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A special GOLD Christmas!

Christmas time, time for gifts! This special month we will send four Gold VIP gifts, one every Monday before Christmas! Join the elite of the community! You are not a Gold VIP yet? Do you want to enjoy the many benefits that it gives you?

• 20% discount on everything
• A VIP badge
• Exclusive accessories and objects
• More styles for your avatar
• You can see who has visited your profile
• Exchange coins with other Smeeters
• Get Fame Points faster
• 1000 coins every month (for subscriptions through PayPal)
• A new gift every month

Become Gold VIP! How? It's simple: on the top of your screen, next to your username, there is a VIP logo. Click on it and choose the offer "Gold VIP"! Payment is easy just!


Gold VipGold Vip

Week 14 NFL Pick the winner contest!

We are getting close to the end of the season!!! Keep those entries coming so you can collect points for the grand prize!!!  You don’t want to miss all the weekly prizes as well as the 2000 coins grand prize. Enter weekly! The deadline to enter for Week 14 is Thursday, Winners will be posted on Tuesday mornings.

Click below to enter week 14 Smeet NFL pick-the-winner contest. Deadline for entry is Thursday, December 4th , at 2 pm central standard time. Enter now before it’s too late!

Any Questions or Comments please contact *Mia* ID # 20571398

Week 8Week 8

Interview with a Smeeter!

Today we've got a new interview! This time we've chosen our wonderful host and guide, his name is INFO.·÷±‡±•¢αρтαιη_αмєяι¢α•±‡±÷!

Hi capt. America! Tell us a bit about yourself!

 Hey Merak, well first of all I am a student, programmer and a business learner. I do live in Italy, my favourite color is sky blu, white and black and my passion is to travel around the world. I am signed up on smeet at 7th of January 2011, so I am a very old user and i am guide, entertainer and host on Smeet.

Why did you decide to enter Smeet?

I was 13, I am a very big nerd, I just visit every website, when I signed up on Smeet I had no clue of how it does works, but I got addicted to Smeet because I found very special friends and had great time. And I still do!

How does it feel like being host for the entertainers?

Awww... well being a host means take big responsabilities, be always active, help the other volunteers whenever they need. I actually feel like it's something I do know how to be, I mean I am good in staff management in real life because of real working expiriences. Being a host doesn't means that you are more important than the other users, it's not absolutely true, it just means you guide others, lead them, work with the admins and create interpersonal relationships between the admin and the other volunteers.

Why you've made the decision to be a part of English domain although you're half Italian?

I had chosen to join the English domain three years ago because Smeet is not all about just interact with the users but also learn and getting influenced by the other cultures. My second language is English, but I'd like to point out that I was also Italian guide long time ago but I found also great friends in English domain so I wanted to join them, learn their life style the way how they do think! We should remember the English server isn't just made by Americans and British people, but also people from Asia, Africa and Europe and that makes me feel like I'm the citizen just not of my birth place but also of the whole world, smeet is independent by the boundaries of any type.

Thanks for your time! And Happy Smeeting!



It's time to help the Christmas Bakery!

Mmmh, what a delicious scent! Hardworking assistants of Santa are kneading dough and baking stollen, gingerbread and cookies in the ovens. The Christmas bakery is producing the longed for delicious goodies. In order to make all deliveries in time, they will need your help! There are up to 1,000,000 Fame Points waiting for you as well as a festive bronze, silver or golden badge

Get the Christmas Bakery in our shop and be Santa's assistant! Bake festive delicacies at the Christmas Bakery! 


La Liga Legend!

Last Saturday, the 22nd of November, history was made! Barcelona’s one and only Lionel Messi took over a long-standing record that has not been crushed for quite a while. Telmo Zarra was the last player to have the designation of the highest scorer in the Spanish La Liga back in 1940 with an overall total of 251 goals scored in 277 games, the most goals anyone has ever scored before in that league. Messi was able to completely change that only a mere 21 minutes into the game against Sevilla. He was finally on par with Zarra’s record with 251 goals. Of course he wasn’t close to being finished yet. In the 72nd minute of the game, Messi scored once again, making his goal count a total of 252 goals!

Perhaps he was done then, right? I mean, he had already beaten the record and his teammates even made sure to give him a pleasant celebration after the goal. Instead of rejoicing more, he wanted to make a clear statement with just one more goal, just to prove to everyone that he was worthy of this magnificent title. With only 12 minutes remaining in the game, he accomplished his hat trick (third goal). The crowd, his team, and Messi went wild. It was definitely a noteworthy game to watch!

La Liga Legend!La Liga Legend!

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