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Star Sign Traits!

Astrologer —(••÷[Mя.ώiNЌ¥ ]÷••— (ID: 7767081) summarises your characteristics!

Is your star sign an accurate reflection of your personality?Is your star sign an accurate reflection of your personality?Aquarius - Aquarius are progressive workers, they seek to progress in everything they do and want to be successful.  Their independence helps them succeed as Aquarius can work on their own at their own pace but sometimes their temper can let them down.  Aquarius are known to fight for what they believe is right, they will fight for causes they believe should be implemented and won’t back down from a fight. Aquarius strongly dislike people who break promises but they find it hard to trust someone so if you want to earn their trust you will need to prove it to them.

Pisces - Pisces are compassionate lovers, they want to find the right person and stick to that one person. They like to take things one at a time and not rush into things which might cause them some distress.  A pisces are known to be trustworthy, they don’t like to hurt people and revealing someone’s secret would be against their beliefs. Pisces love to be alone. They love the peace and quiet, escaping reality and just relaxing.  Pisces don’t like to be criticised nor do they like people who may think they are “Know It Alls”.  Pisces just want to live a peaceful life, fall in love and make the most of what they have.

Aries - Aries are among the most determined of the Zodiac sign.  They’re confident and extremely courageous.  They enjoy being around enthusiastic people, a bit like themselves. Although Aries do have a downside to them and can become moody, inpatient and aggressive so don’t try to annoy them. Aries love being a leader and will accept any challenge so if you’re going to challenge an Aries, make sure you’re prepared.

Taurus - Taurus are among the most reliable and devoted sign of the zodiac. They will never back down defending their friends and loved ones. Taurus is the most stubborn and possessive sign of them all. Taurus are also passionate lovers and seek in finding their true love. They are romantic and want only to be loved and to love back.  Taurus loves living a high quality lifestyle, hanging with their friends and chilling to music. Taurus don’t like things changing to fast. When they are used to the environment they are in they like to keep it that way.

Gemini - Gemini’s are quick learners. They have a good sense of humour and are chatty people.  Gemini’s can be nervous or indecisive of change. They can also be very stubborn.  Gemini enjoy the company of their friends and family. They love to interact and meet new people and hate to be alone. They are very outgoing people seeking only to enjoy what they have in life and to seek for love.  They’re fun loving and just want to experience life to the fullest.

Cancer - Cancerians are the most emotional sign from the Zodiac. They enjoy the company of their closest friends and love hugs. Cancerians are among the most loyal and trustworthy people you will ever meet but can become moody and insecure. Cancerians love being in the comfort of their own home where they feel safe and secure from the open world. Cancers are very personal people and won’t easily reveal anything personal about themselves to people.  Earn their trust, show them love and respect them for who they’re and a cancer will look up to you as their bestfriend.

Leo - Leo’s are warmhearted, creative and humorous people. They enjoy the company of loved ones and will do whatever it takes to defend their friends and family.  Leos are also known to be natural born leaders. Leos do have a downside to them which can lead them to be quite arrogant, lazy and very stubborn. Leo thrive on attention. They love to be admired, have fun with friends and like being gifted expensive items.  Leo’s dislike being ignored, told what to do and dislike stubborn people.

Virgo - Virgo’s are very loyal people. They will do anything to make you or a loved one happy. They want to live a life where they work hard and play hard. Virgo’s don’t have a short memory, they will remember bad things that happened to them in the past more than good things so I’d advise not to get on the wrong side of them because they do not forget. Virgo worries too much about their future and how it is going to work out for them. They aren’t the most confident out of the zodiac and they hate to ask for help. Virgo seek to have a trustworthy partner, someone to adore them and make them feel good about themselves. They dislike rude people and won’t interact with rude people.

Libra - Librans are the most cooperative signs in the zodiac. They like things to be fair and equal. They try to avoid confrontations and will carry a grudge on someone for a long time if they are hurt. Librans love to share their ideas with other people. They also like to spend a majority of their time outside rather than inside. Librans enjoy company of friends and are party animals. Librans mostly dislike people who are rude, who are loudmouths and people who hurt their friends.

Scorpio - Scorpio’s are among the bravest out of the zodiac signs. They will do anything to prove how brave they’re. They are passionate and are known to be a true friend. Scorpio strongly dislike liars, they prefer to be told the truth and not be lied to. They can be jealous and violent if something doesn’t go their way.  Scorpio enjoy listening to facts.  Longtime friends of Scorpio is a friend for life. They will treat their friends as equal as they like to be treated. Scorpios seek long term relationships and want to enjoy life mostly around their family.

Sagittarius - Sagittarius are among the most generous in the zodiac so if you want something go to a Sagittarius. They have a great sense of humour and enjoy company of friends and family. Sagittarius are very open minded and will speak out against anything. This sometimes gets them into a lot of trouble. They enjoy freedom and are highly motivated people. They also enjoy traveling. Sagittarius dislike clingy people, they like to have their own personal space. They also do not like being told what to do.

Capricorn - Capricorns are very peaceful people. Their life mostly is surrounded by family. They have a good self-control of themselves and are disciplined. They do however think they are know it alls, they can be unforgiving and always expect the worse to happen. Capricorns enjoy being around music. Music makes them feel good. Capricorn’s will do anything to protect their family. Once they settle down, have children and get married they put the past behind them and look to improve their future with their family because family always comes first for capricorn.

Today: Fame Point Happy Hour!

Today, the 14.06 we have a Fame Point Happy Hour for all day. What does that mean?

It means that you will get a 50% bonus on all the Fame Points you earned all day long! The Fame Point Happy Hour is an opportunity to level up very quickly. So go ahead and log on to Smeet right now to collect as many Fame Points as you can!

Important Details:

Who is qualified to receive the bonus of 50%? Top 500 Users from each domain that collected the most Fame Points today. IMPORTANT: You need to activate the option to be included on the Leaderboards if you have deactivated it.

what's the exact time where I can collect the Fame Points which will count towards my bonus? All day longö so until the end of Tuesday the 14th at 24.00 o'clock (Central European Summer Time - that is 18:00 Eastern Daylight Time (New York) ).

When will I get my bonus Fame Points? Wednesday the 15th (tomorrow).

Time to collect some Fame Points!

A good opportunity to boost your level!A good opportunity to boost your level!

June EN/INT Tombola Winners

Who's enjoyed some summer success?Lucked out this month? Find out below!Lucked out this month? Find out below!

It's that time again...another month of Tombola tension is over and here are the results!

As per usual, a whopping NINE winners take home extra prizes this month, whilst the rest of you of course claim the participation prize. The details of the whole ASTOUNDING enterprise are as follows!:

1st place: Mr SkyFalke (ID: 14262599) - 250,000 Fame Points, 4000 Coins & the Gold Tombola Badge!

2nd place: .Rody.. (ID: 18535351) - 150,000 Fame Points, 3000 Coins & the Silver Tombola Badge!

3rd place: єgzσту¢zηα (ID: 24638962) - 100,000 Fame Points, 2000 Coins, Bronze Tombola Badge!

4th place: Grace (ID: 24148171) - 75,000 Fame Points, 250 Coins & the Wooden Tombola Badge!

5th place: tullia (ID: 24543237), ¤¤ нι ωв ту уω ¤¤ (ID: 23483458), ...ωιтту... (ID: 23945778), ЀмØиicǺиg€Ł (ID: 8793488) & (¯`·._.·[MilAgroS]·._.·´¯) (ID: 25356624) - 50,000 Fame Points, 100 Coins & the Wooden Tombola Badge!

Plus there's 10,000 Fame Points for the rest of the Smeeters who participated!


Hope you enjoyed it this month, and good luck for the next one!

Professor Donalbain Needs Your Help!

This wacky Professor is constantly developing crazy new things...but now he needs your help!It may look chaotic, but this workshop produces some bloody AMAZING stuff.It may look chaotic, but this workshop produces some bloody AMAZING stuff.

We warmly welcome you to Professor Donalbain's Shoppe of Steam Driven Inventions and Curiosities!

Here you will find foggy machines, shiny devices and, unfortunately, a sick Professor! He's had to draft in an emergency replacement, and that person is...YOU! He's passed you the baton and it's now down to you to get the magnificent and mysterious Ether Machine running. How? It's a piece of cake...NOT! That's why it's a good job that the Professor's three lady assistants Mary, Therese and Juliana are here! If their help is still not enough to sort everything out, you will also be able to communicate with the Professor through the transmitters - follow his kind-hearted advice and...LET THERE BE STEAM!

Your reward will consist of 2,300,000 Fame Points and a glossy badge. If you feel like that's still not enough, your Steam driven best friend in the Shop could assure you of another 1,100,000 Fame Points! On top of that, when you finish the job you will be able to use the Ether Machine as a Boost Generator, capable of generating Boosts regularly! Well played, Professor Donalbain!

EN Server Call Out for New Volunteers!

Help out the EN Server!Who wants to join the Dream Team?Who wants to join the Dream Team?


It's Gossip Queens, Journalists, Sports Reporters, Matchmakers, Entertainers and DJs we are after this week!

Hey everyone! Smeet is looking for volunteers to fill in the available positions as listed below.


Before applying for the roles we are calling for, please make sure that you qualify before you send in your application:

• An EN server user with a good behavioural record on Smeet.

• Level 80 or above.

• Knowledge and experience in the Smeet 3D World.

• Ability to follow the Smeet "Code of Conduct" and set a good example for other users.


Please read ALL of the requirements for the position you would like to fill before applying. This is the most important thing we can emphasize, because you cannot resubmit your application once you've submitted it, so it's best to get it right the first time.

If you apply for a writing position that posts to the Smeet blog you MUST submit one sample of writing on a topic relevant to the position in order to be considered.

If you apply for a position that involves holding events in Smeet, you MUST be able to meet that position's requirements; in the case of DJs and Entertainers, you MUST speak on microphone.

For ALL POSITIONS, your basic application should include the following:

  • Detail exactly which role you are applying for.
  • A short brief detailing why you think you would be good at the role!
  • Your Smeet name and ID number.
  • Your Facebook name.

Failure to include all of these will work against you in the decision process, so make sure you get it all in!





The role of Matchmakers in Smeet is to assist in bringing singles together.


1. Matchmakers are required to introduce singles to other singles in Smeet. Matchmakers need to keep a list of the Smeeters they have matched each month. These matches need to be turned in to the host. Each month the host will randomly draw a winner from the persons matched for a special prize.

2. A Matchmaker may contribute articles to the blog if they wish, regarding matches they have made or events on Smeet. This is NOT mandatory.

3. Matchmakers may also hold events (for example, a ‘Singles Night’) and can coordinate with an Entertainer or DJ too if they wish. Again, this is NOT mandatory.



Requires throwing weekly events in which all Smeeters can attend, and are invited! Entertaining users, throwing super fun contests, and allowing Smeeters to have a good time is an absolute must! Essential requirements are ongoing participation, a microphone and a web-cam that work properly, good command of the English language, availability to collaborate with other entertainers and with the admins, as well as outstanding creativity and new ideas for events!



DJs must throw live music mixing events in which all Smeeters can attend, and are invited! Essential requirements are ongoing participation, a microphone, a web-cam, mixing console (or virtual console) that works properly, a passion for music and the willingness to create new playlists for every event!



Requires tapping into that creative writing side! Journalists love to write every other week about all topics that can be related to Smeeters that are not already covered by Gossip Queens, and have a chance to get their writings published in the blog!

Requirements: Besides the writing sample, please provide a sample topic (not another writing sample, a topic) you wish to write about and explain how it can benefit and be related to people who play Smeet.

-Note: Please refer to past blog articles for an idea how to write a sample to submit for your application.


Sports Reporter

Another creative writing position, but sports-focused! Sports Reporters write every other week about recent or upcoming sporting events, sports figures and special accomplishments or records set in sports.

-Requirement: Besides the writing sample, please list what sports that you know about and follow regularly to write articles.


Gossip Queen

1. Gossip Queens will be required to attend two events or weddings a month and write an article for the blog or write two newsworthy gossip articles for the blog each month.  They regularly broadcast the latest gossip and events on Smeet. The articles could include interviewing people who are at the event or wedding for any gossip or feedback on the event, covering Smeet gossip and/or writing on current gossip such as found in the real world.

2. Gossip queens will be required to submit this written piece to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com (wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com), and the Admins and Host will review it.


For additional tips on applying for a badge, please read this article:

All applications should be sent to wild [dot] rover [at] outlook [dot] com. Additionally, please only send one application - repeated applications will not be considered. The deadline for submitting applications is Monday, 20th June 2016 - anything sent after this date will not be considered!

We look forward to receiving your applications! Good luck!

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