Mickey Mouse Club...

Nowadays there are loads more opportunities to show off unique talents - there are several talent shows on TV consisting of various acts trying to convince the audiences that they deserve to make it. There are judges, too, although we still aren't sure how Piers Morgan and 'talent' can be used in the same sentence...answers on a postcard please.

Remember that it´s not only about singing (this ain't no X Factor, fool!), it´s also about dancing, acting and novelty acts! I mean, a couple of dancing dogs won Britain's Got Talent one year. Maybe that says more about the state of Britain than the dogs themselves, though...

Anyway, that's quite enough slagging off of ol' Blighty. Now it´s your turn to become the next Cowell, hopefully with better hair and lower trousers. You task is to make a huge success of the newly-established Smeet Talent Show. It is vital you hire artists that will entertain your famously difficult-to-please audience. The better your acts are, the more applause will you get from them, so if you don´t want to wait for new talents to just rock up at your door you also have the opportunity to hire talent scouts. They could be crucial in helping you secure the cream of the crop. Be careful, however, you can never really know if the audience will take to an act or not!

A small hint for you all...don´t forget to get the little girl hanging around outside an application form too! She may only be young but it is rumoured (ie. we read on Twitter) that she is one of the most talented prospects around!


Best of luck to you all, Smeeters!

Challenge Group Interview with Joscri!

The ALPHAS enter Smeet history!Congratulations, Alphas!Congratulations, Alphas!

Smeeters! The group ALPHAS has made history on Smeet, being the first group to reach the Platinum League! Bad Girl has told us that being in that new league earnt them a reward box of 300,000 Fame Points, a great reward!

After this amazing achievement, we wanted to interview the group so Lola, representing the group, answered the following questions.

Joscri: How “old” is the group ALPHAS?

We created ALPHAS last June.

Cris: Which opponent was hardest to beat?

All opponents are hard to beat…all have their own strategy that you have to guess and follow.

Joscri: How do you play each challenge?

We all await the next challenge and we try to guess (and sometimes we bet too!) what it is going to be (for fun), an inside joke if you will! During the challenge we all play in our own way and are always online to see the outcome of our matchup. You can never be sure what the outcome will be!

Cris: Which is your favourite challenge?

Fame Points, I would say! Nothing hard… and easy to click anytime you want hahaha.

Do you want to say something to the members of your group? 

Of course I do! We congratulate each other as much as possible. Without them there is no team! I also want them to continue to stay strong and never lose unity and spirit, no matter what happens! The outcome of a challenge doesn’t  really matter!

From here, we want to congratulate the group ALPHAS for their great dedication, work, struggle, dedication, and for the Coins spent to win challenges. Congratulations, Alphas!

•Joѕcяι ∂є Cяιs (CўJ)•

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