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Smeet Halloween Games 2017!

Log in now and help your domain win different tasks!It's time to do your domain proud!It's time to do your domain proud!

It's time for the Smeet servers to battle it out once again as we launch the Smeet Halloween Games 2017!

Here´s what we have planned:

Round 1: Facebook Sharing Challenge!

Round 2: Best Halloween Video - shoot a thrilling movie and tell a Halloween story!

Round 3: Click the Halloween Dragons - our little Halloween Dragons are pretty excited. Collect as many as you can in 24 hours!

Round 4: Click the Halloween bucket - Collect as many bucket as you can till the 31st of October!

Round 5: Halloween Party - organize a huge Halloween party! The party with the most visitors will win!


Of course, there will be rewards as well! The winning domains will get an exclusive Smeet Halloween Games Badge as well as 25,000 Fame Points and 1000 Smeets!

To be fair, we are pitting the higher populated Spainish + Latin American, Greek, French and Turkish servers against each other, while the German, English/International, Italian and Polish servers will fight it out in a separate group!

The Games will last until Halloween, so have fun!

Make new discoveries at the Diving Grounds!

More hidden gems, including legendary crystals, are waiting to be recovered!Oooh look at that. Someone has helpfully pointed out EXACTLY where the legendary crystals are. Cool.Oooh look at that. Someone has helpfully pointed out EXACTLY where the legendary crystals are. Cool.

Since it´s getting colder and the winter is well on it's way, diving conditions are getting more precarious! It's slightly unfortunate timing as brand new Diving Grounds have apparently just been discovered, but you still have a small window for exploring before the real winter closes in!

Last time out it was pretty exciting recovering treasures hidden in the sea bed for god knows how long, and this new area will offer some great rewards too, perhaps even better than the famous necklace “Heart of the Pond” which many Smeeters uncovered last time.

According to newspaper reports, these grounds are way deeper than the old ones, so you will surely have the opportunity to uncover more valuable treasures. Rumours of legendary deep-sea crystals, whilst unsubstantiated, are particularly exciting!

An important thing to consider though - with the bad weather closing in, you only have a narrow window to uncover such treasures. By our estimates, the crystal reserves will be depleted around 27th October! So grab your diving gear and head on down to the Diving Grounds NOW!

Restore the Museum of Mosaics and Tiles!

The grand hall in this legendary museum has been left in a sorry state...that's where you come in!The end result will make all your hard work well worth it!The end result will make all your hard work well worth it!

Mosaics have a very long history. They have long been, and still are, used as decorative art or as interior decoration. Most are made of small, flat, roughly square, pieces of stone or coloured glass. The technique looks amazing, but it also makes it very difficult to maintain and restore.

Most ancient mosaics show a specific person or scene. Some of the most famous mosaics depict gladiatorial contests, animal hunts and other scenes from everyday life. They help historians and archeologists understand how people used live.

Now take a look at this beautiful old hall, part of Smeet City's legendary Museum of Mosaics and Tiles. It´s such a pity that it has been abandoned for years, but that's where you come in Smeeters! It looks like it's going to be a lot of work to restore the old room, but if you take a closer look at all the mosaics you will see that it´s absolutely worth your time!

So pick up the new room, grab your restoration utensils and let´s get to work!

Take on the Land of Titans!

It's time for Avanthea to rise even further!Help your brave soldiers expand your kingdom!Help your brave soldiers expand your kingdom!

Heady times are coming for you and your kingdom. You've done an incredible job, expanding your settlement and building your castle, and you've developed a strong reputation as a good and righteous ruler.

What's more, some of your soldiers have just returned from one of their overseas adventures and brought back some interesting news. They've heard rumours of an island known as the “Land of the Titans”. They also heard the coordinates that should lead there. Sounds intriguing!

The rumours tell of unbelievable stories about an extinct civilization that worshipped gigantic beings. Mysterious ruins have been left behind on the island, and they are said to be packed with items of inestimable value.

The only problem is, others have heard the rumors too! So you don´t have much time to consider your options. It´s a risky move, but it could be a great opportunity to discover a new land, gain access to new resources and to make your kingdom even richer!

So you've decided to send out your soldiers back out to take on the Land of Titans. Click on the ship that has appeared in your “Rise of Avanthea” room, grab the resources you need and claim this fascinating island for yourself!


Hustle & Bustle in the Woods

Help out these woodland critters!

Autumn has finally arrived and the trees are starting to show their colourful side. It´s the perfect time to stay at home cuddling with the person you love or to work on improving your home. However, it's also the perfect time to go for a walk through the forest and enjoy the fresh air! Each to their own, we say...

Autumn is also the warning signal for forest animals to collect as much food as they can in preparation for winter, and this year you can join in the hustle and bustle in the wood to help them with this task! Collect nuts, berries, apples, carrots, plums and twigs with the different animals and fill the different dens and nests, as well as the Horn of Plenty, with the different fruits. You will not just get rewarded with tons of Fame Points either, but Smeets and Boosts too!

So grab your coat and scarf, and here we go!


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