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Help the werewolves battle the vampires!

The Ruthless Avenger with a Masterplan!The Ruthless Avenger with a Masterplan!

Vampires have started sneaking into Smeet City! Not everybody likes this new fad, though. A werewolf in the club district is disgusted by this takeover and is planning some revenge. He's got some grand plans that involve the native american spirit-wolves, the fierce defenders of all natural life. They are preparing for a battle to rend the vampires limb from limb and end the invasion once and for all. Help the Werewolf, and one of the spirit-wolves will be yours. It is in your hands to obtain the others and train them against their undead enemies!

Through the portal, every day a new one will be arriving. If you manage to collect them all on next monday you will receive the very special one-time "Warrior's Pride" Badge! Some of the ancient spirits are already waiting for you in Smeet!

They have an eery beauty about them, don't they?They have an eery beauty about them, don't they?

An Interview with Super Guide Captain Slaphead

The Man. The Myth. The Living Legend...oh, and The SlippersHonestly, we can't come up with a caption that does this photo justice...Honestly, we can't come up with a caption that does this photo justice...

  1. What can you tell us about yourself? Where do you live, what is it like where you reside, any pets?

I hate to shatter any illusions but I’m not actually a faceless rabbit.  I’m just a regular 49 year old man, balding, overweight, down a few teeth, aches and pains, and proud owner of a slight obsession with slippers.

Although I was born and raised in London, England, I moved to the middle of England in 2008 when circumstances (good and bad – always a silver lining) gave me the opportunity to retire from the Rat Race.  I happily swapped the noise and bustle of a major city of the world, to a house on a very quiet road right on the edge of town, next to fields, farmlands and not much else.  How quiet?  Well, with the kitchen stable window open, you can hear a leaf fall off a tree 15-metres away.  

My wife and I were adopted by 1 cat, Nicodemus.  He used to live next door but decided we were more suited to his lifestyle.  The most recent trick he’s taught me is to fetch 2 small cat treats for him, follow him upstairs to my bed, and then lay down next to him as he sleeps.  It is a truism to say cats do not have owners; they have staff.  


  1. Many people would like to know, are you married or still an eligible bachelor? If married can you go into detail with how you met your significant other, how long have you dated until proposing?

I’ve been happily married now for 11 years, and we’ve been together for 16 years.  As it happens, I met my wife in a chat room, met up face-to-face a month later, moved in together 6-weeks after that, and lived happily ever after.  We’re still hoping to win the Lotto and transform a concrete water-tower into a zombie-proof bunker.

Ooo – the proposal!  Saturday 14th February 2004.  Logged back into a chat room, with online friends already gathered there, and asked my partner to log in too (she was sat in her own chair, about 4-feet behind me).  I then asked her to open a particular book, on the shelf next to her, with a pre-printed proposal letter inside it.  After she accepted, we went out and let her pick her own engagement ring.  

  1. How long have you been a Smeeter for? When did you start? How did you come across Smeet? What told you that Smeet is/might be the right game for you?

Eurovision brought me to Smeet in May 2009.  It seemed fun so I stayed.  I liked, and still do, the ease of it all; no downloads and no fuss.  Back then, practically all chat places needed you to download something.  I stay now because I’ve invested time and effort into Smeet – a bit like a local bar.

  1. Thinking back since you first started until now, what are some of your fondest memories on the game? Where were they, and who were they with?

Winning the first official Smeet Karaoke, by being so bloody awful!  Also when working seats and benches were enabled; we used to just walk up and stare at them, dreaming of being able to sit down.  Footsteps were a big thing too, as they weren’t around when I started.  Smeet was rather different back then.

  1. What made you decide to become a Super Guide? Do you get any satisfaction from the role?  Also what are the positives and negatives of being a Super Guide?

I’m a helpful smart-ass, both by profession and hobby.  I used to be a Systems Administrator, and had run my own chat server at home too.  I’ve always been a quick learner, and also enjoyed helping and teaching people too.  I feel rewarded by the respect I am shown within Smeet, and do my utmost to maintain and retain that respect.  It’s a real hoot to be able help the wider Community with day-to-day stuff, but it does have some downsides.  You need a really thick skin; I’ve had some terrible things said to me, stuff that no human should ever say to another (some of which are beyond the laws of physics anyway).  

  1. What are some of the things that you see on Smeet that irks you the most? Those few things that you absolutely cannot stand seeing.

The lack of being able to control/change your chat experience.  I want to be able to disable interactions.  I want to be able to hide the speech bubbles from pets.  I want to be able to turn off the sounds from emoticons.  It’s the little tweaks like that – it’s not rocket science to include a checkbox next to Interactions, is it?

  1. When you get on Smeet each day, what is it that you enjoy the most on the game?

People.  And slippers.  Mostly people.

  1. If you could change three things on Smeet and admin had no choice but to change those three things without question, what would they be?

Give chatters the ability to restrict who can Whisper them by default.  Have a proper Help section so people could look up basic information, like what gifts arrive at what level, where to find the socks, and that you need 80,000 dimes for hire a new employee for the Orient Train.  And make everyone wear slippers.

  1. I am sure you have loads of friends on Smeet, anyone in particular you want to say hi too or maybe even tell some to get lost?

Yes – all of them.  I don’t play favourites.  Oh – and the following people can get lost.

  1. Finally the questions we all wish to know, slippers or shoes? Where did you get the love for slippers?

I like comfort.  Slippers are comfy.  Comfortable feet lead to a comfortable chat experience.  Uncomfortable footwear leads to crabby chatters.  And who wants to talk to people who can’t even keep their own feet happy?


Well there you have it folks a brief story on the life of Captain Slaphead. BELOW IS 3 TRIVIAL QUESTIONS. Please pm me with your correct answer to win the following amount of coins next to each question. ONLY 3 Smeeter’s can win so you must pm me immediately with the correct answer in order to win that amount. Once 3 people have given the correct answer, the contest will end. Good Luck and my id can be found below.

Question 1) 75 coins- What was Slappy the FIRST winner of on Smeet?

Question 2) 50 coins- When did Slappy come across Smeet and start his journey as a Smeeter?

Question 3) 25 coins- How LONG have Slappy and his wife been together?



 ®†hєхєn_tαnz88†® Host/Astrologer ID: 22686525


Do you want to be featured in Smeet’s blog where all can read and get to know you better? Please feel free to message me and together we can make your life story be known.  

A Serious Note

†Mσσηℓιgнт Aηgєℓ† talks on the topic of Depression

There are plenty of ways sufferers of depression find help.There are plenty of ways sufferers of depression find help.

Well I want to start off with first 1: What is depression and how does it affect real people in their everyday lives?  Depression is the feeling of hopelessness, lack of energy to do daily activities, feeling alone like nobody sees you or notices your problems, crying when nobody is around, anxiety, stress, suicidal thoughts or actions. It affects real people in many ways. It can be from a death of a family member to arguing within the family or issues with themselves in general.

Now to the question how does depression affect people behind the computer screens and what damage can do to impact someone's decisions in real life? Cyber bullying plays a part with why a lot of people are depressed. It is because they get bullied online and don't tell anyone what's happening. That then leaks into their decisions into real life. I know it may seem like a lot of games are bad influences, but they’re not. It's the decisions people make in the game that makes them bad and hurtful to people. Games and depression actually goes hand in hand.  I know from experience that playing games helps with my depression. It gives me hope and I'm able to talk to my friends better behind a screen than in real life for fear of being judged. That's why many people hide their depression or don't share with their family members. It affects their mental, physical and emotional health to make decisions. It makes it harder for them to draw closer to their family and find comfort in them. Instead they want to pull away from their family and hide their feelings. Personally, that's how I am when I get that way. I pull away from my family and friends. I want to be left alone. Hide in a shell and let nobody in. I've been bullied, put down and told I wasn't good enough by many people. I watch people get bullied on Smeet and I want to help because I can see there is a reason for it. Also, I watched my friend suffer from depression as he was picked on from bullies. People told him he deserved to have cancer and that they were glad his mom was dead from it. I felt his suffering and I stood up for him because cancer is serious.

Nobody asks to have depression or to be bullied. Depression is a serious matter some may say "oh well it's all in your head." It's not in people's head it is a proven disease and most Americans have it. Including people in the entire world. I have 3 types of depression and I want my voice to be heard that is the reason I'm writing this. People need to know they’re not alone and I know that now more than ever. I know the pills I took for my depression didn't help, and not all medication will. I have fought my depression for years and it's been a war inside me and I won't stop till I can conquer it. Nobody should give up and want to take their life. I believe in everyone and I believe strongly you can do it. Have a positive mind set don't let bullies get to you or anyone who puts you down. Be strong and keep fighting everyone your more powerful then you realize. Please enjoy the rest of your day and happy smeeting.


†Mσσηℓιgнт Aηgєℓ† En Journalist ID: 26716578 

The People of Pompeii Need Your Help!

An ancient city in need...can you be its saviour?

A volcanic eruption...not what you want on your Monday morning commuteA volcanic eruption...not what you want on your Monday morning commute

Pompeii is about to be destroyed! The people of the city need your help to repair the old rescue ship and escape from the burning lava. Should you manage to help them, all their treasure is yours!

You will need some supplies for the journey: Use the fireplace to cook food, collect some sea water in tanks and distill it to obtain drinkable water. You can recycle the trash you find in the dirty port water at the sorting table and receive some materials to help you repair the ship. You can also get these materials from the warehouse. Beware, some of the items you need won't be easy to come by. (cough..wheel...cough...)

However, this room will never stop generating Fame Points for you, should you get the trader from the shop - he will take every wheel you find in the future off your hands for tons of Fame Points, even after you are done with the room!

The lava is threatening the city, and the rescue mission has to be ready in time. This means that the ship needs to be complete by 28th October 2015. You will be able to claim the 3,000,000 Fame Points and the Badges for the room up to this date only! Should you fail to rescue the people in time, the total amount of Fame Points possible to receive from completing the ship will only be 600,000. So are you up for the challenge? Then get the room for only 39 Coins and start working on the ship now! Time is of the essence!

Tombola Results!

The results of last week's Tombola are here! Did you end up rising to the top of the pile?

Who's a lucky Smeeter then?Who's a lucky Smeeter then?

Find out below!:


1st)  .Rody.. (ID: 18535351) - Gold Tombola Badge! PLUS 2000 Coins and 50,000 Fame Points!

2nd) Ŧαηтαzу αη∂ Pαzσ 4-єνєя <3 (ID: 8307537) - Silver Tombola Badge! PLUS 1500 Coins and 30,000 Fame Points!

3rd) Mr. Jet King (ID: 26151114) - Bronze Tombola Badge! PLUS 1000 Coins and 15,000 Fame Points!

4th) Tr3Gh0st (ID: 27280790) - Wooden Tombola Badge! PLUS 500 Coins and 10,000 Fame Points!

5th) ^^David^^ (ID: 26575178) - 250 Coins and 5000 Fame Points!


HUGE congratulations to you, your prizes should be with you now!

And as usual, there is something for everyone who participated - 300 Boosts, 300 Dimes and 300 Fame Points!


Thanks again to you all for taking part, and we hope to see you on the winners board for the next tombola!

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