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Events in Smeet!

Have you enjoyed our last week's events? If yes then we are expecting for you also this week. Never miss out our events. Lots of prizes and fun are there for you! Last week your entertainers and DJs had alot of fun!

Remember, if you want to participate on Captain's Bingo event then please come on time on the event to claim for the free bingo ticket!

If you'd like our entertainers or DJs to make a special event for you then look up this page 

Cheers by your SEET (Smeet Entertainment English Team)!


Smeet calendarSmeet calendar

News from the Dancing Week!

Everyone love dancing, isn't that true?!!

That's why in Smeet we decided to dedicate a special week to this cool topic! Smeet is an online 3D game where you can meet new people, hang out in the rooms, flirt and sometimes fall in love and find your soul mate! And do you know what creates the right atmosphere to enjoy parties and new encounters? MUSIC, of course!

So never forget to put on your favorite song in one of our amazing youtube screens! They are all around the virtual world and easy to use!

It's just so much fun to listen to good music and follow the rhythm with or body or, to say it better, with you super cool Smeet avatar!

You can now choose among bunch of fancy new dances and enjoy the party even more! You can twerk or simply dance with your beloved ones a nice coreography!

And id you are a real dancer this week is just cooler than cool for you! It's dancing time for every domain, with a brand new collection of clothes dedicated to the topic of "Dance" and amazing musician Smeekiez!!! They are definitely one of the best collections ever! Have a look and collect them all! Let them bring some fun into your 3D house and HAVE FUN BY SMEETING!!!


Calendar Week!

Hey Smeeters, how you are doing? Do you know Smeet has reserved for you many events that you cannot imagine? So do you feel ready to party with our entertainers & DJs? We've made for you a events schedule so you won't miss out any event by our SEET (Smeet Entertainment English Team)! Are you ready to have some fun?


Calendar Week!Calendar Week!

News from the Smeet's World!

Shadow vs Light Competition

Now you can get an item to go faster in your Shadow / Light room. Remember that you have till Sunday to make your team win the competition. If you are in the winner side you will keep the million Fame Points in the Tree, if not you have to finish it before!!

Smeet Games

Spain won the Smeet Games! They received a special prize (Germany won the last competition with 18700 Halloween Points created. Congratulations!)

Misterious murder...

We have found that Sarah, our assistant, was killed last Friday in Smeet! Check out our Smeet Community Facebook page, we will give more info about this misterious crime in the next days...



Week 10 NFL Pick the winner contest!

We are now starting week 10!!!! Hurry and enter so you can earn points during the weekly guess the winner contest. Even if you don’t win your points for each week are being tabulated. The person with the most points for the entire season will be our Grand prize winner of 2000 coins! The deadline to enter will be Thursday. Winners will be posted on Tuesday mornings along with the week in review. Click below to enter week 8 Smeet NFL pick-the-winner contest. Deadline for this week’s entry is Thursday, November 7, at 2 pm central standard time. Enter now before it’s too late!



Any Questions or Comments please contact *Mia* ID # 20571398


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