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Build More Sand Statues in your 3D Home!

Immovable structures that can even resist the power of the sea!Why no Fluffy Bunny Sand Statue? These ones all scare me. I. WANT. BUNNIES!!!Why no Fluffy Bunny Sand Statue? These ones all scare me. I. WANT. BUNNIES!!!

As was documented in our earlier blog this week, one of the great joys of building a sandcastle is watching your precious creation, that you poured dedication and hard-work into, get destroyed just minutes after you finish it by the sea/a small child/one of those guys that carries a metal detector around the beach all day. To be honest, it's kind of annoying.

So just like other modern art forms that utilise natural materials (such as ice), the life-span of such works is sadly limited - get your cameras out quick lads!

In a sense though, the short-term nature of it all is what makes the art even more special. That's what I told my 6 year old sister when I destroyed one of her sandcastles as a mischievous 9 year old anyway. She failed to understand my point and ran away crying. Oh well, the way I see it, the life of an artist is not for the weak anyway...*

Anyway, these common issues can be forgotten with our brand new Sand Statues! Once you build them, they are going to grace your rooms permanently and make people marvel at your talent for room design. Loads of Fame Points are also guaranteed when you finish these amazing masterpieces, so get cracking!


We look forward to seeing how everyone works their statues in to the design of their 3D Home! Have a great weekend everyone!


*Me and aforementioned sister have not been to the beach together since. Some things just can't be forgotten, y'know?

Paper Tombola Winners!

Who enjoyed a lucky streak this week?Just like paper, this tombola picture is highly recyclable. So here it is. Again.Just like paper, this tombola picture is highly recyclable. So here it is. Again.

The results of last week's Paper Tombola are here! Did you end up flying to the top of the leaderboard like an origami bird or were your hopes smashed to a pulp? Find out below!


1st)  ...ωιтту... (ID: 23945778) - Gold Lucky Smeeter Badge! PLUS 1500 Coins.

2nd) кιтту ρυяяу (ID: 5892906) - Silver Lucky Smeeter Badge! PLUS 1000 Coins.

3rd) sowa0208 (ID: 23415263) - Bronze Lucky Smeeter Badge! PLUS 500 Coins.

4th) Samir1495 (ID: 23860131) - Wood Lucky Smeeter Badge! PLUS 250 Coins.

5th) metalman (ID: 26591321) - 100 Coins


HUGE congratulations to you, your prizes should be with you now!

And as usual, there is something for everyone who participated - 300 Fame Points, 500 Boosts and 1000 Dimes!


Thanks again to you all for taking part, and we hope to see you on the winners board for the next tombola!

Build EPIC Sandcastles in our New Room!

Get your bucket and spade at the ready!Brings back memories of childhood summer days spent at the English seaside, waiting for the rain to stop...Brings back memories of childhood summer days spent at the English seaside, waiting for the rain to stop...

Sand. The one thing I hate about the beach. It gets absolutely EVERYWHERE (including into the lens of your uber-expensive digital camera), it rather inconsiderately blows into your eyes every time you try and lie down and relax and, of course, it travels with you for weeks after you have left the seaside, resurfacing in all sorts of strange places.

But sand also has its positive aspects, most obviously the fact it can be used to make AWESOME castles and stuff. It's great fun spending hours shaping and sculpting a stunning masterpiece...until the tide comes in and ruins it. Or some passing kid tramples on it, prompting you to chase after him waving your spade in the air until you realise he is only 6 years old and that you, as a 26 year old, should probably just let it go.

Anyhow, this delightful scene forms the basis of the latest addition to our Smeet world, one of the most beautiful rooms in Smeet (don't judge too early, wait until you have completed it and you shall see!), Sandcastle Paradise. For all us Northern Hemispherites (is that a word? If not, it is now...) summer is now in full swing so what better way to get in the mood than get creative on the glistening sand! All you will need are some special tools, beautiful shells from the sea, rare pearls and of course heaps of sand! Luckily, it can all be found right there in Sandcastle Paradise, so you have no excuse to get cracking straight away!

If you are successful in constructing all the sandcastles in Sandcastle Paradise, you will be rewarded with an amazing 1,000,000 Fame Points as well as a really cool Badge! What's more, you can get the room now for ONLY 17 Coins in the Shop!

It's all the fun of sandcastle builiding without having to deal with the TOTAL HASSLE of real sand.

So hurry up, pack your bags and come to Sandcastle Paradise!

Level up with the new Paper Art items!

Need to give your Fame Point stocks a boost? Now's your chance!

Join now!Join now!


Have you seen the Paper Art items in the Shop? That's right, it's a veritable PAPER-PALOOZA on Smeet! These new decorations will make your rooms look beautiful, providing an atmosphere that even an infinite amount of YouTube screens couldn't produce (although we have to say, everybody does LOVE the odd YouTube screen!).

Nonetheless, these decorations not only look amazing, but also give you crazy amounts of Fame Points allowing you to level up even faster whilst feng shui-ing your 3D Home! You can buy the decorations in Normal, Deluxe and Super Deluxe versions.

PS: A different kind of Paper Art will also be available on Sunday ONLY! These will bring a fairytale-like atmosphere to your rooms and will be available at a great price! So if you want to kill two birds with one stone - winning Fame Points whilst decorating your room - you can do this by investing just a small amount of Coins!

Just make sure you get to the Shop on Sunday, because these items will be gone by Monday! So don't miss out!

Try out Smeetolactic, our new FREE dual-player game!

Conquer galaxies from the comfort of your own home!Pacifists stay away, this game is all about dominating the galaxies!Pacifists stay away, this game is all about dominating the galaxies!

A brand new game is waiting for you on Smeet! We think it surpasses everything that we have accomplished so far with our dual-player games, so we suggest you check it out!

In the new blockbusting strategic game Smeetolactic you aim to become a conqueror of planets. Like all great empires, you start out small on one planet with limited resources and buildings. From there, you send out settlers to occupy other planets! Attack your enemies' planets and settlements to conquer the entire star system and win the game!

Resource management and timing are key. The strategic-minded and patient will be rewarded!

Log on to Smeet now and challenge your friends! You don't want them to have a head-start on you, do you? The earlier you start practising, the better you will be!

Good luck commander! Show them who this galaxy really belongs to!

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