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Smeet's Pizza Delivery is here!

Spread the cheesy, tomatoey love around Smeet!In my opinion, anyone that puts pineapple on a pizza needs to take a long, hard look at themselves.In my opinion, anyone that puts pineapple on a pizza needs to take a long, hard look at themselves.

Almost everyone likes pizza. It comes in so many varieties that even the biggest food whingers can find something they like. So have you ever asked yourself where the actual pizza idea came from? (and yes, your Uncle Harry is lying when he claims to have invented it in the 60s).

You might be thinking it´s a silly question because it´s obviously an Italian thing, but if you take a closer look at the history you will learn that foods similar to pizza have been made since the Neolithic age. The ancient Greeks covered their bread with oils, herbs and cheese and in the 6th century BC, the soldiers in Persian King Darius I's armies baked flatbreads with cheese and dates on top of their battle shields. Even today, varieties of food similar to pizza can be found all over the world!

Having said all that, however, almost everyone loves the original Italian pizza and we are no exception! Now it´s your turn to get involved in the production side of things!

Get rid of the handling costs by expanding to more lucrative districts in Smeet and work your way up to become the ultimate Pizza Mogul! You will get a tip every time you deliver something and you can gamble with this cash on the Gaming Machine we have installed in your store, but you have to be VERY careful. DON´T gamble away all your tip!!!

A Friend 4 Lyfe

Cuddly, heart-warming things make the Smeet world go round ;)Not your run-of-the-mill pet, this one...Not your run-of-the-mill pet, this one...

Congratulations! You successfully freed the heart from the cage and discovered that it is in fact a cute little winged heart PET! Who'd of thunk it?

Like all pets, though, you now have to take care of your cute little fellow! Feed and pet it and you will have a friend for llfe!

You can also find another skin colour, a cute little halo, Amor´s Arrow and a golden glow, all for this pet, in our special Pet Shop.

Enjoy a Valentines Treat at the Romantic Seaside!

Take your special someone somewhere amazing right now on Smeet!Secluded bliss, that's what this is.Secluded bliss, that's what this is.

Valentine´s Day is a fantastic day where we celebrate love and friendship! Contrary to popular belief, it can even be a great chance for those of us who are still single-and-ready-to-mingle to show the special people in our lives just how much we love and appreciate them!

How are you planning on spending your Valentine´s Day? Will you go out and have dinner with your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend, or will you simply spend some precious time with your best friend, hanging out watching movies or going out and having some fun? Of course, there is always the option of a crazy traffic light party too...

Anyway, this week in Smeet we've created a beautiful setting for this most special of occasions - the Romantic Seaside! To really put the cherry on top and to make this stunning setting even more perfect, you need to light some candles! Then take the atmosphere up a notch further by activating some mood-setting lanterns...

We hope you are able to spend many wonderful and romantic hours at the Romantic Seaside!

Challenge Report with Joscri!

Smeeters! I’m back with my Challenge report, to comment on the last Home Points challenge!How did you get on this week?How did you get on this week?

We’ve had a passionate challenge, where the Smeeters have searched for Home Points everywhere, even under stones!

It's been a week since “The invencibles” Group was deleted, so the new leaders are “ALPHAS”, with 2046 points.

Currently, these are the rankings:

The three Smeeters who collected the most Home Value in the Golden league were:

  • 1st: Bad boy, official of the group “ALPHAS”, which is in the position 1 in the group ranking, collecting 30.310.835 Home Points.
  • 2nd: (¯°·._.•ĻÖĻÄ•._.·°¯), co-leader of the group “ALPHAS”, which is in the position 1 in the group ranking, collecting 26.425.260 Home Points.
  • 3rd: megaGeorge, leader of the group “ALPHAS”, which is in the position 1 in the group ranking, collecting 23.308.500 Home Points.

The three Smeeters who collected the most Home Value in the Silver league were:

  • 1st: Shyme, collecting 27.552.100 Home Points.
  • 2nd: antikatastash, collecting 24.434.186 Home Points.
  • 3rd: guessmarie, collecting 22.734.299 Home Points.

Although it seems weird, some people of the Silver league beat the marks of some people of the Golden league, but their reward would have been smaller.

Another thing, I said a long time ago that the group “ALPHAS” would reach the first position, and I wasn’t wrong. Now, I think that the group “TINLAMAZLAR”, with their leader, Alberto, will be in the top 10 by next week, and they will start their fight to lead the rankings.

Smeeters, I leave you working on your rooms for the new challenge, give your best! Let’s work!  

•Joѕcяι ∂є Cяιs (CўJ)•

Are you a part of this exclusive Top10 club?Are you a part of this exclusive Top10 club?

Sayuri's Relationship Column!


Hmmmm, this is the beginning of a brand new year and so many of you are approaching me and asking me to assist you in finding a significant other on Smeet.  Prior to become a Smeet Journalist,  I was a very successful Smeet Matchmaker and loved helping people find a partner. Today, I am still being approached and asked for assistance regarding this matter. I am assuming a lot of you do not know what services are available to all of you for FREE. Therefore, in this article, I will inform all of you.

I will provide pertinent and valuable information as to what is available to all Smeeters FREE of charge as far as meeting new peoples on Smeet. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, February 14, 2017, some of us who are currently single are getting a little bit anxious and nervous about being alone on that special lovers day. Being single during holidays and special occasions does affect many people in a somewhat unhappy way with loneliness and sadness. All human beings crave for Love and to be loved. We crave for interactions with others. God did not intend man to be alone….. thus God created Eve to provide companionship to Adam. However, being single is a choice with some people and it is okay. But for those of us who want to be among friends or with a significant other during the holidays and special occasions, it is a painful time to be alone.  

There are so many things that are available to all Smeeters. We have a team of matchmakers and officiants who are more than willing and happy to assist you with finding and matching you with a compatible person. This team of volunteers, headed by their Host, Mrs. Love, ID #21389161, are more than willing and happy and ready to assist you in your search for that very special someone. Please give Mrs. Love a contact message in private. You can always find her online Smeet and if she is not online, do not be shy and send her a private message with your desires to meet someone special. There is also available to those who are currently in a Smeet relationship who are contemplating getting married on Smeet. We have officiants to assist your every need in this matter. For further detailed information and requirements, please contact Mrs. Love, who is the Host of this awesome team of volunteers.

Also, we have many daily events hosted by our wonderful DJs and Entertainers who are all volunteers and you can find their events by clicking the calendar icon on the bottom of your computer screen. Check the calendar daily for events. You are welcomed to attend these events alone or you may bring your significant other or your friends. Check for date, time and locations. Many of these events will offer games to win prizes and these prizes are terrific prizes. Some of them include: coins, fame points, boosts, etc.   So go and enjoy and meet new peoples there and maybe even win a prize.  J

Smeet also has available many public dance rooms such as: The Tavern, Country Music, Sunset Beach and the International Room and others. Click on the World Globe, which is located in the upper left corner of your computer screen - to find these rooms. You can upload songs of your choice on the big screen in each of these rooms, dance to the music and meet new peoples.

All of these things I have provided for your information above are available to ALL Smeeters for FREE----  Unlike other online chat communities and other online dating websites, who charge you a fee to meet other singles. 

Here are some of my pointers and suggestions on behavior and attitudes while looking for friends here on Smeet: Most important thing: Always, treat others the way you want to be treated. Be kind and loving, respectful and courteous at all times when interacting with other Smeeters. Smeet is a global chat community with players from all over the world. We come from many countries with different languages, cultures, religious beliefs, different views on things. Etc. But the key is treating others with respect. If we always treat others with respect, friendliness, courtesy, you will find it reciprocated back to you.    

Smeet is an awesome place to learn other countries languages. I have been trying myself to learn Spanish, French, Turkish, Italian and German. So, see the value of this awesome place called Smeet and enjoy yourselves. Also, we have teams for those of you who are competitive and enjoy being on teams and competing with other teams weekly – with group coins reward given to each winning team along with a box of goodies. So, find a team (click on the blue group icon which you will find on the bottom of your computer screen) and join one or if you prefer, create your own team. 

So until the next time. Keep on smiling, dancing, and meeting new peoples on Smeet. If you see me around on Smeet, please do not hesitate to say hi and if you have a relationship question or any other topics you feel you would like to read about. Please do not hesitate to message me in private and I will be sure to answer them in my future articles. Remember to always love one another. Happy Smeeting and Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you.   <3

SAYURI, EN Smeet Journalist, ID#13520497

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