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Joscri's Sports Column!

How strong are you?

What is your favourite sport in Smeet?What is your favourite sport in Smeet?

Smeeters! I’m your crazy writer, Joscri, and I’m coming back to see how strong we are. In Smeet there are some sport games to see if we are fit and strong.


Some games are:

  • Basketball game, sport par excellence of USA, practice it in Smeet!
  • Soccer game, challenge your friends to throw penalties. Test your aim!
  • Weights Bench, how many weights will you be able to do?
  • High Striker game, hit with all your strength to the hammer, to see how you get to do.
  • Pet Course, if you prefer to keep fit with your pet, this is the ideal room.

Sport is everywhere, even in Smeet. Enjoy the most of our community. Live sport in Smeet!

•Joѕcяι ∂є Cяιs (CўJ)•

It's a Bavarian Beer Bonanza at the Oktoberfest!

There's a rather large hosting job to be done, are you up for the challenge?The serene and calm portion of the evening. Before everyone starts dancing on the tables.The serene and calm portion of the evening. Before everyone starts dancing on the tables.

























No one does beer quite like the Germans...

The Oktoberfest is one of the most famous festivals in the world. At this time of year you can find small Oktoberfest celebrations almost all over the world, all based on the original epic festival in Munich. There were 5.9 Million visitors last year in the Bavarian city, and this number is expected to keep growing each year. Prost!

The huge Oktoberfest area is filled with fun rides and pavilions. These Pavilions are filled with several thousand people drinking, eating and celebrating their worries away. Specialities served include “eine Maß” (a 1.069 litre beer) and “Schweinshaxe” (pork knuckle). Got you salivating yet?

So this week on Smeet we are inviting you to celebrate your very own Oktoberfest. Your beer pavilion is built like a festive hall in baroque style and it´s your challenge to change the formal atmosphere to something altogether more...festive (NB: we are not encouraging outrageous or out-of-control behaviour. We are merely suggesting it.)

To change your visitors mood you need to serve them food and a LOT of drinks. The more you serve them, the merrier this bunch of revellers will become. The room will also reflect this changing mood, developing from it's original baroque style to something special just for the Oktoberfest!

Best of luck, Smeeters!

A View From Papito


Friends are like seasons, they come and they go. This week we are going to talk about "Friendship".


Love these vibes!Love these vibes! 

Friendship means understanding, but you don't have to always agree with them. It means forgiving, their aren't any perfect friends in this world. It means not forgetting, oh no! don't you dare forget those chances you gave time after time. It means the memories last, they'll always be cherished memories, some will be good and some will be bad but it's up to you how you continue or move on, even if contact is lost. I chose the topic because you and I both know, we've lost a couple of friends, some of them were blessings, you did everything together; talked, laughed, joked, play around etc. Then their are some that were curses, you still had fun with each other but there was always a certain trust you couldn't find, you couldn't confide in them as much, but one thing is certain, although you couldn't trust or confide in them, some of them had your back. No matter what.
True friends are those who came into your life. Saw the most negative part about you, but weren't ready to leave you no matter how contagious you are to them. Know who your true friends are today, know who is always their for you through everything. Some of them may be not who they say they are online but who you to say "They weren't a good friend" in the end. You basically took most of their advice, you ran to them when you couldn't confide in anyone else, you told them everything, they know so much about you. Now you see that they aren't who they say they are, you go against them, what kind of friend does that make you? Although they lied to you about a picture or it was deeper than that, it still doesn't make them a bad person or a bad friend; it shows them that yes! they have some growing to do and yes! they should've made better choices in telling you. Don't you dare talk about them, as though they weren't nothing. Some things you can do is; talk to them personally if they chose too, ask them why they did it? try to give them the same advice they once gave you, only hope that they don't do the same to another.  Don't go behind their back and talk about them, I understand you are hurt, angry or even confused but it still doesn't give you a right to blaspheme their name to everyone. But you be better than they are or were! You show them what a true friend is, making them think to themselves "Oh that's was true friend" and who's to say things will be as though they were, some friendships have continued to conquer, some have forgave and moved on but never forgotten and some have faded/drifted.
Friends will let you down, it's a hard cold fact of life that everyone will learn the hard way. Best friends are those who have let you down and work to get back there again -Unknown.
Also, remember you don't need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of. Many people think having so many friends is "popular" or looks good, I think not. It doesn't make you popular, it just makes them people on your list. You know nothing about them and you don't plan on it, they are just simply " on your list" Making a hundred friends doesn't look great, the great thing is  to make a single friend who will stand by your side even when hundreds are against you. It's true that,  everlasting friends go long periods of time without speaking and never question the friendship. These friends pick up like they just spoke yesterday, regardless of how long it has been or how far way they live, and they don't hold grudges. They understand life is busy and the love will always remain the same. I guarantee you that you will have friends that will leave your life! some for good and some not." When people walk away from you, let them go. Your destiny is never tied to anyone who leaves you, and it doesn't mean they are bad people. It just means that their part in your story is over!" I like this because it's true and it speaks to you, you don't ask them to walk out of your life, they just left or you two just drifted apart, doesn't make them horrible friends, they're just not apart of your future. You'll hate that it happened that way, you'll think you made a mistake but you didn't. it was going to happen either way. A lot of people don't want to lose friends, no matter the cost. But losing friends is integral to growing up and maturing. it means you know what you want in your life. it's an awesome thing.
In time, you'll speak again and things will be just as they were. You'll laugh, joke around, breathe or cry. You'll think of the memories you once had or may talk about them, You'll say why you chose to leave, they may understand or not. You'll will know why you did what you did.
To be honest , I've lost people and found them again. The second time around, things just made more sense. Honestly timing has a lot  to do with  everything. Sometimes you aren't ready for each other yet. Timing is everything. Almost everyone in my life, cycles in and out, it just makes sense that way. We grow apart and come together, friends or lovers, you're not always ready for those who are in your life at any given time or they're not ready for you.
In Conclusion; "In 2016 and the upcoming 2017, be your own Best friend. Love yourself, fight for yourself, take care of yourself, make your own self happy, and chase after what you want."  -Sonya Parker
Have a topic you want me to discuss? Feel free to message me any time! - I won't be on all the time but I guarantee you that your message won't go unnoticed.
Love you all!  Hang loose and always continue to be yourself!
•†•†ê Ämð Mï Ämðr•†•  (Papi) EN Journalist: ID: 27595187

10 Places to Visit before your Avatar Dies (or another catastrophe happens).

New EN Journalist (and Guide) INFO ●wooкιeρє∂ια● gives you the places you should, um, definitely visit...Knock this checklist off ASAP people!Knock this checklist off ASAP people!

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most distracting places of Smeet. As I am 18+, this list doesn’t include Teen Rooms.


1/ Tavern’s toilets. No, your avatar won’t really have to use them, but it is a known that secret parties happen there. It’s time for you to be part of the fun, isn’t it?

2/ Hospital. After lots of fun, time to worry! Make sure your avatar is healthy enough for your next adventures or to at least reach number 5 of this list.

3/ Tavern. Warning : the atmosphere of the room might not please you… But if you are tired of getting warned of your language in a mixed age room, go there and relax (and say all the stuff you couldn’t say before!)

4/ International. You’ll read a lot of words, you’ll understand barely anything. This is the room where all Smeeters can gather, whether Turkish, Lithuanian, Italian, French, and I think you got it by now. Make sure you have a Translator opened in another tab.

5/ Cinema. Romantic date or lonely time, go there to watch your favourite movies (aka youtube videos that last more than 15 minutes, not HBO hits).

6/ Party Plaza. Only number 6 cause Plaza sounds like Pizza (especially if you’re really hungry), and all you’ll find there is a hot-dog truck. Want to know the worst? You’ll have to make the hot dogs and sell them. No free food for you!

7/ DJ Throwdown :  Go there when events happen and you might win a prize ! (don’t forget me if you do so, a special thank you is recommended).

8/ Techno Room : easy come, easy gone! Six months ago, this room was the Trendy one, we couldn’t even all fit in…Don’t you feel guilty?!

9/ Beach. When the weather is all cloudy and rainy (which, for some people happens every two days), make your avatar get some lovely tan, dance or just sit and enjoy some cocktail!

10/ Smeeters’ rooms. Whether it’s to say hello, to click on a smeekie to help it grow (and its owner to get rich on fame points), or to help someone, don’t hesitate to explore your friends’ rooms. Stealing their designing ideas might be dangerous, so put it last on your intention lists !


Stay safe have fun and tell me about your favourite room!

Fight for Glory and Honour in the Battle Arena!

Think you've got what it takes to survive in this theatre of glory?

Ticket sales seem to be worse here than the Olympics! Sort it out organisers!Ticket sales seem to be worse here than the Olympics! Sort it out organisers!Welcome to the Arena! We don't want to over-dramatise the situation, but it's a bit bloody scary in here. Think Russell Crowe in Gladiator. Or - even more extreme - Russell Crowe in real life. Yep. That crazy.

We are sending you on a new adventure. You are an aspiring gladiator who needs to work hard to earn his place among other fighters of real high-calibre. You need to work on your fighting skills with the merciless Doctore, improve your agility chasing cats and display your mettle in the Proving Grounds. Not easy at the best of times, but you also have the added hassle of a part-time job! Yep, in order to improve your vigour and earn iron ore you need to work at the quarry. It's a tough life, eh!

When you have enough iron, the Blacksmiths will be happy to repair your broken sword and armour. Then, finally, it will be time to step into the Arena! Your opponents, snobbish as they are, will only accept your challenge if your reputation is good enough. Might be time to find yourself your very own Chaucer like Heath Ledger's character in A Knight's Tale!

The Arena is a harsh place, and you will have to leave a lot of bodies behind to earn the respect of the greatest champions! The first champion you will face is Rainerus Draconis, the Unbreakable, the Champion of Rome. However, to be able to approach him you will need to raise your reputation to the level of a respected fighter. If you beat him, the Bronze Badge and 3,500,000 Fame Points are yours! Soon enough, other champions will be arriving to try and push your fighting skills to the edge. They will bring Badges of honor, gems and enhance your reputation even more, but only if you manage to beat them in combat, of course!

A new opponent carrying the Silver Badge is arriving in two days and the next champion very soon after that. They must have heard big things about you and your claims to be the ultimate fighter...

The more champions you are victorious against, the more the spectators will adore and celebrate you (your room will change in real time to reflect your accomplishments). Get ready for the toughest series of challenges imaginable on the road to glory!

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