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Smeet Groups: Just For Fun!

EN Sports Reporter •Joѕcяι(CўJ)• interviews the Group currently ranked #1 in the Smeet Group Rankings!

Hello, Smeeters! We have a new section! Here we can get to know the groups from the most exciting competition of our community. To start this section, we’re going to speak with the group that sits at number one in the rankings at the moment, Just for fun. The members of the group are:

  • Teamleader: klausi1802
  • Co-teamleaders: ℓαяα ∂αи ∂єє, ●ø¤º°Jυℓια°º¤ø●
  • Officers: Danni, Syleefr, †●™кєяєℓια●† ™αиgєℓєѕ vip, αиgєℓ яσѕє, Bad Girl, ( le samaritain ), cувєяєllα, Bad Boy, Alta_Tensione, † † Aℓe©™ † †, 244maja, Gegen, MaяζєЙє, Kyla, gary.anderson, collette, Йätaζ¡a, вυяcυ, ©Scarabäus©, Rossella, Ρтιѕeв, INTRA.·•тιzу•·

Just For Fun have surged to the top of the rankings since Smeet Groups launched...who's gonna catch 'em?Just For Fun have surged to the top of the rankings since Smeet Groups launched...who's gonna catch 'em?

To get to know them better, we asked them some questions:  


What does your group name mean? Why do you use that name?

First we had another name; the first name was Call of Victory. But we do not want pressure, so we changed it to Just For Fun; all members do what they can.

What are the requirements to enter in the group?

Level 200 minimum, being an active player, and work for the challenges.

You are from different countries. How do you communicate?

We are an international group from a lot of servers: Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, and USA. We communicate in all languages, mostly English, but sometimes it’s a little difficult.

What do you like the most about the challenges? Which is your favorite?

We like winning, lol. We like Home Points and Prestige. Some of us hate Fame Points, but other members love that challenge.

What do you do when you have a challenge?

We like to play against strong groups, and we work hard for the team. We work in our rooms to gain Fame Points, Boots, Prestige, and we buy the rooms and objects coming out to the challenge. Everyone's contribution is decisive for the group.


Thanks to the group for their interview for the section; and we encourage you to publicize your group, as each week we try to give the best of each to win the challenges. Prepare, on Friday we have a new challenge!

•Joѕcяι ∂є Cяιs (CўJ)•

Important Announcement!

There has been a change to the reward for the new Carnival Street Easter Bunny

Hands up who else has a Primark bunny onesie just like that...Hands up who else has a Primark bunny onesie just like that...

The Easter Bunny for the Carnival Street had an issue with its rewards yesterday when it was released in the Shop, so we have changed it for today - it now gives out 350,000 Fame Points and 75,000 Dimes to all the Smeeters that manage to dress him up!

Everyone who had already bought and finished the bunny was compensated with the additional rewards directly to their account. And what is the Confetti for, you ask? You'll find out soon enough!

Latest Tombola Results!

Who's enjoyed the luck of the Irish this week?We be gamblin', gamblin', gamblin', we be gamblin', gamblin', gamblin'...We be gamblin', gamblin', gamblin', we be gamblin', gamblin', gamblin'...

Who got lucky this week then? A great surprise to wake up to and ease your Paddy's Day hangover :)

A whopping NINE winners take home extra prizes this month, whilst the rest of you of course claim the participation prize. The details of the whole glorious thing are as follows!:

1st place: Mr SkyFalke (ID: 14262599) - 250,000 Fame Points, 4000 Coins & the Gold Tombola Badge!

2nd place: .Rody.. (ID: 18535351) - 150,000 Fame Points, 3000 Coins & the Silver Tombola Badge!

3rd place: •J3NNI• (ID: 18219033) - 100,000 Fame Points, 2000 Coins, Bronze Tombola Badge!

4th place: º●•.¸Ŧαηтαzу ∂σℓℓ¸.•●º (ID: 8307537) - 75,000 Fame Points, 250 Coins & the Wooden Tombola Badge!

5th place: εїз αñdяєâ εїз ¤» šмєχÿ¢нî¢к$ (ID: 11830402), ●×ℓυѕну×● (ID: 13772034), Lolly (ID: 22565687), «(¯`v´¯)« Gαια »(¯`v´¯)» (ID: 23129803) & softailchick (ID: 26504019) - 50,000 Fame Points, 100 Coins & the Wooden Tombola Badge!

Plus there's 10,000 Fame Points & the Wooden Tombola Badge for the rest of the Smeeters who participated!


Hope you enjoyed it this month, and good luck for the next one!

Let's Get Wild on St. Patrick's Day!

Promote your Irish pub at the busiest time of year!

Irish people love pubs. Everyone knows that. The only other things that even come close for them are listening to The Corrs and criticising the English. Can't think why, we're bloody lovely.

In honour of arguably the globally most-celebrated national holiday (yes, we're talking about St. Patrick's Day, not the annual Peruvian celebration of the Battle of Angamos - that takes place on October 8th. But then you knew that already, didn't you?), you can now open up your very own Irish pub on Smeet! Beers, a good old Irish band (no U2 covers though please) and brand spanking new tables, just ready and waiting for hordes of revellers to cover in beer and vomit, and maybe have a good old-fashioned scrap with later if things get really lively...

Anyway, your Irish Pub has finally opened, and that's probably a good thing considering it's St. Paddy's week. SOLID. BUSINESS. SENSE. YEAH. As nothing goes the way it's supposed to, loads of potential customers still don't know about the opening - you want the pub to be easily recognisable from the streets, so painting the sign out front in the typical green and black of Irish pubs the world over is probably a good idea (and when I say 'the world over', I mean it. They're absolutely everywhere. I even saw one once in Mogadishu. Why was I in Mogadishu, you ask? No comment.).

Once the sign is painted, it's just a case of cranking up the band and dishing out the beers to your thirsty guests. If you are successful your reward will be a load of Fame Points and an awesome Badge!

Seriously guys. Who farted?Seriously guys. Who farted?In other, completely unrelated, news, a mighty Dragon appeared in the Shop! It goes by the name Malystrix and we found it in an ancient cave in É you do...

Anyhow, once tamed Malystrix will be forever yours and, on top of that, will carry you through the streets of Smeet! Just imagine rocking up in Techno Base on this thing. You would OWN that room. It's a very exclusive and limited item, so you better get to the Shop quick if you want to be one of the lucky few...

It's St. Patrick's Day. Ride a dragon. It's the thing to do.It's St. Patrick's Day. Ride a dragon. It's the thing to do.

EN Server Call Out for New Volunteers!

It's Entertainers and DJs we are after this week!Wanna join Mr. Love's band of entertaining superstars?Wanna join Mr. Love's band of entertaining superstars?

Hey everyone! Smeet is looking for volunteers to fill in the available positions as listed below.


Before applying for the roles we are calling for, please make sure that you qualify before you send in your application:

• An EN server user with a good behavioural record on Smeet.

• Level 80 or above.

• Knowledge and experience in the Smeet 3D World.

• Ability to follow the Smeet "Code of Conduct" and set a good example for other users.


Please read ALL of the requirements for the position you would like to fill before applying. This is the most important thing we can emphasize, because you cannot resubmit your application once you've submitted it, so it's best to get it right the first time.

If you apply for a position that involves holding events in Smeet, you MUST be able to meet that position's requirements; in the case of DJs and Entertainers, you MUST speak on microphone.


For ALL POSITIONS, your basic application should include the following:


  • Detail exactly which role you are applying for.
  • A short brief detailing why you think you would be good at the role!
  • Your Smeet name and ID number.
  • Your Facebook name.


Failure to include all of these will work against you in the decision process, so make sure you get it all in!








Requires throwing weekly events in which all Smeeters can attend, and are invited! Entertaining users, throwing super fun contests, and allowing Smeeters to have a good time is an absolute must! Essential requirements are ongoing participation, a microphone and a web-cam that work properly, good command of the English language, availability to collaborate with other entertainers and with the admins, as well as outstanding creativity and new ideas for events!




DJs must throw live music mixing events in which all Smeeters can attend, and are invited! Essential requirements are ongoing participation, a microphone, a web-cam, mixing console (or virtual console) that works properly, a passion for music and the willingness to create new playlists for every event!



For additional tips on applying for a badge, please read this article:

All applications should be sent to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com. Additionally, please only send one application - repeated applications will not be considered. The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, 25th March 2016 - anything sent after this date will not be considered!

We look forward to receiving your applications! Good luck!

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