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Gather for a Winter Celebration in the Forest!

A time for you to enjoy being surrounded by those you love!

As the song goes... it really is the most wonderful time of the year! Almost in a flash, Christmas has arrived! We hope that you´ll all get the chance to spend time with your families and friends, enjoy sumptiously good food, amazing company and, if you've been good girls and boys this year, maybe even some nice presents!

The good feeling of this time of year isn't just restricted to our human friends on Smeet. Even the animals of our new Winter Forest want to celebrate this huge event together with their ancestors and now it´s your task to bring them all together for this special time!

Just get some Wood Guardians from the Spirit Fountain to get coloured lights that will summon the different spirits of the different species. Put the coloured lights on the huge Christmas tree and your room will light up in a warm festive light. When everyone is reunited under the Christmas tree, the star on the top will light up and make your tree complete!

Bring the feel-good factor to your 3D Home! Best of luck, Smeeters!

A beautiful winter night...A beautiful winter night...

Challenge Reward Boxes Have Arrived!

Announcing an exciting new feature on Smeet!Further motivation to get those precious Challenge victories under your belt!Further motivation to get those precious Challenge victories under your belt!

A completely new reward system for Group Challenges is here. From now on, in addition to the Group Coins you receive, every victory will grant you a Surprise Challenge Box! These Boxes carry a random amount of Fame Points, Boosts, Dimes and Home Value within a pre-defined range.

What does the potential range of points in each Box depend on? First of all, the league your Group is in. Each League has its own boxes. Secondly, the level of your avatar. So two Smeeters in the same Group which is currently in the Silver League would both be getting Silver League Boxes, but one could get the Silver League Box 3 while the other one would get Silver League Box 4, if their Fame Point Level differs.

We hope you have fun with the Boxes! Keep on competing hard, Smeeters!

Bring Toys to Life at Wimblebee's Toy Manufacturers!

We be carvin', carvin' carvin'...Relive a classic fairytale on Smeet!Relive a classic fairytale on Smeet!

Welcome to Wimblebee's Toy Manufacturers!

Isn´t the carpentry on display amazing? It resembles the legendary carpentry of Geppetto, the wood carver from the fairy-tale 'Pinocchio'. 'The Adventures of Pinocchio' was originally written by the Italian author Carlo Collodi, and has become one of the most translated and widely read fairytales in the world, having been adapted into over 240 languages worldwide.

Geppetto carved a beautiful marionette out of a special piece of wood. When he finished it, he wished the marionette could be a real boy so he wouldn´t be alone anymore. Obviously, going down the pub for a drink with the locals wasn't an option.

The blue fairy, who just happened to be passing, heard Geppetto´s wish and brought the marionette to life. This made Geppetto a very happy bunny and he named his boy Pinocchio!

From that moment on, Pinocchio experienced a ton of adventures. Kids, eh? They look like great fun until you have one yourself.

Anyway, now it´s your turn! Get some wood from the Wood Storage, get the beaver and woodpecker to help you out with the carving and carve a wooden soldier, a dog and a ballerina. Finally, if you add a litta bitta magic, your wooden toys will come to life just like Pinocchio did!

Best of luck Smeeters!

Joscri's Smeet Lottery 2016!

EN Sports Reporter •Joѕcяι(CўJ)• (ID: 8397269) is running his own New Year's Lottery on Smeet!You could get lucky!You could get lucky!





















Smeeters! Christmas is coming, and we are bringing to our server a very famous and successful event of the Spanish-Latin server, which this year EN will join in with too! It’s an international lottery, so everybody can participate in it.

How does it work? You only have to send a private message to Joscri, our king of the lottery (ID: 8397269), and he will give you a ballot paper, totally free. But he only will give one ballot for each user, so if you want more ballots you have to participate in events and contests in ES-Latino and EN servers.

Some events where you can win ballots for the lottery in EN server are the events of Willkane or Alex, the new DJ. Moreover, we will have some contests in Facebook, in the group Smeet Union. Alex, apart from giving ballots, will also be the Spanish-English translator. We’re united in Christmas for the lottery!

We will assign you the numbers in the order they are achieved, and on January 8th there will be a great raffle, where 25 Smeeters will win prizes like great rooms and objects, given by the admins, Wild Rover (EN) and Olivia (ES-Latino). Remember, the more ballot papers you have, the more possibilities you have for winning.


The prize list is as follows!:

1st – Any item worth up to 2000 Coins.

2nd – 2 Room Luxury Suite Room

3rd – Rexor Booster Generator

4th – Designer Apartment Room

5th – Glasshouse Room

6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th – Golden Webcam Screen XL

11th, 12th, 13th, 14th & 15th – Wellness Temple Room

16th, 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th – Pirate Dance

21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th & 25th – Jacuzzi


Don’t wait; join us in the Christmas magic. Go for the ballots, Smeeters!

Writers (CўJ) 

Earn Unlimited Fame Points in the Ice Fishing Cabin!

Just make sure you wrap up warm!Fishing may sound tame but this is not for the faint-hearted!Fishing may sound tame but this is not for the faint-hearted!

Welcome to the beautiful but frosty landscape that is home to our Ice Fishing Cabin! Crystal clear ice glistens as the sun rises in an explosion of beautiful red on the horizon! It´s time to start your icy adventure! Even better, catch as many fish as you can for the opportunity to earn UNLIMITED FAME POINTS!

In certain parts of the world, fishing is not just a popular sport in spring and summer. In parts of the U.S.A, Canada and Finland, as well as other Arctic nations, ice fishing is also a common pastime in winter! On the surface (no pun intended!), Ice fishing appears to be quite easy. All you need is a frozen lake, a fishing pole, warm clothes, an ice axe and a tent (unless you know of a cabin near a lake...might make the whole experience a little bit warmer!). Be wary, however, ice fishing is in fact a very dangerous sport!

Now we are all about health and safety here at Smeet, so we made you a little list to ensure you all come back from your trip safely! It will also aid you in your efforts to become an ice fishing extraordinaire!

Some tips and tactics:

- Make sure the ice sheet you are standing on is thick enough, at last 4 inches (10 cm)!

- Fish save energy during the winter time, so don´t jig your bait about too fast! The fish might let it go in order to save energy.

- Cover your hole with some ice shavings to prevent the light from penetrating the surface. Otherwise the fish might avoid the hole!

- Do some research before you start your trip in order to find out at what depth different species of fish normally stay in winter.

- BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: ALWAYS have a cell phone on hand to call for help! And to WhatsApp your mates pics of your biggest catch. Obviously.

Alright then, Smeeters, we think you are pretty prepared for your trip!

Get the room from the Shop, grab some bait from your supplier, start your ice fishing adventure and get UNLIMITED FAME POINTS!! Happy Fishing!

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