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Get the chance to win extra Fame Points!

Dear Smeeters, don't miss the chance to win extra Fame Points until Sunday in your Pool Party Room!!!

The Party of the Year is going on in our community and since we want it to be really explosive, we decided to give you some EXTRA DAYS to get the chance to gain EXTRA Fame Points! If you finish the room until Sunday, the 8th you will get 50,000 Fame Points extra and an exclusive dance!

If you manage to complete the gold badge before Friday you even get 100.000 Fame Points instead of the 50.000!

Do not miss this terrific deal, especially because now you can go FASTER than ever!!! How? Thanks to the new fireworks you can find in the Shop. They are not just making the party a real thrilling show but are also helping you to accomplish the room's goal FASTER with 50 Party Points.

 Let's rock this party!!!Let's rock this party!!!

Smeet Games_Final Competition

Dear Smeeters,

the last competition of the Smeet Games just started and all our domains look more and more excited about it! 

We expect now the English speaking server to prove its skills and win this very final contest!


Germany has won the 3rd competition and next Monday, the 9th, we will now who the final winner of the whole competition will be !

For now Spain, Poland and Germany have one point, so we are pretty sure that the last game will be really exciting.

For this very last contest we will choose as winner the domain that provide us the most creative picture or video and with the most partecipants wearing the T-Shirts of the World Cup!

In the section "Specials" you can find 32 T-shirts from a lot of different teams! Will you be the rocking domain wearing all the 32 of them?


Please, send us your projects to events [at] smeet [dot] com until Sunday the 8th!


Do not miss the chance to win this exciting contest!!!

Smeet Games_Final Competition: Smeet Games are more exciting than ever!Smeet Games_Final Competition: Smeet Games are more exciting than ever!

Smeanies VS Smileys, who will be the winner?

Smeanies VS Smileys, who will be the winner?: Smeanies are currently standing!Smeanies VS Smileys, who will be the winner?: Smeanies are currently standing!

Dear Smeeters,

we know you can't wait to see which side will be the winner of the exclusive badge and thousands of Fame Points of the Monsters Competion!!!

Right now the Smeanies are currently standing at 52% against Smeanies at 48%, so it looks like the bad Smeekiez are also the strongest!

However, you can still change the destiny of your team! The last word has not been spoken yet!!!

There is time until tomorrow to help your team being the winner.  The challenge is not over yet so everything can still happen!!! Remember to collect as many more Points you can in order to help your side!

 We wish you a lot of fun playing and good luck with this thrilling contest!

Calling all Party Animals!!!

An amazing venue is booked, a world-renowned DJ has been confirmed and everyone that’s anyone is attending! Now it's up to you to make the final preparations to make the party a huge hit!

What do you have to do to make the party a huge hit?

Whats a party without refreshments? Dancing all night is thristy work so first things first get the Voddy and Energy Drinks from the fridges. Give them to your mixologist and let her turn the ingredients into Voddy Energy but its not only your guests which needs to parch their palets your DJ does as well. Motivate your DJ with your mixed drinks and then give the location the finishing touches. Finishing the pool, making sure the sound system is the best it can possibly be and then finish the Room with a Party of the Year sign.

Would do I get for throwing the best party this summer?

After the party has winded down you will be rewarded with 230,000 Fame Points and a brand new badge with which you can decorate yourself! Also, you can invite everyone to your room, to flirt, to dance and to celebrate your other friends!

If you manage to complete the Room before June 5, we will reward you with an ADDITIONAL EXCLUSIVE Dance Move and 100,000 Fame Points!

Immediately Start your party planner career by going to the Parrty Plaza. Get in the party car, which takes you directly to your new space and let the party of the year begin!

The new Party Room!!!: Throw the party of the Year!!!The new Party Room!!!: Throw the party of the Year!!!

World Cup in Brazil Contest!!! brought to by various Smeet Volunteers

Dear Smeeters,

The World Cup in Brazil is coming soon; therefore Smeet is bringing a little World Cup to our 3d world. During the whole World Cup you can join our events, contests, quizzes and win a lot of prizes. It's "Guess the Result", a contest which will last the whole period of the World Cup.

Rules of "Guess the Result" contest:

1. Everyone can guess his/her own result, which should include the score and the goal scorer(s).

2. With your result please include your Nickname and ID from Smeet.

3. Share your prediction on the Facebook group

4. Your prediction should be posted on Facebook group at least 2 hours before the match starts.

5. Everyone who will guess can get 0-5 points:

  • 0 points – wrong  result
  • 1 point – for guessing the correct winner
  • 2 points – for guessing the correct winner + (at least 1) Goal scorer
  • 3 points – for guessing the correct winner + (more than 2) Goal scorers
  • 4 points – for predicting the right score
  • 5 points – for predicting the right score + (at least 1) Goal scorer

6.  We will choose 5 winners: 1 weekly winner with the highest amount of points (4 winners during the World Cup) and 1 winner who get the highest amount of points through the duration of the World Cup. In case of a tie, we will hold a tie breaker for each week and of course for the main winner.

On the group we will inform all of you about upcoming matches, results and Smeeters who are close to winning weekly prizes. Make sure you join the group and hope to see you all for the events. We start on 6 June 10 PM (CEST) / 4PM (EST) at the Football Stadium. Make sure you don’t miss this event! As every event you could win a prize as the following competitions will be held:

Quiz – on opening and ending event you might challenge yourself with other Smeeters in your knowledge about Soccer.

Picture quiz – on 4 events you can check how much you know football players, how they looked when they were kids, identify the current legends and also how would be they look in cartoons, and much much more.

For further information please contact:

Annoula81 ID: 9416199

·÷±‡±•¢αρтαιη_αмєя¢α•±‡±÷ ID: 11685071

Ella ID: 24526211

.·ч·._Ж• Pяιηgℓєѕ •Ж_.·ч·. ID: 12506195

I would thank to «(·´¯`·.·÷•εsĆŏ•÷·.·´¯`·)» for making this great poster.

World Cup Smeet CompetitionWorld Cup Smeet Competition

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