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Smeanies VS Smileys, who will be the winner?

Smeanies VS Smileys, who will be the winner?: Smeanies are currently standing!Smeanies VS Smileys, who will be the winner?: Smeanies are currently standing!

Dear Smeeters,

we know you can't wait to see which side will be the winner of the exclusive badge and thousands of Fame Points of the Monsters Competion!!!

Right now the Smeanies are currently standing at 52% against Smeanies at 48%, so it looks like the bad Smeekiez are also the strongest!

However, you can still change the destiny of your team! The last word has not been spoken yet!!!

There is time until tomorrow to help your team being the winner.  The challenge is not over yet so everything can still happen!!! Remember to collect as many more Points you can in order to help your side!

 We wish you a lot of fun playing and good luck with this thrilling contest!

Calling all Party Animals!!!

An amazing venue is booked, a world-renowned DJ has been confirmed and everyone that’s anyone is attending! Now it's up to you to make the final preparations to make the party a huge hit!

What do you have to do to make the party a huge hit?

Whats a party without refreshments? Dancing all night is thristy work so first things first get the Voddy and Energy Drinks from the fridges. Give them to your mixologist and let her turn the ingredients into Voddy Energy but its not only your guests which needs to parch their palets your DJ does as well. Motivate your DJ with your mixed drinks and then give the location the finishing touches. Finishing the pool, making sure the sound system is the best it can possibly be and then finish the Room with a Party of the Year sign.

Would do I get for throwing the best party this summer?

After the party has winded down you will be rewarded with 230,000 Fame Points and a brand new badge with which you can decorate yourself! Also, you can invite everyone to your room, to flirt, to dance and to celebrate your other friends!

If you manage to complete the Room before June 5, we will reward you with an ADDITIONAL EXCLUSIVE Dance Move and 100,000 Fame Points!

Immediately Start your party planner career by going to the Parrty Plaza. Get in the party car, which takes you directly to your new space and let the party of the year begin!

The new Party Room!!!: Throw the party of the Year!!!The new Party Room!!!: Throw the party of the Year!!!

World Cup in Brazil Contest!!! brought to by various Smeet Volunteers

Dear Smeeters,

The World Cup in Brazil is coming soon; therefore Smeet is bringing a little World Cup to our 3d world. During the whole World Cup you can join our events, contests, quizzes and win a lot of prizes. It's "Guess the Result", a contest which will last the whole period of the World Cup.

Rules of "Guess the Result" contest:

1. Everyone can guess his/her own result, which should include the score and the goal scorer(s).

2. With your result please include your Nickname and ID from Smeet.

3. Share your prediction on the Facebook group

4. Your prediction should be posted on Facebook group at least 2 hours before the match starts.

5. Everyone who will guess can get 0-5 points:

  • 0 points – wrong  result
  • 1 point – for guessing the correct winner
  • 2 points – for guessing the correct winner + (at least 1) Goal scorer
  • 3 points – for guessing the correct winner + (more than 2) Goal scorers
  • 4 points – for predicting the right score
  • 5 points – for predicting the right score + (at least 1) Goal scorer

6.  We will choose 5 winners: 1 weekly winner with the highest amount of points (4 winners during the World Cup) and 1 winner who get the highest amount of points through the duration of the World Cup. In case of a tie, we will hold a tie breaker for each week and of course for the main winner.

On the group we will inform all of you about upcoming matches, results and Smeeters who are close to winning weekly prizes. Make sure you join the group and hope to see you all for the events. We start on 6 June 10 PM (CEST) / 4PM (EST) at the Football Stadium. Make sure you don’t miss this event! As every event you could win a prize as the following competitions will be held:

Quiz – on opening and ending event you might challenge yourself with other Smeeters in your knowledge about Soccer.

Picture quiz – on 4 events you can check how much you know football players, how they looked when they were kids, identify the current legends and also how would be they look in cartoons, and much much more.

For further information please contact:

Annoula81 ID: 9416199

·÷±‡±•¢αρтαιη_αмєя¢α•±‡±÷ ID: 11685071

Ella ID: 24526211

.·ч·._Ж• Pяιηgℓєѕ •Ж_.·ч·. ID: 12506195

I would thank to «(·´¯`·.·÷•εsĆŏ•÷·.·´¯`·)» for making this great poster.

World Cup Smeet CompetitionWorld Cup Smeet Competition

Smeet Games World Cup Edition Update

The clicking competition has finished and Poland was the runaway victors completing the ball a few hours after the ball was placed. However the competition is still alive and kicking with Spain and Poland top of the table with one round each. Never fear the EN server still has a chance of winning the tournament and claiming the grand prize.

Round 3 of the Smeet Games

Round 3 of the tournament will consist of a knockout tournament. Where Smeeters will have to use their skill or luck against one another, across server, playing the Smeet Mini Game “Soccer”. This means we need our very best virtual world penalty kick taker to represent us to help us win Round 3.

This coming Wednesday, 28th May 2014, try outs will be held by Annoula81 9416199 and ¤¤ нι ωв ту уω ¤¤ 23483458. The Semifinals will be held at 10pm CEST in the Football Stadium Room if you wish to take part or if you require any futher information please contact either one of them. Alternately you can leave a comment below and we will get back to you. There is a wonderful prize up for grabs for the person who wins our semi final.

The competition is far from over we can still get a great come from behind victory!!!

Smeet Games Round 3 detailsSmeet Games Round 3 details

Cristiano Ronaldo - A Great Person by Ella Smeet

Most people know who Cristiano Ronaldo is. One of the best football players this century has produced. He has tried really hard to get to where he is right now. Many people love him for what he has achieved in the sport of football but he is still hated by many people without any reason. It might be because of his money, his happiness, the hordes of beautiful women and his adorable son or it could be down to just plain jealousy. Nevertheless all his dreams have come true. He has everything but he also tries his best to help others. I will try to give you a few examples of his philanthropy.

Parents of Nuhazet from Las Palmas in 2012 found out that their son was dying because of cancer and they decided to make their son’s dream come true. They took Nuhazet to a match of his favorite club – Real Madrid. After the match Cristiano Ronaldo met with young Nuhazet and he offered his parents help. The next day the boy and his parents were already in hospital waiting for medicine from USA. Ronaldo and his agent managed it well. He sponsored his stay in hospital and all treatment. His family got from him new hope for their son.

Dawid from Poland a year ago had an accident and fell into a coma. Last November his parents turned on the match to let him listen to it. As his parents said, in the moment when Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal, Dawid suddenly awoke from his coma. Ronaldo, after hearing this story, invited Dawid with his parents for a match and met with them after. He keeps thinking that Ronaldo saved his life.

Ronald Gjoka- 20 year old boy who ran onto the pitch and hugged Cristiano Ronaldo during the match Chelsea – Real Madrid. Gjoka was supposed to be charged by police in Miami. Ronaldo wrote a letter to the prosecutor in the case, appealing for the charges to be dropped. If not for Cristiano's good will and his character, this young man was without help but he made a step to help him out. It's more proof that CR7 is not as bad as people think.

In March this year, people from Villaluenga de la Sagra (Spain) tried to collect money for Erik – a 10 month old baby boy suffering from the illness cortical dysplasia. Only way to help him is a very costly surgery. Friends of Ronaldo asked him to give a shirt and shoes for auctions, to try and help raise enough money to save the babies life. The Real Madrid player didn't offer only these things. He covered all the cost of the surgery. For sure it's not the first time Cristiano Ronaldo has given his help. He has done a lot for children from many countries. Those examples are like a drop in the ocean compared to the bigger picture. Our world needs people like him. I hope he will stay like this forever.

Your Sports Reporter,



Cristiano Ronaldo with Dawid PawlaczykCristiano Ronaldo with Dawid Pawlaczyk

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