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News Flash! Another Crashed UFO Spotted in Smeet!

A UFO has invaded Smeet!!: Come and visit new Smeet alien and welcome her to 3d lifeA UFO has invaded Smeet!!: Come and visit new Smeet alien and welcome her to 3d life

We have confirmed reports that a UFO has crash landed in the Smeet World. First reports indicate that she is uninjured but her space ship is very badly damaged.


First contact with the alien she states that she comes from Fame Points Galaxy and her name is Pooja the alien. She was returning to her favorite virtual world to visit a few old friends. When all of a sudden the gleam coming from the Smeeters new Stud clothes blinded her, she lost control and had to crash land. If that wasn’t enough she forgot to bring her space tools. So now she is stranded and needs to get home and she is willing to generously reward anyone who helps her out by fixing her spaceship.

The new Martian UFO is available in the shop now and cost 999 Coins and rewards the Smeeter who fixes the ship 100,000 Fame points. So make sure not to miss out on this amazing opportunity for a good Coin/Fame Points ratio.

Little Italy


Have you ever been to Italy? If you have or you haven’t, you may be aware Italy has some of the most breath taking architecture in the world. One of the more attractive beautiful master pieces is the Man Made Wonder, The Tower of Pisa!!!

Available to own in the shop today for the small price of 999 coins is the Tower of Pisa Room. Simply invest 999 boosts to complete the Tower and in no time you will have your very own little Italy available in your Smeet Home. For completion will also receive 10,000 Fame points and a badge.

Oscar Contest!

And the Winner is…

Yesterday was the famous and prestigious Oscar award ceremony. Awarding actors for their brilliant performances and celebrating how they entertained the world on screen. So to celebrate we would like our Smeeters to award that special someone who has made there time in Smeet first class with our new Oscar award.

Contest Time!!!                                                   

To mark Oscar week we have also decided to hold a contest where Smeeters recreate their favorite movie scene within the Smeet World.

Perhaps your favorite film is Saturday Night Fever then why don’t you head down to the club district and recreate John Travolta’s renowned dance scene. Maybe your favorite film is Indiana Jones what could he be up to inside the Smeet World.

To enter simply send us a video or a picture of your best impression of a famous movie scene and you could be in with a chance of winning a very exclusive and sought after Oscar Statue!!!


Best of Luck!!



The Grapes of Smeet!!!

Dear Smeeters, have you got the passion for wine or are you eager to learn? Well you’re in luck! Now you have the chance to have your very own personalized virtual Winery and ferment your own wine from seed to cork.

For the small cost of 1 Coin you will get the chance to perform the process of turning grapes into delicious wine. From growing grapes, to employing someone to grape stomp to letting it age to perfection: this new Room has it all.

When the process has been completed you can reap the rewards and receive your very own prestigious Wine Expert Badge, along with the gallon of Fame Points that you will acquire throughout the activity. Please take into account though that you can buy this exclusive Chateau Room for your 3D Home only 1 time!!!

Ask your friends to help you in starting your own wine business and thank them with a tasty glass of wine and enjoy the fruits of your efforts together!!!

Start your own wine business on Smeet!!!Start your own wine business on Smeet!!!

The Smeet Helps are more social than ever!

Dear Smeeters as you may know the Smeet Helps are newborn but they have already filled Smeet of sociality!!! From today you can be even more social and generous as you can buy additional Helps from the Shop, but beware only for one time!!! Don't lose this chance!!!

Moreover you will be able to ask your friends for Help directly and not sending them messages! The only thing you have to do is, when you need Helps, click on "Ask to your friends", a message will arrive to them and then they will come and help you!!!

If you still have doubts on the right functions of Helps please read the information below, for a community more social than ever!!!

What are Helps and how do I get them?
Helps are Items which you automatically receive as time passes by.
At the top of your screen you can see how many Helps you currently have next to the life belt icon. You will get another Help every 5 minutes. You can use the Helps which you collected to assist your friends in using their Social Boosters. Visit their 3D Homes and search for rooms which are marked with the life belt icon.
You will be rewarded with Smeets and other cool Items for your cooperativeness!

What are Social Boosters?
Social Boosters are special Boosters which require your friends’ help to be used.
For being able to use one of your Social Boosters your friends have to visit you in your 3D Home and spend their Helps at your Social Booster.
As soon as you have accumulated enough Helps for your Social Booster you can activate it in order to receive your fabulous reward.

Do you need Help? No problem!Do you need Help? No problem!

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