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Public Rooms on Smeet!

We have heard from some of you that it was a bit difficult to find some of the tasks because the rooms were hidden, so we have decided to put them back again on the menu of Public rooms, so you can find them easier. We hope this helps you with our firemen or thief tasks!

  1. All the Shopping Mall Rooms, that could only be accessed via the shopping mall are now again accessable via the worlds-overview/hangouts.
  2. Same with the Artkis and Afrika Room which were only accessible via the Green Oasis lately --> Back in the World-Overview/Hangouts.
  3. Removed: Burbs: Two over 30 Rooms (Over 30 Cafe and Relax Bar are being kept).
  4. Removed: Quiz (Burbs), Quiz-Hangout (below 18 area), BUT the quizrooms were just put together.
  5. Moved elsewhere: Beach Club and Swimming Pool in the Burbs/below 18 Rooms were put together and moved to the Green Oasis.

Enjoy Smeet!

Public RoomsPublic Rooms

Tips on Earning Free Coins, Part II

Hi everyone, WillKane here. Last time I showed you a couple of easy ways to get free coins by watching videos in Smeet and taking surveys. This time we'll look at other ways to earn coins and what you can do if a free offer doesn't work:

1. Signing up for offers / registering on a site-like with surveys, there are the same posters you can click in different rooms saying "Easily Earn Coins, Let's Go" or "people" with a gold "C" over their heads (the cents sign) to get to these offers.
    a. As before, these rooms include any room with "Coins" or "Dimes" in the name. Look in Downtown and Shops & Sights for these rooms.
    b. Besides Peanut Labs and SponsorPay, there are three other companies Smeet uses for free coin offers:
        i. SuperSonic Ads - this site also has free videos to watch sometimes that pay 1-7 coins; you can watch multiple times for more coins. Sites requiring sign up can pay anywhere from 9-1000+ coins. Keep in mind for higher-paying offers, you usually have to not just sign up, but also either fill out other offers on their site or level up enough if it's a game.
        ii. TokenAds - this site occasionally has free videos to watch that pay 1-2 coins (only if you haven't watched them on another site), and a few other offers, most of them requiring download to your computer, that pay anywhere from 10-600+ coins.
       iii. Matomy - this site has 1-click offers where you can get 1-2 coins just for clicking an offer (but you have to stay on the site until it says "Offer Completed" at the top or it will not give you coins), videos that can pay out 1-2 coins, and other offers that pay 10-700+ coins. I personally like Matomy second to Peanut Labs for a steady flow of free coins, then SponsorPay, SuperSonic, and TokenAds.

2. Download and install programs
    a. Some offers require a download to your computer (often for a set amount of time before coins can be earned), and they could be for games, business, and so on.
    b. Often there are other programs (usually 4-5) that come with the program such as antivirus software. But be careful with what you download... because some of these "other" programs can be malware that can infect your computer (speaking from personal experience, that blows, man).

So what happens if you get a stinking error message at the end of a survey, video, download, or other offer? Or some other glitch that keeps you from getting those precious free coins? Simple: email support at Smeet here: Enter your information and select either Load Coins or Technical Problem, then describe what happened (where you saw the offer, name and description of offer, error message, etc.).

If there are several offers not working, please combine them into a group when emailing support, not individually (think of the poor, sleep-derived computer geek wearing big glasses who has to go through every little support email including the 20 you send instead of just sending 1 or 2 bigger emails). You should also email the company directly if it's one of the companies' offers above because they are the ones who have to fix the problem.

Hopefully this helps you from having to beg for coins from VIPs or other Smeeters, although I understand that some countries do not have the same access to free coin offers as others. Please feel free to message support or me if this is an issue for any of you.

Until next time, have fun and Happy Smeeting!


Tips on Earning Free Coins, Part IITips on Earning Free Coins, Part II

Ability to Smeet (Authored By Smugglediamonds)

The first couple of weeks of July, I, Smugglediamonds, was feeling very under the weather, but still tried to be on Smeet to play with friends. I'm sure a doctor would have told me that as long as I was getting adequate sleep, I was still able to Smeet. Woohoo! 

Then I began to wonder, as my brain so often does, what real life would be like if every situation was judged by our ability to Smeet. Picture these scenarios:


At the Veterinarian’s Practice:

Child: My kitten falls asleep on Mom’s touch pad. Will this hurt her?

Veterinarian: Is your Mom able to Smeet?

Child: Yes if she moves Kitty’s head just a little.

Veterinarian: As long as your Mom can still Smeet, then Kitty will be fine.

Child: Woohoo!

In High School

Principal to Student: Are you able to Smeet?

Student: Yes, I've mastered it very well. I've made it to level 159 and have 326 friends.

Principal: Great! Here’s your diploma. You've graduated!

Student: Woohoo!

At the Wedding:

Minister to Groom: Will you allow each other to Smeet?

Groom: Well, yes... I guess so...

Minister: Then I now pronounce you Man and Wife.

The Newlyweds: Woohoo!

In the Bedroom:

Man: Honey, are you able to Smeet?

Woman: Yes, of course I can do that for you.

Man: You're the best, Honey. Woohoo!

At A Chiropractor's Office:

Chiropractor: I understand you've lost some mobility in your left leg and your right shoulder is sore, but, are you able to Smeet?

Patient: Yes. I can still Smeet if I elevate the leg and put a sling on my shoulder.

Chiropractor: Call me if the pain intensifies and you can no longer Smeet.

Patient: Woohoo!


Man: I came here today because I have sins on my conscience.

Minister: I understand, but are you still able to Smeet?

Man: Well, yes. I am able to Smeet and chat with all the single ladies.

Minister: (firing up his laptop) As an act of kindness, go forth my Son, and spend some coins and helps on a fellow Smeeter.

Man: Woohoo!

At Your Place of Employment:

Employee to Supervisor: Sorry, but I couldn't get that report you asked for completed. The internet service here has been spotty at best.

Supervisor: That's okay... but are you able to Smeet?

Employee (fidgeting nervously): Ummmm... well...

Supervisor: Very well then. I will see about a raise in your compensation.

Employee: Woohoo!

At A Divorce Lawyer's Office:

Husband: I demand that I keep our house, our Mercedes, our Jeep and our electronics, including our laptop. I also want custody of our two children.

Lawyer turns to Wife: Are you still able to Smeet?

Wife: No... Not if HE gets the laptop!

Lawyer: Turns to husband... Then I will suggest awarding the laptop to your wife.

Wife: Woohoo!

At the Psychiatrist's Office:

Patient: I keep hearing voices and they tell me to say and do bad things so I became a Troll on Smeet.

Psychiatrist: But you are still able to Smeet, correct?

Patient: Only when the voices quiet down.

Psychiatrist: Go home and enjoy annoying some Smeeters and we will meet back here next week.

Patient: Woohoo.... (Kicks over Bonzai Tree as he leaves the office and turns to salute)

During Child Labor:

Obstetrician: Remember Lamaze. Your contractions are getting stronger.

Woman:  I CAN’T TAKE THE PAIN. (huff, huff, puff... breathe). I NEED AN EPIDURAL!

Obstetrician: But are you able to Smeet?

Woman: $%@^%%J&#$%^@!!!!!


So, as you can see, fellow Smeeters, how important it has become to be able to Smeet, where we want to, when we want to, and most importantly... in ALMOST every situation. 

Happy Smeeting!

Ability to SmeetAbility to Smeet

Tips on Earning Free Coins, Part I

Hey, WillKane again. This time I’ll talk about the first part of helpful hints for those of you who want to earn free coins (unless you have rich parents, sugar daddies or sugar mommies, or an actual job with disposable income) to buy faster whatever you want on Smeet (that new outfit, room, pet, VIP, etc.). There are several ways to get free coins, and I will go over two of the easiest ways here:

1. Watch videos in Smeet.

Videos will either pop up while you go between rooms or after you complete a free coin offer in the top right of your screen with a link saying "Earn coins by watching a video, Click here."
    a. Watch the video (um... yeah). Do not try to skip through it or you will not earn the free coin(s). I've tried that before; it's a bummer when that happens.
    b. Wait until you have a message saying "You just earned 1 coin" or if multiple videos, "Video Completed" with an arrow turning red before moving on to the next video or free offer. If it's the last video of a series, then you should just see "Video Completed" before closing the window.

2. Complete surveys (without signing up for a site).

There are posters you can click in different rooms saying "Easily Earn Coins, Let's Go" or "people" with a gold "c" over their heads (the cents sign) you can click to get to these surveys.
    a. These rooms include any room with "Coins" or "Dimes" in the name (look in Downtown and Shops & Sights for these rooms). I know, obvious but not obvious, so there you go!
    b. Two main companies Smeet uses for these surveys are:
        i. Peanut Labs-I highly recommend their surveys. As long as you pass their "screener" questions when you click on a survey directly under "Earn Smeet Coins Through Surveys", and the survey works, you usually will get 5 coins if you do not qualify, and the full amount of coins if you do (anywhere from 16 to 325 coins). I have made as much as 500 coins in a single day mostly with their surveys and watching videos/doing other free coin offers. Of course, that is if you have the time to spend on them (I don't have much of a life, ha).
        ii. SponsorPay-Their surveys pay well IF you qualify for them. Click the Free tab and look for icons that either say "Say So for good" or have a checklist with a pencil for these surveys. If you pass the screener questions and go on to the survey, you MUST be able to complete the survey and qualify to get the coins. Unlike Peanut Labs, SponsorPay does not give out coins for those who do not qualify on a survey. Sorry, peoples, gotta tell it like it is :( 

That should be plenty of places for you to start on to earn free coins for now. Next time I'll cover other ways you can earn free coins, and what to do if you have a problem with an offer. Until then, have fun and Happy Smeeting!

Tips on Earning Free Coins, Part ITips on Earning Free Coins, Part I

Special offer for luxury lovers!

Check your diamondsCheck your diamondsLuxury lovers! Diamonds and jewels are coming for you! They will show how much you care of elegance and ostentation, but they contain a surprise!
If you get at least three of the precious pieces you will be rewarded with 50 000 Fame Points by the the 2nd of July!

These gems are a rarity and therefore only available in the Shop for one day!

A really nice opportunity to show the splendor of your 3D house! Decorate your apartments and let everyone know how classy you can be!

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