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Fraggle Frenzy with WillKane!

“The Misadventures of Uncle Trolling, I mean Traveling Matt”Or good evening. If you're reading this in the evening.Or good evening. If you're reading this in the evening.

Hi all, WillKane here.  Some of you will probably remember Fraggle Rock in the 80s, and maybe a few of you will remember a fraggle named Uncle Traveling Matt.  He was an older fraggle, with a curly white mustache and tan safari clothes, who traveled from place to place outside Fraggle Rock to explore every day human things like the supermarket.  But to him, it was a new adventure...because he was a small puppet in a supermarket.  Over the past year I have traveled a good deal, and I have seen some interesting town names along the way.  So I thought it best to tell a believable story using some of those town names, psuedo-Uncle Traveling Matt style:


Seymour Woody rubbed his Bald Knob while riding the Goldenrod Balls Ferry across Loose Creek into his beloved Colon home.  Seymour had had a Roughhedge Kunkle of a day working at Dripping Springs in Glaze City as a Latex Low Gap filler and part-time Ding Dong Tainter.  It was Friday night, and Woody was ready to Bumpass with some Bloxom Assawoman at the nearby Goshen Hole on Pickle Street, named Meeteetse Hoback.  As he Coinjock-ed his way inside, Dick Felch and Lucky Load Comstock invited Seymour to their table in a Shady Nook for a few rounds of Manley Hot Springs covered with Miccosukee, the new thing to…drink.  After they all Toad Suck-ed that down, they decided to take the Splunge with a new appetizer, the Succasanna Miner’s Delight, Dingle-d with Slickpoo.  The three of them Slagger-ed all that down their Clam Gulch-es like a Greasy Delores sliding down the North Pole.  Now, in Happyland, Dick, Load and Woody were ready for the main Intercourse: Three Way Blue Ball Biggers from the Old Fig Garden collection, Rough and Ready and Wetmore-d to perfection in a Boar Tush then fermented in Cream Can Junction for almost a year before being served, Skiddy and Manly.  And just when they thought they couldn’t have anymore, Seymour Lucky Felch ordered dessert: Butternuts Conewango with Sugar Bunker Purple Cane and a sprinkle of Nutley.


But alas, the Three Kaka-s had no dates, so their next stop was the local French Lick, Hoars Addition.  The Smut Eye-d females were plenty to Hotchkiss, and the Moosup-ed Weiners more so.  They had arrived just in time for the Midnight Thicket special, 2-for-1 Pie Town.  And did they ever Faceville that Thicketty of Beaverton and Fingerville that Rumpus Ridge.  But just as they were about to Cooter the Bush Landing, the Three Sweatman made a series of horrible discoveries.  Their Keister-s suddenly experienced Burnsville (from the Nutley, of course, which was actually better coming out).  Then their Love Valleys got overgrown with Clappers that made Dick shout painfully “My Pee Pee Township, MY PEE PEE TOWNSHIP!”  And to top it all off, they were not lead into Virginville by Honey Bend, La Fox “Love” Johnsondale and Needmore Dix like they had hoped, but instead, Grosse Tete “Bowlegs” Tuckahoe, Ginger Blue “Big Sag” Prunedale and Feura Bush Coxsackie revealed themselves to be their dates this whole time.  And as soon as their boss Purvis Black Pipe came out to Coplay, the three men ran like the little Crapo-s they were.


Anyway, it was time to Whipup a Leakey Dickens of a tale, as I hope you Knobs and Shivwits enjoyed.  Stay tuned for a party in the near future that I will announce in the Events section of Smeet, and Smeet Facebook groups All Things Smeet and Smeet Union.  Until next time, have fun and happy Smeeting!


P.S. Believe it or not, my source for this article is a real estate company website, found here:

Funny name brah.Funny name brah.

An Insight into Badge Levels!

Some further info on one of Smeet's newest features.This guy looks like a proper troll, don't you think?This guy looks like a proper troll, don't you think?

A few weeks back we introduced the Badge Level concept into Smeet. Every Smeeter now has a new tab in their profile, marked with the Badge icon.

When you click on this new tab, a new section of the profile will open which summarises your Badge progress. The first thing you see is a Badge Level icon. There is a unique icon for each Badge Level. 

Just to the right of this image you see your Badge Score. The Badge Score represents your overall progress in collecting Badges, and is the sole factor in deciding what your Badge Level is.

Below the Badge Score you'll see a bar that shows you how much you have progressed towards the next Badge Level.

Further down you are greeted by an overview of all your Badges and, below that, your individual Badges - they have been moved to this section from the "Fame" section.


How is the Badge Score calculated?

Every Badge, aside from Role Badges and certain vanity Badges, contributes to your Badge Score. The basic requirement for a Badge to count towards your Badge Score is that it is attainable by everyone (regardless of role) and has a clear and fair way of being acquired - Badges given by Admins mostly do not fit this description.


Some examples of Badges that do not count towards your Badge Score are:

- Married

- Star

- Guide

- Smeet Elite


Regarding points given by the Badges - as a general rule Golden Badges are worth 6 Points, Silver Badges are worth 3, and Bronze Badges are worth 1. Non-improvable Badges or Blue Badges are generally worth 2 Points. There are certain exceptions: Group League Badges give 2 (Bronze), 3 (Silver) and 4 (Gold) Points respectively, whilst Badge Score Points also depend on the League you’ve reached. For example, Top Challenger Badges count for 1 (Gold), 2 (Silver) and 3 (Gold) Points in the Gold League, but 2 (Bronze), 4 (Silver) and 6 (Gold) in the Platinum League.

The medal Badges, given through in-game events, give out 2 (Bronze), 3 (Silver), and 5 (Gold) Points respectively.

Finally, you can also see your Badge Score and Level in the first tab on your profile, just above your Home Value Score. You don’t have to switch to the Badge tab if you are not interested in the more minor details.

In the immediate future we would like to implement an option for those with the highest Badge Scores receiving a Badge Icon on top of their head, just like we have with Fame Points, Prestige Levels and Home Value. There will also be more Badges with differing Score values that will be obtainable in different ways (for example, new types of Facebook contests or event Badges). Our goal is to make the Badge hunt as multi-dimensional and fun as possible!

As always we are excited to hear any feedback you might have, so let us know!

Challenge Report with Joscri and Cris!

A look back at the Challenge from two weeks ago...How did you get on in this Challenge?How did you get on in this Challenge?

Smeeters! Joscri and Cris have come together to write. These two writers, with experience in writing since 2012, make an explosive mix - Joscri is crazy and funny, and Cris is sweet and romantic.

Together, we will bring decoration sections, we will drop into the rooms and we will show them to all the community. We will also write about fashion, the comments of the challenges, birthdays, and interesting news of Smeet.

Two weeks back the challenge was about the new Easter room, where we had to collect as many Easter eggs as possible. It was a very hard and intense week; we could produce eggs with the objects of the room, and find them in the grass, too. And we had to catch all of them!

The group “ALPHAS” remained unstoppable in the Platinum league, and they are the only group in that league, so the three first positions in this league are always for their members.

In the Platinum league, the ranking is:

  • 1st: ((¯*.» К@ЯЀŁ€П™ «.*¯)), with 78610 eggs.
  • 2nd: Shyme, with 63383 eggs.
  • 3rd: gary.anderson, with 30643 eggs.

In the Golden league, there are currently two groups, “ELLADA” and “GUERRIERI”, these two groups compete for the top 3 in this league. This time, the first three positions are for the group “ELLADA”, which is in the first position in this league.

The three Smeeters who have collected more Easter eggs in the Golden league are:

  • 1st: THALASOLYKOS_1, with 709197 eggs. Impressive!  
  • 2nd: zvingos, with 351322 eggs.
  • 3rd: **Das_Ende_Kommt**, with 225689 eggs.

As you can see, if you are in the lower leagues you can collect more eggs, or Fame Points, or Boosts, or whatever does the challenge ask for in each week, but the prize is lower than in the higher leagues.

Depending of the group level and your avatar level, your prize box will be better or worse. Cris always says: “I don’t like this because they give me a very little reward”, hahaha.  

Smeeters, now we have to prepare for the next challenge. Take your group to victory!  

Writers (CўJ)

The Wedding Officiants - All You Need to Know!

Journalist Ƒєммє dives in with an Interview with Mrs. LoveHave you found that special someone?Have you found that special someone?

April 12, 2017

Spring is alive with new growth and new love, it’s blooming everywhere!  If you have found that special someone, read on to find out about Smeet Officiants and take the next step.


Q:  Mrs.  Love, will you explain a little about your role as Officiant on Smeet?  What services do you provide?

A: We provide weddings for anyone 18+ and Friendship Ceremonies for anyone 17 and under.

Prices and packages are listed below:

1. Deluxe Wedding 2000 coins includes: Wedding badge/name change for each, Marriage certificate sent pdf file and a Wedding room.


2. Regular wedding 400 coins (200 each) includes Wedding badge/name change


3. If the couple is under 18 a friendship ceremony can be performed. It includes Badge and name change.  Price is 200 coins for each person.

We have (wedding) rooms they can use or they can use their own.


Q:  How did you come about this role?

A:  They did a callout on the blog and I applied and I was selected as an officiant.


Q:  How long have you provided your services to others on Smeet?

A: I have been an Officiant Since September, 2014 and became the Host of Officiants & Matchmakers August 2015.


Q:  What has been your best, worst and most memorable experience as Officiant?

A: I think the best is seeing the couples that are in love get married. One of the worst thing is when you get someone who just wants to get married on game to say they are married and they will just pick anyone.  I believe all the weddings are memorable :)


Q:  Do you provide follow-up services after the occasion?

A: We offer wedding renewals for the couples who want to renew their vows.


Q:  What advice can you give to those wishing to enlist your services?

A: I would recommend dating for a few months or longer and make sure the person is the right one for you. If you find that special someone and ready to get married,  you can find the Offiicants by the Halo over their heads :)



Do you have an article of interest you want me to write about? Please message me with the details below


Smeet name: Ƒєммє

Smeet ID: 23785066

Group Challenge Issues - Now Solved

The problems with the Challenge from two weeks ago are now fixed.Apologies for any inconvenience caused!Apologies for any inconvenience caused!



Dear Smeeters,

We've now corrected the wrong ranking points from the failed Home Value Challenge from two weeks ago. Any groups that lost too many points following this Challenge have now got them back.

Thank you for your patience!


Your Smeet Team

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