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Week 6 NFL Pick the winner contest!

Week 5 NFL in Review

Week 5 NFLWeek 5 NFL

Going into week 6 are the Dallas Cowboys really tied for first along with the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Diego Chargers! Not only is this the first 4-1 start since 2008 but it’s also the first time the Cowboys have won four games back to back since 2011. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray is the NFL’s leading rusher. Murray, on Sunday added 136 more yards to his total of 670 total yards already this season. The New York Giants debuted their number one round draft pick, Odell Beckham. Beckham didn’t disappoint the Giants choice by catching the winning touchdown against the Atlanta Falcons. Peyton Manning also showed America why he is such a high paid athlete by getting his 500th career touchdown, becoming only the second quarterback to ever achieve this goal in the NFL.

Things didn’t fare so well for other teams in the NFL. The Cardinals were handed their first loss of the season by the Denver Broncos. Further adding insult to injury, they lost their starting quarterback, Drew Stanton to a head injury. Carson Palmer, the Cardinals first string QB, is still out with a head injury.  The Cardinals had to watch as a rookie quarterback threw pass after pass with only one reception for the devastating loss.  Detroit is probably already interviewing for a new kicker as their current Kicker Alen Henery missed three filed goal attempts, including one for the game win. And last but not least, da Bears. What can be said about this game of turnovers. The game started out with a declined penalty which lead to the first Carolina touchdown. Mistake after mistake ended up causing the Bears to lose to the Panthers for a final score of 24-21.

Follow the link below to enter Week 6 of Smeet’s NFL pick the winner contest. Any questions or comments contact *Mia* 20571398

click link below to enter WEEK 6 Smeet pick your winner and qualify for the Grand Prizes :

- first place:  2000 coins  2000 dimes and 2000 fame points
- second place:  1000 coins
- third place: 500 coins.



The Winners for Week 5 Pick the winner are:

1st place: Ms Pam (first place: a Smeekie, 1500 dimes and 1000 fame points)

2nd place: Sandman (second place: 1000 dimes and 300 fame points)

3rd place: Maegan (500 dimes and 200 fp)

Cinderella and King Arthur are waiting for you!

Do you believe that you are destined for greatness? It’s about time that you put that crown on! Here is your chance to shows us if you are really royalty.

If you are a princess, then all you have to do is find a crystal shoe that fits in your foot.  On the other hand, if you were born to be a knight, this is the perfect opportunity to prove yourself by looking for the crown of King Arthur to take Excalibur of the stone. 

In addition to being royalty, you can also win a prize for showing that you are a real king or princess. Thousands of adventures are awaiting you in Smeet, go on and make us feel your eminence!  

Fairy TalesFairy Tales


Hey everyone, it's WillKane. In honor of Smeet's recent autumn theme, I wanted to share with you an original love-based poem, titled "Inseparable," for your reading pleasure. Enjoy and happy Smeeting!

I lie here with you
Surrounded by brown broken leaves
In strange times like these
Throughout it all
Our love never grows cold
Seasons change and strength may fade
But what and who keeps us together remains unchanged
And unchained like a melody
A symphony of hearts, yet tied together
Like a threefold cord, not easily untethered
Regardless of weather, the apple of my eye as beautiful as ever
Even as the sun disappears
And the black of night takes over
The light in our eyes as they meet
Shows the fire burning in our souls
And even as the evergreens turn white with snow
And winter comes, we still know
No matter what may come or how great a wind blows
That no one, not life nor death, not any being
Can keep us from someday running
Through Heaven’s fields, where time can no longer steal
These precious moments away from us
Because we know our fate is sealed
In the One who gave us our lives and joins us
As one and inseparable



Who wants to be a superstar?

What is a guitar star without a plectrum? Decide what is your favorite music style and join the room that fits with you in Smeet!

Are you a fan of rock 'n' roll music? Then try the Rock Temple! Do you prefer dancing following the rhythm of Dance and House music? Then the Techno Bunker is waiting for you!

Remember! When you finish the plectrums, you can get a cool collar, so... Grab your chance to be a real Superstar!

Oh How Many, Many Feet You Meet (in Smeet)

article: by Smugglediamondsarticle: by Smugglediamonds


This foot fetish brought to you by Smugglediamonds

I have to admit it.  I love feet.  I love Smeet.  Feet in Smeet.  Oh how many, many feet we meet in Smeet.  Up feet, down feet, here come clown feet.  Mr. Clown is on my heels. 


I'm writing this article in honor of the iconic childrens storybook author, Theodor Seuss Geisel (better know as Doctor Seuss) who passed away 13 years ago on September 24, 1991.  It is only fitting that I honor his memory by talking about feet in Smeet and the stylish and extensive selection of shoes Smeet offers.  In Dr. Seuss's style of writing, a story of shoe shopping in Smeet would sound something like this....


In a bar feet, in your car feet, looking at stars feet.  For Smeeters, this translates into opting for Smeet's over the knee boots to be worn at Thirty Flirty, a pair of casual loafers for driving, and something high heeled, sexy and daring for star gazing with your Smeet significant other.


Beach feet, teach feet, here come bleach feet.  Fall has arrived so its time to get a great deal on Smeet summer sandals or flip flops.  Grab a pair of black teacher type flats and don't forget a pair of sun bleached and worn tennies.


Sexy feet, Texy feet, here comes Lexy and Hexy feet.  I personally feel that the sexiest feet are bare feet, but that won't help sell shoes for Smeet, so shop for a pair of high heeled with ankle straps.  Texy feet...hmmm...a bit of a tough one.  I picture Texans wearing a pair of brown cowgirl or cowboy boots and hanging out at the country bar, or ask fellow Smeeter, Lexy or HexenTanz what they recommend as they are always trending.


In the air feet, over a chair feet.  Obviously, choose from Smeet's line of air shoes or sneakers with wings.  I shouldn't even need to explain that one.


I'm way too short feet, blew up the fort feet, I have a wart feet.  Easy ones here.  Go with platform shoes if you are short, army boots if you love to blow things up, and for wart feet...please, just cover those hideous things.  Any shoe will do.


Red feet, black feet, jump in the sack feet.  Maybe you should opt for a pair of red pumps, black Goth leather boots or black biker boots.  In the sack feet is simple.  Go barefoot!


With Smeet's seventy-three pages of shoes, even if you aren't afflicted with a foot fetish, you will find several pair of shoes that you must own.   Feet contain 250,000 sweat glands, so when choosing a pair of shoes on Smeet, take this fact into consideration.  While you may think those knee high boots are trendy, chances are the smell of your feet after strutting around in those all day will be a bit overwhelming.  Also , giving the statistic that the average person walks 115,000 miles in a lifetime, you may want to opt for comfort and sweat resistant (please).  I personally love Smeet's collection of shoes, almost as much as I love Doctor Seuss.  RIP.


Happy Smeeting!

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