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VIP Smeeters! Broadcast from private rooms now!

There is a new special feature for you, VIP Smeeters!

A new way for Smeeters to entertain their friends!A new way for Smeeters to entertain their friends!


You can now get new webcam screens in Smeet that allow you to broadcast out of your own private rooms!!!

If you aren't an entertainer but your dream has always been to throw your own party, then now is the time for you to rock the Smeet community!!! Simply get yourself your own screen now in our shop, which gives you the ability to go live via webcam! Make yourself heard!

PLEASE NOTE that this feature is limited for one month and is only for VIPs. After this trial period though, you can still use the screen for decoration.

So what are you waiting for? Set up your screen and get entertaining!

Carnival Float Competition! It's time to get creative!

An opportunity to win FANTASTIC prizes as part of the annual Carnival celebrationsMake your float stand out in the parade!Make your float stand out in the parade!


From Cologne to New Orleans to Rio, Carnival season is one of the most exciting periods of the year. Not wanting to be left out, we have decided to hold a Carnival this year in Smeet too!

We are you inviting you to take part in a contest for the most beautiful Carnival Float! You have got until 26th February to design, build and finish your float and put yourself in the frame to win the amazing prize of 2,500,000 Fame Points, as well as an exclusive Badge!

All you need to do is make sure you get the new Carnival Room, and you will find the base of your float ready and waiting!


Remember, it's not easy to stand out in a procession as crazy as Carnival, so we wish you the best of luck!

Callout for Volunteer Roles!

Hey everyone, WillKane here to announce that Smeet is looking for volunteers to fill in the available positions to be listed below.Fill in a Support Form if you are interested!Fill in a Support Form if you are interested!

Before going to the Roles we are calling for, please make sure that you qualify before you send in your application:

• You have a clean record (no kicks within the last 6 months).

• Level 40 or above (an absolute must for DJs/Entertainers). 

• Knowledge and experience in the Smeet 3D World.

• Ability to follow the Smeet "Code of Conduct" and set a good example for other users.

Please read ALL of the requirements for the position to which you are applying before applying. This is obviously the most important thing we can emphasize. Because you cannot resubmit your application once you've submitted it, it's best to get it right the first time. If you apply for a writing position that posts to Smeet blog, you MUST submit one sample of writing on a topic relevant to the position in order to be considered. If you apply for an event position to have events in Smeet, you MUST include a sample specific to meet that position's requirements; in the case of DJs and Entertainers, you MUST speak on microphone. When in doubt, please contact the following hosts for event and writing badge positions below for more details:


*Mia* ID 20571398 – Officiants, Matchmakers, Gossip Queens (the OMG team)

WillKane ID 24453995 - Sports Reporters, Journalists, Astrologers



Requires tapping into that creative writing side! Journalists love to write every other week about all topics that can be related to Smeeters that are not already covered by other volunteer roles who write to blog, and have a chance to get their writings published in the blog!

-Requirement: Besides the writing sample, please provide 3 sample topics (not another writing sample, just the topics) you wish to write about and explain how they can benefit and be related to people who play Smeet.

-Note: Please refer to past blog articles for an idea how to write a sample to submit for your application.

Also, grammar, spelling, and readability all count! If you need help with any of this, I refer you to The Purdue Online Writing Lab, an excellent source to address how to write English better (speaking from firsthand experience using their site):



Requires tapping into that creative side! Astrologers have their sights set on the stars! Astrologers love to submit monthly Horoscope articles for the blog, or can hold monthly a creative, fun or revealing astrology event for Smeeters!


Sports Reporter

Requires tapping into that creative writing side! Sports Reporters write every other week about recent or upcoming sporting events, sports figures and special accomplishments or records set in sports.

-Requirement: Besides the writing sample, please list what sports (not just 1 sport, but 2 or more sports) that you know about and follow regularly to write articles.

-Note: Please see above note for Journalist role because the same also applies to Sports Reporter.



Officiants must have a willingness to throw wedding events for Smeeters 18+, host wedding events in their 3D Rooms (designed for weddings) and lastly submit id's of the couples who wish to have the wedding badge and/or name change to the host. In addition we have friendship ceremonies as well as wedding vow renewals.


1. Officiants are required to be readily available to perform Smeet weddings.

2. Officiants are required to be available one hour a week and be in either Daily Buzz or Party Plaza to answer questions about weddings, promote weddings and also to schedule weddings. Officiants are required to inform host each week no later than Saturday what day and room they will be available so this can be prescheduled and posted to the Calendar on Smeet Blog.

3. Officiants are required to send to host a picture of the wedding and the names and id’s (and any name change requested) of the persons who they married. This needs to be completed within 24 hours of the wedding. This will provide the host with the information needed to have names changed, have marriage badge sent, and also to provide the perks for the supreme wedding.

4. Officiants are required to know all the details of the weddings offered.

A: For 200 Coins per person you can have a personalized 3D wedding! You’ll receive the ring badge as a symbol of your love and will be able to change your names at no extra cost!

B: It’s a dream! Because your love is something special, it deserves a Dream Wedding Deluxe for 2,000 Coins! You’ll receive the ring badge as a symbol of your love and will be able to change your names at no extra cost! In addition, an official wedding certificate will be sent to you as a PDF document! Simply send an email to support [at] smeet [dot] com! They will also receive a wedding room as a gift from Smeet. A DJ can be provided if they are requested at least a week in advance and there are no scheduling conflicts. If the couple wants a DJ, the officiant must fill out the form:, and must also notify the host ASAP.

5. Officiants may partner with a Gossip Queen to write a newsworthy article about the weddings they hold or they may submit to the host the article to be published to the blog.



Matchmakers are volunteers in Smeet that assist in bringing singles together.


1. Each Matchmaker is required to hold two events a month and can be coordinated with a DJ or Entertainer. This event should concentrate on singles but can be open to everyone. If a DJ/Entertainer is required, a Matchmaker must coordinate and submit form at least one week in advance. If no DJ/Entertainer is required, a Matchmaker must coordinate the event with the Host.

2. Matchmakers are required to introduce singles to other singles in Smeet. Matchmakers need to keep a list of the Smeeters they have matched each month. These matches need to be turned in to the host. Each month the host will randomly draw a winner from the persons matched for a special prize.

3. A Matchmaker may coordinate with a Gossip Queen to write a newsworthy article for the blog for each of their events or the Matchmaker may write it.


Gossip Queen

Gossip Queens regularly broadcasts the latest gossip and events on Smeet.

1. Gossip Queens will be required to attend two events or weddings a month and write an article for the blog or write two newsworthy gossip articles for the blog each month. The articles could include interviewing people who are at the event or wedding for any gossip or feedback on the event, covering Smeet gossip and/or writing on current gossip such as found in the real world.

2. Gossip queens will be required to submit this written piece to the host who will go proofread and submit.


For additional tips on applying for a badge, please read this article:

All applicants must send in a sample of their work in order to ensure a complete application through our Support Form. Note: When submitting to Smeet Support, if you have any attached files or anything else that cannot be submitted on that form, please contact the host on Smeet for the role to which you are applying for further instructions. Additionally, please only send one application - repeated applications will not be considered. The deadline for submitting applications is Monday, March 2nd - anything sent after this date will not be considered!


We look forward to receiving your applications! Good luck!

Smeet Valentines Ball 2015

Valentine's Day at Smeet!Valentine's Day at Smeet!

If you attended the Valentine event this weekend, you know it was a huge success. If you didn’t attend be on the lookout for some of our upcoming OMG events. We are already planning a St Patty’s day event! First a huge Thank you for all who helped make the event run so smooth! TY MrsTiffanyBlanche, you are greatly appreciated. Ty all OMG volunteers!!

During the event, we voted on Mr. and Mrs. Valentine and it was a huge success. We started out taking votes and ended up with such an overwhelming amount of votes that we had to do tie breakers. After two tie breakers the ties were not broken so we decided to have a Valentine Court.

2015 Smeet Valentine Court:

Ms. Valentine   Traci         Ms. Valetine Johanna       Ms. Valentine Kyla

Mr. Valentine Smooth Operator        Mr. Valentine Donk       Mr. Valentine Seth Nobelz

Each of them won a valentine Pillow and 100 coins and were the royalty of the Valentine Ball.

Honorable Mention went to aminoskat and princessTater.

We also had a game somewhat like Simon says except this was Cupid Says. The winners of 25 coins each were Heaven Sent, Jessie Achille, Taylorman and Steph. And the winner of Guess the Cupid Smeeter was Lolly also for 25 coins.  If you missed it, you still have time to play to come to our next event on Sunday, February 22.


Chase away the winter blahs!Chase away the winter blahs!


Chase the winter blahs away by partying at Sunset Beach. There will be plenty of beach music and a battleship tournament. Practice up on your battleship skills and you could win! 50 coins for second place and 100 coins for first. Come early, only the first 16 to sign up can participate in the tournament. See YALL there! (hosted by OMG)

If you need any information you can contact one of the OMG volunteers:


*Mia* id: 20571398

Gossip Queen

•●Aησмαℓу●Aяιѕєη●•™ id: 12820631

••Mяѕ|•|Jєѕѕιє|•|Λcђιllє••: 9918650

Up for a game, Maverick?

If you love to play poker, you'll be more than happy to see this amazing dice version of it!Will the odds fall in YOUR favour?Will the odds fall in YOUR favour?

Challenge your Smeet friends to a game and let everyone know who is number one!

Log in to Smeet now and try it out by simply opening a friend's profile and looking for it in the list of Games! It's time to find out who has Lady Luck on their side...


Have fun with this brand new poker adventure!

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