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The Lecture Room Offers 3,000,000 Fame Points to Hardworking Students!

The Lecture Room is an old british style classroom. The smell of old books and the passion for learning dominates the surrounding. Everything is ready for a perfect study environment. Now the question is: How ambitious are you?

You have to study to get good grades!You have to study to get good grades!


We've got three different courses you can take. For each of these there is a lot to learn before you can take the corresponding exam. You can work with the blackboard to acquire more knowledge for a course, or use a study group to learn about everything at once! However, first you need experience on how to study, which you can acquire while studying at the study desk or working with your lecturer. In the end you will need to pass the exams. The credits you earn with passing the exams will not disappear and will help you earn your next degree. So listen well in the class room and work together with other students, and the upcoming exams will be a breeze!

You can earn a bachelor or a master degree, or go all the way to PhD. However you will need to dedicate yourself, since the semester is almost over. 3,000,000 Fame Points are waiting for you if you manage to get all your degrees before 08.20.2015. Afterwards it won't be possible to earn any degrees (badges) and you will only get 500,000 Fame Points if you finish everything in the room.

Studying is about time management. Start right away with buying the room for a measly 15 Coins and earn yourself a college degree badge which you can show off for all eternity!


Long Distance Relationships... Does It Really Work?

Talk about love with SayuriTalk about love with Sayuri


Smeet is an online global chat community  where you can chat with people from all over the world.   So if you are in a relationship on Smeet, it is more than likely it is a long distance relationship.    Does a long distance relationship really work?   Many Smeeters have asked me this question.    The success for all relationships depends on the two individuals involved.  However, with a long distance relationship, it becomes a little more challenging for both partners.    Truly,   a long distance relationship is much more challenging and definitely requires a lot  more effort on both individuals involved.    All relationships are hard work.    Both individuals must make a commitment to one another.   Boundaries must be set and put into place immediately when both decide to enter into a long distance relationships.  Sit down with your significant other and honestly discuss what his/her  expectations are in your long distance relationship.   This should be done at the very beginning of  the relationship.   Never take  anything for granted if you really want to make it work.

Here are some suggestions to make it work: 

  1.  Communicate with each other expectations/rules  for your relationship.   Make it clear with each  other if your relationship is exclusive.    For example, discuss with your partner regarding dating others in real life.
  2.   Set goals to meet and visit each other.   Really make this a priority.  Then you will both have   something to look forward to.
  3.   Get a good communication tool where you can both either chat online  with a camera, such as Skype, or Facebook  DAILY or be able to send  text messages or phone each other  DAILY …. Even  just  to say:  good morning or good night…  Send each other pictures  and videos  of yourself  periodically.   By doing these little things for one another, makes your partner feel loved and not neglected.    Absence  of  daily communication with one another  does not necessarily make the heart grow fonder in a long distance relationship.    I believe, having excellent communication daily with your significant other keeps the relationship alive and solid.
  4. Do things together online:  Play Smeet together daily.


Long distance relationships are very special and unique and yes it can work and last and may even lead to marriage in real life.   It all depends on the two individuals involved in the relationship:   requiring  honesty,  loyalty,  trust and the most important thing :  communicating  with each other  daily.


So Smeeters, give it a try if you feel you are able to decide to make a commitment to be in a long distance relationship with someone you met on Smeet and  have feelings for.   It all starts with the decision to be in a long distance relationship, with commitment to one another, trusting one another and  being totally honest with each other and communicating daily with your partner.   So keep smiling, keep dancing and enjoying Smeet!    If you see me around on Smeet, please do not  hesitate to message me with your relationship questions  or if you prefer, you can email me  your questions to:  sayuri [dot] smeet [at] gmail [dot] com 

Until the next time.  Happy Smeeting ALL!   <3


SAYURI, EN Smeet  Journalist,  ID#13520497

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The best time to hit Level 100!The best time to hit Level 100!

Summertime in Smeet is in full swing! We've got another suprise for you: For one whole week you will be able to find items for free in the new shop category "100+ (level)"! Do you wonder what these unique items are? Then why don't you just take a look? ;)

- All fine and dandy Smeet, but what do I have to do to have access to the unique free items in this category?

Well, nothing, if you are already level 100! If you are below that level you've got to hurry up and reach level 100 so you can take advantage of this one week offer!

- How much time do I have?

Exactly one week. The offer will end on next tuesday the 11th of August!

Hurry up and start discovering all the stuff that we've prepared for you!

Become a hair stylist and make your own hair!

Grab the hairdresser's kit from the shop and start working on some of the classic hairstyles of the punk subculture. Once you finish doing the model, you will receive the hairstyle you've just created and will be able to wear it on your avatar, in addition to the Fame Points and the unique Hairdresser badge!


Which one is your choice, egg white or hair spray?Which one is your choice, egg white or hair spray?

Grab the hairdresser's kit from the shop and start working on some of the classic hairstyles of the punk subculture. Once you finish doing the model, you will receive the hairstyle you've just created and will be able to wear it on your avatar, in addition to the Fame Points and the unique Hairdresser badge!

We also have news for archeology enthusiasts. A box containing some of the best treasures of from the Excavation Site just got shipped in! Be it that elusive red key you never captured, or the armor pieces that you always seem to miss, this box presents you a way to get those rare pieces without having to dig!

Oh and before we forget let's mention last week's tombola winners:

PetriK, Cheeky11, Blonde Cowgirl, -LIZZA and Berrinchuda, Congrats!

You won't believe this room!

Aligning with the theme of the Good Mood Week this week's task room is also designed to make you smile.

Holi Moli! The Fame Points Festival is in town!Holi Moli! The Fame Points Festival is in town!

The Holi-Festival-Room is one of our best rooms so far in several aspects. You will find this one very fair, for one it is free. There is a level limit but such is life, you have to work (and play!) to get the great things :). Second, it has the potential to give an incredible amount of fame Points! To be exact, about...


In this indian-style room you will have to simulate the Holi Festival. Mix some colorful drinks, turn up the music and make your guests go wild! You can also make good use of your Dimes here.

Without spending any Coins AT ALL you will get 500.000 Fame Points from this room if you work dilligently at making the best Festival of Colors. What are you waiting for, click on the room, click on "build room" and you are set for the adventure!

We've got more news for those who like to work in the Observatory:

Mercurian Madness!

The UFOs from Mercury have arrived! The little hot planet gives birth to spaceships of equal temperament. With the insane amount of 1 million fame Points these interstellar beauties are hotter than hot! Their price is small enough and as such they present an incredible deal.

These UFOs are limited and they might sell out quickly, so don't miss the opportunity if you were working on gaining lots of levels!

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