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The 3D Street Artist needs your help!

An artist is working on a 3D picture on the streets of Smeet. Alas, his paint has run out and he cannot leave his painting alone to pick up new paint! Would you kindly help him get some new paint, so he can finish his piece of art? He will reward you with 1500 Fame Points and a rug with his signature picture on it! What are you waiting for? Don't miss this opportunity to show your appreciation of the indie art scene with your new classy carpet!

3D street art can be mesmerizing!3D street art can be mesmerizing!

An accomplished dream: Pau Gasol

Smeeters! Today it is the turn of a great among the greats.Being tall definitely, er, helps...Being tall definitely, er, helps...

And you will say: "how big?". Well, in addition to measuring 2 meters, he uses a 50 foot (having a size 50 he could sleep on his feet if he wants).

Pau Gasol started very young as a basketball player. Now at age 16, he entered the lower categories of Barcelona, but was not until 18 when he won his first title with the youth team, ascending to the first team of Barcelona. And at age 20 and went to play in the NBA, with the "biggest".

Even with countless awards and titles, continues with his feet on the ground, being a normal guy who likes enjoying his family and playing basketball. This is another case of professional success, a child who since childhood, fought for his dream, which was to play basketball, and today is already one of the greatest athletes of Spain.

As you see, we must fight for our dreams. Who knows if any of you will be the next Pau Gasol, Iker Casillas, Rafa Nadal, Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. So you have to fight for your dreams, smeeters!

•Joѕcяι(CўJ)•, Sports reporter

Atlantis Week brings you a Magical Sunday Surprise!

Log in to Smeet this Sunday and check out these new items.We have to say, this city just gets weirder and weirder.We have to say, this city just gets weirder and weirder.

Welcome to the weekend! As per usual, there are some great things happening in Smeet, and this time around we have launched some great new items to help you with that oh-so-important levelling up thing that we know Smeeters love so much!

First up (and just for the ladies!), cover yourself with an elegant new costume made only from your long, flowing hair! ONLY ON SUNDAY you can get the new Hair Costume with a 20% discount for your female avatar!

Secondly, and perhaps most excitingly, check out the new Hydrophone Treasure Chests! Again, available with a 20% discount ONLY ON SUNDAY! Use the Key to open the Hydrophone Treasure Chest and get a sea of Fame Points! Try and get all three Hydrophones (red, green and blue), as they will all reward you with Fame Points and the all-important keys!

1st Hydrophone - 5,000 FP + key
2nd Hydrophone - 15,000 FP + key
3rd Hydrophone - 45,000 FP + key
Final Hydrophone Treasure Chest - 80,000 FP

So make sure you log in this Sunday, 3rd May, for an early Spring surprise! Happy weekend!

Galaxy Tombola Winners!

The intergalactic journey is over, and some of you have come out a lot better off!Did you get lucky this time around?Did you get lucky this time around?


That's right, it's time to announce our Tombola winners again. So. without further they are!


FIRST PLACE - †ºØzzº† (5837917), who wins 2000 Coins and a Badge!


SECOND PLACE - Bec232 (11984397), who wins 800 Coins and a Badge!


THIRD PLACE - ArielSkyla (6473372), who wins 200 Coins and a Badge!


Congratulations! And, as usual, no one goes away empty-handed. Positions 4-24 have won 3000 Fame Points each, whilst all other participants have won 300 Fame Points, 500 Boosts and 1000 Dimes!


Thanks for playing, and see you next time!

Save the Sunken City of Atlantis Before it's Too Late!

The ancient underwater world needs your help now!

The sort of flooding that makes the life of a town mayor a right old hassle...The sort of flooding that makes the life of a town mayor a right old hassle...

The city of Atlantis was once one of the bright and shining lights on Earth (believe it because we say so), but like all major metropolises do at some point (or in the case of Gotham City, seemingly all the time), it's fallen on hard times...

All the Atlantean people are asking from you is one thing - they don't care if the trains don't run on time, they aren't bothered if the trash collectors keep striking and they aren't even thinking about the fact that the odd child keeps getting taken by sharks from the school playground - NO. All they want from you is help rebuilding the ALTAR OF TRITON.

This was a once-glorious statue in the very heart of the city, a shining beacon displaying the glory of the people and, unlike every statue above water, not completely covered in bird poo.

These days, however, it has become run-down and abandoned. So they have asked you to rebuild it! They are even offering MASSIVE rewards for your work, but ONLY if you complete it by 13th May, 2015! If it is not done by then, the magic of the statue will be lost, and the city will be doomed forever.

As a thank you for bringing back the city's glory, the people of Atlantis will share their treasures with you - you will receive an absolute truckload of Fame Points (up to 3,000,000!) and an incredible Badge! If you fail to complete the work by 13th May, however, only a small part of their treasure will go to you...


So it's a race against time! Grab the room from the Shop and get to work - the potential rewards are absolutely gigantic!

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